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breaking cheese 🧀🧀🧀 #humpgate #tgagate 1⃣ we found the humps. 2⃣ the ema knew about them 3⃣ the analysis appears to be synthetic@chrismartenson @stkirsch @daoyu15 @kevin_mckernan
just a reminder that these are the same humps that we found in the tga batch analyses here they are contaminants at 3000nt and 2000nt length. the main mrna should be about 4000nt length. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1607609244576256002
the ema knew about these humps because they had them analysed. but only to a point. not only did they only perform on analysis on the assumption of what they thought was in the product, but they accepted what now appear to be synthetic western blots as evidence.
here is the full documentfiles.catbox.moe/sg745z.pdf the analysis was done by the swedish medical products agency.lakemedelsverket.se/sv
so someone spotted the humps that i also found and decided to separate them out from the main spike. "peak 1" is the non-spike rna "peak 2" is the spike rna
according to their analysis, the additional rna had the 5'cap (which is the start of the rna) but missed the end (the poly-a tail) so it looked like it was broken fragments of the main rna - but only the first part. where was the second part?
the whole fragment is 4284nt long. so if there is a 3000nt fragment with a 5'cap (with no poly a tail) there should be a 1284nt fragment floating around with a polya tail! think of it like a lizard losing it's tail...
so what did they do to investigate this? well, they assumed it must be spike rna and therefore ran some western blots (looking for protein) looking for spike protein fragments. they showed that you need both the 5'cap and the polya to produce the protein...
these are supposed to be western blots with antibody staining each section of the spike protein (s1 and s2). these showed that you need both ends to make spike. you don't always need a polya tail to make protein but ok, let's accept this.
now they do the western for peak 1 (non-spike) and peak 2 (spike) and stain with spike antibody. the non-spike (peak 1) doesn't stain in either sample. this means either it is not producing spike protein fragments, or it is producing another protein.
in fact the document specifically requested "to further characterise the truncated and modified mrna species present" it's not just me. of course, that never happened. the only way to characterise these rna fragments is by sequencing, and it has not been done.
so, to recap at this point we have: 1⃣aberrant mrna at 3000nt and 2000nt, which cannot be a broken spike (4000nt) 2⃣those mrna do not code for spike 3⃣no sequencing has been done to characterise the mrna. 4⃣the fragments have 5' caps and are therefore active
now the worst bit (as if the rest wasn't bad enough)... those westerns are not right. here's what normal westerns look like (this is from the same document). they are gels so they contract randomly, which is why nothing is ever a straight line.
(i'm not even going to start on the many different spike fragments in that gel). here are some more examples. note the typical features: ▶️not straight lines ▶️bleeding ▶️rounded edges ▶️uneven lines/bars
now let's look at the first gel picture in the document "from the sponsor" it's the straightest gel ever. not just that....
but look how regular and symmetrical these bands are. it's impossible. it even contradicts their own gel in figure 8. and the document itself is dithered which means...
the ema have the original hi-res document with pictures and they copied it with dithering to black-and-white to obfuscate any attempts at assessing the probity of the gels. just to push the point, this is what happens when you synthesise an image like this with dithering.
so the westerns appear to be totally fabricated. i'm happy to be proven wrong on this. my guess is that the ema or the swedish medicines agency know that there is something else in that product, and it isn't degraded spike. oh well. russian roulette it is.
h/t to @jm125reasons for providing this important document
Related Gates: humpgate
breaking: after uncovering gross incompetence (or negligence) at the tga @senatorrennick asked them what they did about the clearly contaminated batches. their response: "we didn't see any problems"#humpgate #tgagate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1607609182743834625
the response confirms that the tga were not competent to assess this product, given that the ema identified the contamination. full thread below:https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1610888191342710787
this response was completely disingenuous because you cannot find a protein that you are not looking for. without mrna sequencing (which they didn't do) they would have no idea what protein to look for. protein sequencing is complex, but they didn't do that either.
full document archived here t.me/jikkyleaks/397@chrismartenson @tonynikolic10 @double_christ
here's a request @senatorrennick @mrobertsqld please ask every person on the next estimates.. "how many molecules of spike protein were found to be circulating after 3 weeks in a recent study in young adults with myocarditis?" see what happens. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1611465508616036353