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💥💥💥boom 💥💥💥 🧀🧵 the stakes just went up massively in #gmcgate. the #muttoncrew's @dr_barrett, a self-proclaimed "paediatric haematologist" just accused @draseemmalhotra of making a false claim over the jorja halliday case. big mistake https://twitter.com/dr_barrett/status/1665976433666129920
neil barrett, who claims to be at @chiatconnollym is a member of the #muttoncrew, the uk's famous "disinformation warriors" on twitter. he has a researchgate profile but that's where his trace ends. he's a real doctor but no web presence. whether he is practising is unknown.
but now we have an interesting conundrum because neil is claiming that jorja halliday's death was not vaccine related, even though she was certified as dying of "myocarditis" - "on the day she was due to receive her vaccine".news.sky.com/story/sister-o…
except the story doesn't fit because she supposedly died 4 days after testing positive for covid. viral myocarditis doesn't work like that, it appears later. the largest covid series shows a chronic or subacute disease. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33463366/
at worst this may produce cardiac failure down the track and in a young girl in a hospital without cardiac failure, there would be a myriad of options for support if she got it. the story stinks. @draseemmalhotra is a cardiologist and knows how post-viral myocarditis works
so, where was tracey halliday? well sky news portrayed tracey as a single mother of 5 living in a council flat in the uk. the only time we see someone who could be her is in their photo.
in fact it's almost as if the media were trying to portray tracey halliday as the new shannon matthews bbc.com/news/uk-388814…
and any search for tracey halliday or jorja halliday prior to september 2021 is more or less a dead end. apart from spurious findings of make-up artists working with the media. obviously @traceyjspencer is nothing to do with this. far too posh.
talking of posh. if tracey halliday is a council house mother of 5 as portrayed by sky, how has her sister managed to get such a refined accent? almost like an actress in this itv interview, but without the emotion. how could you have no emotion here?itv.com/news/meridian/…
it's worth watching this clip. these days a lot of medical school and medical college exams use actresses, and it looks like this. no emotion. read from a script. why would this interview be so emotionless? and the call for vaccination seems out of place. scripted.
so there is something very fishy about the story of jorja's death. i suspect it has to do with her care at @icu_portsmouth. i asked this question of the lead clinician there. let's see what happens. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1666035461146685442?s=20
in the meantime i would welcome any updates from @laurabundock who was given the scoop, despite being a royal correspondent. it now becomes imperative that the truth about jorja halliday's death is told. because on the face of it it looks like someone is hiding something.
and the story really reminds me of the death of adriana takara, that we know to be a cover up of a terrible mistake resulting from the imposition of fear to coerce an experimental rna therapy. i really hope this isn't jorja's story too. arkmedic.substack.com/p/adriana-taka…
itv interview archivedarchive.is/kg2tj
tweet earlier should read @chiatconnolly i have no idea where the extra "m" came from. 🤦https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1666054010430951424