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extracorporeal cheese 🧀🧀🧀#ecmogate did anaesthetists (intensivists) who openly declared their hatred for "antivaxxers" on social media send them on a pathway to death? this could be bigger than the #midazolam scandal. thread. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1631540817121935360
that was the damning table. but for background let's just wind back a bit.@caz_sampson is a self declared icu anaesthetist. in the uk, anaesthetists run the icus. in the us they tend to be called intensivists. notice caz's horns on her profile picture - we'll come back to it
caz is a associate of the #muttoncrew who follow @swaledalemutton and their affiliates whose job is to "counter disinformation". one of their techniques is to label people they don't like "antivaxxers" without defining that term. caz hates antivaxxers. archive.is/5vqvw
it's important to note that caz is not the only icu intensivist or anaesthetist who hates "antivaxxers". there are plenty of them around. they encourage this kind of fundamentalist hatred against this undefined group they label "antivaxxers"
so, just think about what would happen if someone, who has not taken the glorious opportunity to have pfizer's mrna gene therapy vaccine, would dare to turn up on caz's intensive care unit. would they receive a warm welcome? let's have a look at caz's profile pic again....
the overt horns symbolism is bizarre for an anaesthetist using her medical profile on social media. it seems to be saying something. what do horns symbolise? it's well-known. baphomet. symbol of satanists. nytimes.com/2018/11/22/art…
now, i'm not suggesting that caz sampson is a satanist but displaying this symbolism on your profile picture as a medical professional is a really bad look. it *looks* like you're a satanist. now we have to add some context and this gets very dark very quickly.
we get back to the original post in this thread. here we have a table from the uk icu data showing that in their study, there was a 57:43 ratio of unvaccinated:vaccinated people in the icu in early 2022. it suggests that vaccination was protective...
but we know this not to be true from the nsw icu data showing no unvaccinated covid icu patients for months. the higher number of unvaccinated in early 2022 was just a "catch up" anomaly arkmedic.substack.com/p/catch-me-if-…
irrespective, let's accept there were more unvaccinated on icu in the uk in early 2022. this data is now damning because it shows that the "fully vaccinated" (i.e. 2 dose, per the conditional licence approval) were exactly the same severity as the "unvaccinated"....
this excerpt excludes the recently boosted (who have a "healthy recently vaccinated" bias), so these groups are pretty comparable. the fio2 is the inspired oxygen concentration. if your lungs are failing you'll need more oxygen. the fio2 is the same in each group - 60%
so based on the icnar data (which caz kindly supplied) the vaccinated and unvaccinated have a similar profile of severity on admission to icu. that is, they are equally affected by covid "pneumonia" but what happens then?
well caz says that nearly 100% of the unvaccinated were put on ecmo. she quotes a solid reference that confirms her claim. overall, the rate of ecmo is about 15:1 in favour of the unvaccinated.england.nhs.uk/statistics/wp-…
caz's claim is that this is because the "vaccine" (which did not reduce infection risk and in which the only rct showed no benefit of severity or death) reduced the severity of disease. but these groups had the same fio2 on admission, so this is not possible.
therefore the only possibility that makes any logical sense is: a cascade of events happened on icu that resulted in the unvaccinated receiving ecmo (which is a 4 in 10 death sentence) 15 times more often than the vaccinatedhttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1631518277678792707?s=20
so who decided who should go on ecmo (with a 40% death rate) and who shouldn't? well, caz of course. and her "antivaxx" hating colleagues. imagine leaving your fate in the hands of people who post such symbolic profile pictures.
so, we have a group of doctors who hate "antivaxxers" who coincidentally decide that 15 times more "antivvaxxers" (aka the unvaccinated) should go on the highest risk pathway in modern medicine compared to the "vaccinated" even though their admission state was the same.
it's hard to fight bias. everybody has biases. but if you are an unvaccinated person who ends up on icu because nobody was prepared to give you the #3tablets you needed to prevent it... you have a 15:1 chance you will be put on the death pathway by people that hate you.
i'm sure that caz has a perfectly manicured explanation for this vindictive 15:1 ratio. expect @projecthalo and their buddies to troll this thread with them. expect caz to vehemently deny the symbolism of her profile picture.
but if you have an "unvaccinated" relative that died in an nhs icu of "covid" in 2021-2022, remember that you have the right to request the full medical records. once you have them, contact @pjhlaw who knows who to ask to review them.
refs: twitter profile:archive.is/ycnqf antivaxxer tweetsarchive.is/5vqvw following list archive.is/7rclt icnarc dataseticnarc.org/dataservices/a…
well it looks like the bravado has gone..@projecthalo affiliates hate having the light shone on them but love to crow about us. i think this is a bad look given the serious nature of #ecmogate. do we need a cqc investigation into uk icus? @cqcpressoffice
important psa: please do not post vitriol on the twitter pages of people involved with this investigation. an investigation has not been undertaken yet. this is an area of concern only. please be civil in any interactions. thank you.
update: @caz_sampson replies to the thread from behind a block. a tip. if you are digging yourself into a hole, stop digging. this is like harry putting his famous nazi uniform fancy dress picture as his profile pic and saying "it was just fancy dress wassup lol"
poll: following the #ecmogate scandal revealed earlier today, should the @cqcprof start an investigation into nhs intensive care units and social media accounts of intensivists to see if their bias against "antivaxxers" was linked to higher death rates?
if you missed it this is #ecmogate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1631623023106347009?t=9mycs4laalmo3ttjmsuxww&s=19
please archive any tweets from uk intensivists containing the "antivaxxer" slur asap use the search format antivaxxer from:twitter_name paste the tweet link into archive.is then paste the link here or on telegram on the t.me/micevmutton channel
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the #gerigate and #ecmogate scandals just keep on coming. in 2020 there were 32,000 less cancers diagnosed in the uk than there should have been. instead of being investigated for suspected cancer, they were given #midazolam remember to clap. every thursday.
note there were 72,000 "covid" deaths in 2020 - about 0.1% of the population. the drop in cancers was about 10% therefore the covid deaths could not account for the drop in cancers, assuming they were independent.
data source is embedded in the graphic but in case you missed it digital.nhs.uk/data-and-infor…
now that we know that, while you were clapping, the nursing homes were administering midazolam, the hospitals were doing tiktok videos and the cancer centres went into hibernation. call me cynical, but is anybody going to be held responsible?inews.co.uk/news/coronavir…
just to reiterate, the 32,000 cancers went missing. the outbreak was in april. if they were merely postponed they would have shown up in may-july, so been recorded in 2020 figures. these people went missing. permanently #clapforthenhs #gerigate
heroic dave the icu consultant who only has unvaccinated on his icu is not telling you everything. such as the fact that @gloshospitals has a culture of suppressing voices and an appalling cqc rating. i wonder who wanted to speak out? and why? https://twitter.com/drfrocester/status/1469335594186727429
dave's icu hasn't been rated for nearly 8 years. i wonder if that is where the staff feared speaking out? i wonder if #ecmogate meant that unvaccinated people were treated differently and some staff didn't like it, but were told to shut up?
it does seem like the icu doctors are obsessed with a vaccine that *has no mechanism to prevent pneumonia* and if you don't take their vaccine they will preside over a worse outcome for you, including giving you 200mg of alfentanil in 24hr and other drugs https://twitter.com/drfrocester/status/1456668662744633349
and i wonder if mr trigg (if he indeed exists) knows that he didn't need to get to intensive care if he had just received #3tablets, an anti-inflammatory and some reasonable care. but hey, renal failure is nothing to these icu docs. gloucestershirelive.co.uk/news/glouceste…
cqc ratings here: cqc.org.uk/location/rte03
aaandd..... right on queue. this is not the action of people who believe they have acted in good faith and wish to learn how not to make mistakes again. this is the action of a narcissist who is never wrong. always dangerous in the field of medicine.
can you see it?#ecmogate #3tabletsclinicalevidence.net.au/wp-content/upl… 🧵
here is the full protocol - with no authorship registered but major pharma conflicts on the "therapeutics advisory board" no antibiotics at all on the protocol, for a community acquired pneumonia. #3tablets would be enough to prevent the majority of deaths.
and if you're marked as "unvaccinated" you'll get the intensive protocol. straight to remdesivir. no antibiotics. remdesivir to treat a bacterial pneumonia? really? oh yes, especially if you're "unvaccinated"?#ecmogate medicalxpress.com/news/2023-05-c…
we know now that most deaths from covid-19 were not from the virus, but from *bacterial* pneumonia that arises as a result of the viral infection disrupting natural lung barriers to bacterial infection - which is bacterial pneumonia. jci.org/articles/view/…
that's why we always treated the elderly after a virus at the first sign of a chesty cough. no need to send sputum samples. just treat. we've being doing it for years - until the ai protocols came out from the #magicapp, with no authors. aafp.org/pubs/afp/issue…
and that's why patients of doctors like @btysonmd and @fynnderella1 and zev zelenko who were treated early with an anti-inflammatory (like hydroxychloroquine or budesonide) to reduce pneumonitis and an antibiotic (doxycycline or azithromycin) did so well
but now you can't have an antibiotic for your secondary bacterial pneumonia, even though covid deaths are almost universally after the viral phase has passed. worsened by using ventilators to treat bacterial pneumonia. msn.com/en-us/news/oth…
and now you know why i take on every intensivist who was pushing ventilators onto people - especially if they were deemed "unvaccinated" and where those intensivists have posted their hatred of the "unvaccinated" online.
nobody needed to die. they just needed basic medical treatment. it was a pandemic of protocols, with no authors and no liability. #3tablets. one dollar. @cr @p_mcculloughmd @rmconservativehttps://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1604543666135367680
related thread from yesterday@cr @senatorrennick @ckellyuaphttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1658691730601033737?s=20
also related https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1658803932725141507
whoa! it turns out that @djnicholl is a known political activist and is leading the @goodlawproject action against @draseemmalhotra.... who presided over a 50% covid death rate. ten patients died at @swbhnhs that should not have died. #3tabletsncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
it's important to understand that political activism like this is now a cancer invading medicine. we exposed it in #ecmogate. doctors who have extremist beliefs in a doctrine such that they would rather the patient die than they reject the doctrine.
there is no excuse for 50% of your covid patients dying. @btysonmd's death rate was 0.1%, and nicholl's was over 40%. i suspect some of those patients were given #midazolam as we also exposed, because that was the time that #ng163 was in force. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1623147403305193473?s=20
so here is dr nicholls in his element, speaking to a libdem (woke left) conference and criticising @elonmusk for his "thin skin"
which is pretty rich. when i exposed him a week ago for being behind the astroturf @goodlawproject "action" against @draseemmalhotra... i got the "thin skin" treatment. pathetic. twitter.com/search?q=%40dj…
in fact @djnicholl is one of the most hypocritical people i have ever seen in action. look at this. "i won't say anything defamatory but i'm going to call @draseemmalhotra [who doesn't sell or push drugs] a snake-oil salesman" i think nicholl could be in trouble here.
if i was @draseemmalhotra i would be contact a good lawyer and file a defamation case. it's a slam dunk. nicholl has no insight. most of his talk is on censorship, whilst demanding the silencing every other doctor that disagrees with him, yet quoting solzhenitsyn
if you really want to watch it you can see it here, but i warn you it might make you angry. the hypocrisy is off the scale and uses all the far-left tropes you can think of.
meanwhile, if you have a relative that died of covid at @swbhnhs in march to may 2020, i think you have a legitimate case to file a criminal complaint against the hospital executive or @djnicholl. feel free to reach out and we will help you.#midazolam #ng163
the hypocrisy of @djnicholl is relentless he wants the right to speak freely but us also running a hate campaign to remove any doctor speaking out about pharma safety. wow. news.sky.com/story/jacob-re…
hey @drmattuk we haven't met but you have me blocked. is it because you oversaw the deaths of covid patients that almost certainly shouldn't have died? or are you just making this up? #ecmogate
@drmattuk i'm going to take a guess that @drmattuk and @djnicholl know each other... and presided over a lot of covid deaths in the uk. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1670158057064611843
hmmm... what do you use these membership fees for, @drmattuk? https://t.co/q461ydrsfgdauk.org/membership/
what a cv! "involved in global health research"... yeah. megalols on this one. you have one first author paper and didn't investigate a single patient. it was an administrative report on anti-fungals. wow. https://t.co/fxjtawdbaqpubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=kneale%2…
but you're in charge of covid patients? you're just an intern. you don't have any specialist qualifications. yet you're obsessed by @draseemmalhotra how? what's your clinical experience? https://t.co/vlysnmko7ztwitter.com/search?q=malho…
you know what my guess is? @djnicholl got you to be his fall guy. it's his mo. so... what did he promise? and what did he ask you to do? and, if you did it, whose money did you use? asking for 65m people. @theda_uk
@djnicholl @theda_uk whoa! ok @theda_uk now i really want to know why you are following an account called "platinum pizza" @xeon4f145d96s1 who ranks high up your following list. and is in the same network. it's as if #medtwitter has its own #muttoncrew group coordinated through @thebma 🤔 https://t.co/vfxcbdhvtgtwitter.com/i/web/status/1…
bingo! "the first question i asked [of the covid patient] was were you vaccinated... and then i sent them to hospital" that's how you increase the mortality and that's how you corrupt the "hospitalisations by vaccine status" data #ecmogate #3tablets @profnfenton https://t.co/atyplim2qnhttps://twitter.com/gbnews/status/1677747127504470019
@profnfenton this is absolutely horrific. david lloyd is a gp who claims to have treated covid patients and admitted to discriminating against the unvaccinated. do you think you are going to get impartial treatment from him? this is what is wrong with medicine today, all around the world.… https://t.co/ndqjezccoqtwitter.com/i/web/status/1…
remember that he knows more than you do, and if you don't agree with him it's because you're a "loony conspiracy theorist" even if you have more qualifications than he does. https://t.co/vmnhl9hezxpulsetoday.co.uk/gp_unsung/dr-d…
oh lookie here. it seems that dr lloyd has form in the field of medical fascism. https://twitter.com/talktv/status/1462753890311585798?s=20
whoa! it turns out that our "qanon loonies" doctor david lloyd - who told us how he deliberately hospitalised unvaccinated covid patients - made a fortune out of a discredited telehealth business. and then mocked the public. h/t @feeredfern https://t.co/6vmih9wpad https://t.co/flkfquojnpdailymail.co.uk/news/article-2…twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
the author of the bmj article quoted by viki as if it is gospel is a freelance journalist. he chose not to include that qualifier in this bmj piece. this tweet from viki is propaganda because it suggests something that is not true, adding the @bmj_latest label for authenticity https://twitter.com/vikilovesfacs/status/1713961668407853188
@bmj_latest here is the request for the data underlying the mbrrace report. data from the @npeu_ukoss has previously been requested under foi and denied. this is not their data, it belongs to the british public who fund them. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1714388417117851806?s=20
@bmj_latest @npeu_ukoss the bmj article itself is just an opinion piece from a freelance journalist, basically repeating the party line - that only unvaccinated pregnant women died of covid. this is a misrepresentation of the truth.https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1714490126938800523?s=20
the truth is that there was a sharp rise in direct deaths in the 2019-2021 triennium, unrelated to "covid", that oxford conveniently are not talking about. look over here (covid and vaccines)... not here (basic maternity care)
the truth: direct causes of death, those considered to be pregnancy related, spiked massively in the last two years of the report. eye off the ball. too busy making tiktok videos. a massive 52% rise in direct maternal deaths.
@bmj_latest @npeu_ukoss and here it is. this is #ecmogate and #3tablets scandals in one. "an unvaccinated woman". no antibiotics for pneumonia. perform an abdominal operation during an acute respiratory illness. death 3 weeks later, by definition cannot be "covid pneumonitis". virus long gone.
@bmj_latest @npeu_ukoss no lessons learnt. antivirals don't work for bacterial pneumonia. no mention of hydroxychloroquine or immune modulators for early pneumonitis prevention. no mention of antibiotics for early treatment of pneumonia. wait till you can't breathe. #3tablets
@bmj_latest @npeu_ukoss no early treatment for these unfortunate souls. just wait until you can't breathe. if you declined the vaccine that doesn't prevent death or infection, we won't treat you. we will use you to convince the population that the vaccine would have worked.
@bmj_latest @npeu_ukoss this is appalling propaganda covering for potential mismanagement. "we won't release the data behind this report, or allow an independent audit of why 45 young women (who should not have died) died of covid - but we are going to tell you that vaccine hesitancy killed them"
@bmj_latest @npeu_ukoss this is a dark day in the history of the ukoss maternal mortality reports. the first time ever that politics has reared its ugly head and the consequences are a 52% rise in direct maternal deaths, and an unknown number of unnecessary covid deaths.
@bmj_latest @npeu_ukoss here is the link to the formal report. at some point there will need to be a full and independent audit of the management of those 45 young women who died of "covid" npeu.ox.ac.uk/assets/downloa…
finally, the table on page 29 gives us 33 deaths from covid in 2019-2021 and 9 cases in 2018-2020, i.e. 24 cases in 2021. the vaccine was only available for pregnant women from april 2021. it's not possible that there were 27 who died who were eligible for vaccination.
there won't be an independent audit of the @npeu_ukoss triennial report assessment data, because there is too much at stake. 27 women should not have died of covid. 35 additional women should not have died of direct causes that were not related to covid.https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1714388417117851806