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point 51 of the judgement is incorrect and once we get the r scripts we can see whether christine selvey committed perjury. in r, for a data frame to be populated it has to have been read from a static file or database. the data frame is held in ram but the source is not. https://twitter.com/realxinooi/status/1659188247241822209
this is "dr selvey". do you find her credible? if she stated that the source data is no longer available "because it was held in ram" this was a lie. perhaps she was reading from a script... just like thishttps://twitter.com/nswhealth/status/1403517558876082191?s=20
we know that the source data still exists because it was populated from the australian immunisation register. the only way it could no longer exist is if they deleted the air, which would be a criminal act. this could get very interesting. @tonynikolic10@franks_chung
@tonynikolic10 @franks_chung here are some examples, taken from @sarahjestock's phs cops github. the highlighted filenames are static files that were generated by another data analyst using another script (not in the repository). this is one way data is laundered so we can't audit it. #gipagate