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holy crap this is the data for midazolam prescribing from the uks official prescriber database i have no words. #3tablets #democide@chrismartenson @fynnderella1 @ewoodhouse7 @jjcoueyopenprescribing.net/analyse/#org=r…
@chrismartenson @fynnderella1 @ewoodhouse7 @jjcouey what needs to happen now is an audit needs to be undertaken of deaths in care homes where midazolam usage was high. if the patients that died were given midazolam instead of antibiotics in march - may 2022, criminal charges must be laid. but who created the policy?
@chrismartenson @fynnderella1 @ewoodhouse7 @jjcouey just a note that the chart above is created from the gp prescriber database. therefore it should not be impacted by any increase in icu admission or specific use for ventilation. this looks to be solely for use in nursing homes and at home. harold shipman style.
bad cheese 🧀🧀🧀 a point of note - the spike in midazolam prescription (on this *gp* database) was driven almost entirely by injectable 10mg/2ml doses (1501041t0). this was not the anxiolytic oral form. it's a euthanasia injection. openprescribing.net/analyse/#org=r…
for those claiming that these drugs were being used for ventilating people in hospital, a reminder that this is the gp prescribing database. an example - prescriptions for propofol (only used in hospital) - zero
this is damning - nsw health. how the hell can you justify an "anticipated end of life care" for a pneumonia? seriously - what is wrong with you people? (archived)health.nsw.gov.au/infectious/cov…
#gerigate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1623270335780126721
every person involved in these videos lied to the public about hospitals being inundated while their lies meant granny was given midazolam instead of going to hospital with a treatable kidney infection or pneumonia. they locked the elderly out so they could dance. #gerigate https://twitter.com/goddeketal/status/1623728442310279169
this is damning, even though amnesty don't understand at the time of this report that "covid" was mostly treatable. they locked elderly out of hospitals while they danced. then you had to clap for them.amnesty.org.uk/care-homes-rep…
harold shipman is dancing on alexander fleming's grave. all they needed was #3tablets antibiotics and standard post-viral pneumonia care. instead, uk gps were told to euthanise them - care of @nicecomms death protocol why did you delete this document?https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1623140333390561281
@nicecomms damning#ng163 was released in april 2020 telling gps to administer these 3 euthanising drugs to the elderly, instead of admitting them to hospital or giving $1 work of antibiotics midazolam haloperidol levomeprozine guess what they did
damning there was never a "pandemic of covid mortality" there was a pandemic of harold shipman. #3tablets#gerigate#iatrocide
if you're a gp who was working under this guidance, and you object to this series of tweet threads please feel free to comment. this must never be allowed to happen again and your testimony could stop it. but there is only a small window to come forward. @maajidnawaz
poll: should @nicecomms be criminally prosecuted for publishing #ng163 resulting in the unecessary premature deaths of thousands of people "for the greater good"?web.archive.org/web/2020040905…
h/t @the_coopertron and @hicksyalex and many others for your tireless efforts in bringing this information to light
h/t @joecanti for the reminder that nice were the same group that denied vitamin d to the elderly that could have saved lives. https://twitter.com/arkmedic/status/1448219849860136964
who wrote these guidelines @nicecomms? nobody.web.archive.org/web/2020052322… well, we're going to find out. @the_coopertron
"the hospitals were overwhelmed" was a lie. 18% *fewer* icu beds used in the "pandemic" year april 2020 - march 2021. #tiktok #gerigate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1624615586713190401
very bad cheese 🧀🧀 do you now understand the mentality of the elites and #pushers who are running to justify the involuntary euthanasia of the elderly "for the common good". just like the authors of the common good ideology. #gerigate @johnincarlisle https://twitter.com/richardhanania/status/1624887133520695296
the "common good" ideology is hitler's. and mao's. and stalin's. and pot's. the idea of radical socialist philosophy is to sell you the utopia of "free healthcare" and remove the infirm. "you'll own nothing and be happy"cia.gov/library/abbott…
the scary thing is that these people don't even hide it. they believe (as clearly many doctors and judges now do) that your opinion is "stupid" and the correct opinion is theirs. that's why they are the elite. academyofideas.com/2020/09/greate…
so the next tweet will be a poll aiming to demonstrate this "greater good" eugenics philosophy. please send it to people you disagree with. let's see what they think. it didn't have to be this way. #3tablets
2-in-1 poll: do you support the covid vaccines and lockdowns and do you believe that it was morally acceptable to euthanise the elderly to protect the "greater population" in april 2020? #gerigate
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the #gerigate and #ecmogate scandals just keep on coming. in 2020 there were 32,000 less cancers diagnosed in the uk than there should have been. instead of being investigated for suspected cancer, they were given #midazolam remember to clap. every thursday.
note there were 72,000 "covid" deaths in 2020 - about 0.1% of the population. the drop in cancers was about 10% therefore the covid deaths could not account for the drop in cancers, assuming they were independent.
data source is embedded in the graphic but in case you missed it digital.nhs.uk/data-and-infor…
now that we know that, while you were clapping, the nursing homes were administering midazolam, the hospitals were doing tiktok videos and the cancer centres went into hibernation. call me cynical, but is anybody going to be held responsible?inews.co.uk/news/coronavir…
just to reiterate, the 32,000 cancers went missing. the outbreak was in april. if they were merely postponed they would have shown up in may-july, so been recorded in 2020 figures. these people went missing. permanently #clapforthenhs #gerigate
on the 14th feb 2021 .@drlukeevans promoted propaganda from the @rcobsgyn saying that there was no mechanism to induce infertility it was a lie and the data showing deposition of lnp in the ovaries was already available to the mhra luke evans should respond. i have questions. https://twitter.com/drlukeevans/status/1360899434880589825
#gerigate thedailybeagle.substack.com/p/midazolam-mu…
all this information was available to the government via the @mhragovuk at the time that statement was made. it was not available to the public until the damage was done. a 15% drop in uk birth rates shows the lie. the mechanism was known.arkmedic.substack.com/p/yes-mrna-vac…
in march 2020 my major concern was how to get hcq+azi+zn available to care homes. in march 2020 luke evans' major concern was how to implement "a good death" in care homes. see the difference? #gerigate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1632476810264072193?t=f7dnema2wqmdqajhuilrfg&s=19
i have returned the block. he will have to request an unblock now... which of course won't happen.
i sincerely hope #batbumeddie - who has me blocked - has a good night's sleep. tomorrow is another day of testimony. i wonder if anyone, at any point, is going to ask his best buddy #wuhandom what he had to do with the cover up? https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1633646948657012736
in his own words. lucky those "right wing conspiracy theories" are so wrong. and laughing about an "effective bioweapon" - reminds me of #gerigate's matt hancock #wuhandom #fasteddie sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos
is #batbumeddie holmes going to stand up for his buddy #wuhandom or throw him under the bus?
e-dan cheese 🧀🧀#gerigate confirms that 55,000 elderly were involuntarily euthanised in care homes in the uk on the orders of @matthancock and @drlukeevans .... but there is one other place where we know the elderly died when they shouldn't have. victoria, australia. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1632892953051156481
here is the data. in july - august 2020 something happened in victoria, australia that did not happen in any other state. how? src:coronavirus.vic.gov.au/victorian-coro…data.nsw.gov.au/search/dataset…
how could there be a "second wave" in the state of victoria and no other state in australia? "lockdowns" didn't stop any other waves - in any case, victoria followed the ccp model because @danielandrewsmp mortgaged the state to the ccptheage.com.au/national/victo…
victoria was the only state to adopt the bgi genomics pcr testing kits supplied by "twiggy" forrest acting on behalf of the ccp.theguardian.com/australia-news…
these kits had up to a 3% false positive rate, and victoria was testing 10,000's of people a day. so there were hundreds of positive tests every day. health.gov.au/resources/publ…
remember that - because of the #magicapp if you tested positive for "scary covid™" you cannot have antibiotics for your "post viral pneumonia". if you don't test, you can have them - for "post viral pneumonia" (the same indication).#3tablets. https://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1604543666135367680
this was the result. victoria was essentially the only state in australia that had a "second wave" of covid and a "second wave" of deaths [src: covid19data.com.au/deaths]
so, something happened in victoria that didn't happen in any other state. and victoria was the only state to use the bgi genomics testing platform with a huge number of "covid" positives and the subsequent unnecessary deaths.
so the question is, who ordered the bgi testing, lockdowns and the resultant death wave in nursing homes in victoria?
here's your guy. dan andrews. the premier of victoria. every covid death in australia in q3 2020 (bar 4) occurred in victoria - 777 of them. under this guy's reign news.com.au/lifestyle/heal…
hospitals closed. elderly kept in "care" homes "for their safety". no access to hospitals for falls. no treatment for pneumonia. 777 deaths in 3 months. sound familiar?https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1624615586713190401
but don't worry dan. you have immunity from prosecution don't you? don't you? cuomo. hancock. evans. andrews. never forget. #gerigate #victoricide #midazolamhttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1633374795080544256
time to give a h/t to @killaudeepstate who is still suspended from twitter. he found the bgi analysis document without which we could not have made the connection back in august 2020 when we tried to warn people what was happening in victoria. and were censored. @elonmusk