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hey @microbiomdigest why not take on nasa? these are two totally different pictures from totally different sources. they are the same? they can't be - they were taken at different times by different people! wth is going on? it's plagiarism! 😂😂😂😂😂
@microbiomdigest in case you're confused (because it seems i have to spell it out)... the moon is real, obviously. the issue is that comparing images like this for similarity is the whole premise on which elisabeth "smartjane" bik made her reputation. #poogate
bizarre. how about someone completely unrelated sends me an image from their own camera taken at a different time and location. you won't find this exact image online. plagiarists are everywhere! enjoy. [exif data in alt text]
for those confused what this is all about...#moongate is really #poogate. start herehttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1619908640919650304
good afternoon, good evening and good night...