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hot cheese🧀🧀 a massive breaking story relating to @lonnibesancon who was removed from his post at monash university for publicly denigrating didier raoult with offensive sexualised comments. not only a member of the #muttoncrew but an affiliate of @microbiomdigest. https://twitter.com/pimpisgood/status/1697305697656951222
here is the translated article from 2021. in essence, multiple french #muttoncrew members acted as political activists in order to undermine raoult who merely published data on #3tablets protocols that could have saved thousands of liveswww-francesoir-fr.translate.goog/societe-faits-…
their aim was to undermine and discredit raoult and stop people giving #hydroxychloroquine and #azithromycin to prevent covid pneumonia. besancon and bik's actions likely resulted in millions of unnecessary deaths due to the #3tablets scandal of non-treatment (see alt text)
and this is a group that has been acting in unison for 2 years, as part of the pharma "disinformation" units who would have every medical and scientific whistleblower removed from their institutions if they could. the raoult affair proves it. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35239642/
this scandal earns its own special hashtag. #blowgate enjoy your weekend.