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whoa! 🧀🧀🧀 novavax's patent sequence coding for their "non-genetic vaccine" is different from every other sars-cov-2 spike protein sequence (wuhan, pfizer, moderna). #novagate just joined #taggate there is only one explanation. thread.🧵
sequence 35 in the novavax patent (mx473662.1) is the dna sequence coding for the wuhan spike (with the pp mutation common to all the mrna vaccines). it only matches 73%. it should be 99%+. there is no reason to codon optimise for a protein vaccine. freepatentsonline.com/y2021/0228709.…
what that means: when coding for a viral protein, they should use the same rna sequence as the virus. they changed the rna sequence but produce the exact same protein. pfizer did too, so did moderna. it was partially covered in #coptigate but there is more to it. @eh_den
there is no need to change the gene sequence for a protein based vaccine. and if they were going to do it, they could have copied pfizer's or moderna's. they didn't - they created their own. overnight. here are the matches - 85% to both. enough for pcr to differentiate.
i'll repeat. there is no reason to do this from a scientific viewpoint. they said they were making a protein vaccine. but the protein sequence was identical. moderna, pfizer, novavax - 100% match on amino acid sequence, only 85% match on rna sequence.
note there was one tiny change for novavax. they changed the furin cleavage site from rrar (active) to qqaq (inactive). but that was it. so the final product has 3 amino acids different from pfizer and moderna. and **572** nucleotides different. for a protein vaccine?
i said at the start of this thread that there was only one explanation. and it is very insidious. because there is no need to codon optimise your spike protein if you are just producing a protein. #coptigate
the purpose of codon optimisation (changing the rna code without changing the amino acid sequence) was supposed to be to get the most protein produced in the human body's cells, to induce the most antibody. it was a lie, by the way.
both pfizer and moderna said they created their rna code overnight. they could have done this with the viral rna code. but to codon optimise it (change it) would have required weeks or months of testing. they must have known months before. businessinsider.com/pfizer-biontec…
the only explanation for pfizer and moderna to have a markedly different rna code for their vaccines... is so they can claim patent rights, because pcr can tell you which one you had. this is #taggate they are already fighting.blog.petrieflom.law.harvard.edu/2023/01/12/cov…
but novavax should have had nothing to do with this, because they produced a protein based vaccine. or so they said. the only way it would matter would be if their patented (and identifiable) gene sequence were to end up in the recipient of the vaccine.
which until yesterday was thought not to be possible. now, it is. the #novagate thread describes how the presence of saponin was unnecessary and is a transfectant medium - a chemical used for gene therapy. not required for a protein vaccine. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1692456846072942775
and now we have a transfectant present in the novavax vaccine, and a patented, identifiable gene sequence that - if it wasn't properly removed (as we now know pfizer didn't remove theirs) - could turn novavax into a genetic vaccine. @kevin_mckernan @fluoridepoison
but i'm sure it was all just accidental. #taggate #novagate #soapgate arkmedic.substack.com/p/who-owns-who
additional src: novavax's full patent document archived here with some more perfect westerns for the record. t.me/jikkyleaks/941
more information on the contents of novavax at @fluoridepoison's substack here geoffpain.substack.com/p/novavax-pref…