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when people who claim to be scientists and doctors suddenly start targeting me... i start looking into them. and i usually find that there is a pandora's box just needing to be opened. https://twitter.com/toshiakima/status/1556846116288987138
the problem with this tweet is that people died after it. it was known that the az vaccine was linked to fatal blood clots at the time this tweet was posted. the tweet has been archived. archive.is/ultza
whilst countries took the az vaccine off the market, satoshi akima - who is covid obsessed and wants you to be - was pushing it on healthy people. more than 10 people died in aus alone after his advice to push the az vaccine - and those are just the ones they admitted to
but this is not the scandal that dr satoshi akima is highlighting. the scandal is that he (and nsw health and the doh) knew of the clots and hid the information from the public. in march 2021 they changed their screening questions to include those about clots.
here's the cover-up. on the 25th march thanz released a statement declaring the az vaccine was safe (sort of). archive.is/srmz8
yet according to this document they had already released an updated guideline documenting the problem of clots on the 1st april 2021. it was kept quiet and is still hidden (i have a copy)archive.is/rtfgm
and john skerritt, who also knew about the problem, went onto the radio on @2gb873 to tell everybody that there was no clotting problem. people died. health.gov.au/news/therapeut…
but people didn't die just because of the az vaccine rollout. in fact the az vaccine was probably the safest one released. if you are aware of the clotting problem and so can treat it early. but the @healthgovau told nobody. no communication went out to aus doctors.
once thanz released their guidelines and publicised them (which didn't happen till at least may-june) the clotting problem was recognised and treated. in the meantime people died just because they didn't want to publicise the risk.
remember lisa shaw died in may 2021. this was in the uk. she did not die because of the vaccine alone. she died because the regulators hid the problem from the public and from treating doctors. theguardian.com/media/2021/aug…
so another scandal is uncovered by doctors and scientists who disparage "anti-vaxxers" without even defining terms. i'd really recommend deleting these tweets. it won't look good when people file complaints with the regulators.https://twitter.com/toshiakima/status/1432158625309413381#clotgate #cuttergate
the disparaging tweets that drew my attention to this scandal here...#clotgate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1635399072084561921
this is where it gets serious outside of twitter "spats". people died. there are people that took @toshiakima's and @2gb873's unsolicited and false medical advice, and died. dr akima's tweets will not look good if it were to go to a court. https://twitter.com/tonynikolic10/status/1635480595462762497
this gets interesting. now we find that the "paper" that akima published in 2020 had a "handler". david lillicrap. gene therapy officionado. editor of loads of #bigpharma conflicts. who even wrote it? cui bono?#clotgate https://twitter.com/feeredfern/status/1635534045416419329?s=20