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can anyone explain how all-cause mortality in the uk in april 2020 spiked at exactly the same time in every region when travel routes into the uk are overwhelmingly via the south east? [if it was from an imported virus]@boriquagato @ethicalskeptic ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulati…
travel is undertaken by only a fraction of the population at any one time, so the idea that "covid" could be spread by travel as explanation of this sporadic pattern of worldwide spread seems unlikely. it should spread locally - predominantly.
yet there was basically no increase in all-cause mortality outside of wuhan in mainland china for 2 years. thehill.com/changing-ameri…
which means that the only logical explanation is that the mers outbreaks - which were "not natural" - were the model for the transmitting "covid" to the world in such an unnatural manner. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32288979/
the remaining question should be: how could this be obtained with a coronavirus, which can't survive in the water supply or the food supply or in uv light?healthline.com/health/does-uv…
one answer is an infectious clone or vector. just like the astrazeneca "vaccine" - you can put a virus into another organism and the other organism can express the virus sound dangerous? yes, it's psychopathic. these people published it pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32289263/
the supervising author is pei-yong shi of the utmb who is (1) affiliated to the pla-ccp (2) the head of the lab that produced the "neutralising antibody" studies for the pfizer "vaccine". no, i'm not kidding.
here are pei-yong shi's academic networks. pfizer. novartis. gilead. chinese academy of sciences (pla-ccp) perfect for making an infectious clone of sars-cov2. just what the doctor ordered. researchexperts.utmb.edu/en/persons/pei…
so what vectors could be used to distribute an infectious clone? well it could be any of a number of bacteria-like suspects. mycoplasma coxiella rickettsia e coli pseudomonas pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/2227427/
which brings us back to the @martinasisters finding recently. i don't think a pseudomonas was used in the initial phase of spreading "covid", but that doesn't mean it's not going to be. this shit needs to stop. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1616669167465418756
poll: how do you think sars-cov-2 was spread around the world? was it via a coordinated deliberate release and if so as naked virus or in a vector such as mycoplasma or coxiella?
and here we arehttps://twitter.com/warclandestine/status/1621347820404891648
#spraygate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1622062038246912000
breaking cheese 🧀🧀🧀#spraygate who is dr kirsty ainslie @ainslielab and why is she included in the ecohealth defuse proposal yet doesn't have her ecohealth affiliation listed in papers? and what has she been spraying, exactly?
no mention of ecohealth anywhere yet she is mentioned 3 times in the defuse proposal. aerosol is mentioned 12 times @charlesrixey @chrismartenson#spraygate #letusspray
no mention of ecohealth @ainslielab? why so shy? please can you tell us more about your microparticle delivery systems for aerosol release in the defuse protocol?
where were you planning to use this vaccine delivery system? and what vectors did you have in mind?sciencedirect.com/science/articl…
and if the coronavirus is not stable enough, i guess we can just make a poxvirus chimera and spray that around the "bat cave" eh?#spraygate@daoyu15 @chrismartenson @senronjohnson @jjcouey
#spraygate #defuse @warclandestine
or maybe use the baric measles chimera? is this what happened in #samoa?arkmedic.substack.com/p/the-killing-…
dr tonie rocke is involved with making aerosolised pox vector "vaccines" but despite the references in the defuse document, hasn't published it. "aerosolized application to roost sites in caves... remains to be tested."ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
i think dr ainslie (spray), dr rocke (poxvirus) and dr unidad (spray) need to make a statement urgently as to whether they have collaborated with ecohealth at any point and release their documents. otherwise they may need to answer questions in a more formal environment.
either(1) ecohealth were planning to use these aerosol sprayers to distribute gene therapy vaccines (dangerous and unethical) or(2) these methods were already used to distribute "vaccines" that resulted in "covid" or both. this crap needs to stop. #spraygate #shutitdown
source document (defuse protocol)files.catbox.moe/plzt68.pdf
related thread - how did #covid19 spread in such a discontiguous yet synchronous manner around the world?https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1621726974929694721
whoa! for the evali link... what if wisconsin was the testing ground for rocke's delivery system? https://twitter.com/_prometeusz_/status/1622275468731813888