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busted! 🧀🧀🧀 the @cdcgov data touted as "proof that the vaccines work" not only contains fractions of unvaccinated people - but the fractions are not randomly distributed. the data is 100% fake. synthetic. "fraud buster" #lactolizzy missed it. #fudgegate @tdbsubstack https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1625238766146457600
just to clarify what we are talking about this is the extract from the cdc's own export on which the @ourworldindata graph is based. it's not possible that the unvaccinated population is real. you can't have decimals and if they were estimates the decimals would be random.
and no, it isn't a glitch in the data export to csv. it's there in the cdc table on their own site#fudgegate data.cdc.gov/public-health-…
and before i am descended on by the government, dod and pharma shills... different age groups have different decimals. some are 0.85, some are 0.9... most are 0.05 not real. synthetic data. just like the johns hopkins dashboard.
and the people that are rolled out to tell you that the data is real and the #worstvaccinesever actually work are #cardboardmds and #cardboardphds there to play a role. nudge nudge. #poogate #fudgegate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1619908640919650304
more on this from @tdbsubstackhttps://twitter.com/tdbsubstack/status/1625078806900776961