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breaking cheeselets 🧀🧀🧀 this tweet is a lie and i'm going to post a new paper that shows it. viki male should not be allowed to post this kind of dangerous disinformation and should be sanctioned.#placentagate https://twitter.com/vikilovesfacs/status/1636508495695446017
viki doesn't actually quote studies showing the vaccine does not cross the placenta but a new study has just come out showing lipid nanoparticles crossing into the placenta and delivering active mrna. this is what luciferase expression in mouse placentas from lnp-mrna look like
and this is the paper. i have a feeling there will be pressure put on the authors to retract, by the pharma companies and their lobbyists. it's a bombshellpubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36789893/
this cannot be clearer. lipid nanoparticles (with mrna) can cross the placenta. no work was apparently done on this prior so there is no way that viki male's statement could have been true. did she lie, or did she not have the expertise to understand what she was saying?
none of this was new. there are plenty of papers showing the delivery of nanoparticles across the placenta. there is no excuse for this continued lie. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35912636/
the tweet has been archived. archive.is/jxgmr#placentagate
just to hammer the point home .@_heartofgrace_ burns viki with paper after paper showing proof of nanoparticles crossing the placenta. #placentagate is born https://twitter.com/_heartofgrace_/status/1636583156600979456
to clarify what is going on here, viki is now admitting that lnps (containing mrna) do get to the placenta *but don't cross into the fetus" this is total delusion. you would not detect a signal in fetal circulation this way. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1636709788431314944?t=bow69bjfgfeizql7_slldw&s=19
the fact that the lipid nanoparticles get to the placenta is huge. it means they have transferred across the uterine-placental barrier. this is thalidomide 2.
clarity:@vikilovesfacs is claiming that "it stays in the placenta even though i said it stays in the arm and it got to the placenta, from the arm" there are not enough palms to facepalm this with. archived: archive.is/evkdl@pjhlaw time to file? dms open.
@vikilovesfacs @pjhlaw more on the bombshell that is #placentagate here https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1636951692758634496
#placentagate has uncovered what appears to be a huge scandal in the publication of papers relating to covid vaccination in #pregnancy more herehttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1637222142885650435
more #placentagate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1637273646212448257
more cheese on #placentagate 🧀🧀🧀 .@vikilovesfacs is relying on the lack of fetal production of igm to claim that the magical lnp (that we now know gets to the placenta), doesn't get into the fetal circulation. but the fetus doesn't produce igm in any meaningful quantity... https://twitter.com/vikilovesfacs/status/1636645036904308740
this is fetal immunoglobulin production. the fetus (and baby when born) relies overwhelmingly on maternal igg transfer for the first 6 months of life. one of the major reasons to breast feed for at least 6 months!
igg crosses the placenta from the mother but igm doesn't, because it's a pentamer (so 5x the size) and not actively transported. of course, lnps remove most barriers to size-based transfer of drugs - as we are finding out. so even big molecules can go anywhere.
igm is only produced in the first few days after exposure to an antigen, so you would only expect igm in the fetus if it had just been exposed when the umbilical cord blood was taken. this was not the case in any of viki's quoted papers.
in fact the igm level even in the mothers is extremely low and difficult to detect. in the papers quoted, the mothers universally had minute quantities of igm detectable (100x less than igg) - or none. [nb the calculation of an "sd" from 1 data point here is suspect... 🤔]
likewise in viki's prime evidence paper (mithal et al, am j ob gyn 2021) the maternal igg is almost undetectable. no chance of detecting fetal igm under these circumstances. it's a total scam ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
even viki's beloved pfizer (how are those shares doing now mitsui?) didn't bother looking at igm levels in their infamous 44,000 participant study. these are all the antibody tests performed in that study. it's because igm is a completely unreliable measure in this situation
so it is entirely disingenuous to use the lack of an igm response in a fetus (that doesn't produce igm) to claim that the product doesn't cross the placenta, when we know now that the product gets into the placenta in bucketloads.
just like it's entirely disingenuous to claim that there is no impact on miscarriage rates now that we know the mrna-lnp "vaccine" gets into the placenta. and we also know that we were lied to about miscarriage rates.@jathorpmfmarkmedic.substack.com/p/a-miscarriag…
the take home here is that @vikilovesfacs has no concept of the damage that this product could be doing. everything is hunky dory, because pfizer said so and the people doing the studies are not looking for the evidence.
the paper that viki was discussing that showed "no luciferase signal in the fetus" was never going to show this. the placental signal is concentrated, and the fetus is circulating a low amount of vector throughout its blood supply. pcr would have shown it...
but what they did show was active mrna in the endothelial cells of the fetus. in fact they were cock-a-hoop about it. that was what they were trying to achieve - getting the placental circulation to expand
and, although viki male has no experience in clinical trials her phd was on the cellular biology of the placenta. she is an expert in placental biology. which suggests... she is [knowingly] downplaying this huge finding.
here is the original thread that #placentagate has come from. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1636577036998447105
and an important reminder that shows that the mrna-lnp complex is having an effect on the fetus was this paper from a few months ago showing the obliteration of fetal stem cells. this may well turn out to be a bigger scandal than #thalidomidehttps://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1591749473914740736
let's make it a bit more clear. this thread shows that viki male, ofer beharier, leena mithal and mary prahl published results that they knew did not show that the covid vaccine wasn't reachiing the fetus. their data was then used to lie to the public. #placentagate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1636951692758634496
paper 1. prahl. medrxiv. falsely presenting a story that mrna products weren't transferring across the placenta, using inappropriate igm serology in the fetus.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
paper 2. mithal. falsely presenting a story that mrna products weren't transferring across the placenta, using inappropriate igm serology in the fetus. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
paper 3. beharier. falsely presenting a story that mrna products weren't transferring across the placenta, using inappropriate igm serology in the fetus. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
more #placentagate 🧀🧀🧀 this could be one of the biggest scandals in medicine. check this out. what do you see?biorxiv.org/content/10.110…
can you see that there are fewer fetuses in all the treatment groups compared to saline? it's not dramatic, because the authors published that figure instead of the number of fetal losses. look what the pfizer bnt162b2 animal study showed:arkmedic.substack.com/p/the-miscarri…
in that study the fetal loss rate doubled (4.2% to 9.8%) but had little impact on the overall number of fetuses. this is how this information is hidden. that single slide should have been enough to prompt much more investigation, because it showed fewer fetuses in every group
but this is a different paper than the one viki male was (falsely) claiming to show a lack of effect on the fetus. that paper was by swingle at uni pennsylvania, here it is. note one of the authors is drew weissman pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36789893/
the one with the fetal losses slide is a preprint by rachel young at the dept of biomedical engineering (🤔) at glassboro, nj. yet also features drew weissman. no toxicity huh? biorxiv.org/content/10.110…
gotta say this looks like just a little bit of toxicity to me.
now, think about this. if you lose the fetus prior to implantation due to drug toxicity, are you going to see that drug in the fetus? especially if you decide not to analyse the non-viable ones.
so you exclude the lost fetuses due to drug toxicity and then produce a plate in your study that shows that the fetuses that managed to avoid toxicity were the ones with the lowest drug transfer. giving you viki's famous "the fetuses didn't glow" claim
and just for good measure, these two supposedly separate groups working on a separate paper have the same techniques and very similar looking plates. what are the odds?
and remember when they told you "it stays in the arm" and denied it goes to the ovary? you tell me whether they lied. look at the signal in the ovaries on a4 and b5. glowing. hot.
and if you thought that was dramatic, wait till you see the uterus. this is what a mouse uterus looks like. like a lucky horsehoe. look at the signal in a4 and b5. lucky it doesn't get to the fetus eh?
so i'm not saying that the "non-glowing fetuses" are fake, but i'd like to see the original slides. especially now that we just found out that the peer review process in these papers appears to be a little "mates club" of pharma advocates. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1637222142885650435?s=20
and the inclusion of drew weissman (and mohamad alameh) in both those supposedly unrelated papers... just a coincidencebu.edu/articles/2021/…
so i'll finish here. it does seem that #placentagate may be the tip of the iceberg in relation to the $cience around the safety of covid vaccines in pregnancy. there will be more, of that i'm sure. @chrismartenson @marchandsurgery @rwmalonemd @maryannedemasi @sonia_elijah
nb: the lnps referenced in these papers may be different from those in the mrna covid vaccines (we may never know), but they are all related compounds and designed for transfection of mirna and mrna. there is no reason to believe that the covid lnp are biorxiv.org/content/10.110…… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
added: https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1639402818707787776
added: https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1639036773853691904
added for reference:https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1639233314665164801
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psa: i am planning to reduce the activity on this account. i'll explain why. thread
two days ago i released a bombshell tweet exposing the shenanigans that the pharma companies and academia play in order to suppress toxicity data related to novel therapies. this is the tweet, with the hashtag #placentagate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1637273646212448257
the #placentagate tweet was then completely suppressed by twitter in a new shadowbanning technique that rendered the tweet invisible even to people who tried to click on it. there was something special about this, so we dubbed it #placentagategate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1637721397240950784
the extent of suppression was intense and after about 24 hours (peak time for a tweet) the tweet "deletion" - affecting most countries - was removed and the tweet then flew, but only after a prompt. [thank you for those mice who responded to the call]https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1637772096091860994
the tweet eventually got 500k views and 1800 retweets, which is 0.4% as with every tweet (thread) of this sort the pro-pharma lobby sends in their minions (including the #muttoncrew trolls) who are easy enough to spot.
but this time, we had people who are not supposed to be affiliated with pharma, supposedly "our side" people trying to undermine the thread. this is in addition to the onslaught from twitter and the pharma trolls. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1638010712378445825
i actually respect being challenged and corrected, it makes us think. but i can spot detractors and this was a distraction (because it had no substance). criticism on the basis of strawman arguments is typical pharma troll behaviour. https://twitter.com/emily_burns_v/status/1637846673073352711
when i see distractions i call them out. this won't go down well with everyone. i am usually polite. but look who joins in. what john is saying here is: "hey, even if you're right about this really important thing, don't say anything because [unknown person] is on our side"
nobody pushes back so where does that leave me? fighting pharma, twitter, govt and "our team". and then if i catch them out, i need to shut up. john got only 14 likes for that post but more than the number of people that came out to voice their support - of 972 who saw it.
so therein lies the rub. how many people are prepared to stand up with us? well if you remember i did a poll thread a week or so ago. here it is https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1629946559860473856
i did this because i was conscious of the huge amount of work that people like myself, @charlesrixey, @fynnderella1, @_heartofgrace_ and many others (i can't possibly name them all) put in to bring out data and information that exposes the hypocrisy and lies about #covid
none of us ask for payment for this but it takes a huge amount of time. 20-40 hours a week. we also put ourselves at considerable risk. we have been doing this for 3 years.
the #pregnancy and #miscarriage tweet thread referred to above had 247,000 views and only 603 retweets. it took 4 hours of direct work (bringing together references, making images etc) on the day and months of preparatory work to put together. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1629675760142405632
yet only 10% of people read to the second tweet. this dwindled to about 3% for the end of the thread. the thread would have taken about 5 minutes to read. 90% of people couldn't be bothered. but it gets worse.
the poll was intended to see why readers didn't retweet, and overwhelmingly this was because they chose not to or rarely retweet. most people answering were followers
so the truth of the matter is that, however much work we (scientists, doctors, data analysts) put in, and however much those following complain about the terrible things that the biomedical fascista have imposed on us.... very few people care enough to do anything.
what i mean is, that despite all this work (hours, days, months) that we put in, over 99% of people don't care enough to retweet (10 seconds) or read more (1 - 5 minutes). no wonder they managed to achieve what they did. apathy.
we have been fighting a 3-year battle against a machine that has unlimited funds and unlimited resources. there are probably less than 50 people who are providing you scientific data to push back with. worldwide.
it is like running a marathon and finding that the crowd decided to go home because it was raining. the few remaining decide to throw eggs. and then, when nobody runs marathons any more the people that went home say "where did all the marathons go?"
and just to add insult to injury, at 20 miles your team mate trips you up on purpose. then john, your other team mate, says "don't sweat it jikster, we're all on the same side - dontyaknow?"
and while you're at home, watching the tv, you can ask yourself "where did that marathon running mouse go?" so i think i'll have a rest. and maybe i'll stay rested, and see how many people miss the marathon runners enough to get a little bit wet.
[knowingly]#placentagate @narfgb @doorlesscarppubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24604078/
@narfgb @doorlesscarp [knowingly] remember why they called it co-mirna-ty?pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25515214/
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 well, they sure fixed that loophole quickly!
before you ask, the papers above show that david male, viki's dad and co-author, knew that the mrna vaccines with their lipid nanoparticles would transfer to all tissues, including the placenta.#placentagate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1540540388905082880
breaking 🧀🧀🧀: following the #placentagate revelations nhs scotland shows a sustained 25% rise in terminations since the covid vaccination rollout in pregnant women. htttps://scotland.shinyapps.io/phs-covid-wider-impact/@joshg99 @maryannedemasi
in the 50s when #thalidomide caused a generation of babies without limbs.... ultrasound was not available for assessing fetal anatomy. in 2023, congenital anomalies are screened for - a rise will result in an increase in terminations. this is real. arkmedic.substack.com/p/a-miscarriag…
more on this scottish data here from @scojwscottishunityedinburgh.substack.com/p/termination-…
corrected linkscotland.shinyapps.io/phs-covid-wide…
can we possibly imagine, following the #placentagate revelations that the governments knew there was at least a doubling of miscarriages associated with covid vaccines, how many fetal losses this interview by @kallred1 caused. i dread to think.
and it looks like @bornecharity actually endorsed viki male running this propaganda campaign that resulted in untold numbers of dead babies.https://twitter.com/bornecharity/status/1368236583808360448?s=20
and @bornecharity should have known that @vikilovesfacs advice that these vaccines were safe at any stage in pregnancy was never valid. we have been here before. doubling of miscarriage risk with 28 days of receipt of influenza vaccine. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28917295/
and that is absolutely consistent with what the available data shows. viki male claims more than 300,000 pregnancies during covid vaccination. that is at least 15,000 miscarriages that never needed to happen.arkmedic.substack.com/p/a-miscarriag…
boom! 🧀🧀🧀 the @acog and acip's @kevinault absolutely busted. they accepted more than $12 million in awards to tell you to take an experimental therapy in pregnancy, with zero safety data. these people need to go to jail h/t @maggie_thorp https://twitter.com/pierrekory/status/1655410639152529408
this is just one of the awards. i have only just started going through this document. none of this was declared to the public, so every abog member who advised a pregnant woman to take this drug is guilty of undeclared conflicts of interest. govtribe.com/award/federal-…
#placentagate just took an even darker turn
a reminder of the miscarriage disaster (and more) unfolding but being suppressed by the @cdcgov and @us_fda we have been trying to expose this for more than a yearhttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1641301788220600320
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🧵 what is the probability that .@sarahjestock - who is the program director of @wellcomeleap - should be randomly the corresponding author on a paper that she didn't write, relating to datasets that can't be audited, showing "no pregnancy problems with mrna vaccines"? https://twitter.com/wellcomeleap/status/1569660929909866498
and what is the probability that @sarahjestock has written 50 papers in 2 years whilst being a full time obstetrician, university professor at two universities, program director at @wellcomeleap... and in her papers declares no conflicts of interest...pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=stock%2c…
except when she declares conflicts of interest. it's hit and miss, you see. when it's a pregnancy in vaccine paper there are no conflicts of interest. when it's another paper, we'll declare them but they aren't really conflicts because they are just pharma so that's fine
and can you believe it? sarah stock - whose name is on over 100 papers - just happened to team up with colin simpson in 2020! what a coincidence! and these are the two players behind the scottish covid vaccine in pregnancy datapubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=stock%2c…
ah... it's because you're not in scotland any more, but apparently still curating the scotland data sets for sarah. nope, now you're in nz. and congratulations on your $41m research grant funding. oh but wait.. people.wgtn.ac.nz/colin.simpson
the hdruk impact of the year award 2021? really? they kept that quiet. so you went from teacher's pet at nicole junkermann's and matt hancock's hdruk... @feeredfern @artisbrutal2021
which is infamous for its links to jeffrey epstein via nicole junkermann
to be in charge of new zealand's electronic health data. oh good. i'm sure new zealanders can now sleep easy knowing that their health data is getting the "hdruk" treatment and being pawned off to pharma to create synthetic data sets to sell more drugs that don't work? #emrgate
and it's so pleasing to see such collaboration and obviously with all your awards it's understandable that you don't remember to declare your conflicts of interest.
so let me ask you both this important question: did first author clara calvert analyse the 500,000+ patient data sets for those nature papers, verify them and write the papers - or were they ghost written for her?pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=stock%2c…
@retsefl @vikilovesfacs @joshg99 @clarecraigpath @martinneil9 @profnfenton
in lay summary terms... wellcome (pharma) and governments fund universities to publish high impact papers showing that the vaccines were safe in pregnancy.. using manipulated data that can't be verified - because you're not allowed to see it. #placentagate