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(1) without this data the @ons can show anything they want that favours the message they have been told to put out. (2) with this data we will be able to show where deaths have been shifted between groups, to achieve (1)#onsgate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1628114988346011648
the data should also include nhs number so that the public can independently verify that the data that is being held on them is correct. this will be harder to arrange because there will be a claim of confidentiality issues. this can be fixed with an algorithm and 2fa
for instance for nhs number "269162576" in the data presented to the public this could appear as "exw372". anybody wishing to access their own record to verify it can go through a 2-factor authentication process to access their "public" number.
there are ways that this can be done whilst maintaining both confidentiality and public verification of the data. this is necessary because all trust has been lost in public institutions. they lie, massage data and propagandise. it has to stop.