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well well... ed holmes, who has just received a congressional letter warning him to retain documents has been running cover for peter daszak & ecohealth who covered up the origins of #sarscov2 and look who was helping him peter doherty, michael worobey and dominic dwyer
this is the document referred to but is just one of many puff pieces for the "bat-pangolin orgy" theory espoused by daszak and his minions. it's a horror show of propagandancbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pmc/artic…
as an aside at this point, i don't recall that michael worobey (who is involved in this investigation) ever answer my little question.. can't imagine why.@chrismartensonhttps://twitter.com/jikkykjj/status/1471780982420168705?s=20
say what? "a near identical nucleotide sequence is found in hku9-1"
how is 11/19nt "near identical"? how about 19/19nt. that's identical. and it's in the #sarscov2 sequence. and it is #ctcctcggcgggcacgtag. and it came from a moderna patent. that's why we called it #modernagate
holmes has either deliberately lied or else he is completely unaware of the chatter that has been circulating in genomics for 2 years - in which case he should not be authoring papers defending the ccp & ecohealth with whom he has vested interests. newspunch.com/smoking-gun-mo…
it now becomes an extreme conflict of interest for people like peter doherty - a retired veterinary scientist - to provide any commentary at all on #covid19 science - masks, lockdowns, vaccines, anything. all the propaganda from these interventions comes from one source.
and who is dominic dwyer? well if you don't know now, you should. but here's a short summary of his involvement.@chrismartenson @senronjohnson @jim_jordan @stevescalise @fynn_fan @double_christhttps://twitter.com/jikkykjj/status/1489889695974948865?s=20
all the letters to holmes, farrar, ecohealth etc. can be found here... h/t @netpoetterepublicans-oversight.house.gov/letter
just in case you weren't convinced, holmes and dwyer are bezzie mates....pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=holmes+e…
addendum: the perfect time to remind ourselves of what "transparency" is when it comes to this crew of corrupt cover-upperers. @chrismartenson puts it best
whoa!! 60 days. sixty days. and that was when they stopped looking... that is how long these researchers were still detecting *mrna* in lymph nodes. whoever told you "it degrades in hours to days" lied, because they didn't have that information. now we do.
i can't emphasise enough the importance of this. you have mrna producing spike protein (known to block p53-related tumour suppression at the nuclear level) for months after the treatment. with no off switch.@fynn_fan @richardursomd @p_mcculloughmdcell.com/cell/fulltext/…
just a reminder of the spike protein - p53/brca interaction here:pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34696485/
you really do not want to be producing p53-inhibiting spike protein in lymph nodes for months on end. why? this is why 👇👇👇👇pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29885407/
it's really not something you want to do. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
of course these are just "anecdotes"ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
if there is a cancer safety signal associated with spike protein therapeutics, it may well show up as lymphomas first. which makes this fact check somewhat interesting in its timing - november 2021ibtimes.sg/fact-check-doe…
by the way, @cellcellpress is literally one of the most important and respected scientific journals in the world (unlike the disgraced @thelancet and @nejm). this is no "it's just a preprint" paper.
even robert malone, who tried to downplay david wiseman's concerns about the unknown effects of pseudouridine and the 3'utr in these therapies publicly two weeks ago, may have to change his mind after reading this paper. rwmalonemd.substack.com/p/a-health-pub…
and for the trolls, please note that every paper referenced in this thread is on pubmed, which is a government site. if you don't like it, show rebuttal evidence instead of your usual stuff. thank you. love and peace.#jikkyleaks
apologies for those reporting being unable to open the full text. pdf here. let me know if the link breakscell.com/cell/pdf/s0092…
er... @fynn_fan @clucky92864053 this doesn't look great. (bcl6)
and this seems to be the first paper to correctly use rna-ish to demonstrate mrna presence, which is what the fda, mhra, ema and tga should have done (but didn't).
it's going to be important in the coming months to archive as many tweets as possible from those pushing this therapy onto people claiming it as "safe and effective" without any evidence to back up their claims. especially those linked with #modernagate https://twitter.com/monsieur0o/status/1491304320008323072?s=20
breaking: a freedom of information request to the tga (australian version of the fda) just released confirms that they had no idea how to assess an mrna therapy product. this is damning. @kevin_mckernan @senatorrennick @double_christ
for context i will be posting the #jikkyleaks threads in this thread. it's a thread of threads, but they all show that the process of approval was not fit for purpose. yet nobody said anything. they just took the fee and rubber stamped the approvalhttps://twitter.com/jikkykjj/status/1488799186724470786
the mhra also failed to perform an adequate analysis of these products. https://twitter.com/jikkykjj/status/1475267932791869441
if you didn't know what you were dealing with you should not have approved the product. or you should have asked for help from people that did know what they were doing. https://twitter.com/jikkykjj/status/1472805357747523586
again, i need to state that all references in this thread are either govt resources or nih pubmed references and constitute a public interest disclosure. #modernagate #jikkyleaks@chrismartenson @senatorrennick @jim_jordan @double_christ @fynn_fan @craigkellymp @jamesmelville
archived archive.is/1qv76
full document (4 pages) forgive the yellow stains, mice can be clumsy with the highlighter pen.
i'll just add this extract from tga foi 2183 which is available on the aus government website here.tga.gov.au/sites/default/… feel free to make your own judgement on the statement "rna... [has] no carcinogenic potential"
for those following #covid19 corruption remember that zerohedge broke the story of pradhan's paper that showed manipulated gp120 (hiv) inserts in the virus. then they were removed from the internet with pradhan. who was responsible and how? https://twitter.com/dowdedward/status/1345558040527863811
step up trevor bedford, from the fred hutch institute. the fred hutch are nominally a cancer research institute but suddenly developed a taste for viruses very recently. they are the biggest recipient of funding from the nih, who also fund moderna.
so what did trevor have to say? well, he did exactly what some other bad actors have done. claimed that "the novel sequences found in #sarscov2" weren't "inserted" (in a lab) because they can be found on a blast search...
except there is one big problem. if you restrict your blast search to viruses (barring some exception the only organisms that can really combine with viruses in any natural sense), pradhan's inserts match hiv-1 in all 3 segments and no other virus. so...
trevor went all out with propaganda telling people that the paper was false because the inserts exist in loads of species. it's disingenuous because those species can't combine with viruses. https://twitter.com/daoyu15/status/1353522381210312704
but trevor got a lot of attention and people fell for it. here is his first thread (archived) archive.is/wip/fyl9l
and here is the joined thread (archived)archive.is/hcfpa
so now we have a situation where a just-published article reveals the 19nt sequence making up the furin cleavage site, which is unique and does not occur in any other viruses.#ctcctcggcgggcacgtag the article is from a highly respected genomics groupfrontiersin.org/articles/10.33…
the sequence is found in a moderna patent and in no viruses on earth. the paper explains how it could have got into a virus - but only in a lab.
and now we have a new collection of scientific twitter apologists making up stories about bacteria that have the same sequence. it's irrelevant. the sequence can't transmit from bacteria to coronaviruses without lab manipulation.
and despite this sequence of 19nt being a 1-in-300bn chance event, only a handful of bacteria even harbour it. the *reason* there are bacterial epitopes in #sarscov2 is *because* this sequence is special.
it contains epitopes that we see in highly inflammatory pathogenic bacteria, not viruses, but can be "borrowed" for use in viruses in the lab to create highly inflammatory responses. but that just reinforces the proof of lab origin.
and some people don't like the fact that we are talking about it, or that it appears that the source is in a moderna patent for a gene they used putatively for developing a cancer therapeutic. patents.google.com/patent/us95870…
maybe they don't like the fact that m. bancel is the first name on this patent. i dunno. i'm sure it's got nothing to do with #modernagate. nothing at all
some players in this game are genuine. keep an eye out for them. and be careful who you follow. https://twitter.com/jikkykjj/status/1483346257943101440
the least-easy-to-remember hashtag on twitter appears to have gained steam. if you can't remember the whole thing just look for the #modernagate hashtag and you should find the other one #ctcctcggcgggcacgtagdailymail.co.uk/news/article-1…
a quick recap because there are so many people on this platform covering for moderna... this is the genbank entry in the patent database note the main author - s. bancel (ceo of moderna) who just said his "experts" are "looking into it" 🤔
here is the blast of #ctcctcggcgggcacgtag against lz959695.1 (the moderna entry) you can reproduce it with this link (but expires in 24 hr) blast.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/blast.cgi?cmd=…
as explained in the paper the sequence in the moderna patent is the reverse complement of the viral sequence. it's what you would find on the complementary strand of dna. so it's ctacgtgcccgccgaggag. here it is in the genbank seq here (permalink) ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nuccore/lz9596…
you can copy and paste the whole sequence (3387nt long) into expasy.org/translate to see the amino acids. in the 5'3' direction (how the mammalian cell would translate the sequence) you don't see prrar
but in the complementary direction, which could happen in the situation described in the frontiers paper, you get this: which is the prrar (furin cleavage site) you're interested in, if you're looking for one. #ctcctcggcgggcacgtag
here is the blastn comparison of the moderna mutated msh3 (lz959695.1) to human msh3 (nm_002439.5), showing homology and the changes.
it appears that there are a lot of genomic changes in this sequence but this is due to codon optimisation, there are in fact very few changes to the protein sequence. here is the protein blast, showing the magic - an almost identical sequence but with a deletion
you can reproduce this yourself by doing a blastp search on the amino acid sequence of the moderna msh3 aligned to np_002430.3 (the protein sequence of human msh3)blast.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/blast.cgi?prog…
unrolled threadreaderapp.com/thread/1496804… [archive archive.is/snv2p]
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if you think having a p53-inhibiting protein production factory at the very site of the body most affected by p53-related cancers is "nothing to worry about" you really haven't been paying attention#modernagate #p53gate #spikegate https://twitter.com/konstantinospo7/status/1490348860698468357
for reference here is the jiang paper that showed the p53/brca1 dna repair process was blocked by 90% by spike protein which gets into the nucleus. you really don't want spike protein in the nucleus, particularly for a long period of time. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34696485/
this paper in fact showed a double proof of spike protein activity in the nucleus. not only the pretty picture you see above but also a functional assay that showed that the nuclear mechanism of dna repair was blocked by 90% by spike protein.
of course our drug regulators checked to make sure that spike protein from the mrna vaccines didn't get into the nucleus, and they even published the pretty pictures. only one problem. they didn't know what they were looking for, and didn't ask. [src: tga.gov.au/sites/default/…]
what's potentially worse is that one of the most respected cell biology groups in the world showed recently mrna still active in cells more than 8 weeks after injection, providing prolonged expression of this spike protein. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pmc/artic…
so, you have a protein being produced in a cell that then induces the exact suppression of cancer protection mechanism that is known to cause ovarian cancer. a literal carcinogen. thank god it didn't reach the ovaries... (😬)
our regulators (ema, tga, fda, mhra) not only published their "reviews" of the experiments showing this protein in the nucleus but in the same documents showed the distribution of the drug in the liver, spleen and ovaries. all organs affected by p53-mediated cancers.
[src: tga.gov.au/sites/default/…] well done, regulators. we're proud of you. you have kept that pharma "approval fee" money rolling in. someone's gotta pay for the parties after all. don't worry about us. nobody will notice for 20 years (probably)
i mean, look how long it took for the medical establishment to uncover the diethylstilboestrol scandal. and that was when it wasn't corrupt. cancer.gov/about-cancer/c…
remember that they told these women that des was safe. it was - for the drug companies who never received criminal penalties. des-is-it.org/en/news/post/n…@wonderdrugmovie @fynn_fan @chrismartenson @p_mcculloughmd @richardursomd @kathmlee1
psa: to the pharma trolls and the 77th brigade (the british army division that uses taxpayer money to suppress dissent against govt and corporations) all references to papers above are government and pubmed sourced. you should try it sometime.
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"quick, pull george webb out and quash this story... those antivaxxers will believe him and he's all we've got left" hey george why did you ditch pizzagate all of a sudden and disappear? did they have another job for you? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦 https://twitter.com/maajidnawaz/status/1618543905489944580
i can't believe i didn't follow george webb from the beginning... missed so much (lol) he started his substack a month after our #modernagate expose, nearly 2 years into covid. but yeah. an expert. 🤦🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️
now fleming joins the disinformation war... what next? yuri deigin and stew peters do an interview with sharri markson? dan sirotkin writes about how he knew this was gonna happen? give me a break. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1618711539770589184
game over. what a great expose of both pfizer and george webb. this is what you see when people bring receipts.@brianosheaspibrianoshea.substack.com/p/who-is-jordo…
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holy bat cheese. 🧀🧀🧀 the #chatgpt confirms that #fasteddie edward holmes and the university of sydney conspired to cover up an article referencing the prra epitope of the #modernagate furin cleavage site - in 2018. hold onto your hats!
the doi referenced by the #chatgpt does not exist. how so? the chatbot is sure is exists. it knows everything. this is the doi search:duckduckgo.com/?q=doi%3a%2f%2… it goes to another paper altogether
the chat bot confuses itself and repeats the same doi
so there must be another link. where does it resolve to? a nature paper? ok well this should be easy.
here's that link. try it. nature.com/articles/s4142… "page not found"
the chat bot gets further confused and redirects to another unrelated paper.
no, i just want the holmes 2018 article. where is it? now it gets interesting. "no longer available"? a journal article? it doesn't work like that, retracted articles are marked up as retracted but must stay on the record.
now there is a retraction notice because of "issues with the data presented" but the retraction notice is the same dead link at @naturemedicine the access token link is also dead. how can a retraction notice have been scrubbed?
but the chat bot provides the text that they have seen in the retraction notice (presumably from a cache) "an investigation was conducted by the university of sydney and subsequently the authors were unable to provide raw data for the analysis presented in the paper"
no further information, but we know from a previous request that the chat bot directed our mouse informant to this paper (which no longer exists). the chat bot doesn't like the next question
so #chatgpt confirms that a paper existed in 2018 published by #fasteddie holmes and was retracted, yet no record exists of this paper anywhere. not pubmed, not google, not duckduckgo. but a paper that did not exist prompted an investigation by @sydney_uni
it's clear from the title that this is a vitally important paper to the origins of the "pandemic"... "spike cleavage fusion peptide motifs" just like the #ek1c4 paper from zengli shi, was this a peptide inhibitor developed in advance?@charlesrixeyncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pmc/artic…
if this turns out to be true (which seems highly likely) then there are senior people at the university of sydney who are covering up for edward holmes and are powerful enough to have that paper scrubbed off the internet. wow. cui bono?#eddiegate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1628156883487047683
update: thank you to all the #mousearmy helpers showing us the fabricated references that the #chatgpt makes up (but based on something).... which begs a deeper question. where is the chatgpt getting information from, that is not available in the public domain?
i wonder how many of these studies were generating viruses under the cover of "discovered" viruses? the supervising author of the marmota paper (where the doi redirects) is #fasteddie's co-author, while he was affiliated with ccp insitutes.
the more you dig into #fasteddie's papers the worse it looks. holmes appears to have identified more "new bat viruses" than anyone on earth. apart from the ccp colleagues he has been "discovering" them with. sciencedirect.com/science/articl…
holmes has produced over 100 papers just in the 3 year period 2017-2019. about 40 a year. how? many of them are on "new virus discoveries" in collaboration with ccp-affiliated universities. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=holmes%2…
and i'd have to say, the last person i would want involved in tick-borne disease research is this guy. francisella and rickettsia. potential vector for viruses and infectious viral-like clones. great.
"they wouldn't do that would they?" this replicating intracellular bacterium would be indistinguishable from "covid" on a 2-gene pcr test. vaccine or virus?nature.com/articles/s4154…@charlesrixey @carl_jurassic @jjcouey
scratch that. 3 gene test. this vector could produce the same symptoms and the same covid pcr test result as "covid" now... just need to get it into the population and massage the live reporting and pandemic!!! [note the codon optimisation is not declared in the paper]
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hot(ez) cheese 🧀🧀🧀! the $1m+ grant awarded to @peterhotez was co-awarded to maria bottazzi and shibo jiang shibo jiang's affiliation was with the new york blood centre and fudan university shanghai. his publications were on peptide inhibitors for viruses. #hotezgate 🧵 twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
here is the record of the grant award for ai098775reporter.nih.gov/search/jpi7q6y…
and here is shibo jiang developing peptide inhibitors for gp-120.... one of the homologous regions of the covid spike protein that was inserted by "unknown" entities... but wait. peptide inhibitors? @charlesrixeypubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31374953/
oh look who he pops up with. his buddy zengli shi, the "batwoman" whose lab were the source of the wuhan covid outbreak. "development of viral fusion inhibitors" you say?
well zengli shi had already developed those fusion inhibitors years before. so why weren't they available to the public, if this coronavirus was so deadly?ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pmc/artic…
of course shibo jiang knew this because he wrote that paper with zengli shi. assuming he actually wrote it, given that he was literally writing hundreds of papers.
not only were the nih funding hotez, but also funding zhi and jiang who developed "an effective inhibitor for coronaviruses"... which was kept from the world. just like the #3tablets antibiotics that would have prevented covid pneumonia deathshttps://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1604543666135367680
so now we have a nih grant awarded to hotez (who was supposedly working on coronavirus vaccines for years) and at the same time to the people intimately involved in making a "pandemic" coronavirus for which they had an inhibitor. and maria bottazzi... archive.is/ss10t
and this "dream team" was supposed to be "curing forgotten tropical diseases". including ones that coincidentally caused cardiomyopathy (sequelae of myocarditis), for which they were trying to patent a new treatment. how coincidental.
here's the full list of papers between bottazzi and hotez - 176 in total and 100 in the last 5 years. it's amazing how they could write all those in the time, without help from #bigpharma ghost writers - given how busy they were trying to save the worldpubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=bottazzi…
so in summary here we have the smoking gun evidence that the nih were funding the very people who were not only responsible for developing new pandemic coronaviruses that would shut down the world.... but despite years of funding never released a single beneficial product.
and stand to make millions by channelling more government money to their coffers, and millions more from their patents for the very cardiomyopathies their products have caused. let's play jeopardy. the answer is "money laundering". what's the question?
remember that this is just the tip of the iceberg of the links between people who have vested interests in controlling the population with pandemic fear and at the same time creating and enforcing vaccines (however bad they are) on us. #modernagate #ctcctcggcgggcacgtag
addendum: how it works... collude to create a "pandemic" that kills 6m+ people, whilst keeping your inhibitor to yourself. get promotion to the journal that quashed a perfectly good paper showing the cancer risk of the covid mrna. welcome to gilead. arkmedic.substack.com/p/welcome-to-g…… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
please watch and share. assumptions are not science. lies are not science. cover ups are not science. [sound on] @repbradwenstrup @charlesrixey @daoyu15 @chrismartenson #3tablets #modernagate #ctcctcggcgggcacgtag #batbumeddie https://t.co/wcsbt4kkbkhttps://twitter.com/covidselect/status/1678787023518199811
@repbradwenstrup @charlesrixey @daoyu15 @chrismartenson clean version without quote tweet below, for better formatting
@repbradwenstrup @charlesrixey @daoyu15 @chrismartenson please watch and share. assumptions are not science. lies are not science. cover ups are not science. [sound on] @repbradwenstrup @charlesrixey @daoyu15 @chrismartenson #3tablets #modernagate #ctcctcggcgggcacgtag #batbumeddie
and no, it isn't a "formatting" mistake. https://t.co/payrer5y1yarchive.is/9fzve
"proximal origins" archived herearchive.is/hyz33
after 3 years there has no been an apology from the field of virology. there has never been an apology for aids, sars, mers or versions of influenza made to sell vaccines. there has never been a working vaccine created for any of these. so, what should happen to virology: twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
another day, another virologist making another virus. shut it down. now. @brokentruthtv @jim_jordan @repthomasmassie https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1679030936342790144?s=20
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fake cheese 🧀🧀 schrodinger's science, on orders. while trump is in office "don't rush the vaccines". months later "get them here asap". yet the story in this tweet was never possible as a natural phenomenon. it was a lie. incidentally, darpa funds simine. thread 🧵 https://twitter.com/siminevazire/status/1409378593260507137
this was the story. it was fake because it's not possible. i'll tell you why. the claim: "out of 30 people at the event 24 unvaccinated were infected, and 6 vaccinated were not infected" abc.net.au/news/2021-06-2…
the first reason is that all the infected people apparently were infected at the same time. there was no spread (with 2-3 day incubation) between them. and no further contagion reported from that group...
which means that one person infected 24/24 people with a 100% transmission rate of the most contagious virus in history, that then was not passed on. that is one unique virus. but there is more.
we know now after 2 years of being lied to that the "vaccine" does not stop infection. in fact the ukhsa reports showed higher rates of infection in vaccinated people. so how did 24/24 get infected while 0/6 got infected? it's not possible of course. but there's more.
the transmission rate for delta was around 10% but let's say it was higher, at 20%. so that means the probability of getting infected if you are exposed is one in five (an overestimate for covid). so, what's the probability of 24 out of 24 people being infected?...
is 1.7e-17. to a normal person, that's zero. there is zero probability that story could be true. here, check for yourselfgigacalculator.com/calculators/bi…
and what happened after this event when everybody in nsw (that is, over 90% receiving the primary series and most receiving boosters) was vaccinated? the case rate went through the roof.
in a bizarre twist that only has one explanation... the "health minister" (now resigned) knew in advance exactly how many cases there would be a month later. no crystal ball needed for those in the know 😉skynews.com.au/australia-news…
yet the story that was pushed by people like darpa's simine vazire was that 100% of vaccinated people were protected and 100% of unvaccinated people would be infected with the scary virus. zero possibility. but don't question them.
and remember, that simine is the person behind the #datacolada fundraiser. who deny that the fundraiser was organised by darpa or any other astroturfing organisation. gofundme.com/f/uhbka-suppor…
so it's all good. take your vaccine to stop infection and transmission. data colada are the good guys. darpa didn't have anything to do with creating viruses that killed millions of people. i'll see you back in room 101. #ginogate #modernagate #thanksdarpa