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stinky cheese🧀🧀🧀 what do you call something that's too good to be true from a company that has previously been convicted of fraud? yep. more cartoon westerns, this time from pfizer directly. nobody checked them. #blotgate 👇👇👇
the source document sent to me appears to be from those released under @aaronsirisg @iambrookjackson legal actions to investigate fraud in the pfizer vaccine study that the fda said they needed 75 years to release the documents. yet they assessed the 450,000 pages in 24 hours?
i'll say that again. there were 11 million total documents (44,000 patients, minimum 250 pages per patient plus 350,000 assessment and summary documents). the fda was given the glossy summary on the 10th december. the vaccine was "approved" on the 11th december.
the committee meeting is still online - 8 hours long. the whole day was used for the meeting. the drug was approved the next day. nobody read those documents before approving a novel gene therapy@mrobertsqld @senatorrennick #blotgate
buried in those documents were the comedy western blots. anybody that has ever done a western in a lab would have known they looked fake. .@chrismartenson.. we have a new hashtag#blotgate
give me a break. these images should have been enough to prompt an investigation but nobody cared. the deal was already done. the vrbpac committee meeting was kabuki theatre.#blotgate
another impossibly perfect western blot. every single one is like this. absolutely impossible. @maryannedemasi @daoyu15 @doorlesscarp @humblesci
just a reminder as to what this is about - this is what a normal (and technically relatively clean) western blot might look like - from the ema official analysis. note that this image has severe dithering artefact close-up. none of that malarkey for our pfraud-convicted pfriends!
and more examples of real westerns in the thread here https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1610888275438505984
so we now have evidence of: ▶️extra mrna in the product that has never been analysed by sequencing. ▶️fabricated protein analysis ▶️rubber stamp approval with no assessment the tga & mhra copied the fda and did not perform any independent assessment. doctors4covidethics.org/regulation-or-…
so did john skerritt, head of the tga, lie? judge for yourself.#blotgate and #humpgate are not going away. skynews.com.au/australia-news…
here is the full document that was sent to me. if anybody has the phmpt.org direct url for this please let me know. files.catbox.moe/egah0n.pdf
related:#humpgate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1610888191342710787
well #blotgate just blew up@chrismartenson @senatorrennick @jesslovesmjkjessicar.substack.com/p/a-follow-up-…
#blotgate refers to this thread that exposed the comedy westerns that pfizer submitted to the fda as proof of protein product. but they turned out to be awbs - "automated western blots" which are not the same as western blots at all https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1612579431666847744
differences explained herenature.com/articles/nmeth…
the point being that the awb plots can be easily manipulated and in fact entirely generated without a single experiment being done. not so easy with a western blot, which requires a human. that was the point. the fda & ema didn't bother to check anything.
another substack weighing in on #blotgate from @midwesterndocamidwesterndoctor.substack.com/p/we-now-have-…
so i'd love to see some more commentary from the "other side" which is respectful. so far we've just had sarcastic and derisory comments. you won't get far with those. i'll aim to publish any reasonable rebuttals on this thread.
and in the meantime, the "western blots" should be considered about as real as pfizer's clinical trial showing that the drug reduced the risk of *infection* by 95%. that was real, wasn't it?usatoday.com/story/news/fac…
"virtual" western blots might be a more accurate term... keep the posts coming ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…#blotgate @jesslovesmjk @midwesterndoc
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whoa!!!! absolutely busted. great work on #blotgate @midwesterndoc to put this into a visible format. now we need criminal investigations. #blotgate #humpgate and #pfizertaggate are not going away. @chrismartenson @jesslovesmjk https://twitter.com/midwesterndoc/status/1613216030876176390
#blotgate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1612579431666847744
#humpgate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1610888191342710787
#pfizertaggate (to be continued)https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1613114836086591489
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new cheese 🧀🧀🧀on #blotgate - the emerging scandal that keeps on giving. the ema and fda reviews of the pfizer bnt162b2 molecular biology assays were not independent reviews at all. pfizer wrote their documents. @chrismartensonhttps://twitter.com/adhesionsorg/status/1615180960290729984
the paper that david is referring to is published as a "peer reviewed" paper in @jpharmsciences except it wasn't that at all, it was a submission by pfizer in response to the ema and fda questions posed in relation to their gene therapy product. [pdf: jpharmsci.org/action/showpdf…]
it has simply been reconstituted as a "peer reviewed" manuscript. these are the claims in the paper but they are not shown to be true. let's ignore the "safe and effective" claim for obvious reasons
the claims are that (1) the mrna has been isolated and characterized. this is not true as no sequencing has been performed on the mrna - the same mrna "extras" identified in #humpgate these humps with big red arrows@kevin_mckernanhttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1607609182743834625
and (2) that no additional (off-target) proteins are made because the mrna that is in the product is truncated and unable to produce a protein product. again, not true based on this published data. we saw this in #blotgate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1612579431666847744
so this paper - just published in january 2023 - is the exact same document as in the submissions to the ema and fda seen in the earlier threads. here is the #humpgate graph - the exact same one as the ema document.
and the comedy western blots are also the same. these as we saw are not western blots at all but awbs or "virtual blots". these are computer reconstructions that are easy to fake. that's why papers are not normally accepted just based on awbs. this one was.
those blots are meant to show that no other protein is made but simply show that no truncated spike protein is made (because they were only looking for spike protein fragments). they did not exclude a different protein altogether.
there was in fact one genuine-looking western blot in the whole paper, that was meant to show that no other proteins were being produced. this one:
the only problem is that the negative and positive controls were not specified, and there was only ever one of these produced - from one "special" batch not seen anywhere else. they were meant to repeat this with 3 more batches. they didn't
so who was it exactly that produced this "peer reviewed paper"? it was a pfizerfest. all pfizer employees. every single one.
the first author, himakshi k patel has no history on pubmed.gov so likely doesn't have a phd.
the supervising author, thomas f lerch had a handful of first author papers prior to moving to pfizer. there are no university affiliations at all and no independent oversight of this paper. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=lerch%2c…
which means that pfizer wrote their own holiday brochure. nobody checked the hotel.
and it's not just me - the ema said they need to "further characterize the mrna" in july 2021. no further characterisations were done. we said so, so it's true. the paper was published in january 2023.
which is interesting, because this paper was approved on the day of the submission of the revised document. which was two days after we first exposed #humpgate what are the odds?
of course, you should trust pfizer to make the product, investigate the product, write the assessors' brochure for the product and monitor their own clinical trial for the product. why wouldn't you?justice.gov/opa/pr/justice…@jesslovesmjk @midwesterndoc
more on this from @jesslovesmjk ....https://twitter.com/jesslovesmjk/status/1615352253342420993
for reference this is the ema documentfiles.catbox.moe/sg745z.pdf and here is the pfizer (biontech) fda response documentfiles.catbox.moe/egah0n.pdf
.@elonmusk this is not ok the engagement on this account is high, twitter blue is enabled and there are 40k followers this important tweet was suppressed within 2 hours of its posting, having had 100 rt within minuteshttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1615299303643443200
i have been at this long enough to know when a tweet is gaining traction organically and when it is being suppressed. this one has been suppressed and the shadowban is in place. you asked for $8(us) a month - fine so i agreed. nowhere in the t&c does it say...
that you could or would (under set circumstances) shadow ban the account. nothing in these tweets is false, misleading or offensive (except maybe to people who make false claims about things that they are selling). you even said thishelp.twitter.com/en/using-twitt…
so.. perhaps someone can explain why that #blotgate tweet was suppressed and why followers are complaining that my tweets are not showing up in search. the @shadowbirdbot check confirms a shadow ban. it's not ranking, but it is rank. taishin-miyamoto.com/shadowban/
and in the meantime, how about openly publishing our account status as promised - so we can see exactly why our accounts are being shadow banned. and ideally - who made the decision to implement the suppression. /end
@iancopeland5 is acting for the us dept of defense performing this role. they set him up with a shell genomics company to frame him as an authority. the implications of this are profound.... the tweet ignoring responses and mocking dissenters is irrelevant https://twitter.com/iancopeland5/status/1623827752355868675
under normal circumstances a "free" society relies on the judiciary to act in the public's interest to protect from tyrannical governments. but the judiciary is captured, just like in nazi germany. so the last stop is the military. who are they working for?
now you have your answer. the military are the only entity who have the resources to force the rollout of the failed gene therapy vaccines and support the fraud needed to sell it, such as #blotgate it's the same in the uk dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1…
and australiatheguardian.com/australia-news…
these military entities, by funding and supplying covert propaganda units, are no longer acting in the interests of #wethepeople they are acting in their own interests. which means the people have no recourse to fair representation. that has profound implications...
and that is why ian copeland is important. not his sarcastic and baseless tweets but the fact that copeland has exposed one glaring and undeniable truth: the army have abandoned the people. think about that.