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there are very good reasons why i have nothing to do with jane ruby or stew peters. this is one of them. ryan cole got one thing wrong early on but acknowledged his error and has been 100% dedicated to the truth. this is what we do. @drcole12 @fynnderella1 https://twitter.com/realdrjaneruby/status/1619177371608965120
for the record there are no nanobots, there is no graphene oxide. what there are, are metallic contaminants which were confirmed as having killed young men in japan under foi.
@wtyl_live investigated specifically for graphene oxide and found none. the "nanobots" were just cholesterol and sugar crystals the magnetism reported by many has not been explained outside of the steel contamination issue but...
magnetic beads are used in rna and dna purification and it is really therefore no surprise that the final product maintains a magnetic or paramagnetic signal@the_coopertron
so if magnetic beads are used in nucleic acid filtration, why was it such a "conspiracy theory"?integra-biosciences.com/global/en/blog…
easy. because if you want to stop people asking questions about your process (which is still shrouded in secrecy) - what you do is create a story of a "crazy conspiracy" to undermine every single relevant question. @kevin_mckernan it's how governments have worked for years..
"but we have transparency" they say. ok. "show me the documents regarding magnetic or metallic contaminants in the covid vaccines" tga foi 3717 - not even recorded in the tga disclosure log.
this is the transparency of the very same governments that want you to trust them. no. we don't. you eroded our trust when you caused 20,000 deaths in one year and forced investigational medical treatments on the population. foi 3717 document 24. files.catbox.moe/fcw6pm.pdf
let's have another hashtag. how about #magnetgate? that should get the muttons frothing. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1619196993901068288
update: more on this herehttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1619509602269425664