Source Data

The list of the 170 patients comes from the article Report 42: Pfizer’s EUA Granted Based on Fewer Than 0.4% of Clinical Trial Participants. FDA Ignored Disqualifying Protocol Deviations to Grant EUA, by the Daily Clout's team 3, Jeyanthi Kunadhasan MD, Fanzca - Ed Clark, MSE & Chris Flowers MD. We encourage you to read this article if you haven't yet.
This data can be directly accessed on .xlsx format on this direct URL.
We merged the site codes in this .xlsx file with the sites data available thanks to PHMPT, taken from pd-production-111721 | 5.2-listing-of-clinical-sites-and-cvs-pages-1-41.pdf.
The data used to produce this view can be downloaded here on JSON format, and here on .CSV format.
Site 4444 and its 5 cases are merged with site 1231 - as both sites are very likely to be the same (site 4444 isn't documented as are the other sites).
Click here to display site 1231's cases only.

Sites Geolocations & Total Cases