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We feature here the confirmed cases of censorship, of qualified scientists or members of the public; whose accounts have been terminated by Twitter on the sole motive that they shared facts, jokes or opinions with the public, which were diverging from the authorised dogma.
Such an inventory became necessary following the increase, always more systematic & blind, of the weight of the censorship and of the propaganda on Twitter; a state of affairs which is a direct consequence of the collusion between the US's "Health" Institutions and the main social networks.
We exclusively focused, on this first version, on the inventory of the accounts banned definitely by Twitter. We haven't cared at this stage about the countless accounts whose audience is artificialy limited by various means (false "Adult content" warnings, impossibility to "retweet", false "Misleading" warnings totaly ignorant of the state of the science's knowledge, forced followers removal, etc.).
This titanic work will be the one of an archivist or - let's hope - of the legal investigator who will soon audit the actions performed by the director comitee of Twitter - and of their moderators, during this crysis.
It will be, on the other hand, of prime interest to also inventory quickly the countless scientists who paid, out of the frame of the social networks, in their professions & in their honor, their commitment against the totalitarian health policy which we suffer. We shall focus a soon to be article on that subject.
We have established a preliminary inventory on the basis established by the community on the thread opened on that topic by Dr Jay Bhattacharya.
We inventoried the profiles available on Internet Wayback Machine when they were available (some profiles have obviously been subject to special "care", and have been deleted even in this database).
We also looked for these profiles on the "free" social networks, to allow you to follow back these people.
The only exception we made to these "contacts restoration" were the Twitter accounts, when these victims of censorship are returning to the Platform, in order not to ease the work of the book burners.
We then have written a script dedicated to save every Twitter relation we had. When a user unfollows us or is unfollowed by us, the script automatically checks if the relation has been removed on purpose, or if he has been banned.
The tweets of all of these users are systematically archived when they are accessible through the Twitter API; in order to be able to restore the considerable amount of scientific knowledge which is, at this stage, irremediably lost when such censorship operates. Detailed behavior of the script is available in the "Documentation" tab.
This process of systematic reporting of the censorships costed us our own Twitter account, censored for the stupid motive that we would have performed a "ban evasion", when we were simply signaling who was banned and when.
We shall update this data indicating exact ban motives and the ways to re-establish contact as time goes by and as we collect more data.
If you know relays that we wouldn't have inventoried, accounts censored for speaking about Covid which we wouldn't have listed, or if you fear to be banned and wish that we archive your account, don't h├ęsitate to contact us. Please provide us with the exact Twitter Username of the account you wish us to archive or add to this list.
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