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holy bat cheese. 🧀🧀🧀 the #chatgpt confirms that #fasteddie edward holmes and the university of sydney conspired to cover up an article referencing the prra epitope of the #modernagate furin cleavage site - in 2018. hold onto your hats!
the doi referenced by the #chatgpt does not exist. how so? the chatbot is sure is exists. it knows everything. this is the doi search:duckduckgo.com/?q=doi%3a%2f%2… it goes to another paper altogether
the chat bot confuses itself and repeats the same doi
so there must be another link. where does it resolve to? a nature paper? ok well this should be easy.
here's that link. try it. nature.com/articles/s4142… "page not found"
the chat bot gets further confused and redirects to another unrelated paper.
no, i just want the holmes 2018 article. where is it? now it gets interesting. "no longer available"? a journal article? it doesn't work like that, retracted articles are marked up as retracted but must stay on the record.
now there is a retraction notice because of "issues with the data presented" but the retraction notice is the same dead link at @naturemedicine the access token link is also dead. how can a retraction notice have been scrubbed?
but the chat bot provides the text that they have seen in the retraction notice (presumably from a cache) "an investigation was conducted by the university of sydney and subsequently the authors were unable to provide raw data for the analysis presented in the paper"
no further information, but we know from a previous request that the chat bot directed our mouse informant to this paper (which no longer exists). the chat bot doesn't like the next question
so #chatgpt confirms that a paper existed in 2018 published by #fasteddie holmes and was retracted, yet no record exists of this paper anywhere. not pubmed, not google, not duckduckgo. but a paper that did not exist prompted an investigation by @sydney_uni
it's clear from the title that this is a vitally important paper to the origins of the "pandemic"... "spike cleavage fusion peptide motifs" just like the #ek1c4 paper from zengli shi, was this a peptide inhibitor developed in advance?@charlesrixeyncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pmc/artic…
if this turns out to be true (which seems highly likely) then there are senior people at the university of sydney who are covering up for edward holmes and are powerful enough to have that paper scrubbed off the internet. wow. cui bono?#eddiegate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1628156883487047683
update: thank you to all the #mousearmy helpers showing us the fabricated references that the #chatgpt makes up (but based on something).... which begs a deeper question. where is the chatgpt getting information from, that is not available in the public domain?
i wonder how many of these studies were generating viruses under the cover of "discovered" viruses? the supervising author of the marmota paper (where the doi redirects) is #fasteddie's co-author, while he was affiliated with ccp insitutes.
the more you dig into #fasteddie's papers the worse it looks. holmes appears to have identified more "new bat viruses" than anyone on earth. apart from the ccp colleagues he has been "discovering" them with. sciencedirect.com/science/articl…
holmes has produced over 100 papers just in the 3 year period 2017-2019. about 40 a year. how? many of them are on "new virus discoveries" in collaboration with ccp-affiliated universities. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=holmes%2…
and i'd have to say, the last person i would want involved in tick-borne disease research is this guy. francisella and rickettsia. potential vector for viruses and infectious viral-like clones. great.
"they wouldn't do that would they?" this replicating intracellular bacterium would be indistinguishable from "covid" on a 2-gene pcr test. vaccine or virus?nature.com/articles/s4154…@charlesrixey @carl_jurassic @jjcouey
scratch that. 3 gene test. this vector could produce the same symptoms and the same covid pcr test result as "covid" now... just need to get it into the population and massage the live reporting and pandemic!!! [note the codon optimisation is not declared in the paper]