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the #stopcodon issue is not going to magically go away. biontech included two stop codons. moderna put in three. they knew about read-through. i can't see any other explanation. @kevin_mckernan @clucky92864053
here is a discussion about it from a year ago, but it doesn't explain why moderna put three (different) stop codons in this sequence. only the possibility of read-through does. that means they knew there was a risk of the ribosome translating the untranslated region.
which may elongate the protein and produce a chimaeric protein which has human protein fragments attached to the spike protein that you are trying to force your immune system to attack. this is how you create autoimmunity. @parsifaler
so are there signals for autoimmunity? you tell me. moderna uses alpha globin which is expressed in liver cells. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pmc/artic…
bnt162b2 from pf(eye)zer. well that uses the groucho gene combined with mitochondrial 12s ribosome. you really don't want your body to react to mitochondrial proteins. honestly, you really don't. spike protein does enough damage in mitochondria https://t.co/wpvuxdwpduahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/ci…
apologies here's the link biology.stackexchange.com/questions/9748…
from the renz dod data set... confronting data with more to come. all health authorities will have data on pulmonary embolism rates for 2021 and should have raised the alarm. but they haven't. this is more than 10 standard deviations. "never event" level.
the dod data is robust because the populations are stable and a stable proportion of medical events are recorded in their emrs. defense doctors are the first port of call for defense personnel.
irrespective of the underlying cause it was a complete abrogation of duty for the dod to not investigate these "never event" signals. another event more than 10sd from the mean...
2sd above the mean is a common safety signal and occurs less than 5% of the time. values outside 3sd of the mean occur less than 0.3% of the time. anything beyond 5sd are essentially never events.
as an example here the mean number of #myocarditis events over 5 years is 112, with a sd of 30. so the probability of this value hitting 307 requires 6.5 sd's, or a "z-score" of 6.5. probability zero. you can check yourself here:calculator.net/z-score-calcul…
the gift that keeps on giving:#myocarditis is not even the strongest signal in this data set. acute myocardial infarction (heart attack) is running at a z-score of over 60. never event.
i could keep going but it's too depressing to see how corrupted even the military medical establishment are. it should never have required "dod whistleblowers" to come forward risking their own lives. the proof that this is real is right here https://twitter.com/jikkykjj/status/1478917205165105152?s=20
the source for this dataset was published on robert malone's substack here, and the excel file authored by thomas renz. the letter was authored by @senronjohnsonrwmalonemd.com/blog/letter-to…
well well... ed holmes, who has just received a congressional letter warning him to retain documents has been running cover for peter daszak & ecohealth who covered up the origins of #sarscov2 and look who was helping him peter doherty, michael worobey and dominic dwyer
this is the document referred to but is just one of many puff pieces for the "bat-pangolin orgy" theory espoused by daszak and his minions. it's a horror show of propagandancbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pmc/artic…
as an aside at this point, i don't recall that michael worobey (who is involved in this investigation) ever answer my little question.. can't imagine why.@chrismartensonhttps://twitter.com/jikkykjj/status/1471780982420168705?s=20
say what? "a near identical nucleotide sequence is found in hku9-1"
how is 11/19nt "near identical"? how about 19/19nt. that's identical. and it's in the #sarscov2 sequence. and it is #ctcctcggcgggcacgtag. and it came from a moderna patent. that's why we called it #modernagate
holmes has either deliberately lied or else he is completely unaware of the chatter that has been circulating in genomics for 2 years - in which case he should not be authoring papers defending the ccp & ecohealth with whom he has vested interests. newspunch.com/smoking-gun-mo…
it now becomes an extreme conflict of interest for people like peter doherty - a retired veterinary scientist - to provide any commentary at all on #covid19 science - masks, lockdowns, vaccines, anything. all the propaganda from these interventions comes from one source.
and who is dominic dwyer? well if you don't know now, you should. but here's a short summary of his involvement.@chrismartenson @senronjohnson @jim_jordan @stevescalise @fynn_fan @double_christhttps://twitter.com/jikkykjj/status/1489889695974948865?s=20
all the letters to holmes, farrar, ecohealth etc. can be found here... h/t @netpoetterepublicans-oversight.house.gov/letter
just in case you weren't convinced, holmes and dwyer are bezzie mates....pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=holmes+e…
addendum: the perfect time to remind ourselves of what "transparency" is when it comes to this crew of corrupt cover-upperers. @chrismartenson puts it best
whoa!! 60 days. sixty days. and that was when they stopped looking... that is how long these researchers were still detecting *mrna* in lymph nodes. whoever told you "it degrades in hours to days" lied, because they didn't have that information. now we do.
i can't emphasise enough the importance of this. you have mrna producing spike protein (known to block p53-related tumour suppression at the nuclear level) for months after the treatment. with no off switch.@fynn_fan @richardursomd @p_mcculloughmdcell.com/cell/fulltext/…
just a reminder of the spike protein - p53/brca interaction here:pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34696485/
you really do not want to be producing p53-inhibiting spike protein in lymph nodes for months on end. why? this is why 👇👇👇👇pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29885407/
it's really not something you want to do. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
of course these are just "anecdotes"ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
if there is a cancer safety signal associated with spike protein therapeutics, it may well show up as lymphomas first. which makes this fact check somewhat interesting in its timing - november 2021ibtimes.sg/fact-check-doe…
by the way, @cellcellpress is literally one of the most important and respected scientific journals in the world (unlike the disgraced @thelancet and @nejm). this is no "it's just a preprint" paper.
even robert malone, who tried to downplay david wiseman's concerns about the unknown effects of pseudouridine and the 3'utr in these therapies publicly two weeks ago, may have to change his mind after reading this paper. rwmalonemd.substack.com/p/a-health-pub…
and for the trolls, please note that every paper referenced in this thread is on pubmed, which is a government site. if you don't like it, show rebuttal evidence instead of your usual stuff. thank you. love and peace.#jikkyleaks
apologies for those reporting being unable to open the full text. pdf here. let me know if the link breakscell.com/cell/pdf/s0092…
er... @fynn_fan @clucky92864053 this doesn't look great. (bcl6)
and this seems to be the first paper to correctly use rna-ish to demonstrate mrna presence, which is what the fda, mhra, ema and tga should have done (but didn't).
it's going to be important in the coming months to archive as many tweets as possible from those pushing this therapy onto people claiming it as "safe and effective" without any evidence to back up their claims. especially those linked with #modernagate https://twitter.com/monsieur0o/status/1491304320008323072?s=20
breaking: a freedom of information request to the tga (australian version of the fda) just released confirms that they had no idea how to assess an mrna therapy product. this is damning. @kevin_mckernan @senatorrennick @double_christ
for context i will be posting the #jikkyleaks threads in this thread. it's a thread of threads, but they all show that the process of approval was not fit for purpose. yet nobody said anything. they just took the fee and rubber stamped the approvalhttps://twitter.com/jikkykjj/status/1488799186724470786
the mhra also failed to perform an adequate analysis of these products. https://twitter.com/jikkykjj/status/1475267932791869441
if you didn't know what you were dealing with you should not have approved the product. or you should have asked for help from people that did know what they were doing. https://twitter.com/jikkykjj/status/1472805357747523586
again, i need to state that all references in this thread are either govt resources or nih pubmed references and constitute a public interest disclosure. #modernagate #jikkyleaks@chrismartenson @senatorrennick @jim_jordan @double_christ @fynn_fan @craigkellymp @jamesmelville
archived archive.is/1qv76
full document (4 pages) forgive the yellow stains, mice can be clumsy with the highlighter pen.
i'll just add this extract from tga foi 2183 which is available on the aus government website here.tga.gov.au/sites/default/… feel free to make your own judgement on the statement "rna... [has] no carcinogenic potential"
for those following #covid19 corruption remember that zerohedge broke the story of pradhan's paper that showed manipulated gp120 (hiv) inserts in the virus. then they were removed from the internet with pradhan. who was responsible and how? https://twitter.com/dowdedward/status/1345558040527863811
step up trevor bedford, from the fred hutch institute. the fred hutch are nominally a cancer research institute but suddenly developed a taste for viruses very recently. they are the biggest recipient of funding from the nih, who also fund moderna.
so what did trevor have to say? well, he did exactly what some other bad actors have done. claimed that "the novel sequences found in #sarscov2" weren't "inserted" (in a lab) because they can be found on a blast search...
except there is one big problem. if you restrict your blast search to viruses (barring some exception the only organisms that can really combine with viruses in any natural sense), pradhan's inserts match hiv-1 in all 3 segments and no other virus. so...
trevor went all out with propaganda telling people that the paper was false because the inserts exist in loads of species. it's disingenuous because those species can't combine with viruses. https://twitter.com/daoyu15/status/1353522381210312704
but trevor got a lot of attention and people fell for it. here is his first thread (archived) archive.is/wip/fyl9l
and here is the joined thread (archived)archive.is/hcfpa
so now we have a situation where a just-published article reveals the 19nt sequence making up the furin cleavage site, which is unique and does not occur in any other viruses.#ctcctcggcgggcacgtag the article is from a highly respected genomics groupfrontiersin.org/articles/10.33…
the sequence is found in a moderna patent and in no viruses on earth. the paper explains how it could have got into a virus - but only in a lab.
and now we have a new collection of scientific twitter apologists making up stories about bacteria that have the same sequence. it's irrelevant. the sequence can't transmit from bacteria to coronaviruses without lab manipulation.
and despite this sequence of 19nt being a 1-in-300bn chance event, only a handful of bacteria even harbour it. the *reason* there are bacterial epitopes in #sarscov2 is *because* this sequence is special.
it contains epitopes that we see in highly inflammatory pathogenic bacteria, not viruses, but can be "borrowed" for use in viruses in the lab to create highly inflammatory responses. but that just reinforces the proof of lab origin.
and some people don't like the fact that we are talking about it, or that it appears that the source is in a moderna patent for a gene they used putatively for developing a cancer therapeutic. patents.google.com/patent/us95870…
maybe they don't like the fact that m. bancel is the first name on this patent. i dunno. i'm sure it's got nothing to do with #modernagate. nothing at all
some players in this game are genuine. keep an eye out for them. and be careful who you follow. https://twitter.com/jikkykjj/status/1483346257943101440
the least-easy-to-remember hashtag on twitter appears to have gained steam. if you can't remember the whole thing just look for the #modernagate hashtag and you should find the other one #ctcctcggcgggcacgtagdailymail.co.uk/news/article-1…
a quick recap because there are so many people on this platform covering for moderna... this is the genbank entry in the patent database note the main author - s. bancel (ceo of moderna) who just said his "experts" are "looking into it" 🤔
here is the blast of #ctcctcggcgggcacgtag against lz959695.1 (the moderna entry) you can reproduce it with this link (but expires in 24 hr) blast.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/blast.cgi?cmd=…
as explained in the paper the sequence in the moderna patent is the reverse complement of the viral sequence. it's what you would find on the complementary strand of dna. so it's ctacgtgcccgccgaggag. here it is in the genbank seq here (permalink) ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nuccore/lz9596…
you can copy and paste the whole sequence (3387nt long) into expasy.org/translate to see the amino acids. in the 5'3' direction (how the mammalian cell would translate the sequence) you don't see prrar
but in the complementary direction, which could happen in the situation described in the frontiers paper, you get this: which is the prrar (furin cleavage site) you're interested in, if you're looking for one. #ctcctcggcgggcacgtag
here is the blastn comparison of the moderna mutated msh3 (lz959695.1) to human msh3 (nm_002439.5), showing homology and the changes.
it appears that there are a lot of genomic changes in this sequence but this is due to codon optimisation, there are in fact very few changes to the protein sequence. here is the protein blast, showing the magic - an almost identical sequence but with a deletion
you can reproduce this yourself by doing a blastp search on the amino acid sequence of the moderna msh3 aligned to np_002430.3 (the protein sequence of human msh3)blast.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/blast.cgi?prog…
unrolled threadreaderapp.com/thread/1496804… [archive archive.is/snv2p]
if you think having a p53-inhibiting protein production factory at the very site of the body most affected by p53-related cancers is "nothing to worry about" you really haven't been paying attention#modernagate #p53gate #spikegate https://twitter.com/konstantinospo7/status/1490348860698468357
for reference here is the jiang paper that showed the p53/brca1 dna repair process was blocked by 90% by spike protein which gets into the nucleus. you really don't want spike protein in the nucleus, particularly for a long period of time. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34696485/
this paper in fact showed a double proof of spike protein activity in the nucleus. not only the pretty picture you see above but also a functional assay that showed that the nuclear mechanism of dna repair was blocked by 90% by spike protein.
of course our drug regulators checked to make sure that spike protein from the mrna vaccines didn't get into the nucleus, and they even published the pretty pictures. only one problem. they didn't know what they were looking for, and didn't ask. [src: tga.gov.au/sites/default/…]
what's potentially worse is that one of the most respected cell biology groups in the world showed recently mrna still active in cells more than 8 weeks after injection, providing prolonged expression of this spike protein. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pmc/artic…
so, you have a protein being produced in a cell that then induces the exact suppression of cancer protection mechanism that is known to cause ovarian cancer. a literal carcinogen. thank god it didn't reach the ovaries... (😬)
our regulators (ema, tga, fda, mhra) not only published their "reviews" of the experiments showing this protein in the nucleus but in the same documents showed the distribution of the drug in the liver, spleen and ovaries. all organs affected by p53-mediated cancers.
[src: tga.gov.au/sites/default/…] well done, regulators. we're proud of you. you have kept that pharma "approval fee" money rolling in. someone's gotta pay for the parties after all. don't worry about us. nobody will notice for 20 years (probably)
i mean, look how long it took for the medical establishment to uncover the diethylstilboestrol scandal. and that was when it wasn't corrupt. cancer.gov/about-cancer/c…
remember that they told these women that des was safe. it was - for the drug companies who never received criminal penalties. des-is-it.org/en/news/post/n…@wonderdrugmovie @fynn_fan @chrismartenson @p_mcculloughmd @richardursomd @kathmlee1
psa: to the pharma trolls and the 77th brigade (the british army division that uses taxpayer money to suppress dissent against govt and corporations) all references to papers above are government and pubmed sourced. you should try it sometime.
if you're wondering why so many bat coronaviruses seem to emerge from one research group in china, this paper provides a clue. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26920708/ it involves our usual friends... and a "novel" bat coronavirus called 4991
there is just a little itty bit of a problem. in "discovering" bat cov-4991 they didn't actually discover a virus. more likely, they made one.
you see, they published complete gene sequences of the "bat viruses" in their paper, including spike sequences. but not 4991. oh no, they didn't happen to have the complete sequence of that one. just the rdrp.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nuccore/ku3432…@daoyu15
so it seems likely that the only reason that 4991 exists (well the rdrp only) is to form a cover for a manufactured coronavirus. there is no other explanation. no more of the genome of this exists. (24 hr link blast.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/blast.cgi?cmd=…)
what drew my attention to this? well 4991 was used by certain members of #drastic to publish a paper that promoted the assumption that #ratg13 was real. it isn't. so why promote the idea?blast.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/blast.cgi?cmd=…
#ratg13 was touted as the precursor of #sarscov2 but it is fake. it didn't appear in genbank until after sc2. it doesn't appear in any research papers before sc2. anybody promoting ratg13 as real is acting to protect the makers of the #covid19 virus.
which suggests to me that the authors - who seem very close - are promoting a narrative of deflection. of course, i might be wrong.
there are many write-ups on the fakery of ratg13 - including from our very own favourite @daoyu15 but this one is relatively easy to read. nerdhaspower.weebly.com/ratg13-is-fake…
and just to clarify, i am not claiming that 4991 is fake. quite to the contrary. i am claiming it was one of many attempts to make viral subgenomes by the wiv in preparation for the "big one". so i'll leave it there. @jjcouey @charlesrixey feel free to disagree, this is science
this is a massive safety signal for infertility. germany's first report of birth rates since the rollout. remember that the birth rate data is 9 months too late. if the next quarter is worse, this is children of men scenario.
for the years 2011-2021 the average number of births is 63,911 for the jan-mar quarter, with a standard deviation of 1015 the drop to 54871 for 2022 is approx 9 sd. 9 sigma. unicorn events. the money people understand this.@chrismartensonseekingalpha.com/instablog/5172…
for a 9 sigma drop in birth rates to have happened in jan-mar 2022, something dramatic had to have happened to stop pregnancies occurring in march to june 2021. i wonder what that could be? were couples depressed? looking to move house? too busy?duckduckgo.com/?q=fertility+n…
in general birth rates are surprisingly stable year-to-year with long term cycles. there are seasonal peaks and troughs which are pretty reliable. every midwife knows. but this is well outside normal. big red arrow time. https://twitter.com/tomdabassman/status/1540440868670275587
in the children of men, the midwives were the first to notice. the phone stopped ringing. but it only affected humans. nobody listened to the midwives. in today's equivalent we are not allowed to speak. not allowed to raise concerns. btchflcks.com/2013/04/the-pl…
and it's not just germany. this is an 8% drop even before march 2022 figures are released int he @ukhsa vaccine surveillance reports. and yeah, you can say "but it's only 2 months" - so let's see the latest data. the ukhsa has it. assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/upl…
not just uk, not just germany. north dakota provisional data showing another drop of 11% for feb-april. unprecedented for a state that has a stable birth rate with sd<5% of mean h/t @ichudovhealth.nd.gov/vital/vr-publi…
it definitely has nothing to do with the the fact, that, rather than staying at the site of injection as promised, their own data showed that the lnps not only distributed to the ovaries and testes but accumulated. what could possibly go wrong? [tga.gov.au/sites/default/…]
i dunno. probably just a blip. coincidence. what do i know, i'm just a mouse. @1979popdailymotion.com/video/xqrq5f
[source for official german data: www-genesis.destatis.de/genesis/online…]
netherlands.... same patternhttps://twitter.com/iddkko/status/1540958439597174784
more direct source for the data for those asking. https://twitter.com/m_a_n_u______/status/1540865851918012417?s=20&t=dbm50klbjzebp3gxziitzw
hold up folks! i must give credit to @mkeulemans for pointing out an error in my chart. i have had to recreate it as the first years' data incorrect. here is the corrected chart.
i should have spotted this because the stability of the data was too pronounced. but remember that there was a significant influx of migration to germany in those years 2011-2015, so we need to look at the stable years 2016-2021 and compare. errors bars are sd (2016-21)
the average monthly birth figure for q1 2016 - 2021 is 61873. the sd is 678. the q1 2022 the figure is 54871. the drop is 7002. that is 10.3 sigma. it's worse.
so, apologies for not triple checking my data and thanks again to eagle eyed critics for the correction. i'd like to say that it changes the rest of the thread, and that there is no problem here - but it doesn't and there is.
i was looking for this so thank you @nicolienvgelder data showing how the younger population expanded in germany from 2011- 2015. hence why you can't use those years reliably in calculating sd for this purpose (unless you wanted to hide something) https://twitter.com/nicolienvgelder/status/1541750686861479936
the editor of the disgraced @thelancet - who published the fake #surgisphere paper - is richard horton. richard horton was a primary witness for the @gmcuk against andrew wakefield. the trial was a sham. #doyouseeityetthelancet.com/journals/lance…
the lancet are the main drivers for the whole #covid19 crisis. they published the complete lie that was the "zoonosis" paper of peter daszak and his chums. it is provably false. @charlesrixey @charles04144986 @jjcoueynews.yahoo.com/daszak-scienti…
the @thelancetrheum also published this paper to discredit #hydroxychloroquine by @bengoldacre who refused to make the data public despite making his whole reputation on "scientific data transparency". until it is verifiable, assume it is fake. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
to complete the arms of the #covid19 #event201 scenario for "global health" .@thelancet were again used to create the insidious "lancet commission on vaccine refusal". it first met in 2020, and chelsea clinton is its patron. sph.unc.edu/sph-news/brewe…
(article archived)archive.ph/rvgig
these are the commissioners of the commission. the intimate link to the clinton foundation cannot be ignored. it is central to the whole of #covid19. the lancet has been used to publish articles which protect the #ccp #metabiota and #ecohealtharchive.ph/iohdh
more "commissioners".... i don't have enough space or time to go through all the conflicts of interest of these people....
but as an example this is bonnie maldonado who drove the children's vaccine trials. news.stanford.edu/report/2021/11…
surgo ventures (sema sgaier) is partnered with both the clinton foundation (yes the same one that took $2bn in charity money for #haiti and built 6 huts) and the bmgf.
and of course art caplan who has abrogated any pretence to uphold his specialty of medical ethics by promoting vaccine mandates using @medscape as his vehicle, without declaring any of these conflicts on his medscape page
please feel free to add more context about the lancet commission or its members, particularly where there are obvious undisclosed conflicts of interest. the parallels to the lancet "zoonosis commission" are uncanny.
thanks for the reminder @texaslindsay...
i've seen some absolute crap touted in the last 3 years but this one takes the biscuit. "strokes from the vaccine are caused by the stress of having the vaccine" give me strength. look at this joke of a journal https://twitter.com/vogelmensch8/status/1594540844542992387
oh and look, another "anti-aging" zealot pushing mrna therapies. why are the "anti-aging" people so obsessed with propagandising mrna vaccines? do they know something that will make them a lot of money?
and who is raymond d palmer? a self made anti-aging scientist running his own genomics company? with his first ever paper only 3 years ago. fishy af. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=palmer%2…
one for you @kevin_mckernanresearchgate.net/profile/ray_pa…

a quick note on the @leelasik debate. whether you like it or not and whether you like him or not - it doesn't matter. he is correct. facts matter. you cannot get mucosal immunity from a parenteral (injectable) vaccine. @senronjohnson @chrismartenson https://t.co/gceouyr9slquadrant.org.au/opinion/public…
the lung-blood barrier is essentially unidirectional. you can put drugs in the lung that will enter the blood, but not the other way around. serum igg does not pass into the lung mucosa in any appreciable quantity.
don't believe me? this was published in the nejm and shows that the mucosal level of igg is one thousand times lower than serum. for that to happen requires an active barrier. nejm.org/doi/suppl/10.1…
i should probably give the credit to @swaledalemutton for highlighting that paper to us... and apparently misunderstanding it, presumably because he didn't check the supplementary. nejm.org/doi/full/10.10…
again, you don't have to believe me or even joseph lee. robert clancy is one of the most published immunologists in the world. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=clancy%2…
and even the "other side" have to admit this simple fact - that you cannot generate adequate sterilising mucosal immunity from parenteral vaccines. hence why they are pushing the nasal vaccines...axios.com/2022/09/13/why…
except every "cure" touted as the next best thing never quite turns out to be the next best thing does it? oh well. perhaps some humility is in order in the medical and scientific fields. https://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1600744843721834497
just to clarify... the article referenced in the first tweet is here. it doesn't expand in the tweet so in case you've missed it here it is again with a piccy...quadrant.org.au/opinion/public…
addendum: important to realise that this study also shows that over-inducing igg antibodies (by giving more than 1 dose) suppresses mucosal immunity. the booster zealots drove more transmission, not less.
another great article on the same subject. this was all known. it was not a secret to immunologists, so why were vaccine mandates imposed, when these injectables could never stop transmission (and appeared to drive it)?https://twitter.com/cumberpatchm/status/1601040914809376768
breaking 🧀🧀🧀... from the newly released tga foi document 2389 unredacted. it was never about the protein expression... it was about "how many cells can we transfect?" gene therapy 101. never reviewed by the ogtr. malfeasance. @senatorrennick @kevin_mckernan
transfection is the introduction of foreign dna (or rna) into cells. it could have been done with naked rna, but instead they used a lnp and modified rna. the modrna increased the number of cells that the rna got into - not the protein produced. genengnews.com/magazine/273/t…
the tga knew that this would cause a storm and redacted the page when the freedom of information request was first produced. it is illegal under foi legislation to [knowingly] withhold information in the public interest. this was the original release version.
we have been trying to tell you for 2 years that the lnps in the mrna vaccines are transfectants and therefore the products should have gone through the gene regulator. it's gene therapy. it always was. this shows they knew. [src: t.me/jikkyleaks/343]
for good measure, a reminder that this document was altered from the original review document. the pregnancy category was purposefully downgraded. somebody told the tga to downgrade the pregnancy category. @maryannedemasi [v1 src: tga.gov.au/sites/default/…]
and of course, if you are trying to increase the number of cells transfected, it would be really really important to know where the product is going, wouldn't it? they [knowingly] withheld this information and forced the product on reproductive aged women to keep their jobs.
let's play the redaction game. this is from the same document. ▶️statistically significant increase in pregnancy loss their words, my redactions. redactions have consequences. @sonia_elijah @maryannedemasi
holy cheese 🧀🧀🧀 i have discovered something that should lead to the immediate investigation of the tga and every drug regulator two fois prove that there were batches of #pfizer vaccine that had killed people and should have failed the batch analysis. but they kept jabbing.
you don't need a science degree or a molecular biology phd for this. you just need an eye for patterns. here is foi 4077 just released. each row is a person who died. they died because they believed the tga atagi mhra jcvi fda mantra of "safe and effective", which was not true
in the report, which is only a fraction of the 900+ deaths reported to the tga, only a few batch numbers are documented. here is the document (it's been archived)tga.gov.au/sites/default/…
so any batch number that appears more than once is a red flag. the obvious ones are fl5333, fh3221 and 000062a. what are the odds that those batch numbers appear in a freedom of information request put in on the 6th december 2021, which was partially rejected?
for context, there are 382 batches on the tga's batch analysis report. tga.gov.au/batch-release-…
from foi 3471 the requested primer sequences and batch analysis of fk8917 (which no longer appears on the tga's website) were rejected, but they did provide batch analysis of the other batches requested - of which two (of 4) appear on the "death batch" list. what are the odds?
but - in the 57 documents there was something that stuck out and which i posted about earlier in the year. because this account was suspended, that information was hidden from the public. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1540939683772805121
this goes all the way back to april or before. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1510925159645212674
so this is the bombshell. ▶️the agilent curve showed irregularities in the rna analysis that was ignored by the tga. here they are. note the batch numbers fl5333, fh3221, fk0738 and fl7649 - all death batches.
to illustrate what i'm talking about i've put a big red arrow on the point of interest. subtle eh?
now that hump (at about 3000nt) shouldn't be there. there is a smaller one at about 2000nt. that agilent analysis (which should show a spike at the size of rna of interest) shows rna contamination. there is rna there that shouldn't be there
to illustrate the point further there are batches that don't have these humps. this is what an agilent analysis of a relatively pure rna should look like. a nice smooth transition from the main spike. no humps. these batches are not in the death log.
do you know what else is not in the death batch log? any of the 7 batches reserved for pfizer employees. no, i'm not kidding: ff0884 fa4598 fe3064 fa7338 fa7812 fc8736 fc3558tga.gov.au/batch-release-…
so, on the information that we have available (which is restricted) we must conclude that the contaminated batches lead to deaths which were not investigated and the contamination was ignored.
of course, the tga can tell you that they "didn't know" that these agilent curves showed contamination. you know why? because they didn't know how to handle genetically transferable material. the very definition that should have meant referral to the ogtr.
and you know what else the tga (and equally the fda, mhra and ema) didn't know about this novel gene technlology? everything. we asked them. they had (and have) no idea what they were dealing with. they just approved it because someone told them to. and people died.
just a note of thanks to the helper mice that have bravely put themselves out to make these requests. you know who you are.
i should just add this extra bombshell from a few days ago here... https://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1606591158200963074
what are the odds? of the 382 batches of covid vaccine on the tga's batch log, only 10 had more than 1 death recorded in foi 4077... [= 2.6%] of the 8 batches that were "shelf extended" from feb 2022 to nov 2022, 4 were on that list [= 50%] [answer in next tweet] https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1607609188431335425
these are the batches that had a shelf life extension for more than nine months. of the 10 batches with more than 1 death, 5 of them were in the "shelf life extended" release from the tga (dept of health)
assuming even distribution of batches (we don't have information otherwise, because that is withheld from us so....) the probability of "4 hits in 8 trials" where the underlying probability of a "hit" is 2.6% is.... 0.003% - or 3 in 100,000.@chrismartenson
which means that this is not a random event. it means that the fact that those batches appear on that list is not by accident. the tga made a decision to extend the shelf life of those batches ignoring the red flag in the agilent analyses....
and if there were any deaths after those shelf lives were extended... well, whoever wrote this document might need to get a lawyer. #justsayin [h/t to the #mousearmy for finding this document]
source... sydneynorthhealthnetwork.org.au/wp-content/upl… note that this document was specified for "providers of disability residential accommodation". i hope this was just another coincidence this time...
remember that @deerbrian and @richardhorton1 are why you are now forced to inject mrna gene therapy to access your basic human rights. because in 2007 they conspired to cancel the first doctor daring to question #bigpharma nobody has dared since.conservativewoman.co.uk/andrew-wakefie…
@deerbrian @richardhorton1 before the trolls start... the above tweet is not even about andrew wakefield. wakefield was portrayed by the media as someone who committed fraud, but he did not. the charge was that he had not declared his legal work. big deal...
@deerbrian @richardhorton1 no fraud of the actual study was ever charged or demonstrated. think about the fact that this paper was removed for "conflict of interest" when the only conflict was that the lead author was working with lawyers, which is normal practice.thelancet.com/journals/lance…
@deerbrian @richardhorton1 yet heather lipkind and others are allowed to push investigational mrna products - that were never tested in pregnancy - on pregnant women despite having documented pfizer conflicts. endorsed by the cdc. it's obscene. @chrismartenson @1979pop @sonia_elijah
@deerbrian @richardhorton1 @chrismartenson @1979pop @sonia_elijah it's not just lipkind. @kevinault will target you on twitter if you dare to push back against the non-medical @vikilovesfacs yet fails to declare that he was on the #acip committee pushing the mrna on children and pregnant women.
and he also fails to declare his involvement with the very "nudge units" (coercion factories) that propagandise these novel therapeutics that they know nothing about. whose orders do they follow? pharma's of course. as i said - obscene. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36411403/
why the double standards? why is wakefield destroyed for daring to publish a paper that highlighted a proven syndrome that destroyed the lives of 12 children. yet lipkind, ault and others like paul offit are allowed free reign?
paul offit's institute proudly declares $1bn in sponsored funding. his whole published dogma is vaccine mandates. yet none of it is relevant? really paul? as i said. obscene. these are the real anti-vaxxers. those that drank from the trough and destroyed trust in medicine
jfo. no, seriously. you elites have no idea what storm you have created. people died. you made rules that killed them, whilst swanning around unaffected. indonesia.travel/cn/en/news/new…
.@hollyhales by misreporting this story you are perpetuating these crimes. stop this. it is not possible for a 24 year old to die "the day after getting covid" this is a death in a triple vaccinated young woman who should never have been forced to take this therapy.
too many of these stories. if they were reported honestly, the deaths could be stopped. @chrismartenson @1979pop @jesslovesmjknews.com.au/lifestyle/heal…
do not travel to indonesia under any circumstances. ever.@indonesiatravel @wonderfulidindonesia.travel/cn/en/news/new…
this is absolutely disgusting. this person is not even a medical doctor, molecular biologist or virologist. however she thinks it's acceptable to publicly and distastefully denigrate established epidemiology professors @martinkulldorff and @drjbhattacharya https://twitter.com/dalupton/status/1608674568125976579
it doesn't take long to see why. the people who are against the @gbdeclaration always have links to fascist-communist entities. they might not even recognise it and talk about "human rights" while advocating lockdowns and forced medical treatments. a middle author on this paper
the supervising author xue lan is dean at tsinghua university and director of the ccp's national expert committee on artificial intelligence. i wonder if lupton did her due diligence? who wrote the paper?
this is the lab. nothing relating to virological science. unsw.edu.au/research/csrh/…
the leading postdoc is kerryn drysdale whose focus is drag queens. bit of a jump to covid, mrna therapy, molecular biology, clinical trials. but hey, we better agree with these people or we will be considered "dirty". should we get back in the ghetto or the gulag, deb?
this about as 1945 as you can get.... the "centre.. for automated decision making and society" jesus. and of course....
bingo. $32m of government funding administered through "rmit university". who are rmit universisty?
your favourite "fact checkers" of course. aka another nudge unit. ai meets politics. agree or we will destroy you using the media. this is why the media are responsible for the 20% increase in all-cause mortality in australia in 2022. rmit.edu.au/about/schools-…
because the people who don't have a medical degree believe they are the elites. you must comply. if you don't agree we will harass and destroy you. and you will follow the protocols however many people it kills. that's what we do in the nudge units...
and we are going to move from "human-centric digital health to digital one health". get it? hang on. "one health"? where have i seen that before...
these people. one health is ecohealth. they not only created a viral sequence that shut down the world but dictated protocols that withdrew antibiotics from the elderly, who died of bacterial pneumonia as a result. sociologists were running the show. https://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1603327766497497088
and who are the people running the "fact check" that props up the sociologists who took the antibiotics away from granny until you agreed to get an experimental therapy? journalists. no i'm not kidding. how do i know? [you're gonna love this]...@chrismartenson
well they took me on. here you are: literally jikky vs the journalists. abc.net.au/news/2022-07-1…
this was what they said and this was the thread they were "fact checking" - which is now restored. sorry rmit. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1540914383349395456
so, don't you want to know who fact checked @jikkyleaks? of course you do. so did we. so we foi'd the abc.
and guess how many scientists were involved with fact checking the thread - that contained the relevant statistics, sources, and even a corrected graph (because we're not infallible)... none. yep none. zero. zip. nada. zilch.
so, five journalists, without a medical or molecular biology degree between them, used a government platform to undermine a valid scientific claim of a danger signal. this account was suspended at the time of, and presumably due to, that report
and who was right to raise the alarm? well the ukhsa reports mentioned continue to show a drop of 12% in birth numbers matched by month (p<0.001) looks like the rmit has some explaining to do. [src: assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/upl…]
so the question is: if there are any couples who took the vaccine after 14th july 2022 and subsequently failed to conceive... will they sue those reporters for medical negligence? or worse, file a criminal complaint.
and should there be an investigation into university professors who acted far outside their expertise to manipulate the public into taking an experimental gene therapy - that turned out to be the "worst vaccine ever ™"? and who publicly labelled reputable doctors as dirty.
for those who like to see the document itself, link below to the full contents of the foi letter, which was refused. refusals are always telling. files.catbox.moe/zbpqms.pdf
these are the kind of news reports that were propagated by the media and medical colleges a year ago. yet it was misinformation designed to recruit people to take on a therapy that then resulted in deaths. for no apparent benefit. www1.racgp.org.au/newsgp/clinica…
the truth was the data underlying these claims was never released for verification and any benefit was either short lived (healthy vaccinee effect) or due to miscategorisation bias. in other words, fake news. yet people died as a result because they believed the reports.
the data later released by nsw health by vaccine status could not be manipulated any longer following analyses by people like @hagglesearch and foi requests. so why did @jolyontheroad make false claims on behalf of the racgp?
i encourage jolyon to come forward. if you were asked to write the report, please provide more detail. the report was one of a number mid-2021 that misrepresented benefits of the vaccine. the report has been archived. archive.is/n4h3m
if you see similar reports showing "more icu admissions in unvaccinated" or "more deaths in unvaccinated" from mid 2021 please archive them and post below. with tag #fakevaccinenews
and remember that unvaccinated patients were the only group recorded as dying without being hospitalised. given what we learnt over the last few days, is it possible that only unvaccinated elderly were denied the #3tablets needed to treat pneumonia?arkmedic.substack.com/p/nsw-health-m…
can you see how it works? the same "australian guideline" which was coordinated by the magic consortium (not australian at all) that prohibited antibiotics in the treatment of #covid pneumonia.... told you what the standard treatment was in china@chrismartenson #3tablets
ignore the interferon in this rct. it doesn't matter. what mattered was that china was using hcq and antibiotics. their death rate per capita was the lowest in the world. impossible for a "novel" virus. metatron.substack.com/p/when-covid-c…
this is the paper. no deaths. hcq + vitamin c + azithromycin as "standard care" this was standard care in australia up to march 2020. then blocked by the then the deaths started. #3tabletsncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
this was the order in nsw that blocked hydroxychloroquine (which was just a part of the protocol that contained antibiotics) that stopped doctors treating patients properly - like @btysonmd did. every state in australia did the same, except the act (where the politicians are).
and who was on the panels for these guidelines? 10 of 17 members had declared conflicts including gilead, the nih, pfizer and the mrff jason roberts takes the prize for the most conflicts...
this guy. researchers.uq.edu.au/researcher/1526 good looking chap. the most conflicts of anybody on that list. he led the charge to stop your granny getting the antibiotics that would have likely prevented her death from "covid".#3tablets.
the guidelines are available at covid19evidence.net.au (but are merely rebranded magic guidelines). the conflict of interest summary document is difficult to find and is uploaded herefiles.catbox.moe/46h0z8.pdf@feeredfern @openthebooksaus
3 tablets. 1 dollar. #3tabletsunbekoming.substack.com/p/1-dollar-3-t…
according to tga daen a 17 year old boy died following administration of the pfizer vaccine the death was reported on the 2nd sept 2021, which means it occurred prior. one (in)famous death of a 17 year old occurred at that time. @sharonc59122606 @_real_babag @jesslovesmjk
i guarantee you won't be able to read this and watch the video clip without shedding a tearspx.nsw.edu.au/in-memoriam-th…
at that time the principal of the school declared that tom - a top grade swimmer - died after getting chest pain on getting out of the pool. it wasn't a "sudden death" as seen - rarely - in young people during sport. it was described as a heart attack. in a healthy 17 year old.
immediately after tom's death the media went into hyperdrive to quash rumours about a link to the pfizer vaccine. it was never confirmed whether he had a dose of pfizer, the phrase that was repeated was that he "wasn't vaccinated". news.com.au/lifestyle/heal…
yet the article written by @carey_alexis has some major red flags now. in particular "not eligible for vaccination due to his age" and "no other confirmation of any teen deaths" so, was 616124 another death, or did alexis carey and john couani lie?
yet according to the daen, there were 193 covid vaccine adverse event reports in 12-17 year olds (who were "not eligible") between the 1st august 2021 and 10th september 2021 26 of those reports were cardiac-related. in children. daen.tga.gov.au/medicines-sear…
the drive to vaccinate was propagandised by the government who told hsc (final year) students to "go for gold" skynews.com.au/australia-news…
accounting for the delays in reporting to the daen (typically 1-2 weeks) from an event the drive to vaccinated the hsc students is consistent with the adverse event reports which took off on the 26th august and peaked at 23 reports in one day.daen.tga.gov.au/medicines-sear…
"the hub has the ability to vaccinate approximately 4,000 students per day and is expected to give around 24,000 students the jab between august 9-14"dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9…
so, are we to believe that tom's death was a statistical anomaly - nothing to do with the huge qudos mass vaccination drive and a completely coincidental tragic death a week later?
in one sense it would be better if these two deaths were not the same person. because if they were, carey, couani @lalalahna and other senior reporters would have colluded to cover up a story from which other children died as a result. #riparchive.is/cbhbj
and if they are not the same person, why did the tga not declare that a 17 year old had died of myocarditis (the "viral" label is misleading - viral or drug-induced myocarditis may look the same on histopathology) within weeks of a pfizer vaccine? as well as these other deaths.
one last thing. the eagle-eyed of you will have noticed in the graphic (h/t @sharonc59122606) that batch fp1430 resulted in a death of a 10 year old boy reported 6th may. the batch continued to be used and a 5 year old boy died. reported 10th may. @chrismartenson
just been informed of another "died suddenly" of the same age. this is terrible. what have you done? [surf life saving clubs were demanding lifesavers over 13 be vaccinated]abc.net.au/news/2021-09-2…
li-meng yan is so incensed that i dared to question the #ccp narrative that she not only retweeted her own tweet (which misrepresented mine) but i received a whole host of ccp bot followers and trolls. thanks @drlimengyan1 https://twitter.com/drlimengyan1/status/1610347502196166656
just to clarify, the tweet was a rebuttal of some account that claimed i had "lost credibility". there was no disparaging of any tragedy. it was purely about the staging of the picture....
no problem, just unfollow me. so why did li-meng take such an interest? so whose side is she on? i have never been sure since in her first account she seemed to promote the mrna vaccines. in this account she is mixed.
it's difficult to tell where she stands - so i don't follow her. now she has focused on my tweet. so what was the claim? that one of the photos from @lude_media showed a mannequin. here they are:https://twitter.com/lude_media/status/1609707908991946752
the reason i said it was a mannequin was that it was not possible to do cpr with a puffer jacket on and the proportions of the subject were all wrong, as well as the abnormal leg rotation and displaced ear. here is the subject with standard perspective adjustment & rotation.
it clearly does not have the appearance of a real human and is completely different from the real-looking (but probably deceased) person in the second picture. here are both pictures in the same orientation. the jackets are totally different. the shoulders in #1 are huge.
so for whatever reason, lude media put out two pictures (which of course are not verifiable because the source with exif data is not provided and the pictures are in low resolution) which show a similar scene but with staged changes.
there are other changes too, like the move of the lucas (automated cpr) machine to a different person (you would never leave a lucas unattended). and the appearance of a blanket whilst leaving the "real" old lady - presumably deceased - uncovered. it's all very bizarre.
yet people like yan and "nimchimpsy" demand that i promote the narrative that thousands of people are dying in shanghai and other cities. i won't based on these images. don't get mad at me, get mad at the people that pushed ccp propaganda for 3 years.
and tell johns hopkins to change their numbers, because they are saying that nobody died in shanghai. instead of sending an army of ccp bots after me. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1610511169755967492
and get mad that the ccp pushed propaganda disguised as "leaks" for 3 years. https://twitter.com/michaelpsenger/status/1454890563916890116
and if there truly is a catastrophic outbreak of a(nother) lethal virus why would the chinese government be freaking out about covid testing? i mean, remember that time they wanted us to do anal swabs?https://twitter.com/afp/status/1610185368833523712
so, yet again *it doesn't matter* whether it's a mannequin or not a mannequin. what matters is that li-meng yan and guo wengui (lude media) have chosen to push this propaganda, and send bots after any dissenters. which should tell you all you need to know.
breaking cheese 🧀🧀🧀 #humpgate #tgagate 1⃣ we found the humps. 2⃣ the ema knew about them 3⃣ the analysis appears to be synthetic@chrismartenson @stkirsch @daoyu15 @kevin_mckernan
just a reminder that these are the same humps that we found in the tga batch analyses here they are contaminants at 3000nt and 2000nt length. the main mrna should be about 4000nt length. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1607609244576256002
the ema knew about these humps because they had them analysed. but only to a point. not only did they only perform on analysis on the assumption of what they thought was in the product, but they accepted what now appear to be synthetic western blots as evidence.
here is the full documentfiles.catbox.moe/sg745z.pdf the analysis was done by the swedish medical products agency.lakemedelsverket.se/sv
so someone spotted the humps that i also found and decided to separate them out from the main spike. "peak 1" is the non-spike rna "peak 2" is the spike rna
according to their analysis, the additional rna had the 5'cap (which is the start of the rna) but missed the end (the poly-a tail) so it looked like it was broken fragments of the main rna - but only the first part. where was the second part?
the whole fragment is 4284nt long. so if there is a 3000nt fragment with a 5'cap (with no poly a tail) there should be a 1284nt fragment floating around with a polya tail! think of it like a lizard losing it's tail...
so what did they do to investigate this? well, they assumed it must be spike rna and therefore ran some western blots (looking for protein) looking for spike protein fragments. they showed that you need both the 5'cap and the polya to produce the protein...
these are supposed to be western blots with antibody staining each section of the spike protein (s1 and s2). these showed that you need both ends to make spike. you don't always need a polya tail to make protein but ok, let's accept this.
now they do the western for peak 1 (non-spike) and peak 2 (spike) and stain with spike antibody. the non-spike (peak 1) doesn't stain in either sample. this means either it is not producing spike protein fragments, or it is producing another protein.
in fact the document specifically requested "to further characterise the truncated and modified mrna species present" it's not just me. of course, that never happened. the only way to characterise these rna fragments is by sequencing, and it has not been done.
so, to recap at this point we have: 1⃣aberrant mrna at 3000nt and 2000nt, which cannot be a broken spike (4000nt) 2⃣those mrna do not code for spike 3⃣no sequencing has been done to characterise the mrna. 4⃣the fragments have 5' caps and are therefore active
now the worst bit (as if the rest wasn't bad enough)... those westerns are not right. here's what normal westerns look like (this is from the same document). they are gels so they contract randomly, which is why nothing is ever a straight line.
(i'm not even going to start on the many different spike fragments in that gel). here are some more examples. note the typical features: ▶️not straight lines ▶️bleeding ▶️rounded edges ▶️uneven lines/bars
now let's look at the first gel picture in the document "from the sponsor" it's the straightest gel ever. not just that....
but look how regular and symmetrical these bands are. it's impossible. it even contradicts their own gel in figure 8. and the document itself is dithered which means...
the ema have the original hi-res document with pictures and they copied it with dithering to black-and-white to obfuscate any attempts at assessing the probity of the gels. just to push the point, this is what happens when you synthesise an image like this with dithering.
so the westerns appear to be totally fabricated. i'm happy to be proven wrong on this. my guess is that the ema or the swedish medicines agency know that there is something else in that product, and it isn't degraded spike. oh well. russian roulette it is.
h/t to @jm125reasons for providing this important document
breaking: after uncovering gross incompetence (or negligence) at the tga @senatorrennick asked them what they did about the clearly contaminated batches. their response: "we didn't see any problems"#humpgate #tgagate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1607609182743834625
the response confirms that the tga were not competent to assess this product, given that the ema identified the contamination. full thread below:https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1610888191342710787
this response was completely disingenuous because you cannot find a protein that you are not looking for. without mrna sequencing (which they didn't do) they would have no idea what protein to look for. protein sequencing is complex, but they didn't do that either.
full document archived here t.me/jikkyleaks/397@chrismartenson @tonynikolic10 @double_christ
here's a request @senatorrennick @mrobertsqld please ask every person on the next estimates.. "how many molecules of spike protein were found to be circulating after 3 weeks in a recent study in young adults with myocarditis?" see what happens. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1611465508616036353
🧀🧀🧀 436 billion copies of spike protein circulating freely in plasma, a month after the gene therapy vaccine. in kids. their hearts will never fully recover. you knew that, didn't you? but there is more than that here... thread [repost] 👇👇👇ahajournals.org/doi/suppl/10.1…
note: this is a repost of an earlier thread that contained an important typo that i felt required a full thread rather than a correction at the end. to avoid any claims of "misinformation" given how important this is, and how much the thread took off. let's resume 👇👇👇
this is the damning graphic. the vertical scale is a log scale. the line at about 15pg/ml is the limit of detection, which is why the blue dots are there. there are still up to 100 billion molecules of spike in those patients - 20 days later.
but in some of these cases the concentration of spike is rising 20 days after vaccination (see the red lines going up), so we have no idea how much is actually circulating. spike is toxic, particularly to the heart. if it's not toxic why do we need a "vaccine" against it?
the authors claim that the mean serum level of free spike protein in the patients with myocarditis was 34pg/ml. (there was less in the non-affected patients, but there was still a lot) how many molecules is that? well there is about 3000ml of plasma in a 70kg male...
and the mol weight of a spike protein monomer is 141kda. that's 2.34 e-19 grams. so 34pg/ml x 3000ml is a total of 102ng (102e-9) of spike. divide by 2.34e-19 gives you... 435,897,435,897 molecules. of a toxic protein. circulating in a young adult.
it's worth noting also that the blue dots in the graphic don't indicate "no spike" - they are the lower limits of detection at 15pg/ml. that's a lot of spike.
but... there are two other things that have come out of this paper. the first is that the amount of spike protein circulating in the plasma (when we were told it didn't leave the arm, remember) weeks after the injection is shocking. so this was a lie....
the whole article in @conversationedu from @vasssssso was in fact a lie, so we've archived it. the claims made by the authors have likely resulted in deaths of young adults. look at the "partners" - including rmit again. archive.is/uiuiq @feeredfern
in fact @conversationedu has been pushing propaganda regarding covid for at least two years. remember this doozy? [everything is archived]theconversation.com/i-was-the-aust…
but the worst thing about the yonker #myocarditis study is this - and you might not have realised. the study showed, beyond a shadow of doubt, that the covid "vaccine" was causing myocarditis, with elevated troponin (confirming heart damage). well, that's a problem
it's a problem because the study authors should have raised an alarm after the first two or three cases. you see, that was their duty. it was a duty as medical officers and as research officers. but to our knowledge they said nothing and kept recruiting.
but it didn't matter that young people were getting myocarditis (with a known 5-year mortality of up to 50%). what mattered is finishing the study so they could publish. of course, from the home of the #surgisphere authors, what else would you expect? keep jabbing.
thank you to the #mousearmy helpers who pointed out the previous wording error in the post. please feel free to add your own description of the number 435,897,435,897 in the comments!
new foi release from @usrighttoknow confirms that the latinne paper - the subject of peter daszak's secrecy in respect of missing genbank sequences - was submitted in august 2019. it discussed the origin of sars-cov-2, first touted in dec 2019@daoyu15nature.com/articles/s4146…
source:usrtk.org/covid-19-origi… scroll down to latinne et al...
posted in april, just after the daszak claim (linked in thread)....https://mobile.twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1515184801468526596
why was hu requesting that the data remain confidential until 31 dec 2020, over a year after submitting the paper?
what are the odds? at least 6 different rdrp sequences from the latinne submission - supposedly all from different bat bum swabs - have 100% the same sequence? rdrp is highly conserved, but these are supposed to be different sequences [24 hr link blast.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/blast.cgi?cmd=…]
and what are the odds that every single sequence on this list (there are at least 50)... have all got the same set of 3 or 5 amino acid mutations from #sarscov2
the existence of multiple nucleotide mutations or snps whilst maintaining the same amino acid sequence is so low it suggests only one thing... that these are not "bat bum sequences" at all...
the mutations are either i77v+i97v+i106t or s23t+n27s+h122t+e123d+d127n (this group includes in-frame deletions) [24 hr link blast.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/blast.cgi?cmd=…] which says to me...
that whoever was involved with these was creating pseudoviruses (aka viruses) and not swabbing bat bums at all. because, you know, that is what they have been doing for 15 years - so why change?pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/18077725/
and i'd love to know what gary crameri, ed holmes and hume field from the csiro and ecohealth had to do with this. oh well... might have to get stuck into the next tranche of emails! pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24172901/
does anybody believe any more that the same group of people working for ecohealth in australia "discovered" another "novel" bat virus - this time a retrovirus? from the @usrighttoknow gary crameri emails...pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32284399/
it's a massive paper for someone with a limited bio. who did the sample collections? what bsl level lab were these mutation experiments conducted? did you induce these mutations with apobec?@daoyu15 @humblescipubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29617834/
src: usrtk.org/wp-content/upl…
the authors are worth a little look: (h/t @2genervter) claudia kohl "centre for biological threats and special pathogens, robert koch institute, germany"
joshua hayward "cited by zengli shi, wuhan institute of virology"
and, of course edward holmes
stinky cheese🧀🧀🧀 what do you call something that's too good to be true from a company that has previously been convicted of fraud? yep. more cartoon westerns, this time from pfizer directly. nobody checked them. #blotgate 👇👇👇
the source document sent to me appears to be from those released under @aaronsirisg @iambrookjackson legal actions to investigate fraud in the pfizer vaccine study that the fda said they needed 75 years to release the documents. yet they assessed the 450,000 pages in 24 hours?
i'll say that again. there were 11 million total documents (44,000 patients, minimum 250 pages per patient plus 350,000 assessment and summary documents). the fda was given the glossy summary on the 10th december. the vaccine was "approved" on the 11th december.
the committee meeting is still online - 8 hours long. the whole day was used for the meeting. the drug was approved the next day. nobody read those documents before approving a novel gene therapy@mrobertsqld @senatorrennick #blotgate
buried in those documents were the comedy western blots. anybody that has ever done a western in a lab would have known they looked fake. .@chrismartenson.. we have a new hashtag#blotgate
give me a break. these images should have been enough to prompt an investigation but nobody cared. the deal was already done. the vrbpac committee meeting was kabuki theatre.#blotgate
another impossibly perfect western blot. every single one is like this. absolutely impossible. @maryannedemasi @daoyu15 @doorlesscarp @humblesci
just a reminder as to what this is about - this is what a normal (and technically relatively clean) western blot might look like - from the ema official analysis. note that this image has severe dithering artefact close-up. none of that malarkey for our pfraud-convicted pfriends!
and more examples of real westerns in the thread here https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1610888275438505984
so we now have evidence of: ▶️extra mrna in the product that has never been analysed by sequencing. ▶️fabricated protein analysis ▶️rubber stamp approval with no assessment the tga & mhra copied the fda and did not perform any independent assessment. doctors4covidethics.org/regulation-or-…
so did john skerritt, head of the tga, lie? judge for yourself.#blotgate and #humpgate are not going away. skynews.com.au/australia-news…
here is the full document that was sent to me. if anybody has the phmpt.org direct url for this please let me know. files.catbox.moe/egah0n.pdf
related:#humpgate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1610888191342710787
gene therapy or not gene therapy? of course it's gene therapy. the shills try to conflate by claiming that gene therapy means changing your dna. it doesn't (although it can). it means introducing genetic material to cells to create a biological effect. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1612957259969200129
rnai is even smaller than the modified rna in the mrna "vaccines"... and it doesn't get reverse transcribed into dna (like the spike modrna is proven to)... yet even that is considered gene therapypubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12831363/
and here pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/17982877/
did the tga forget something?tga.gov.au/advanced-thera…@double_christ
worth archiving this one from the emaema.europa.eu/en/documents/s…
mrna specifically included in this ema document "genetic modifications can be obtained through a variety of methods (e.g. viral & non-viral vectors, mrna, genome editing tools)"ema.europa.eu/en/documents/s…
uk legislation directive 2001/83/eclegislation.gov.uk/eudr/2001/83/a…
a useful collection of documents relating to the definition of gene therapy from one of our mouse helpers...https://twitter.com/rodneycorbine/status/1612979818533949441
i think we can safely say that this is a burn
please post your best #jikkyphobia tweets below (you might need to screenshot them as most of these trolls are blocked!)... i do hope @elonmusk and @twittersupport find a way of dealing with these coordinated #muttoncrew troll accounts
@elonmusk @twittersupport if you're not sure where to look try: "jikky" in the search bar with your favourite insult word or just put "jikky from:username" in the search using your favourite #muttoncrew account name!#jikkyphobia is fun 😂
@elonmusk @twittersupport too funny #jikkyphobia@stkirsch are you really me? 😂😂
adding the best to the thread. 😂😂😂https://twitter.com/jima1889/status/1600408702418239489
well #blotgate just blew up@chrismartenson @senatorrennick @jesslovesmjkjessicar.substack.com/p/a-follow-up-…
#blotgate refers to this thread that exposed the comedy westerns that pfizer submitted to the fda as proof of protein product. but they turned out to be awbs - "automated western blots" which are not the same as western blots at all https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1612579431666847744
differences explained herenature.com/articles/nmeth…
the point being that the awb plots can be easily manipulated and in fact entirely generated without a single experiment being done. not so easy with a western blot, which requires a human. that was the point. the fda & ema didn't bother to check anything.
another substack weighing in on #blotgate from @midwesterndocamidwesterndoctor.substack.com/p/we-now-have-…
so i'd love to see some more commentary from the "other side" which is respectful. so far we've just had sarcastic and derisory comments. you won't get far with those. i'll aim to publish any reasonable rebuttals on this thread.
and in the meantime, the "western blots" should be considered about as real as pfizer's clinical trial showing that the drug reduced the risk of *infection* by 95%. that was real, wasn't it?usatoday.com/story/news/fac…
"virtual" western blots might be a more accurate term... keep the posts coming ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…#blotgate @jesslovesmjk @midwesterndoc
whoa!!!! absolutely busted. great work on #blotgate @midwesterndoc to put this into a visible format. now we need criminal investigations. #blotgate #humpgate and #pfizertaggate are not going away. @chrismartenson @jesslovesmjk https://twitter.com/midwesterndoc/status/1613216030876176390
#blotgate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1612579431666847744
#humpgate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1610888191342710787
#pfizertaggate (to be continued)https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1613114836086591489
psa: if you received any of the mrna vaccines and have noticed early morning wakening with your heart pounding over the last few weeks please comment below. we have an idea of what might be going on and would like your help to stop this epidemic. thank you #lisamariepresley twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@diedsuddenly_ @parsifaler @chrismartenson @doorlesscarp @fynn_fan @canceledmouse @p_mcculloughmd please understand that this is a conversation in evolution. we have reasonably good evidence that the circadian rhythm disturbance induced by the mrna therapies (via #microrna) in addition to subclinical myocarditis may be prompting these events.. but they might be preventable
for technical background please see dc's article here with references, and look up @parsifaler's contributions to the subject too. https://twitter.com/doorlesscarp/status/1610386413840728064
myocarditis doesn't have to be florid to have these effects but we don't yet know that the myocardial effects are only restricted to myocarditis. amyloid has also been a concern. either way, something is messing up myocardial conduction. https://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1600293431691341825
so the main tweet on this thread is to glean information from people who have noticed this early morning phenomenon and ask them not to dismiss it as "anxiety" or "just a mild side effect" or "just a few palpitations".
new cheese 🧀🧀🧀 why does foi 3717 not appear on the tga's disclosure log? why did the tga know that at least two young men had dropped dead 48 hours after a #moderna vaccine and did not inform the public? we don't want none of that "vaccine hesitancy" do we dr nissen?
luckily the abc weren't interested in asking the tga any awkward questionsabc.net.au/news/2021-08-2…
do you understand what your job is? you have one job. it is to independently assess whether a drug is safe and to let the public know if it is not. it is not your job to decide the morality or otherwise of a "vaccine rollout"
the head of the tga, john skerritt, knew about the deaths of young people from the moderna product in japan. i can find no record of a public announcement.
a month later, immediately after the roll-out in australia commences, a 14 year old girl dies after the moderna vaccine. other countries pause its use but skerritt keeps it going, knowing that people have died in other countries too. cairnsnews.org/2021/11/06/cra…
yet instead of pausing moderna - which there was no need for because there was already an alternative product in use - the tga went into political propaganda overdrive. because silencing dissent is easier than doing your job isn't it?@mrobertsqldthewest.com.au/news/coronavir…
so why was it so important that the moderna investigational product was kept available in australia when the tga knew about deaths and there was another product available? it stinks of political interference. cui bono?@senatorrennickabc.net.au/news/2021-10-0…
all foi 3717 documents (investigation of metallic particles) here (zip):files.catbox.moe/lvno0d.zip
whoa... this looks like #surgisphere the sequel the claim that statins improve the outcome of #covid was proven fake when the original authors made it. now you miraculously found another database? no way. @inspiteofmysel1 @chrismartenson
this is the asa abstract. if this data is published without the data set for analysis it should be immediately stamped with an expression of concernasahq.org/about-asa/news…
there are red flags all over this. this is exactly what #surgisphere claimed. "the institutional review boards said this was exempt" it doesn't work like that. where is the irb reference? you can't just give up 90,000 patients' personal data without ethics approval.
this is from the same database published by the same author. no indication of where the data was from.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
all these people put their affiliations as the dept of surgery but ettore crimi is supposed to be affiliated with the department of anesthesiology and a handful of surgeons trawling through a 93,000 patient database? possible, but unlikely without help.
for comparison, remember this infamous 44,000 patient study that had the billion-dollar resources of every pfizer scientist thrown at it, and a long list of authors (who didn't actually write the paper).
the documents required to sift through double that number of patients is phenomenal. remember that the fda needed 75 years to check their documents from the 44,000 pfizer trial? but they crunched the data with a handful of helpers?euroweeklynews.com/2021/12/09/fda…
lead author ettore crimi is affiliated with @envisionleads a large healthcare provider in the us.. did they release their patient's data without irb approval? they sure like propagandahttps://twitter.com/envisionleads/status/1367143881033318402
and, just like #surgisphere's sapan desai - whose fraudulent papers were ghost written - crimi had a quite sparse publication history prior to 2020. small studies and case reports. typical for a clinician. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=%28%28cr…
yet we're expected to believe that someone handed crimi a 93,000 patient database without irb approval for analysis and they miraculously found that statins reduce covid death rates, 3 years after the data was collected? not buying it. sorry
and who reported this? emily henderson of "news medical life sciences" @newsmedical, a pharma marketing journal part of the azo marketing network. so you can take the claim with a pinch of salt.
maybe i'm wrong here - but i will make this prediction: ettore crimi will never release that dataset for analysis. you know why? half of their ventilated patients died. half.
and that database - if it's real - will show what treatment those patients did or didn't receive that set them on a pathway to a 50% mortality@richardursomd @p_mcculloughmd @lynnfynn3
and i will hazard a bet that the patients in this study did not get the #3tablets of antibiotics that would have prevented them going to a ventilator with a 50% mortality.https://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1604543666135367680
just before crimi's recruitment to the "covid publication lottery prizes" he published a paper on antibiotic resistance - the same dogma we saw in the #3tablets scandal.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
so as an amr (antimicrobial resistance) steward it's a good bet that their patients didn't get antibiotics to prevent secondary pneumonia in covid. hence the 50% mortality. good for recruitment to a study though, i guess.
yet there is something fishy about that clinical epigenetics paper - because crimi has no published prior background in epigenetics. it's not something you just write about. it's one of the most complex fields of molecular biology. he's an anaesthetist. @jesslovesmjk
@jesslovesmjk his first epigenetics paper was in 2019 with the same group of people - from italy, not the us.
@jesslovesmjk and coincidentally the work was funded out of italy with this grant number that just happens to be associated with dr concetta schiano
@jesslovesmjk who also happens to have published on epigenetics in a completely different journal at the same time without crimi. and happens to have a phd and a history of publications in epigeneticspubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=schiano%…
and coincidentally schiano - the phd epigeneticist - has a very similar writing style to crimi - the anaesthetist. these two passages are from different papers. the first, schiano's (pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32790754/) and the second crimi's (ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…)
so the explanations for this might be that crimi is schiano's phd student and he is doing a 3-year+ sabbatical in the lab. or that schiano ghost wrote the epigenetics papers. if it's the latter then ettore crimi has some explaining to do
because otherwise it's just another #surgisphere scandal used to push pharma drugs under the umbrella of "covid". and given that i was right about the first one, i would put a few dollars on the answer to this one. /endthe-scientist.com/features/the-s…
@threadreaderapp unroll
new cheese 🧀🧀🧀on #blotgate - the emerging scandal that keeps on giving. the ema and fda reviews of the pfizer bnt162b2 molecular biology assays were not independent reviews at all. pfizer wrote their documents. @chrismartensonhttps://twitter.com/adhesionsorg/status/1615180960290729984
the paper that david is referring to is published as a "peer reviewed" paper in @jpharmsciences except it wasn't that at all, it was a submission by pfizer in response to the ema and fda questions posed in relation to their gene therapy product. [pdf: jpharmsci.org/action/showpdf…]
it has simply been reconstituted as a "peer reviewed" manuscript. these are the claims in the paper but they are not shown to be true. let's ignore the "safe and effective" claim for obvious reasons
the claims are that (1) the mrna has been isolated and characterized. this is not true as no sequencing has been performed on the mrna - the same mrna "extras" identified in #humpgate these humps with big red arrows@kevin_mckernanhttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1607609182743834625
and (2) that no additional (off-target) proteins are made because the mrna that is in the product is truncated and unable to produce a protein product. again, not true based on this published data. we saw this in #blotgate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1612579431666847744
so this paper - just published in january 2023 - is the exact same document as in the submissions to the ema and fda seen in the earlier threads. here is the #humpgate graph - the exact same one as the ema document.
and the comedy western blots are also the same. these as we saw are not western blots at all but awbs or "virtual blots". these are computer reconstructions that are easy to fake. that's why papers are not normally accepted just based on awbs. this one was.
those blots are meant to show that no other protein is made but simply show that no truncated spike protein is made (because they were only looking for spike protein fragments). they did not exclude a different protein altogether.
there was in fact one genuine-looking western blot in the whole paper, that was meant to show that no other proteins were being produced. this one:
the only problem is that the negative and positive controls were not specified, and there was only ever one of these produced - from one "special" batch not seen anywhere else. they were meant to repeat this with 3 more batches. they didn't
so who was it exactly that produced this "peer reviewed paper"? it was a pfizerfest. all pfizer employees. every single one.
the first author, himakshi k patel has no history on pubmed.gov so likely doesn't have a phd.
the supervising author, thomas f lerch had a handful of first author papers prior to moving to pfizer. there are no university affiliations at all and no independent oversight of this paper. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=lerch%2c…
which means that pfizer wrote their own holiday brochure. nobody checked the hotel.
and it's not just me - the ema said they need to "further characterize the mrna" in july 2021. no further characterisations were done. we said so, so it's true. the paper was published in january 2023.
which is interesting, because this paper was approved on the day of the submission of the revised document. which was two days after we first exposed #humpgate what are the odds?
of course, you should trust pfizer to make the product, investigate the product, write the assessors' brochure for the product and monitor their own clinical trial for the product. why wouldn't you?justice.gov/opa/pr/justice…@jesslovesmjk @midwesterndoc
more on this from @jesslovesmjk ....https://twitter.com/jesslovesmjk/status/1615352253342420993
for reference this is the ema documentfiles.catbox.moe/sg745z.pdf and here is the pfizer (biontech) fda response documentfiles.catbox.moe/egah0n.pdf
.@elonmusk this is not ok the engagement on this account is high, twitter blue is enabled and there are 40k followers this important tweet was suppressed within 2 hours of its posting, having had 100 rt within minuteshttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1615299303643443200
i have been at this long enough to know when a tweet is gaining traction organically and when it is being suppressed. this one has been suppressed and the shadowban is in place. you asked for $8(us) a month - fine so i agreed. nowhere in the t&c does it say...
that you could or would (under set circumstances) shadow ban the account. nothing in these tweets is false, misleading or offensive (except maybe to people who make false claims about things that they are selling). you even said thishelp.twitter.com/en/using-twitt…
so.. perhaps someone can explain why that #blotgate tweet was suppressed and why followers are complaining that my tweets are not showing up in search. the @shadowbirdbot check confirms a shadow ban. it's not ranking, but it is rank. taishin-miyamoto.com/shadowban/
and in the meantime, how about openly publishing our account status as promised - so we can see exactly why our accounts are being shadow banned. and ideally - who made the decision to implement the suppression. /end
every lie will eventually be revealed. @vikilovesfacs and @kevinault have been pushing untested covid vaccines for #pregnancy on the basis of a reduction in preterm labour risk. it was a lie. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
this has happened with every paper looking at 3+ doses. when you look at the 2-dose patients in those studies, the claimed benefit disappears. it's because the original findings were just an artefact. the benefit was fake. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…@martinneil9
this is literally the definitive debunk of the first covid vaccine study - the dagan study. all the "efficacy" was just miscategorisation bias because all cases prior to 5 weeks post-jab were counted as "unvaccinated" zenodo.org/record/5243901
but it all unravels when you look at the same group in the next dose study, where the same groups of people are trying to sell the "n+1" dose as the one you need. it's snake oil but snake oil + pregnancy -> thalidomide. viki and kev don't care, they've had their children.
in response to "epidemiologist" @crabb_vicki (who has a total of zero first or last author papers on pubmed)https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1616269831267028993
and just to prove the point that it is not possible that a "vaccine" that does not prevent disease prevents death from a disease that it does not prevent... who cares about these deaths? it's not the people pushing this #wve, that's for sure.#snakeoilhttps://twitter.com/covidretired/status/1590552756263477248
more on this https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1616621663520710657
but vicky's misinformation unravels when we see that she is quoting a paper from jan 2022 when the majority of the women in the analysis were "unvaccinated". base rate fallacy anyone? ps. vicki is a #muttoncrew member. https://twitter.com/crabb_vicki/status/1616243785578471424
only 12% of the cohort had a "vaccine" but of course these would occupy a lesser proportion of risk-days, because they occurred later in the study period. vicky is disingenuous or doesn't understand medical statistics @profnfenton @martinneil9
@profnfenton @martinneil9 and the vaccines were only being taken up really from june 21, for a study period ending oct 21 (and starting march 2020). so the risk-exposure time was much lower for vaccinated women. base rate fallacy.
@profnfenton @martinneil9 one of many ways that the data on the "success" of the covid "vaccine" in pregnancy has been misrepresented and manipulated. in fact, by misallocating cases in the few weeks after the treatment, you can achieve "efficacy" which is not real
damning: @kevinault @vikilovesfacs and @ztkelly were recruited by @projecthalo to coerce pregnant women to taken an experimental therapy in pregnancy by selling a lie that covid caused stillbirths and deaths and the therapy prevents them. lawhealthandtech.substack.com/p/the-doctors-…
the chart is from a breakdown of the recently released scottish icu report, which includes pregnancy data and attempts to scare the reader into believing that there was a pregnancy covid catastrophe in 2020. their own data shows there wasn't.lawhealthandtech.substack.com/p/the-doctors-…
the three musketeers of #pregcovid were either lying or were being given information that they sold to you that was false. so, who gave it to you kevin? viki? teresa? why did the icu admissions only rise after the "vaccine" rollout?
what happened in 2021? why did this not affect pregnant women in 2020? why were pregnant women being withheld #3tablets antibiotics for post-viral pneumonia in 2021?
full report here. archiving recommended. publichealthscotland.scot/media/16832/22…
@kevinault @vikilovesfacs @ztkelly @projecthalo *take
more stinky cheese 🧀🧀🧀 #thalidomideviki quotes the discredited @thelancet again, because it suits her agenda. this study should be completely disregarded as real because data sharing is declined - again. every study viki posts is not verifiable. but there's more... https://twitter.com/vikilovesfacs/status/1615630315120205825
immediate red flags are differences in the groups, such as the higher prevalence of smoking in the "covid" group which hasn't been seen in real world studies. and the smoker group had the exact same educational history - you don't usually see that.
always worth looking at the supplementary to look for inconsistencies in published data. these figures on a test negative design show that the "effectiveness" was only 9%. bearing in mind miscategorisation bias, this means there was negative efficacy against infection.
and, as we have seen previously, these non-randomised studies bias towards smokers in the unvaccinated group, which is the primary driver for preterm labour. oh look (rr=0.78, p<0.05)
table 3b gives the outcomes for those pesky "unvaccinated" women by covid status, showing the only fetal outcome difference was preterm birth, which could entirely be accounted for by the group smoking rates. this is a sham.
remember @thelancet via @richardhorton1 published the laughable #surgisphere fraud for which they have never apologised. they just keep churning out unverifiable pro-pharma drivel, never allowing the data to be independently verified. https://twitter.com/jikkykjj/status/1479634865129590785
and now the paper turns quite dark. the uk maternal mortality rate is 7 per 100,000 births (2017). in this series of unvaccinated women there were 4 deaths. this should not have happened. the probability of 4 deaths in 1732 patients... 0.00001
note that the table 3b breakdown was not published for the vaccinated women, demonstrating an innate bias by the authors. and one death has been removed in table 5, which should have 5 deaths in total if there was one death in the vaccinated group.
if there truly were 4 or 5 deaths in this series of 2738 pregnant women, the whole trial group should must be audited because this level of maternal mortality is off the scale. of course #thalidomideviki and #acipkevin wouldn't be interested in any of this...
because they don't read the supplementaries and they don't understand the limitations of the data and they don't understand clinical trials. they also don't understand that when 50+ authors "write" a paper 49+ of them had no input into the calculations or validation.
so i am going to charge @thelancet to prove that this paper was not ghost-written and to release the full anonymised data set - or retract the paper. and one last thing...@franklin_reeder @double_christ @tonynikolic10
those 5 deaths... 4 were in the unvaccinated who received antibiotic treatment at a lower rate despite having "more covid". which likely means they had treatment withheld compared to the vaccinated group. if that was the #3tablets needed for post-viral pneumonia...
it would suggest that those women were treated with prejudice, which resulted in their death. so i am calling on every death in that paper to be criminally and independently investigated. because it's happening. don't believe me? read this:thewayout.substack.com/p/the-war-on-l…
breaking... disturbing analysis of the new finding from @martinasisters regarding #sarscov2 spike protein sequences in a pseudomonas vector. more smoking gun evidence of lab origins. shut it down - now. @chrismartenson @daoyu15 @drno_reformedadeno-news.com/2023/01/20/bre…
there is something fishy going on with this ncbi record. the protein record was updated in a hurry after the discovery of this protein, with a reference to a seemingly unrelated nature paper from 2003. the lead author on the 2003 reference is the supervisor on the 2018 ref
the original 2003 paper from thien-fah mah was written as an affiliate of dartmouth med school in new hampshire. but the current gene sequence from the 2023 entry is authored in a ccp facility in china ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nuccore/242186…
and i'm sorry buddy, but your primers from 2003 don't match your 2023 sequence. (the last 31 nt of these 41nt primers are pseudomonas-generic)blast.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/blast.cgi?cmd=…
so why the 2003 upload to something that isn't related (other than being a pseudomonas sequence)? and why is an ottawa professor publishing on behalf of the pla institutes?ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/bioproject/839…med.uottawa.ca/bmi/en/people/…
given canada's history in this area it's worrying that an ottawa pseudomonas researcher would be publishing potential bioweapon sequences which track to sequences published under a beijing institute. but maybe it's just coincidencecbc.ca/news/canada/ma…
and assuming mah - whose two papers were added to that ncbi protein record all of a sudden - is nothing to do with this particular sequence, it's yet another coincidence that her area is antimicrobial resistance (amr) - so central to the pandemichttps://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1603327746603909120
original martina sisters tweet here https://twitter.com/martinasisters/status/1614559846699008001
please understand a basic fact: ▶️ antibodies in serum (from injectable vaccines) cannot possibly prevent the commonest modes of post-viral death (such as bacterial pneumonia). don't agree? show me the mechanism and the rct. viral load does not correlate to risk.@leelasik https://twitter.com/os51388957/status/1617258472457883649
@leelasik to put it another way, the establishment has sold the idea that viraemia (virus in blood) causes sepsis and death in the same way that bacteriaemia does. not true. show me the data. the median time to death in covid is 18 days - long after the viral phase.
@leelasik the majority of deaths are caused by the *consequences* of viral infection. bacterial pneumonia and thrombosis are the two commonest, both treatable conditions. we have known this for #covid since april 2020.nih.gov/news-events/ne…
@leelasik and if anybody is trying to sell you a viral vaccine in order to prevent bacterial pneumonia and thrombosis you might want to ask them a few questions.
vintage cheese 🧀🧀🧀 once you realise that there is no biological reason for different codon optimisations to produce the exact same protein... you realise that it allows the manufacturers to tag any person that has had their product. #taggate #pfizertaggate https://twitter.com/jikkykjj/status/1472110381803847684
don't believe me? it's already published. except good luck finding it on pubmed.gov by the author name of castruita... you have to put in samaniego or remember the pubmed id. i'm sure it's just a "formatting error" 😉#taggate pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36647776/
for the record these are the genbank idsncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nuccore/ok1208…
bear in mind that that this was performed on rna sequencing, not directed pcr. pcr is much more sensitive, you just need the right primers. so as long as the genome sequence of each vaccine is known (which it is), you can detect it in serum - for weeks.
which leads to a creepy consequence: you're tagged. as long as there is vaccine mrna in your system (at least 2 months but could be longer) your tag can be identified by specific pcr which does not cross-react between moderna, pfizer and #sarscov2 virus
which provides two scenarios (there might be more): firstly, these companies can identify whether you are "using" their product. think it was free? well, only as long as they decide it's free and as long as they can't detect it.... but you can trust these companies, right?
remember monsanto went to extreme lengths to bankrupt and destroy farmers by genomic testing of crops that were on land farmed by farmers that refused to use their products. but once they identified the genomic tag, they claimed ownershiphttps://twitter.com/jikkykjj/status/1482594585457336320
sure, it's theoretical to apply this to humans but there seems to be a lot of "theories" that are being played out. secondly, there is an equally sinister problem... remember this? https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1613114836086591489
well - imagine that you had control of all the pcr samples in a study where the only outcome that was better was the pcr result... and you just needed to know which samples came from each group in order to "process" them in a specific wayarkmedic.substack.com/p/dont-be-arrs…
but if you unblinded the sample ids (to see who got vaccine vs placebo) that unblinding would be recorded in the clinical trials database and everyone would know.. so maybe you just needed a different method to find out which sample id belonged to each group...
and then you could perhaps put the samples on different machines or run them at different pcr ct thresholds. and if you ran samples at very low ct thresholds you would only pick up a handful of cases..
whilst the other group would be collecting cases at the expected rate. in fact, if you *could* do this your chart might look something like this epitome of scientific perfection:
well, obviously they couldn't do this because there was no way that the same lab that analysed the pcr tests was the same lab that had the serology samples from the participants - because the @nejm and irb would have identified that as a red flag wouldn't they? ahem...
so we have the company that made the product, testing the product and testing the effect of the product with no oversight and a defined pathway to change the likelihood that a result would be positive in their treated group. lucky they are super honest though, right?#taggate
and not only do pfizer still hold the record for a criminal fine for healthcare fraud, but - in what could be cnn's only ever true news report - they got a friend to take the rap. no, i'm not kidding. archive.is/rnsbo
#taggate #pfizertaggate@iambrookjackson @jjcouey @kevin_mckernan @wtyl_live @canceledmouse @banounhelene @tatiann69922625 @daoyu15 @adhesionsorg @boriquagato @maples46014332 @chrismartenson@threadreaderapp unroll
"quick, pull george webb out and quash this story... those antivaxxers will believe him and he's all we've got left" hey george why did you ditch pizzagate all of a sudden and disappear? did they have another job for you? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦 https://twitter.com/maajidnawaz/status/1618543905489944580
i can't believe i didn't follow george webb from the beginning... missed so much (lol) he started his substack a month after our #modernagate expose, nearly 2 years into covid. but yeah. an expert. 🤦🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️
now fleming joins the disinformation war... what next? yuri deigin and stew peters do an interview with sharri markson? dan sirotkin writes about how he knew this was gonna happen? give me a break. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1618711539770589184
game over. what a great expose of both pfizer and george webb. this is what you see when people bring receipts.@brianosheaspibrianoshea.substack.com/p/who-is-jordo…
this raises a very important question that relates to freedom of speech in the public interest. in australia this has been looked at before. it's a big problem. governments hate free speech because they hate their corruption being shown up. alrc.gov.au/publication/tr… https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1618794581822423040
so let's take an extreme example. someone on twitter puts out a tweet that says "i have solid information that corporation x has contaminated the water in brisbane" the person makes the disclosure in good faith.
in australia, where the disclosure is made, it would be protected under the public interest disclosure act - provided it is made in good faith (outside of this, other offences might apply) other countries do not have this specific law...legislation.gov.au/details/c2013a…
however it is clearly in the public interest to have whistleblowers (or even lay members of the public) able to freely express safety concerns. @erinbrockovich famously
yet those corporations with unlimited budgets have unlimited power to suppress any public spotlight on their toxicity - hexavalent chromium and pfoa yesterday, lnp-mrna today. do you think it's ok to do this?
so the question is - if an employee of a "public square" organisation suppresses public interest disclosures on behalf of corporations or governments, without the credentials to do so, did they commit a crime? did they endanger the public?
which is why the new @project_veritas #pfizergate story is so important. it doesn't matter what role "jordon" played in the corporation. what matters is that the corporation was able to quash the story within 12 hours. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1618790037109489664
and by the same token, the suppression of genuine scientific and medical accounts raising safety concerns during 2020-2022 has led to people being fooled or coerced into taking a drug that resulted in their death. many deaths. bbc.com/news/uk-englan…
all these twitter accounts were suspended in a coordinated purge to silence warnings about the rollout of a drug that has the highest rate of reported death of any known preventative medicine. so who ordered the purge?@elonmusk knows.
yet the suppression hasn't stopped - this account is still being shadowbanned which means that you wouldn't have seen the #taggate thread yesterday. so you wouldn't know how the corporations got those fantastic (in the literal sense) results. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1618470281718423552
the flip side to this is that we also don't want dangerous disinformation to prevail. the answer to "disinformation" though is not suppression and gatekeeping - it is better information. if the price of that is that even "crazy people" get to have their say, so what?
because one thing that history has told us again and again: suppression of speech leads inevitably to totalitarianism, whichever label (fascism, communism, marxism) you want to put on it. and #democide is always the result. always. https://twitter.com/jordanbpeterson/status/1601459016475246593
more cheese🧀🧀#cardboardmds it's not difficult to substantiate an md whose cv said he was a urology resident before dumping it and moving *back* to pharma. pubmed is *very* specific on an author search. "jordon" is unusual. 4 papers - all urology.pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=walker%2…
which perfectly corroborates @brianosheaspi's summary of his cv herebrianoshea.substack.com/p/who-is-jordo…
with the timing showing that he went from iqvia (yes that iqvia) into medical school at around 2014, likely produced his first paper as a med student in 2016 and was fast tracked through - i suspect funded by iqvia.
remember that iqvia were the data collaborator for the az covid vaccine study and have their fingers in all the #bigpharma pies. their specialty is "data synthesis". make of that what you will. iqvia.com/about-us
@iqvia_global were also in charge of the covidshield #hydroxychloroquine study from which they never released the data. where is it?archive.is/nwnlh
so this looks like a #cardboardmd - someone who was sponsored through med school by #bigpharma in order to take up a role in a pharma company acting as a "real md" to beef up their acceptability to the public and other doctors.
like this paper here - half of the authors were "pfizer mds". just like jordon. remember this paper? the one that gave perfect results? with just one problem...
all the samples were processed at pearl river where they could tag blood samples from the same patients so they could see which group they were in. the result - of course - was predetermined.#taggate@chrismartenson @fynnderella1 👇👇👇👇https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1618470281718423552
there are very good reasons why i have nothing to do with jane ruby or stew peters. this is one of them. ryan cole got one thing wrong early on but acknowledged his error and has been 100% dedicated to the truth. this is what we do. @drcole12 @fynnderella1 https://twitter.com/realdrjaneruby/status/1619177371608965120
for the record there are no nanobots, there is no graphene oxide. what there are, are metallic contaminants which were confirmed as having killed young men in japan under foi.
@wtyl_live investigated specifically for graphene oxide and found none. the "nanobots" were just cholesterol and sugar crystals the magnetism reported by many has not been explained outside of the steel contamination issue but...
magnetic beads are used in rna and dna purification and it is really therefore no surprise that the final product maintains a magnetic or paramagnetic signal@the_coopertron
so if magnetic beads are used in nucleic acid filtration, why was it such a "conspiracy theory"?integra-biosciences.com/global/en/blog…
easy. because if you want to stop people asking questions about your process (which is still shrouded in secrecy) - what you do is create a story of a "crazy conspiracy" to undermine every single relevant question. @kevin_mckernan it's how governments have worked for years..
"but we have transparency" they say. ok. "show me the documents regarding magnetic or metallic contaminants in the covid vaccines" tga foi 3717 - not even recorded in the tga disclosure log.
this is the transparency of the very same governments that want you to trust them. no. we don't. you eroded our trust when you caused 20,000 deaths in one year and forced investigational medical treatments on the population. foi 3717 document 24. files.catbox.moe/fcw6pm.pdf
let's have another hashtag. how about #magnetgate? that should get the muttons frothing. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1619196993901068288
update: more on this herehttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1619509602269425664
while the shadowban is strong, i might as well take a trip back in photographic history. the best photographers taking the highest quality pictures in full sunlight. in 1968.gettyimages.com.au/photos/robert-…
these are professional photographers with the best cameras money can buy. people who have been taking pictures for years. the grain is testament to the labour required to develop the images from negatives.
manual focus. manual exposure. there was no auto focus or auto exposure on these cameras. colour bleeds and grain are authentic.
the very best photographers with the very best cameras can't adjust for minor movements which blur the image.
if you have been doing this for years and focus on one place, set the shutter speed very low and have full sun you might get an image like this
or maybe even this. these cars are travelling approximately 200 mph.
thankfully all these difficulties were solved in 1969 when nasa strapped a big "click me" button on a hasselblad and every single picture came out perfect...weforum.org/agenda/2019/07…
hasselblad are very proud of their history, and rightly so. they were the people that made these impossible pictures possible hasselblad.com/about/history/…
full sun. no exposure adjustment. no auto focus. no viewfinder. the first point and shoot camera. hi resolution, grain free pictures. every one. #thankshasselblad
and here is another picture showing the stripped down hasselblad, full of dust, able to take perfect grain-free pictures with the click of a big button. the button was big because of the gloves, which expand even more in a vacuum. npr.org/2019/07/13/735…
remember too that this is bright sunlight - there are no clouds on the moon. in fact in the daytime the surface temperature is 140 celsius. they stripped the camera down to save weight. that enabled them to fit the lunar buggy in the lunar module#scottiebluepills
the moon buggy itself was a feat of engineering, the tyres were steel mesh only - to withstand the vaccuum and 140 degree heat on the surface.moon.nasa.gov/resources/484/…
it's difficult to make out from the images but in fact the lunar buggy was able to fold up in order to fit into the lunar module. just one of many essential firsts required in 1969 to get mad to drive around on the moon. #scottiebluepillsscifacts.net/space/nasas-mo…
the moon buggy was truly amazing. for apollo 17 the astronauts drove it for 100km with a max speed of 11 km/h. 10 hours driving is exhausting in 140 degree heat. i hope the airconditing was working!moon.nasa.gov/resources/153/…
and the hasselblad performed brilliantly on all the missions. here is a close up of the lunar module which fit the lunar buggy, two astronauts, an 8kw 1mflp computer for guidance and moon rocks. this one is the apollo 12 version
the 8kw 1megaflop computer was necessary to dock the moon lander travelling at 2000km/h (escape velocity) to the orbiting rocket travelling at 5500km/h (lunar orbit speed) in perpendicular directions. taking a picture in such extreme circumstances requires extreme skill
this picture was famously taken through a window of the earlier apollo 8 mission
the coup de grace of filmography was this famous image of the moonlander travelling towards apollo 11 to dock. this iconic image was taken by michael collins as he guided the rocket travelling at 5500mk/h away from the moonlander, using a spare camera.#scottiebluepills
any that's enough for this trip down memory lane. hope you enjoyed it. if you find any other high resolution images from 1969 please post them - and remember genuine pictures only please!
just one more note in relation to those mesh tyres developed in 1969 that could drive for 100km. it seems that they were still struggling with the problem in 2017. weird how inventions and progress at nasa goes backwards isn't it?businessinsider.com/nasa-memory-me…
*km/h for god's sake let us have the ability to make minor edits to tweets in threads!
omg. he's got a map. how cool is that?nasa.gov/image-feature/…
wow. a lot of time is put into producing content that you don't see elsewhere and answering every question i see. every one. yet this word fragile keeps cropping up. how? the people i block are muttons and people who throw out empty insults... https://twitter.com/spiritofnakadai/status/1619411469409599488
so why would i not block people who post "jikky is a fraud bla bla bla" and other empty headed insults? if you engage in good faith i'll explore the subject with you. but if you claim elephants are pink i'm not going to bother and i'll just move on.
blocks are for spammers and people who choose insult as a method of argument. it's lazy. i won't give you my time. i'll just assume you're the controlled opposition because you're behaving like a time draining mutton. so enjoy your blocks. don't whinge.
and right on cue...
interesting company... endo pharmaceuticals. reuters.com/legal/massachu…
unusual name. i wonder.... is this another #cardboardmd?@fynnderella1 @feeredfernpubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35999874/
@fynnderella1 @feeredfern as i've said before - two phds is a rare event. to claim two phds and two masters degrees in nursing? the only other person to make similar claims recently was poornima wagh. maybe the research papers are in a different name?https://twitter.com/realdrjaneruby/status/1619402671320072193
@fynnderella1 @feeredfern fortunately jane provides the answer on her researchgate page - containing the papers discussed above and putting her firmly at endo pharmaceuticals. the second doctorate is an edd according to her page. makes sense now. researchgate.net/profile/jane-r…
jane's co-author on *every single paper* in pubmed is vladimir zah ("vlad") founder of zrx outcomes research inc, a pharma data mining organisation whose clients are, of course.... endo pharmaceuticals gsk pfizer. outcomesresearch.ca
and you'll never guess what one of vlad's special services is? medical writing. aka "ghost writing". oh yes. you can't make this stuff up. @chrismartenson @artisbrutal2021 @adhesionsorg @joshg99 @jesslovesmjk
which might also explain why vlad has 68 publications listed on researchgate (a decent yield) but a h-index of only 7. it's a bit strange, as if he only publishes low citation papers in his name.
so it seems that jane ruby went a little bit far trying to disparage @drcole12 and put herself under the spotlight. as bill would have said...
this gets more bizarre by the hour. a literal rabbit hole in the virtual world! this was your find @feeredfern @aussie3_1_13 - months ago. endo were in huge financial trouble in 2022. https://twitter.com/aussie3_1_13/status/1563150077069107201
holy crap. another huge database accessible by people that you would never trust with your health data - with no irb review. is this how endo pharma, purdue and others target their victims?
and "medical affairs" is the job that @drlizamd does for bayer-monsanto, going out pushing pharma malinformation and quashing dissent. jane ruby is 100% a disinformation agent. she pushes stories that the media use to label "anti-vaxxers"thejournal.ie/debunked-covid…
@gidmk is another pharma stooge who has been pushing pro-pharma stories for years. rewarded by publications in journals he would have never stood a chance publishing in. monsanto-bayer-pfizer-gsk. a cartel?https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1540531441552961536
by association, stew peters - jane ruby's "go to" media personality is exactly the same. anybody associated with this pair is now permanently tainted. well done dr ruby. you blew your cover. badly. over to you @jesslovesmjk
before i leave this thread... even npr dumped on endo pharma. that's how corrupt they are. npr.org/2021/04/19/986…
i've blocked this person but showing the tweet to make people aware of the insidious scourge we have to deal with. @drcole12 said nothing about nanoparticles, but this was the basis of the attack on him. these people in my view are worse than the pharma corporations. https://twitter.com/weimmom/status/1619592595419860993
on the face of it, it seems such a minor issue. a minor wording change. but these people are a time drain. they are insistent that they are right. i give most people a chance to correct, but often they don't. their sole purpose to to disrupt....
but they only disrupt our side - which is that which is exposing the corruption, fakery and falsehoods in the biggest pharma rollout in history. at least when it's the pharma companies we know that they have a bias. these people are wolves in sheeps' clothing....
which is worse, because they are often not even motivated by monetary reward.
well i hadn't expected that. the famous "scientific fraud buster" who never seems to question #bigpharma... @microbiomdigest is herself the co-author of a paper by a group charged with fraud. a lot of fraud. $99m worth. holy cow.
and it wasn't the only paper .. here's another one from 2018. surely the world's foremost fraud buster would be able to medical spot co-authors charged with a huge fraud? just goes to show... pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29116650/
oh wow this is the poo version of theranos. no shit.#poogate businessinsider.com/ubiome-cofound…
expect more on this later...
and here we are. instead of answering the charge, lizzy blocked me. that's fine. it just means that she now cannot respond. this looks really bad. #poogate
this thread will be updated as we go. there is nothing that is worse for science than people like the three stooges - liz, kyle and gideon - promoting themselves as fraud busters to find that they themselves are in receipt of irregular payments
as a reminder there are major irregularities at merunova via kyle and his boss ashish diwan, who took $2m in government research grants for 2020 to 2022 - and didn't record a single patient recruited. that's a lot of money.@sabinehazanmd @jesslovesmjkhttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1528919595687759872
src: reddit.com/r/sava_stock/c…
wtf @frontiersin? you can't put an expression of concern on a hypothesis paper - it's a hypothesis! ▶️was this eoc was generated solely by elisabeth bik? ▶️if so, did bik declare her conflict of interest involvement in ubiome?frontiersin.org/articles/10.33…
@frontiersin #poogate gets stinkier. elisabeth bik has 3 patents filed with the very people she is trying to distance herself from - who were charged with running one of the most fraudulent medical enterprises in recent history. patent granted after she "left" patents.justia.com/inventor/elisa…
#poogate keeps going. now @retractionwatch post an article attacking hazan's hypothesis paper and quoting bik as "worked in.. a private company" that private company is charged with a massive ponzi fraud. this is not an accidental omission. archive.is/l9nv6
and the only reference to the insanely corrupt ubiome scandal on the whole of the @retractionwatch website is this sycophantic piece. it looks like retraction watch are covering for the ubiome scandal retractionwatch.com/2022/10/20/pap…
#poogate is getting very murky now.. who is ivan oransky, founder of retraction watch? and who funds all these organisations: ▶️spectrum ▶️simons foundation ▶️@ahcj this should be displayed openly, but it is impossible to find. retractionwatch.com/meet-the-retra…
what we do know is that @medpagetoday posted a false, misleading and likely libellous article in 2022 in a similar vein to bully an authentic paper off the internet in an attempt to discredit the author, who was not following the #bigpharma narrative. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1620176009915142147
and the same methods were directed against a dedicated and honest researcher in sweden last year - because she found out something that may affect the mrna therapies and that could signal a huge cancer risk. silenced by the nih. job done. arkmedic.substack.com/p/welcome-to-g…
whoa!!#poogate just became...#vaggate bik still holds patents with ubiome now with psomagen to test your vagina by pcr.... but it's a scam
this is what you sign up for when you want your vaginal microbiome assessed - but it's not really looking for that (not that there would be any point). it's a repackaged sti test that you can get from any doctor. it's a scam. keanhealth.com/women
the patent is for something called #smartjane which appears to be just a combination pcr test. you can get them from your doctor - for free, depending on the country. nps.org.au/australian-pre…
so #smartjane seems a bit like the gwyneth paltrow #goop scam but hey, if you can make money out of women's health... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/goop_(com…
and here is the kean health (psomagen) page talking about vaginal microbiome types. lactobacilli are essential for vaginal health. that's it. nothing more complicated. but people like this pray on your health fears. #vaggate #goopgate #poogate keanhealth.com/blog/what-is-m…
every. single. time#poogate #vaggate
#beijinggideon https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1620551616784105474
hey @microbiomdigest why not take on nasa? these are two totally different pictures from totally different sources. they are the same? they can't be - they were taken at different times by different people! wth is going on? it's plagiarism! 😂😂😂😂😂
@microbiomdigest in case you're confused (because it seems i have to spell it out)... the moon is real, obviously. the issue is that comparing images like this for similarity is the whole premise on which elisabeth "smartjane" bik made her reputation. #poogate
bizarre. how about someone completely unrelated sends me an image from their own camera taken at a different time and location. you won't find this exact image online. plagiarists are everywhere! enjoy. [exif data in alt text]
for those confused what this is all about...#moongate is really #poogate. start herehttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1619908640919650304
good afternoon, good evening and good night...
i agree .@lonnibesancon - this is shameless. you, bik, gideon and sheldrick did nothing to expose #surgisphere. we did. the people you hate so much and denigrate. doctors and scientists who are not supported by pharma millions. @chrismartenson https://twitter.com/_escapekey_/status/1620511780467511296
and yet you join the ranks of the "no-expertise experts" recruited in 2020 do fulfil a particular role in #covid just one first author paper before 2020. how does someone get a phd with one first author paper?
and then suddenly you are given the job of writing papers with @gidmk which go straight into @nejm, the home of the #surgisphere fraud. who fast-tracked your paper? who are you - with no research history - to be first author on this letter to nejm?pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=besan%c3…
now... where have i seen this before @feeredfern? vanatech "behavioural sciences" in the uk? a shell company. nudge units. where did i catch them before? how did steadson call you to write this letter? who is david steadson?
@davidsteadson only has two papers on pubmed.gov in total. so why is he running an extremely suspicious and coviert "behavioural engineering" unit and getting besancon to front letters to the @nejm? what exactly do @vana_tech do?
david steadson (with the azov flag in his bio) has zero medical publications pre-covid. so if he is not driving lonni, that means it must be @flahault (the 3rd author) at the "institute of global health" hmmm
flahault is a huge name in "global health" aka who aka "onehealth" - all linked organisations. hugely eminent, but now on the dark side of medicine. so how does he get involved with two hardly-published authors to front a letter to the @nejm?
well through @vana_tech of course - the company that does "nothing" and has no presence on the internet. ▶️find a junior researcher with no publications. ▶️ghost write a script for them. ▶️use your bigwig to underwrite the letter. and finally...
▶️publish in the totally captured @thelancet or @nejm both of which publish total junk like #surgisphere... which they would have gotten away with if it hadn't been for those pesky #mousearmy twitterers
and that is how your unknown researcher gets elevated to "expert" and that is #poogate and #lancetgate and #beijinggideon and #chisquaredkyle and all the other astroturf "fraud busters".https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1619908640919650304
and i bet if you look hard enough you will find a link between vanatech and recently exposed 77th brigade... or andrew hill, @unitaid and the #magicapp that led to so many deaths by withdrawing antibiotics from the elderly. this is not over. not by a long chalk#3tblets.
well i think we have the answer. steadson's following list is a real who's who of covid zealots, including daszak, gorski, bik, multiple 77th accounts. and... ukraine extremists and... asio. i mean, who tf follows asio? this guy makes alexander downer look tame.
i'll be blocking #ukrainedave as i do with all the azov accounts. it's not worth the hassle of engaging with the military "disinformation units". they will expose themselves eventually. he can bleat all he wants. archive.is/wip/qrvbu
yes the 77th brigade are real. real scum committing real treason. not real soldiers. https://twitter.com/gbnews/status/1620537301976727553
this one's for you @feeredfern vanatech and beta - the australian government ai nudge unit. did ai create the magic app protocol that killed so many of our elderly because ai does not understand the nuances of human medicine?
absolutely vile...@kate_whitfield who knew nothing about the risk of blood clots - now proven to be linked to the covid vaccines... disparaged people she knew nothing about. just to get ahead in "journalism"#journosliedpeoplediedarchive.is/yro5e
please post any stories from "mainstream" journalists who wrote articles disparaging #antivaxxers and tag them in the post with the hashtag #journosliedpeopledied like this disgusting piece from @stephanie_bedoarchive.is/rusks
remember that these journalists consider themselves elite, and you to be plebs who cannot be trusted to make your own decisions. you have to be #nudged. they believe you are too stupid to be allowed a free choice. or a free vote.
ask them. for every journalist that posted any article containing the word "anti-vaxxer" ask them(1) what is an anti-vaxxer?(2) do you think you are better than "anti-vaxxers"?(3) should "anti-vaxxers" be allowed a vote? see what happens.
one thing i have learnt over these last ten years is that the pharma industry and governments are run by elitists that truly believe that the population is beneath them. i am not joking. if you don't understand this, check this out for contempthttps://twitter.com/squizzstk/status/1424944940925161481
remember to archive their article on archive.is and post the archive here with the hashtag #journosliedpeopledied these journalists chose a path that divided people and it resulted in the worst #iatrocide in recent history. they should have their work saved.
for the record, i don't consider myself an #antivaxxer because i refuse to recognise the term. i *do* recognise people that use the term to disparage those who raise pertinent questions about medical interventions. i call them #pushers.
just to reiterate. post the following:(1) the archive.is link to the "#antivaxxer" article (archived on archive.is)(2) the twitter handle of the journalist that wrote the article (or claimed to)(3) the hashtag #journosliedpeopledied
can anyone explain how all-cause mortality in the uk in april 2020 spiked at exactly the same time in every region when travel routes into the uk are overwhelmingly via the south east? [if it was from an imported virus]@boriquagato @ethicalskeptic ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulati…
travel is undertaken by only a fraction of the population at any one time, so the idea that "covid" could be spread by travel as explanation of this sporadic pattern of worldwide spread seems unlikely. it should spread locally - predominantly.
yet there was basically no increase in all-cause mortality outside of wuhan in mainland china for 2 years. thehill.com/changing-ameri…
which means that the only logical explanation is that the mers outbreaks - which were "not natural" - were the model for the transmitting "covid" to the world in such an unnatural manner. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32288979/
the remaining question should be: how could this be obtained with a coronavirus, which can't survive in the water supply or the food supply or in uv light?healthline.com/health/does-uv…
one answer is an infectious clone or vector. just like the astrazeneca "vaccine" - you can put a virus into another organism and the other organism can express the virus sound dangerous? yes, it's psychopathic. these people published it pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32289263/
the supervising author is pei-yong shi of the utmb who is (1) affiliated to the pla-ccp (2) the head of the lab that produced the "neutralising antibody" studies for the pfizer "vaccine". no, i'm not kidding.
here are pei-yong shi's academic networks. pfizer. novartis. gilead. chinese academy of sciences (pla-ccp) perfect for making an infectious clone of sars-cov2. just what the doctor ordered. researchexperts.utmb.edu/en/persons/pei…
so what vectors could be used to distribute an infectious clone? well it could be any of a number of bacteria-like suspects. mycoplasma coxiella rickettsia e coli pseudomonas pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/2227427/
which brings us back to the @martinasisters finding recently. i don't think a pseudomonas was used in the initial phase of spreading "covid", but that doesn't mean it's not going to be. this shit needs to stop. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1616669167465418756
poll: how do you think sars-cov-2 was spread around the world? was it via a coordinated deliberate release and if so as naked virus or in a vector such as mycoplasma or coxiella?
and here we arehttps://twitter.com/warclandestine/status/1621347820404891648
#spraygate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1622062038246912000
breaking cheese 🧀🧀🧀#spraygate who is dr kirsty ainslie @ainslielab and why is she included in the ecohealth defuse proposal yet doesn't have her ecohealth affiliation listed in papers? and what has she been spraying, exactly?
no mention of ecohealth anywhere yet she is mentioned 3 times in the defuse proposal. aerosol is mentioned 12 times @charlesrixey @chrismartenson#spraygate #letusspray
no mention of ecohealth @ainslielab? why so shy? please can you tell us more about your microparticle delivery systems for aerosol release in the defuse protocol?
where were you planning to use this vaccine delivery system? and what vectors did you have in mind?sciencedirect.com/science/articl…
and if the coronavirus is not stable enough, i guess we can just make a poxvirus chimera and spray that around the "bat cave" eh?#spraygate@daoyu15 @chrismartenson @senronjohnson @jjcouey
#spraygate #defuse @warclandestine
or maybe use the baric measles chimera? is this what happened in #samoa?arkmedic.substack.com/p/the-killing-…
dr tonie rocke is involved with making aerosolised pox vector "vaccines" but despite the references in the defuse document, hasn't published it. "aerosolized application to roost sites in caves... remains to be tested."ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
i think dr ainslie (spray), dr rocke (poxvirus) and dr unidad (spray) need to make a statement urgently as to whether they have collaborated with ecohealth at any point and release their documents. otherwise they may need to answer questions in a more formal environment.
either(1) ecohealth were planning to use these aerosol sprayers to distribute gene therapy vaccines (dangerous and unethical) or(2) these methods were already used to distribute "vaccines" that resulted in "covid" or both. this crap needs to stop. #spraygate #shutitdown
source document (defuse protocol)files.catbox.moe/plzt68.pdf
related thread - how did #covid19 spread in such a discontiguous yet synchronous manner around the world?https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1621726974929694721
whoa! for the evali link... what if wisconsin was the testing ground for rocke's delivery system? https://twitter.com/_prometeusz_/status/1622275468731813888
it's possible that by the actions of @iancopeland5 he has inadvertently uncovered a scandal of #cardboardphd's people given phds from universities merely to act as propaganda agents for the government or the pharmaceutical industry (but i repeat myself). https://twitter.com/iancopeland5/status/1398079679597264901
no published paper exists to support this phd thesis which means that it is invalid under baylor's own rules (minimum one paper, which is a bare minimum) it's registered at the library as "115 leaves". if this is 115 pages, this is not a phdthslc-houston.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/discovery/full…
i wonder how long it takes to get a phd at baylor these days, if you're working for pharmagov?bcm.edu/education/grad…
probably just a special ceremony. for a special phd. with no papers. bcm.edu/news/graduates…#cardboardphd #cardboardmd
holy crap this is the data for midazolam prescribing from the uks official prescriber database i have no words. #3tablets #democide@chrismartenson @fynnderella1 @ewoodhouse7 @jjcoueyopenprescribing.net/analyse/#org=r…
@chrismartenson @fynnderella1 @ewoodhouse7 @jjcouey what needs to happen now is an audit needs to be undertaken of deaths in care homes where midazolam usage was high. if the patients that died were given midazolam instead of antibiotics in march - may 2022, criminal charges must be laid. but who created the policy?
@chrismartenson @fynnderella1 @ewoodhouse7 @jjcouey just a note that the chart above is created from the gp prescriber database. therefore it should not be impacted by any increase in icu admission or specific use for ventilation. this looks to be solely for use in nursing homes and at home. harold shipman style.
bad cheese 🧀🧀🧀 a point of note - the spike in midazolam prescription (on this *gp* database) was driven almost entirely by injectable 10mg/2ml doses (1501041t0). this was not the anxiolytic oral form. it's a euthanasia injection. openprescribing.net/analyse/#org=r…
for those claiming that these drugs were being used for ventilating people in hospital, a reminder that this is the gp prescribing database. an example - prescriptions for propofol (only used in hospital) - zero
this is damning - nsw health. how the hell can you justify an "anticipated end of life care" for a pneumonia? seriously - what is wrong with you people? (archived)health.nsw.gov.au/infectious/cov…
#gerigate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1623270335780126721
every person involved in these videos lied to the public about hospitals being inundated while their lies meant granny was given midazolam instead of going to hospital with a treatable kidney infection or pneumonia. they locked the elderly out so they could dance. #gerigate https://twitter.com/goddeketal/status/1623728442310279169
this is damning, even though amnesty don't understand at the time of this report that "covid" was mostly treatable. they locked elderly out of hospitals while they danced. then you had to clap for them.amnesty.org.uk/care-homes-rep…
wow - how the propaganda works. @microbiomdigest's "vaginal microbiome pcr test" is not a cervical screening test. it's a scam to make women feel bad about their vagina. i've deleted this tweet to avoid it being misrepresented. https://twitter.com/honornc/status/1624183923205865474
here is the original thread that exposes it, explaining specifically that the genuine pcr tests can be obtained from your doctor - usually for free. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1619908640919650304
so, rather than unblock me to answer the very pertinent questions i raised in that thread @microbiomdigest has tried to conflate her "vaginal microbiome pcr test" with the official cancer screening test - it is totally different. archive.is/k8hlm
here you are - the "v" test check your "vaginal type" and "your bacterial balance" no hpv testing. no that's another $50... and it isn't the officially recognised hpv test. not accredited for cervical screening. keanhealth.com/vaginalmicrobi…
none of this has a good evidence base, it is just a money making enterprise preying on women's insecurities like the "goop" scandalthe-sun.com/entertainment/…
please do not fall for this. if you have vaginal symptoms see your doctor. if you need regular or ad hoc sti screening, see a certified specialist or gp. if your country has a cervical screening program (usually for free), join it. avoid one-eye companies
for more clarity "cervical screening test" in this context refers to the hpv dna pcr test for cervical cancer screening. most countries use this as the primary test, in conjunction with or as a replacement for the traditional "pap test" who.int/europe/news/it…
and if you want to know more about vaginal flora this is not a bad article. and it won't cost you $150 from #lactolizzymedicalnewstoday.com/articles/vagin…
new stinky cheese 🧀🧀🧀 don't you just love the @ukhsa? not only have they delayed publishing #pregnancy data after june 2022 in the latest vaccine surveillance report but they are gaslighting you about the #stillbirth rates. here's the chart:@1979pop @clarecraigpath
here are the figures no doses of vaccine in pregnancy = 3.76 per 1000 one+ dose in pregnancy = 3.3 per 100 95% confidence intervals do not cross. a significant increase then, right? wrong...
there was another piece of information missing which was buried further in the report. minority groups had a 25% lower uptake of vaccination why is that important?
the overall stillbirth rate in 2019 was 3.35 per 1000 - about the same as the "vaccinated" group. but the stillbirth rate for black and "asian" (uk terminology for pakistani-indian ethnic groups) was 5-7 per 100,000bbc.com/news/health-58…
these groups were over-represented in the "unvaccinated" stillbirth rate and under-represented in the "vaccinated" stillbirth rate. stillbirth rates for white ethnicity groups was 3.22 per 100,000 - 3 points lower
so, because the "vaccinated" groups had a much higher proportion of the "low stillbirth rate" ethnic groups (by 25%), that is enough of a confounder to account for the all the difference (0.46 per 100,000) between the groups. src: assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/upl…
notably the report has also stopped publishing data for births - presumably because the drop in births is so dramatic between before and after the vaccine rollout. a significant 13% drop (p=0.004, i.e. the probability that this is a chance finding is 4 in 1000)@ichudov
this table has not been updated since october 2022 - 4 months ago why? why can we not access the raw data behind this report? and why did you not update this table to october 2022? something to hide?@ons @sarahcaul_ons
the @ons and @ukhsa has deliberately obfuscated and conflated data. they refuse to allow you access to all the data that you paid for and instead allow conflicted authors like @vnafilyan and @kamleshkhunti to publish unverifiable papers using your data.
here's the question: if your vaccine is so good, why are you not allowing the public access to the data that is behind the reports? the govt tell us "if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear" well, it's your turn @ukhsa. hand it over. openrightsgroup.org/blog/respondin…
poll: for those who have got through to the end of this thread should a public inquiry into the role of the ons and ukhsa in the selective publishing of covid data be instituted, with criminal prosecution for #malfeasance for any wrongdoing uncovered?
nb typo in this tweet: should be per 1000, not per 100,000https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1624317498865905664
note all the stillbirth rates in the posts should be per 1000 live births. apologies for typos
@iancopeland5 is acting for the us dept of defense performing this role. they set him up with a shell genomics company to frame him as an authority. the implications of this are profound.... the tweet ignoring responses and mocking dissenters is irrelevant https://twitter.com/iancopeland5/status/1623827752355868675
under normal circumstances a "free" society relies on the judiciary to act in the public's interest to protect from tyrannical governments. but the judiciary is captured, just like in nazi germany. so the last stop is the military. who are they working for?
now you have your answer. the military are the only entity who have the resources to force the rollout of the failed gene therapy vaccines and support the fraud needed to sell it, such as #blotgate it's the same in the uk dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1…
and australiatheguardian.com/australia-news…
these military entities, by funding and supplying covert propaganda units, are no longer acting in the interests of #wethepeople they are acting in their own interests. which means the people have no recourse to fair representation. that has profound implications...
and that is why ian copeland is important. not his sarcastic and baseless tweets but the fact that copeland has exposed one glaring and undeniable truth: the army have abandoned the people. think about that.
harold shipman is dancing on alexander fleming's grave. all they needed was #3tablets antibiotics and standard post-viral pneumonia care. instead, uk gps were told to euthanise them - care of @nicecomms death protocol why did you delete this document?https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1623140333390561281
@nicecomms damning#ng163 was released in april 2020 telling gps to administer these 3 euthanising drugs to the elderly, instead of admitting them to hospital or giving $1 work of antibiotics midazolam haloperidol levomeprozine guess what they did
damning there was never a "pandemic of covid mortality" there was a pandemic of harold shipman. #3tablets#gerigate#iatrocide
if you're a gp who was working under this guidance, and you object to this series of tweet threads please feel free to comment. this must never be allowed to happen again and your testimony could stop it. but there is only a small window to come forward. @maajidnawaz
poll: should @nicecomms be criminally prosecuted for publishing #ng163 resulting in the unecessary premature deaths of thousands of people "for the greater good"?web.archive.org/web/2020040905…
h/t @the_coopertron and @hicksyalex and many others for your tireless efforts in bringing this information to light
h/t @joecanti for the reminder that nice were the same group that denied vitamin d to the elderly that could have saved lives. https://twitter.com/arkmedic/status/1448219849860136964
who wrote these guidelines @nicecomms? nobody.web.archive.org/web/2020052322… well, we're going to find out. @the_coopertron
"the hospitals were overwhelmed" was a lie. 18% *fewer* icu beds used in the "pandemic" year april 2020 - march 2021. #tiktok #gerigate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1624615586713190401
the #magicapp is a scam. it is seeded from one source and distributed as if it was created by doctors in your country. it was not. it was created by pharma invested entities. they know we know, and have just restricted access to the archived uk versions.
the #magicapp is supposed to be a "living guideline" but: -it has no authors. -it is rebadged for every country -it tells you not to give antibiotics -it is responsible for most of the #covid deaths around the world -nobody is liableapp.magicapp.org/#/guideline/49…
so who wrote it? who is responsible for telling gps that there was no treatment for covid, antibiotics don't work and you should euthanise old people rather than treat them? unitaid. these people. trialsitenews.com/a/the-case-of-…
and of course the usual suspects
and a pretence that the guideline has authors. it does not. it is ghost written. yet all these authors signed up to be listed as real authors of a guideline could not possible have written in time, and the same version distributed around the world.
these are the people behind the protocols. and... just like magic, your granny is denied the #3tablets she needs and instead is given euthanising drugs. because, the consensus said so, right? magicevidence.magicapp.org/about/
and just like magic... 7 employees of an organisation can manage the world's covid evidence base. stay home. don't take vitamin d. wear a mask. don't take any antibiotics. keep away from your family. get the experimental shots. magic. linkedin.com/company/magic-…
*they could not possibly have written in time
busted! 🧀🧀🧀 the @cdcgov data touted as "proof that the vaccines work" not only contains fractions of unvaccinated people - but the fractions are not randomly distributed. the data is 100% fake. synthetic. "fraud buster" #lactolizzy missed it. #fudgegate @tdbsubstack https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1625238766146457600
just to clarify what we are talking about this is the extract from the cdc's own export on which the @ourworldindata graph is based. it's not possible that the unvaccinated population is real. you can't have decimals and if they were estimates the decimals would be random.
and no, it isn't a glitch in the data export to csv. it's there in the cdc table on their own site#fudgegate data.cdc.gov/public-health-…
and before i am descended on by the government, dod and pharma shills... different age groups have different decimals. some are 0.85, some are 0.9... most are 0.05 not real. synthetic data. just like the johns hopkins dashboard.
and the people that are rolled out to tell you that the data is real and the #worstvaccinesever actually work are #cardboardmds and #cardboardphds there to play a role. nudge nudge. #poogate #fudgegate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1619908640919650304
more on this from @tdbsubstackhttps://twitter.com/tdbsubstack/status/1625078806900776961
very bad cheese 🧀🧀 do you now understand the mentality of the elites and #pushers who are running to justify the involuntary euthanasia of the elderly "for the common good". just like the authors of the common good ideology. #gerigate @johnincarlisle https://twitter.com/richardhanania/status/1624887133520695296
the "common good" ideology is hitler's. and mao's. and stalin's. and pot's. the idea of radical socialist philosophy is to sell you the utopia of "free healthcare" and remove the infirm. "you'll own nothing and be happy"cia.gov/library/abbott…
the scary thing is that these people don't even hide it. they believe (as clearly many doctors and judges now do) that your opinion is "stupid" and the correct opinion is theirs. that's why they are the elite. academyofideas.com/2020/09/greate…
so the next tweet will be a poll aiming to demonstrate this "greater good" eugenics philosophy. please send it to people you disagree with. let's see what they think. it didn't have to be this way. #3tablets
2-in-1 poll: do you support the covid vaccines and lockdowns and do you believe that it was morally acceptable to euthanise the elderly to protect the "greater population" in april 2020? #gerigate
whoa! processed cheese 🧀🧀! rudy jaenisch was the first to show reverse transciption (rt) of the spike mrna now he publishes a pre-print suggesting that "transfected mrna doesn't induce as much rt as viral infection" but... @kevin_mckernan @jesslovesmjk @rwmalonemd https://twitter.com/adhesionsorg/status/1625640658772848641
the conclusion from this paper is not what you think it is. it looks like it is telling you that the vaccine spike mrna doesn't reverse transcribe but it's not. they didn't use spike mrna or vaccine, or a virus. smart, eh?
the "virus" wasn't virus but a recombinant infectious clone, which can produce huge amounts of quasi-virus. so it's nothing like an actual viral infection, which produces low levels of viraemia (sometimes none).
and the "transfected rna" by comparison wasn't mrna vaccine (which is spike encoding). it was a nucleocapsid sequence. nothing to do with the vaccine at all. @maples46014332 @narfgb @fynnderella1
they even say this themselves - but it's buried at the end. "it's important to emphasize that the process of transfecting... differs from vaccine rna delivery and... the sequence we used differs from the vaccine sequence (nucleocapside versus spike)"
so why did jaenisch frame this preprint like this? i don't know, but i think the wording is just a reflection of the fact that no paper will be published that suggests any danger of the mrna therapies. this is what happens to you if you try. arkmedic.substack.com/p/welcome-to-g…
and for reference i'll tag the preprint in this thread so that rudy j (who i respect highly) gets a notification that i've written about it. he is welcome to correct me.biorxiv.org/content/10.110…
should get the message 😉🧀😂
damn - how did i miss this? what rudy is telling the world in this paper is that transfection with multiple copies of spike rna (via infectious clone, but it doesn't matter) (1) induces line-1(2) induces reverse transcription@kevin_mckernan @daoyu15biorxiv.org/content/10.110…
the quantity of spike mrna in the covid mrna gene therapy vaccines more resembles the infectious clone transfection used in the study, than n-gene transfection. rudy is telling you that this mrna spike transfection is bad. he's been telling you for 2 years.
for comparison, most low grade infections are associated with a blood vrna level of less than 6000 copies/mlpubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34374761/
this is 1000x fold lower than the levels produced by infectious clonespubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32289263/
and remember also that (1) vaccination doesn't protect against infection - so the amount of vrna is additive(2) there is a lot of vrna after vaccination - a helluva lot. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1611465508616036353
so read this paper again, and read between the lines. tldr: the vaccine mrna is reverse transcribed into dna in your cells - not least because of the quantity flooding your cells. the virus can not, to any significant extent. the paper shows it.
and yeah, it's a scandal. so it needs a name. #rtgate
😂😂😂😂😂😂 you don't even know what you're posting. this chart is infamous and shows the spike in deaths in the "unvaccinated" from the vaccine rollout! did you burst out of your cardboard box for this???? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣#cardboardphd #captcantcope .@iancopeland5 https://twitter.com/iancopeland5/status/1626661096609259520
for context this was the tweet that prompted the nudge to #captcantcope (working for the dod whose role is to silence dissent, not to protect the us population). he was told to reply so he did, and now embarrassed his co with his incompetence. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1626555939196387328
can i use the picture of the day status tag more than once in a day? haha yes i can! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂#cardboardphdhttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1626710072419303424
and the final irony is that #captcantcope's chart confirms the data i posted - a week ago - to his crappy challenge tweet. the lines cross once the "newly vaccinated-miscategorised" effect wanes. he cuts it off where it gets embarrassing. this is a majestic self own 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦
in 2015 @globalbiosec published real data in the bmj showing masks don't work. in 2014 she published a paper showing mers outbreaks were not natural. now raina works on behalf of the government pushing useless "covid" measures. what happened raina?news.com.au/lifestyle/heal…
mers outbreaks are not natural (aka they are created by the military-industrial complex) macintyre 2014pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32288979/
cloth masks and surgical masks don't work in routine use by healthcare workers. macintyre bmj 2015pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25903751/
whoa! this is an eye opener. i think we answered our own question. @fynnderella1 @charlesrixey @blacktomthepyr8 @the_coopertron @carl_jurassic @feeredfern
(1) without this data the @ons can show anything they want that favours the message they have been told to put out. (2) with this data we will be able to show where deaths have been shifted between groups, to achieve (1)#onsgate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1628114988346011648
the data should also include nhs number so that the public can independently verify that the data that is being held on them is correct. this will be harder to arrange because there will be a claim of confidentiality issues. this can be fixed with an algorithm and 2fa
for instance for nhs number "269162576" in the data presented to the public this could appear as "exw372". anybody wishing to access their own record to verify it can go through a 2-factor authentication process to access their "public" number.
there are ways that this can be done whilst maintaining both confidentiality and public verification of the data. this is necessary because all trust has been lost in public institutions. they lie, massage data and propagandise. it has to stop.
whoa! expensive cheese 🧀🧀🧀 edward holmes, who refuses to release his emails to the public showing that he did or did not conspire to suppress the origins of #covid was awarded a whopping $4m government grant. your money, but don't ask questions.
you can't make this stuff up. "a metagenomics platform to prevent future pandemics" to the guy who is intricately affiliated with #ecohealth. your money. don't ask. nhmrc.gov.au/sites/default/…
edward holmes absolutely knew that the viral sequence (whether it exists as a virus or infectious clone) was man-made. if he didn't, yet we did, why is he worth a $4m nhmrc grant? you can't have it both ways #fasteddiehttps://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1595226572822564864
now - who else happens to be on the list of recipients for huge multi-million dollar government grants (for good behaviour) our new friend @globalbiosec $2.4m to study masks. really? not a conflict of interest?
raina macintyre suddenly switched to a pro-government lockdown & mask policy during covid and has been handsomely rewarded. well done raina. $2.4m is a lot of reward for a little propaganda nudge#doyouseeityethttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1627851786144071680?s=20
here is the full document archived here but check back later to see if it has been removed, as the two previous archives have beenweb.archive.org/web/2023022122…
how did universities who stopped admitting students from china - one of their biggest money spinners - increase their surpluses during covid? i think we know now. archive.is/s174t
the australian branch of the #muttoncrew enabled by @benfordham who thought it would be a great idea to do an interview with "cookerwatch" a far-left twitter account. just to show how inclusive he is eh? remember ben fordham enabled masks and vaccine mandates. https://twitter.com/jallsopp84/status/1628595004255125504
here he is. "cookerwatch" has a follows list full of far-left, vitriolic hate accounts. @benfordham and @2gb873 were the driving force behind vaccine mandates in australia. if you were injured as a result of a covid vaccine mandate, this is why2gb.com/cooker-watch-m…
in fact 2gb were so focused on making sure the population were forced to have an investigational gene therapy - that appears to be behind a 20% risk in mortality - other presenters went on vaccine rants. @jimwilsonmedia was another, now he's gone. dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/arti…
jim wilson famously tried to destroy the life of an airport taxi driver who was falsely portrayed as having "spread covid" because he was "unvaccinated". it was a heinous act. the story is now almost impossible to find.
here is wilson simping for the health minister and demanding people "get vaccinated". he had no idea what he was calling for, and is not a doctor. disgracefulhealth.gov.au/ministers/the-…
and this is the poor guy whose life @2gb873 tried to ruin. now we find that the lead presenter @benfordham is in cahoots with a far-left pro-pharma propaganda unit. everything becomes clear. dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9…
last week ben fordham was crying about anonymous trolls on his social media. at the same time enabling anonymous extremist left-wing twitter accounts. the hypocrisy is astounding.
this is the kind of story that is created to make anybody criticising #bigpharma look crazy. they are often planted to a movement in order to discredit it. then the media can deflect itself from criticism and go on ruining thousands of lives. news.com.au/finance/busine…
holy bat cheese. 🧀🧀🧀 the #chatgpt confirms that #fasteddie edward holmes and the university of sydney conspired to cover up an article referencing the prra epitope of the #modernagate furin cleavage site - in 2018. hold onto your hats!
the doi referenced by the #chatgpt does not exist. how so? the chatbot is sure is exists. it knows everything. this is the doi search:duckduckgo.com/?q=doi%3a%2f%2… it goes to another paper altogether
the chat bot confuses itself and repeats the same doi
so there must be another link. where does it resolve to? a nature paper? ok well this should be easy.
here's that link. try it. nature.com/articles/s4142… "page not found"
the chat bot gets further confused and redirects to another unrelated paper.
no, i just want the holmes 2018 article. where is it? now it gets interesting. "no longer available"? a journal article? it doesn't work like that, retracted articles are marked up as retracted but must stay on the record.
now there is a retraction notice because of "issues with the data presented" but the retraction notice is the same dead link at @naturemedicine the access token link is also dead. how can a retraction notice have been scrubbed?
but the chat bot provides the text that they have seen in the retraction notice (presumably from a cache) "an investigation was conducted by the university of sydney and subsequently the authors were unable to provide raw data for the analysis presented in the paper"
no further information, but we know from a previous request that the chat bot directed our mouse informant to this paper (which no longer exists). the chat bot doesn't like the next question
so #chatgpt confirms that a paper existed in 2018 published by #fasteddie holmes and was retracted, yet no record exists of this paper anywhere. not pubmed, not google, not duckduckgo. but a paper that did not exist prompted an investigation by @sydney_uni
it's clear from the title that this is a vitally important paper to the origins of the "pandemic"... "spike cleavage fusion peptide motifs" just like the #ek1c4 paper from zengli shi, was this a peptide inhibitor developed in advance?@charlesrixeyncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pmc/artic…
if this turns out to be true (which seems highly likely) then there are senior people at the university of sydney who are covering up for edward holmes and are powerful enough to have that paper scrubbed off the internet. wow. cui bono?#eddiegate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1628156883487047683
update: thank you to all the #mousearmy helpers showing us the fabricated references that the #chatgpt makes up (but based on something).... which begs a deeper question. where is the chatgpt getting information from, that is not available in the public domain?
i wonder how many of these studies were generating viruses under the cover of "discovered" viruses? the supervising author of the marmota paper (where the doi redirects) is #fasteddie's co-author, while he was affiliated with ccp insitutes.
the more you dig into #fasteddie's papers the worse it looks. holmes appears to have identified more "new bat viruses" than anyone on earth. apart from the ccp colleagues he has been "discovering" them with. sciencedirect.com/science/articl…
holmes has produced over 100 papers just in the 3 year period 2017-2019. about 40 a year. how? many of them are on "new virus discoveries" in collaboration with ccp-affiliated universities. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=holmes%2…
and i'd have to say, the last person i would want involved in tick-borne disease research is this guy. francisella and rickettsia. potential vector for viruses and infectious viral-like clones. great.
"they wouldn't do that would they?" this replicating intracellular bacterium would be indistinguishable from "covid" on a 2-gene pcr test. vaccine or virus?nature.com/articles/s4154…@charlesrixey @carl_jurassic @jjcouey
scratch that. 3 gene test. this vector could produce the same symptoms and the same covid pcr test result as "covid" now... just need to get it into the population and massage the live reporting and pandemic!!! [note the codon optimisation is not declared in the paper]
.@doctor_oxford uses her social media platform to push vexatious complaints against another doctor, due to her undeclared vested interests. this is absolutely against @gmc_uk rules. gmc-uk.org/ethical-guidan… https://twitter.com/doctor_oxford/status/1629176519280017413
@doctor_oxford must realise that any member of the public can now file a complaint against her for acting with impropriety and disrespect on social media, undermining the public's trust in doctors. she presumably doesn't realise she has done this.
many of these narcissistic doctors have no idea that their pushing of a failed gene therapy vaccine, which has caused so much damage, is further undermining the public's trust in doctors. look at this poll resulthttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1628353049768103937
they live in an echo chamber and don't understand that the public disparaging of those who are willing to speak out against the #bigpharma machine (like @draseemmalhotra) undermines the public's confidence in doctors and is against @gmcuk rules.
if you feel strongly about this you may file a complaint about this public attack on dr malhotra by @doctor_oxford and others here. any member of the public can file a complaint, even anonymously. gmc-uk.org/concerns/
personally i don't believe the regulator complaints system should be used for social media opinion posts, but @doctor_oxford is abusing the system by including the @gmcuk in multiple tweets against dr malhotra for personal gain. she may end up taking some of her own medicine.
if @doctor_oxford wants to express her views about this she is welcome to reply to this thread and we can explore whether she knows enough about the subject matter to express such dogmatic and vexatious views against another medical professional.
cheesy debunk 🧀🧀🧀... huge red flags over this #pregnancy and #miscarriage paper, which is absolute junk. we're going to dive in and show you why this should never have been published and anybody associated with it will be forever tainted. academic.oup.com/humrep/advance… https://twitter.com/drmike_rimmer/status/1628165788233351169
here's the first red flag. redacted tables. i have never seen this in more than 20 years reviewing papers. this is from the actual pdf on the hum reprod page for the paper. web.archive.org/web/2023022600…
now we're going to have to assume (because the titles are redacted🤦‍♀️) that the first forest plot shows the #miscarriage rate in each study. the bigger the square the more the weighting in the study - generally more for bigger studies. the two largest raise a massive red flag
the kachikis study has a #miscarriage rate of only 0.7% and the kharbanda study has a miscarriage rate of 12.5%. both given similar weightings. how is this possible? well, let's look at the included kachikis study.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
the answer is there you just have to understand the wording. 49/6244 = 0.78%. but this is just the women that reported a miscarrriage "at the time of their second dose". and the trimester of vaccination (hugely important) is not stated.
the kachikis paper should not have been included because it was not looking prospectively for miscarriage. it was merely reporting short term events in a narrow time window, of women who were pregnant many of whom would have already passed their first trimester.
the authors were also double-dipping, taking fees from pfizer and the nich this paper was completely inappropriate for this meta-analysis. massive fail - showing that the authors had no idea what they were doing here.
worse, the 0.7% miscarriage rate is impossible - unless you are including women who were in advanced weeks of pregnancy. once you get past 14 weeks, miscarriage rates fall to this level. this is what the kachikis study did - ignored the group of interest (first trimester)
the baseline miscarriage rate in a normal population (after diagnosis by ultrasound) is well established at 5-6% (naert et al). #bigpharma will have you believe it is up to 25%. it's not. arkmedic.substack.com/p/the-curious-…
irrespective of whether you agree with the baseline rate the fact that there is such a discrepancy between kachikis and kharbanda, yet they were given similar weighting, shows that these authors were not competent to write this meta-analysis. and look at magnus and moro - >20%
now let's look a bit more at the 2021 magnus study. this is actually a case-control study so shouldn't have been used in this context (overestimates the rate). it wasn't even a study but was a letter to the discredited #lancetgate @nejm who published it.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
the 2022 magnus follow-up study is of some interest and underpins a previous meta-analysis touted by @vikilovesfacs who doesn't understand the role of confounders in clinical trials. it was quoted but not used in this analysis ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
interestingly the 2022 magnus study, using the same pregnancy registry, does not include data on miscarriage to confirm or refute the 2021 study. that study was massively confounded - the authors even wrote about it separately.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
so the magnus group(1) failed to follow up on miscarriage rates(2) published a study showing "no impact" on stillbirth rates despite knowing that the study was confounded by smoking and low ses(3) have a delusional bias towards the vaccines' efficacy (now known to be negative)
finally we come to the last major weighted study in this ridiculous "meta-analysis". the kharbanda study 2021. here it is. another case-control study rather than a cohort study which is what is needed (otherwise the denominator is unknown)pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34495304/
there are big red flags on this study. the first is the overall calculated miscarriage rate. it's super low, consistent with naert et al. 264,104 registered pregnancies 13,160 miscarriages ▶▶ 5% miscarriage rate. this is a huge finding....
...because this is supposed to be a major us emr database. kharbanda threw pfizer, moderna and the cdc under the bus. if the baseline miscarriage should be 5% then why did the @cdcgov say that their post-vaccine miscarriage rate of 14% was ok?igorchudov.substack.com/p/cdc-data-mod…
or is it possible that the kharbanda data is "too good to be true"? well who was the supervising author? one healther s lipkind. the dsmb members were literally pfizer employees.
the fact that pfizer paid the dsmb members is a travesty revealed recently under deposition of kathryn by @aaronsirisg the dsmb should be completely independent - but it wasn't. thehighwire.com/videos/the-dep…
so what about elyse kharbanda? she's been very busy - 50 papers in 4 years. niaid grant awards. fauci's organisation. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=kharband…
she is also a bigwig for the cdc's vaccine safety datalink. so this dataset should be publicly available, but it's not. therefore we must assume it's synthetic. cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/…
because there were only 7 authors on this paper with over 200,000 pregnancy records. data collection finished june 28. paper submitted, reviewed, revised and accepted aug 26. it usually takes about 6 weeks to review, revise and accept a paper.
if you're expecting me to believe that a small group of authors working full time had time to write a paper on 200,000+ pregnancy records in two weeks, i'm going to say one word to you. #lancetgate
it's not possible to publish this paper with these authors so i'm going to go out on a limb and tell you how i think the kharbanda study came about. i think it was ghost written, just like the desai #lancetgate papers. and based on synthetic data.
that would explain how the miscarriage rate was so low (normally low). because the ai that synthesised the data generated it from the existing emr data that was available. i don't believe that lipkind and kharbanda analysed this data. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1608768003684061184
they are welcome to prove me wrong. submit the data to the public domain. then we'll ask you some questions about how you analysed it. let's see what happens.#lancetgate #pregnagate
addendum: this gets a little dark. if elyse kharbanda wrote this paper, why is gabriela vazquez-benitez's name on the supplementary pdf that was submitted to the journal after the acceptance date? and why does she have a profile on deepai.org?
and more on the pfizer conflicts of the dsmb here:uncoverdc.com/2022/04/13/pfi…@chrismartenson @maryannedemasi @sonia_elijah
update: thank you to an intrepid anonymouse for pointing out that alisa kachikis's huge conflicts of interest also turned up in this article about covid deaths (fortuitous or intentional) of pregnant women follow the link to the highlighted section.thewayout.substack.com/p/the-war-on-l…
bear in mind that all the papers in this thread have been reused for other "meta-analyses" to attempt to underpin the false claim of safety of the mrna investigational therapies in #pregnancy. please share the thread in response to any such posts that you see#pregnagate
update: i should clarify that the miscarriage rate in kharbanda is impossible to reliably ascertain from the available data. the 5% rate was deduced from the published tables but these include pregnancies counted more than once.... https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1629675987700187137?s=20
in addition the cohort is not prospective so includes women of different gestations. 42% of the cohort were 14+ weeks who have a less than 1% risk of miscarriage. this produces a huge skew the 5% estimator therefore stands, unless elyse kharbanda wishes to publish the raw data.
have your say 👇👇👇 yesterday i put out a very important tweet thread with exclusive information on #pregnancy. this was the thread. i need your feedback! this will take just a few seconds of your time. the polls are only open for 1 day.https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1629675760142405632
this is a #mousesurvey in 4 parts. please answer all 4 questions if applicable. q1 did you see this thread (i.e. the first "cheesy debunk" tweet with the cheese emojis🧀🧀🧀) on your timeline or in your mentions?
q2. if you saw the thread do you remember retweeting the first (cheesy) tweet?
q3. if you saw the thread but *didn't* retweet the first (cheesy) tweet - can you say why? [if this reminds you to retweet, please answer as if you haven't rt'd already]
q4. combo question - do you follow this account and did you (if you remember) retweet the cheesy tweet - specifically the first one in the thread?
thank you for your feedback. check back in tomorrow for results. apologies to those who already answered, twitter broke q1 so i have had to repost the whole thread!
what i've discovered over the last 3 years of this long con is that when i reveal something that is confronting but true, the #muttoncrew trolls are rolled out in force. this is the second intensivist that is upset that they don't understand baseline miscarriage rates https://twitter.com/dr_jon_l/status/1630715062985043969
so, here's a question for you #midazolamjohnny when zauche presented this chart on behalf of the cdc was she misrepresenting the data, as you seem to think? [src: page 32: cdc.gov/vaccines/acip/…]
the pregnancy data is not only made more complicated than it needs to be, but has been thoroughly misrepresented. more on this here with references to the recent work by @sonia_elijah @maryannedemasi and @jathorpmfmarkmedic.substack.com/p/the-miscarri…
intensivist @dr_jon_l (aka #midazolamjohnny) has been sent to "debunk" me presumably by his affiliates including david gorski. i'll make sure i listen to him, because he definitely has his finger on the pulse 🤦🤦🤦https://twitter.com/dr_jon_l/status/1575860934668873728
new cheese 🧀🧀🧀 for those enquiring about whether hospital episode statistics confirm an increase in miscarriages... the data is early. nhs data only goes up to march 2022. it's massively confounded but read on. here is "bleeding in early pregnancy" (o20) 7-sigma increase
nhs episode statistics 2017-2022: "ectopic pregnancy" icd code o00. 7 sigma increase.
nhs episode statistic 2017-2022: "maternal care for fetal problems" icd code o36.4.7 sigma increase there are others, e.g. diabetes (7.1 sigma increase)
but there are two codes which behave very oddly, that based on the other codes you would expect a rise but are either the same or lower number of episodes. there is an explanation so hold on... here is "spontaneous abortion" aka miscarriage.
the miscarriages are higher than the previous year (when there were more pregnancies) but lower than the previous years. what's going on? why did miscarriages fall so dramatically in 2020?
the clue lies in o04 - complications of induced abortion. these *halved* suddenly in 2020. why? in 2020, the same nhs who told you to stay at home if you had pneumonia also told you to keep out of the hospital for your abortion.
where abortion care moved to the community it did not generate a hospital episode, so the number of hospital episodes went down. the same with miscarriages. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33893642/
good luck getting the information on miscarriage numbers outside of hospital since 2020. conveniently the ons "do not hold this information"ons.gov.uk/aboutus/transp…
so all we can say is that under the likely same circumstances, hospital managed miscarriages are 5% up on the previous year, and we do not know how many were managed in the community. we can try and adjust for the drop in 2020 which would look a bit like this...
what we can say though is that many of the complications of #pregnancy that must be managed in hospital, such as ectopic pregnancy, have increases that are unprecedented (7-sigma). despite a drop in birth numbers. that's a massive safety signal.
and remember that most of the covid vaccinations given in pregnancy were in the 2nd-3rd trimester, where they don't influence miscarriage rates. a *doubling* of the miscarriage rate from 10% to 20% in 10% of pregnancies would give a graph that looked something like... yep.
and even without adjusting for community cases, if 5% of women received a covid vaccine in the first trimester and the miscarriage rate doubled from 5% to 10% you would get a 5% rise from the previous year's numbers. exactly the figure seen (see alt text for calculation)
source for the above all taken from nhs digital hospital admitted care activity:@clarecraigpath @joshg99 @martinneil9 @realjoelsmalley @ethicalskeptic @boriquagatodigital.nhs.uk/data-and-infor…
extracorporeal cheese 🧀🧀🧀#ecmogate did anaesthetists (intensivists) who openly declared their hatred for "antivaxxers" on social media send them on a pathway to death? this could be bigger than the #midazolam scandal. thread. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1631540817121935360
that was the damning table. but for background let's just wind back a bit.@caz_sampson is a self declared icu anaesthetist. in the uk, anaesthetists run the icus. in the us they tend to be called intensivists. notice caz's horns on her profile picture - we'll come back to it
caz is a associate of the #muttoncrew who follow @swaledalemutton and their affiliates whose job is to "counter disinformation". one of their techniques is to label people they don't like "antivaxxers" without defining that term. caz hates antivaxxers. archive.is/5vqvw
it's important to note that caz is not the only icu intensivist or anaesthetist who hates "antivaxxers". there are plenty of them around. they encourage this kind of fundamentalist hatred against this undefined group they label "antivaxxers"
so, just think about what would happen if someone, who has not taken the glorious opportunity to have pfizer's mrna gene therapy vaccine, would dare to turn up on caz's intensive care unit. would they receive a warm welcome? let's have a look at caz's profile pic again....
the overt horns symbolism is bizarre for an anaesthetist using her medical profile on social media. it seems to be saying something. what do horns symbolise? it's well-known. baphomet. symbol of satanists. nytimes.com/2018/11/22/art…
now, i'm not suggesting that caz sampson is a satanist but displaying this symbolism on your profile picture as a medical professional is a really bad look. it *looks* like you're a satanist. now we have to add some context and this gets very dark very quickly.
we get back to the original post in this thread. here we have a table from the uk icu data showing that in their study, there was a 57:43 ratio of unvaccinated:vaccinated people in the icu in early 2022. it suggests that vaccination was protective...
but we know this not to be true from the nsw icu data showing no unvaccinated covid icu patients for months. the higher number of unvaccinated in early 2022 was just a "catch up" anomaly arkmedic.substack.com/p/catch-me-if-…
irrespective, let's accept there were more unvaccinated on icu in the uk in early 2022. this data is now damning because it shows that the "fully vaccinated" (i.e. 2 dose, per the conditional licence approval) were exactly the same severity as the "unvaccinated"....
this excerpt excludes the recently boosted (who have a "healthy recently vaccinated" bias), so these groups are pretty comparable. the fio2 is the inspired oxygen concentration. if your lungs are failing you'll need more oxygen. the fio2 is the same in each group - 60%
so based on the icnar data (which caz kindly supplied) the vaccinated and unvaccinated have a similar profile of severity on admission to icu. that is, they are equally affected by covid "pneumonia" but what happens then?
well caz says that nearly 100% of the unvaccinated were put on ecmo. she quotes a solid reference that confirms her claim. overall, the rate of ecmo is about 15:1 in favour of the unvaccinated.england.nhs.uk/statistics/wp-…
caz's claim is that this is because the "vaccine" (which did not reduce infection risk and in which the only rct showed no benefit of severity or death) reduced the severity of disease. but these groups had the same fio2 on admission, so this is not possible.
therefore the only possibility that makes any logical sense is: a cascade of events happened on icu that resulted in the unvaccinated receiving ecmo (which is a 4 in 10 death sentence) 15 times more often than the vaccinatedhttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1631518277678792707?s=20
so who decided who should go on ecmo (with a 40% death rate) and who shouldn't? well, caz of course. and her "antivaxx" hating colleagues. imagine leaving your fate in the hands of people who post such symbolic profile pictures.
so, we have a group of doctors who hate "antivaxxers" who coincidentally decide that 15 times more "antivvaxxers" (aka the unvaccinated) should go on the highest risk pathway in modern medicine compared to the "vaccinated" even though their admission state was the same.
it's hard to fight bias. everybody has biases. but if you are an unvaccinated person who ends up on icu because nobody was prepared to give you the #3tablets you needed to prevent it... you have a 15:1 chance you will be put on the death pathway by people that hate you.
i'm sure that caz has a perfectly manicured explanation for this vindictive 15:1 ratio. expect @projecthalo and their buddies to troll this thread with them. expect caz to vehemently deny the symbolism of her profile picture.
but if you have an "unvaccinated" relative that died in an nhs icu of "covid" in 2021-2022, remember that you have the right to request the full medical records. once you have them, contact @pjhlaw who knows who to ask to review them.
refs: twitter profile:archive.is/ycnqf antivaxxer tweetsarchive.is/5vqvw following list archive.is/7rclt icnarc dataseticnarc.org/dataservices/a…
well it looks like the bravado has gone..@projecthalo affiliates hate having the light shone on them but love to crow about us. i think this is a bad look given the serious nature of #ecmogate. do we need a cqc investigation into uk icus? @cqcpressoffice
important psa: please do not post vitriol on the twitter pages of people involved with this investigation. an investigation has not been undertaken yet. this is an area of concern only. please be civil in any interactions. thank you.
update: @caz_sampson replies to the thread from behind a block. a tip. if you are digging yourself into a hole, stop digging. this is like harry putting his famous nazi uniform fancy dress picture as his profile pic and saying "it was just fancy dress wassup lol"
poll: following the #ecmogate scandal revealed earlier today, should the @cqcprof start an investigation into nhs intensive care units and social media accounts of intensivists to see if their bias against "antivaxxers" was linked to higher death rates?
if you missed it this is #ecmogate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1631623023106347009?t=9mycs4laalmo3ttjmsuxww&s=19
please archive any tweets from uk intensivists containing the "antivaxxer" slur asap use the search format antivaxxer from:twitter_name paste the tweet link into archive.is then paste the link here or on telegram on the t.me/micevmutton channel
the #gerigate and #ecmogate scandals just keep on coming. in 2020 there were 32,000 less cancers diagnosed in the uk than there should have been. instead of being investigated for suspected cancer, they were given #midazolam remember to clap. every thursday.
note there were 72,000 "covid" deaths in 2020 - about 0.1% of the population. the drop in cancers was about 10% therefore the covid deaths could not account for the drop in cancers, assuming they were independent.
data source is embedded in the graphic but in case you missed it digital.nhs.uk/data-and-infor…
now that we know that, while you were clapping, the nursing homes were administering midazolam, the hospitals were doing tiktok videos and the cancer centres went into hibernation. call me cynical, but is anybody going to be held responsible?inews.co.uk/news/coronavir…
just to reiterate, the 32,000 cancers went missing. the outbreak was in april. if they were merely postponed they would have shown up in may-july, so been recorded in 2020 figures. these people went missing. permanently #clapforthenhs #gerigate
.@kevinault my dms are open so just drop in there if you want to ask me questions. better than loitering around a private facebook group run by pharma for you to push their untested drugs onto pregnant women. did acip know you were doing this? and who tf is "jiffyleaks"?
@kevinault well it's going to be difficult to drop into my dms if you blocked me. oh well, you made your choice. you'll have to go back to that dodgy pharma-sponsored private facebook group and ask your buddies there.
was it something i said? it was, wasn't it? if you want to see the interactions between kevin ault and me follow the #acipkevin hashtag https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1630900483874521088?s=20
bwahahahaha what a typo. concentrate on the "job in hand" kevin! 😂😂😂😂
on the 14th feb 2021 .@drlukeevans promoted propaganda from the @rcobsgyn saying that there was no mechanism to induce infertility it was a lie and the data showing deposition of lnp in the ovaries was already available to the mhra luke evans should respond. i have questions. https://twitter.com/drlukeevans/status/1360899434880589825
#gerigate thedailybeagle.substack.com/p/midazolam-mu…
all this information was available to the government via the @mhragovuk at the time that statement was made. it was not available to the public until the damage was done. a 15% drop in uk birth rates shows the lie. the mechanism was known.arkmedic.substack.com/p/yes-mrna-vac…
in march 2020 my major concern was how to get hcq+azi+zn available to care homes. in march 2020 luke evans' major concern was how to implement "a good death" in care homes. see the difference? #gerigate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1632476810264072193?t=f7dnema2wqmdqajhuilrfg&s=19
i have returned the block. he will have to request an unblock now... which of course won't happen.
holy moly! 🧀🧀🧀 not only was .@healthgovau colluding with facebook in singapore to remove private groups of those injured by covid vaccines.. they spent 10 million dollars pushing the failed drugs to avoid scrutiny who provided the $10m?@rennick @senatorantic @mrobertsqld https://twitter.com/real_ggoswami/status/1632647397842259969
so the aus dept of health (of which the @tgagovau is a subsidiary and uses the same colour scheme in documents) lobbied twitter using the partner support portal to have accounts removed that were quoting the tga's own data.
this is a massive conflict of interests and raises huge concerns about abuse of power in public office. twitter accounts were raising legitamate concerns over the tga's conduct in approving the vaccines and then reporting on the deaths, which they suppressed.
use of government funds to promote propaganda in order to suppress criticism of misconduct in public office would not only be #malfeasance but standard corruption. ideas for new fois in the next tweets, or make your own (you should)@tonynikolic10
(1) provide all email requests to the twitter partner support portal from the department of health in relation to "vaccination" or "vaccines" for 1st jan 2021 to 1st march 2023. duplicates are not required. per act, names of executive level officers must not be redacted.
(2) provide a copy of all tweets requested for removal by the doh, and their accompanying removal request to twitter. the name of the requestor must not be redacted. if the requestor is a junior officer, the name of the senior officer under which they are acting must be provided
information for making requests can be found here. health.gov.au/about-us/corpo…
should the @healthgovau wish to make an application to remove my account from twitter for raising concern on misconduct in public office they should be aware that this account is a registered entity under another act. section 19 is of particular interest. legislation.gov.au/details/c2013a…
poll: was the use of government funds to advertise a product on behalf of pharma, whilst suppressing the reporting of genuine injuries from that product, enough to demand a criminal investigation into the dept of health (incl tga) now?@senatorrennick
breaking.... more analysis from @kevin_mckernan showing huge amounts of plasmid dna in the "it's just rna" gene therapy vaccines. no worries. there's no such thing as too many cycles remember @takethatct?anandamide.substack.com/p/pfizer-and-m…#plasmidgate
@kevin_mckernan @takethatct lay translation in 1 tweet: the plasmids that were used to produce the mrna "vaccine" are made of *dna* which can integrate into the genome. they are very high level contaminants in the vaccine, at high concentration. this is outside of any legal gmo directive. @double_christ
at what point will eric freed of the corrupted @nih realise that the authors he bullied into retracting a perfect paper were actually trying to warn people like him that it does the same in the prostate as it does in the ovaries and lymphocytes. oh wellarkmedic.substack.com/p/eric-freed-s…
a legal perspective on the gmo products marketed as "vaccines"researchgate.net/publication/36…
video version of this story with @jjcouey and @kevin_mckernantwitch.tv/videos/1759647…
i sincerely hope #batbumeddie - who has me blocked - has a good night's sleep. tomorrow is another day of testimony. i wonder if anyone, at any point, is going to ask his best buddy #wuhandom what he had to do with the cover up? https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1633646948657012736
in his own words. lucky those "right wing conspiracy theories" are so wrong. and laughing about an "effective bioweapon" - reminds me of #gerigate's matt hancock #wuhandom #fasteddie sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos
is #batbumeddie holmes going to stand up for his buddy #wuhandom or throw him under the bus?
breaking stinky cheese🧀🧀 🧀 an excellent analysis by @joshg99 and @openvaet of the missing local pcr tests in the pfizer "trial". just one really important bit of information to add... there were 207 missing local pcr tests (p<0.0001). @iambrookjackson @chrismartenson
this is the substack that is a must-read. the 207 number requires just one more step. it's really important.openvaet.substack.com/p/pfizerbionte…
every person who was symptomatic should have had a central test and a local test. the infamous pfizer "95% prevention of infection" was a farce. but how did they do it? the clue was here. it was a marker. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1535470923314528256
only the central tests were used in the @nejm paper and the submission to the @us_fda who approved the drug the very next day. as if they *knew* what the result of the trial was going to be.
but if the trial was genuine, there should have been no difference in the number of tests sent both to the central lab and to the local lab. bear in mind that if you had symptoms your central test was not to be used clinically. everybody should have had a local test...
but as is typical for people, not everybody does what they should. however, the vaccine and placebo arms both sent central tests in at the same rate, showing that they didn't behave that differently (p=non-significant)
yet there was a very significant (p=0.000055 probability of happening by chance) difference in the rates of local tests being recorded in the database for the vaccine arm in fact the vaccine arm reported local tests at a 13.3% lower rate
now you have to take that rate drop and apply it to the original number of participants that reported symptoms and sent in a central test, to adjust for the less-than-half testing rate. 1558*0.133 ==> 207 vaccine patients missing in the local testing group well, well...
by how many patients did pfizer claim to have seen a benefit in their trial? 162 vs 8, gave you a "95% reduction in pcr positive symptomatic disease. so 154 patients "benefited". or did they? there were up to 207 missing patients in this exact group.nejm.org/doi/full/10.10…
therefore every single patient who supposedly was saved from "covid" by the pfizer vaccine appears to have been accounted for by the number of patients not registered as having a local pcr test, even though the groups were testing centrally at the same rate.
and of course the central test results couldn't possibly have been "adjusted" could they? i mean, pfizer - who were performing them - didn't have any idea whose sample was whose... did they?#taggate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1618470281718423552
and just to confirm that there was in fact almost certainly no difference in infection rates between the groups... if you haven't read this great independent work from @phillyharper it's definitely worth a read (and a subscription).philharper.substack.com/p/a-public-ver…
so.. the question that should be being asked of pfizer is: "where are those 207 local pcr test results?"@aaronsirisg @barneslaw @barnes_law#taggate #pfizergate
e-dan cheese 🧀🧀#gerigate confirms that 55,000 elderly were involuntarily euthanised in care homes in the uk on the orders of @matthancock and @drlukeevans .... but there is one other place where we know the elderly died when they shouldn't have. victoria, australia. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1632892953051156481
here is the data. in july - august 2020 something happened in victoria, australia that did not happen in any other state. how? src:coronavirus.vic.gov.au/victorian-coro…data.nsw.gov.au/search/dataset…
how could there be a "second wave" in the state of victoria and no other state in australia? "lockdowns" didn't stop any other waves - in any case, victoria followed the ccp model because @danielandrewsmp mortgaged the state to the ccptheage.com.au/national/victo…
victoria was the only state to adopt the bgi genomics pcr testing kits supplied by "twiggy" forrest acting on behalf of the ccp.theguardian.com/australia-news…
these kits had up to a 3% false positive rate, and victoria was testing 10,000's of people a day. so there were hundreds of positive tests every day. health.gov.au/resources/publ…
remember that - because of the #magicapp if you tested positive for "scary covid™" you cannot have antibiotics for your "post viral pneumonia". if you don't test, you can have them - for "post viral pneumonia" (the same indication).#3tablets. https://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1604543666135367680
this was the result. victoria was essentially the only state in australia that had a "second wave" of covid and a "second wave" of deaths [src: covid19data.com.au/deaths]
so, something happened in victoria that didn't happen in any other state. and victoria was the only state to use the bgi genomics testing platform with a huge number of "covid" positives and the subsequent unnecessary deaths.
so the question is, who ordered the bgi testing, lockdowns and the resultant death wave in nursing homes in victoria?
here's your guy. dan andrews. the premier of victoria. every covid death in australia in q3 2020 (bar 4) occurred in victoria - 777 of them. under this guy's reign news.com.au/lifestyle/heal…
hospitals closed. elderly kept in "care" homes "for their safety". no access to hospitals for falls. no treatment for pneumonia. 777 deaths in 3 months. sound familiar?https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1624615586713190401
but don't worry dan. you have immunity from prosecution don't you? don't you? cuomo. hancock. evans. andrews. never forget. #gerigate #victoricide #midazolamhttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1633374795080544256
time to give a h/t to @killaudeepstate who is still suspended from twitter. he found the bgi analysis document without which we could not have made the connection back in august 2020 when we tried to warn people what was happening in victoria. and were censored. @elonmusk
#absgate this is a really bad look from .@karencutter4 who wrote what was was claimed to be an "independent actuarial report" regarding the huge post-covid vaccine death scandal affecting australia after denying she was acting on behalf of the government ... https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1635108097932038144
she then proceeded to use tga government propaganda as the sole source of denial that the covid vaccine program was in any way contributory to the huge spike in deaths. when it was pointed out *with evidence* that the tga had massively under-reported....
the need for acute medical care following the covid vaccination program i was blocked. all interactions had been polite. this was a block merely because she was being shown that she was reporting biased information that severely compromised her integrity.
this is the report from @actuariesinst. it's junk. and dangerous, because it completely ignores a very demonstrable cause of death in australia and is compromised by blind bias. @karencutter4 has shown that this institute is now corrupted. actuaries.digital/2023/03/06/alm…
it is no longer acceptable for institutes to claim "independence" and then promote propaganda from the very government body that is under scrutiny as its only source of information. it means that the @actuariesinst is now complicit in covering australia's death scandal.
the increase in deaths is now over 20,000 for 2022. this is a seven sigma increase. this should be a never event, yet the actuaries institute are hiding the cause.
conflicts do not have to result in immediate financial gain to be conflicts. in this case karen cutter and the actuaries institute were benefiting from the dubious honour of being quoted as a reference by the @absstats this leads to funding and kudos. not now.
now we can see that they are just another government mouthpiece and complicit in hiding the biggest death scandal in the country's history. given what we know now, cutter has also made the abs look suspicious. as i said, not a good look karen. arkmedic.substack.com/p/the-australi…
sliced cheese 🧀🧀🧀 the new #cutterincident - #cuttergate this one involves karen cutter, the author of a "independent" report into the huge death scandal in australia following the vaccine rollout. it wasn't independent at all. karen is another that hates "antivaxxers"
for reference here is the report. it is worth reading just so you can see the bias in it. it's an appallingly incompetent piece.actuaries.digital/2023/03/06/alm…
of course, karen doesn't mean "those" anti-vaxxers. no, she means the other ones. she obviously won't define what "conspiracy theory types" are. her hatred gets in the way.
karen loves a mask mandate too. you can see how relaxed karen is about "covid" she is one of those covid extremists who thinks that children should be forced to wear dirty masks. masking children is child abuse. she doesn't understand this data at all. https://twitter.com/karencutter4/status/1524927795721252864
the @actuariesinst - which coauthored the report - pretends to be an independent organisation. yet it took over $600,000 from the government in subsidies in 2020.actuaries.asn.au/library/annual…
and here we are with the @actuariesinst unironically advising the government on "climate change" and "rising sea levels" despite being a stone's throw from fort denison - which disproves the "rising sea levels" conspiracy theory outright. treasury.gov.au/sites/default/…
the actuaries institute are a typical corporate think tank with ridiculous climate change conspiracy policy documents but also have an unhealthy obsession with the cost of elderly care. hmmm. actuaries.logicaldoc.cloud/download-ticke…
so it's no surprise that karen fits in well although it is a surprise that her hatred of "anti-vaxxers" is endorsed by the @actuariesinst who would normally keep a low profile. the ironic thing is that, in the history of vaccines, karen's name is significant.
no, not the karen bit. the cutter bit. the #cutterincident is a dark time in vaccine history. (but not the only one). due to poor manufacturing qa, over 40,000 children were infected with live polio from the vaccines. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20481116/
there are multiple ironies in this. the first being that the very people who blithely approved the childrens' covid "vaccine" - which has zero proven efficacy - wrote books about it. paul offit literally profited off the vaccine misery of a past generation of children
the cdc tells us how important the cutter incident was such that lessons were learnt to make vaccines "safer than ever" after leaving 200+ children permanently paralysed and/or living in an iron lung.
this is from the cdc's "historical vaccine safety concerns" site. "the cutter incident... led to the creation of a better system of regulating vaccines" just one problem... (see the bottom of the graphic)cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/…
the very next year more polio disasters happened - despite reassurances of the "better system". the sv40 contamination. this is the contamination of the polio virus by a cancer-causing virus, sv40.
of course, all these problems are over now aren't they? especially as karen says so. karen relays what the tga says. karen has no published experience or knowledge of mrna. if you don't agree with her she will call you an "antivaxxer".
yet here we are today, 80 years from when the cdc said "trust us, we've cleaned up our act" - but their sister organisation the fda approved a vaccine for children that was known to cause deaths. that we now found is contaminated by plasmids.https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1635049951788142594
in the ultimate irony, those plasmids contain promoters from the very same sv40 oncovirus (cancer causing virus) that was supposed to have been eradicated from human use in 1963. and who found it? not the fda or tga. or the @actuariesinst kevin did. https://twitter.com/kevin_mckernan/status/1634774103407177731
@kevin_mckernan found those plasmids because he took the brave decision to sequence vials of covid mrna "vaccine" that an anonymous(e) source had sent after we put out the call. our #mousearmy are not "anti-vaxxers" (which is no longer an insult btw). we just want the truth.
those plasmids - and whatever else is in that rna soup - are being injected into children, young women and the elderly without a care. and after they have been injected into the whole country, the all-cause mortality skyrockets. yet it's a mystery?arkmedic.substack.com/p/the-australi…
it's not a mystery to us, who have been working with other phds, genomicists, physicians and data scientists to do the work for the last 3 years that the government karens didn't do. all they did was silence us. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1635118298508693507
so thanks, karen, for bringing out into the open the arrogance of the @actuariesinst and highlighting their conflicts. and giving me the opportunity to teach hundreds of thousands of people about the cutter incident. #cuttergate
and for other professionals who think it's ok to denigrate people with slurs such as "antivaxxer"and others that i won't repeat... it's your choice to do that. but expect to find a thread like this shining a spotlight on your hate.#cuttergate #absgate #plasmidgate
and just for the record, if there is any doubt about karen's bias you just have to look at her following list. wow. archive.is/6yyuw
oh wow. this nephrologist .@toshiakima - who has 2 first author papers in 10 years - thought it was a good idea to denigrate me from behind a block. usually i find these people have skeletons in their closet. #scav #cuttergate https://twitter.com/ayg011/status/1635313640399343616
@toshiakima someone needs to ask @toshiakima this question: "on what date in 2021 did you become aware that there was an association between the az vaccine and potentially fatal blood clots" satoshi might be in a little bit of trouble#dontpokethemouse
correction. his only paper in the last 10 years was 2004. the one from 2020 was a letter, which was not peer reviewed and accepted the day it was sent. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
when people who claim to be scientists and doctors suddenly start targeting me... i start looking into them. and i usually find that there is a pandora's box just needing to be opened. https://twitter.com/toshiakima/status/1556846116288987138
the problem with this tweet is that people died after it. it was known that the az vaccine was linked to fatal blood clots at the time this tweet was posted. the tweet has been archived. archive.is/ultza
whilst countries took the az vaccine off the market, satoshi akima - who is covid obsessed and wants you to be - was pushing it on healthy people. more than 10 people died in aus alone after his advice to push the az vaccine - and those are just the ones they admitted to
but this is not the scandal that dr satoshi akima is highlighting. the scandal is that he (and nsw health and the doh) knew of the clots and hid the information from the public. in march 2021 they changed their screening questions to include those about clots.
here's the cover-up. on the 25th march thanz released a statement declaring the az vaccine was safe (sort of). archive.is/srmz8
yet according to this document they had already released an updated guideline documenting the problem of clots on the 1st april 2021. it was kept quiet and is still hidden (i have a copy)archive.is/rtfgm
and john skerritt, who also knew about the problem, went onto the radio on @2gb873 to tell everybody that there was no clotting problem. people died. health.gov.au/news/therapeut…
but people didn't die just because of the az vaccine rollout. in fact the az vaccine was probably the safest one released. if you are aware of the clotting problem and so can treat it early. but the @healthgovau told nobody. no communication went out to aus doctors.
once thanz released their guidelines and publicised them (which didn't happen till at least may-june) the clotting problem was recognised and treated. in the meantime people died just because they didn't want to publicise the risk.
remember lisa shaw died in may 2021. this was in the uk. she did not die because of the vaccine alone. she died because the regulators hid the problem from the public and from treating doctors. theguardian.com/media/2021/aug…
so another scandal is uncovered by doctors and scientists who disparage "anti-vaxxers" without even defining terms. i'd really recommend deleting these tweets. it won't look good when people file complaints with the regulators.https://twitter.com/toshiakima/status/1432158625309413381#clotgate #cuttergate
the disparaging tweets that drew my attention to this scandal here...#clotgate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1635399072084561921
this is where it gets serious outside of twitter "spats". people died. there are people that took @toshiakima's and @2gb873's unsolicited and false medical advice, and died. dr akima's tweets will not look good if it were to go to a court. https://twitter.com/tonynikolic10/status/1635480595462762497
this gets interesting. now we find that the "paper" that akima published in 2020 had a "handler". david lillicrap. gene therapy officionado. editor of loads of #bigpharma conflicts. who even wrote it? cui bono?#clotgate https://twitter.com/feeredfern/status/1635534045416419329?s=20
.@ztkelly is the obstetrician affiliated with "project halo" - the un's propaganda arm obsessed with forcing mrna therapies on pregnant women despite the documented risks. brent lee and graham bottley coordinate the #muttoncrew who use tax payer money to suppress information… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@ztkelly dr kelly is obsessed by reporting doctors to the gmc if they are pushing back against the covid "vaccine" narrative. does she contravene gmc good medical practice with her disparaging of "anti-vaxxers" who are likely to be 1:5 of the archive.is/nww6x… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@ztkelly please continue to archive tweets of doctors and academics who abuse and disparage people on the basis of their medical choices. it contravenes most university and medical good practice guidelines. they are starting to delete them so please use archive.is
oh and watch out for the "we are just being sarcastic" commentary from lee and his buddies. it's clear from his "lads on tour" series that the whole group is linked. and the exposé of the 77th brigade's activities is no longer "conspiracy theory"dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1…
finally, please understand that lee has been recruited to enact damage control for the government's #matthancock #midazolam scandal. none of what they do is organic. who do you think told them to do this?https://twitter.com/brentleesdcic/status/1635253206216495105?s=20
reminder. @thelancet sold the world out on #lancetgate allowing the genocide of 50000 elderly in nursing homes in the uk. richard horton is the editor in chief. the same person who colluded with the gmc to remove andrew wakefield and then lie to the world as to what he did. https://twitter.com/profnfenton/status/1635719548916707329
to clarify, horton's "testimony" set up a false claim against wakefield who was then portrayed publicly as having committed fraud in publishing his paper on the destroyed lives of a case series of children after the mmr vaccine. wakefield simply asked for a pause on mmr...
and to give the vaccines separately as previously. this was terrible for the pharma industry so @thelancet made sure that the world thought the paper was fraudulent, even though it never was. the only claim against wakefield was...
that he didn't declare the fact that he was an expert witness for a legal firm taking on similar cases. this was not a cause for declaration at that time. many high profile doctors help in legal cases. it's normal. of course if you work for pharma that's fine.
for the record this is the bmj editorial. subsequently claiming fraud never raised or shown in the gmc enquirybmj.com/content/342/bm…
yet this is the whistleblower report to the contrarybmj.com/content/342/bm…
and wakefield's version is in his book goodreads.com/book/show/8217…
make your own mind up about who is right. but one thing that is definitely known is that richard horton published the fraudulent #surgisphere data in his journal that led to the removal of working protocols for covid that included #3tablets antibiotics.
and these protocols were adopted from those used in the treatment of sars in 2003 from which very few people died no lockdowns. no masks. antibiotics to treat pneumonia. a more lethal disease but less deaths any investigation into covid must now include horton and @thelancet
more on horton, goldacre and the links to the ccp herehttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1542451359206608896
for further clarity it should be noted that the bmj editorial here, which never lists the scientific claim of "fraud" (and which was never shown) is just a rehash of the extremist brian deer's obsession with wakefield. godlee fails to declare thisbmj.com/content/342/bm…
so an opportunity to clarify. @fgodlee did you collaborate with brian deer to write that editorial without declaring that vested collaboration, after you were already forced to declare competing interests at a later date?bmj.com/content/342/bm…
it didn't take long. the narcissistic brian deer thought he would stroll along to my timeline and spam his website. so i archived it and asked him just two questions about his conflicts. then i was blocked. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1635945629729030144
and.... such a bad look.
well, well, well... look at this. why on earth was brian deer in #samoa at the time that children were dying at an unprecedented rate after a measles vaccine delivery from unicef? unless he was sent by pharma. is he their "agent"?https://twitter.com/carl_jurassic/status/1636079865442041856?s=20
related #deergate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1636103708932210688
#deergate keeps giving. this is what he wrote after blocking me, so i didn't see it. this is an indicator of a person who lies at the drop of a hat, because this was not the charge that was being made. did you partially or wholly ghost write the @fgodlee manuscript?
heroic dave the icu consultant who only has unvaccinated on his icu is not telling you everything. such as the fact that @gloshospitals has a culture of suppressing voices and an appalling cqc rating. i wonder who wanted to speak out? and why? https://twitter.com/drfrocester/status/1469335594186727429
dave's icu hasn't been rated for nearly 8 years. i wonder if that is where the staff feared speaking out? i wonder if #ecmogate meant that unvaccinated people were treated differently and some staff didn't like it, but were told to shut up?
it does seem like the icu doctors are obsessed with a vaccine that *has no mechanism to prevent pneumonia* and if you don't take their vaccine they will preside over a worse outcome for you, including giving you 200mg of alfentanil in 24hr and other drugs https://twitter.com/drfrocester/status/1456668662744633349
and i wonder if mr trigg (if he indeed exists) knows that he didn't need to get to intensive care if he had just received #3tablets, an anti-inflammatory and some reasonable care. but hey, renal failure is nothing to these icu docs. gloucestershirelive.co.uk/news/glouceste…
cqc ratings here: cqc.org.uk/location/rte03
aaandd..... right on queue. this is not the action of people who believe they have acted in good faith and wish to learn how not to make mistakes again. this is the action of a narcissist who is never wrong. always dangerous in the field of medicine.
the "journalist" who changed the face of medicine. there were really only two people who provided evidence against andrew wakefield to the gmc. richard horton, who published fraudulent data in the #surgisphere scandal. and brian deer, a self-declared journalist... https://twitter.com/deerbrian/status/1635931325617020928
who failed to declared his conflicts of interest to the world even to this day. yet has been obsessed with andrew wakefield for the sole "crime" of not declaring his involvement as an expert witness for lawyers, which is a well recognised role of doctors.briandeer.com/about-us.htm
and now brian deer turns up on my timeline with his arrogance. no problem. just like the #muttoncrew you can get a clue as to where interest lie by looking at follows for pharma accounts. very predictable. so let's see what happens. i have a few questions.
archive of brian's "about us" pagearchive.is/wip/xreiy
and the @tdbsubstack dig on brian deer's conflicts of interests thedailybeagle.substack.com/p/a-rebuttal-t…
and.... the bravado fades quickly when we point out their undeclared conflicts of interest with pharma. you can keep your azov flag brian. we will not forget your collusion with richard horton.
whoa! what the hell was brian deer doing in samoa in dec 2019? kids were dying and the person they called was pharma's lap dog? the #samoa scandal will not go away. it gets fishier by the day has brian deer inadvertently pointed us as to where to look?briandeer.com/samoa-measles-…
once you put deer's behaviour together with what actually happened in samoa it looks very suspicious. was #samoa the trial run for the #covid vaccine pandemic scare?arkmedic.substack.com/p/the-killing-…
related thread on #deergate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1635822721639813120
archive of deer's samoa articlearchive.is/jayjf
worth adding @beck_sall's excellent article here. conservativewoman.co.uk/andrew-wakefie…
breaking cheeselets 🧀🧀🧀 this tweet is a lie and i'm going to post a new paper that shows it. viki male should not be allowed to post this kind of dangerous disinformation and should be sanctioned.#placentagate https://twitter.com/vikilovesfacs/status/1636508495695446017
viki doesn't actually quote studies showing the vaccine does not cross the placenta but a new study has just come out showing lipid nanoparticles crossing into the placenta and delivering active mrna. this is what luciferase expression in mouse placentas from lnp-mrna look like
and this is the paper. i have a feeling there will be pressure put on the authors to retract, by the pharma companies and their lobbyists. it's a bombshellpubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36789893/
this cannot be clearer. lipid nanoparticles (with mrna) can cross the placenta. no work was apparently done on this prior so there is no way that viki male's statement could have been true. did she lie, or did she not have the expertise to understand what she was saying?
none of this was new. there are plenty of papers showing the delivery of nanoparticles across the placenta. there is no excuse for this continued lie. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35912636/
the tweet has been archived. archive.is/jxgmr#placentagate
just to hammer the point home .@_heartofgrace_ burns viki with paper after paper showing proof of nanoparticles crossing the placenta. #placentagate is born https://twitter.com/_heartofgrace_/status/1636583156600979456
to clarify what is going on here, viki is now admitting that lnps (containing mrna) do get to the placenta *but don't cross into the fetus" this is total delusion. you would not detect a signal in fetal circulation this way. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1636709788431314944?t=bow69bjfgfeizql7_slldw&s=19
the fact that the lipid nanoparticles get to the placenta is huge. it means they have transferred across the uterine-placental barrier. this is thalidomide 2.
clarity:@vikilovesfacs is claiming that "it stays in the placenta even though i said it stays in the arm and it got to the placenta, from the arm" there are not enough palms to facepalm this with. archived: archive.is/evkdl@pjhlaw time to file? dms open.
@vikilovesfacs @pjhlaw more on the bombshell that is #placentagate here https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1636951692758634496
#placentagate has uncovered what appears to be a huge scandal in the publication of papers relating to covid vaccination in #pregnancy more herehttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1637222142885650435
more #placentagate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1637273646212448257
please understand how conflicts of interests work with doctors and academics. they are not direct payments. grants to the institution allow the academic to claim kudos and get on committees. it's power that drives them. not money.npr.org/sections/goats…
more tweets on the trevor bedford involvement with fauci and his role in removing the pradhan paper from the internet, resulting in the creation of a false pandemic that allowed the iatrogenic deaths of millions of people. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1635377229831233540
there are many more on this. the biggest question though, is why @robertkennedyjr told us that trevor bedford ghost wrote the #surgisphere #lancetgate papers that led to the deaths of so many people. @sonia_elijah #bedfordgate twitter.com/search?q=trvrb…
more cheese on #placentagate 🧀🧀🧀 .@vikilovesfacs is relying on the lack of fetal production of igm to claim that the magical lnp (that we now know gets to the placenta), doesn't get into the fetal circulation. but the fetus doesn't produce igm in any meaningful quantity... https://twitter.com/vikilovesfacs/status/1636645036904308740
this is fetal immunoglobulin production. the fetus (and baby when born) relies overwhelmingly on maternal igg transfer for the first 6 months of life. one of the major reasons to breast feed for at least 6 months!
igg crosses the placenta from the mother but igm doesn't, because it's a pentamer (so 5x the size) and not actively transported. of course, lnps remove most barriers to size-based transfer of drugs - as we are finding out. so even big molecules can go anywhere.
igm is only produced in the first few days after exposure to an antigen, so you would only expect igm in the fetus if it had just been exposed when the umbilical cord blood was taken. this was not the case in any of viki's quoted papers.
in fact the igm level even in the mothers is extremely low and difficult to detect. in the papers quoted, the mothers universally had minute quantities of igm detectable (100x less than igg) - or none. [nb the calculation of an "sd" from 1 data point here is suspect... 🤔]
likewise in viki's prime evidence paper (mithal et al, am j ob gyn 2021) the maternal igg is almost undetectable. no chance of detecting fetal igm under these circumstances. it's a total scam ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
even viki's beloved pfizer (how are those shares doing now mitsui?) didn't bother looking at igm levels in their infamous 44,000 participant study. these are all the antibody tests performed in that study. it's because igm is a completely unreliable measure in this situation
so it is entirely disingenuous to use the lack of an igm response in a fetus (that doesn't produce igm) to claim that the product doesn't cross the placenta, when we know now that the product gets into the placenta in bucketloads.
just like it's entirely disingenuous to claim that there is no impact on miscarriage rates now that we know the mrna-lnp "vaccine" gets into the placenta. and we also know that we were lied to about miscarriage rates.@jathorpmfmarkmedic.substack.com/p/a-miscarriag…
the take home here is that @vikilovesfacs has no concept of the damage that this product could be doing. everything is hunky dory, because pfizer said so and the people doing the studies are not looking for the evidence.
the paper that viki was discussing that showed "no luciferase signal in the fetus" was never going to show this. the placental signal is concentrated, and the fetus is circulating a low amount of vector throughout its blood supply. pcr would have shown it...
but what they did show was active mrna in the endothelial cells of the fetus. in fact they were cock-a-hoop about it. that was what they were trying to achieve - getting the placental circulation to expand
and, although viki male has no experience in clinical trials her phd was on the cellular biology of the placenta. she is an expert in placental biology. which suggests... she is [knowingly] downplaying this huge finding.
here is the original thread that #placentagate has come from. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1636577036998447105
and an important reminder that shows that the mrna-lnp complex is having an effect on the fetus was this paper from a few months ago showing the obliteration of fetal stem cells. this may well turn out to be a bigger scandal than #thalidomidehttps://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1591749473914740736
let's make it a bit more clear. this thread shows that viki male, ofer beharier, leena mithal and mary prahl published results that they knew did not show that the covid vaccine wasn't reachiing the fetus. their data was then used to lie to the public. #placentagate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1636951692758634496
paper 1. prahl. medrxiv. falsely presenting a story that mrna products weren't transferring across the placenta, using inappropriate igm serology in the fetus.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
paper 2. mithal. falsely presenting a story that mrna products weren't transferring across the placenta, using inappropriate igm serology in the fetus. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
paper 3. beharier. falsely presenting a story that mrna products weren't transferring across the placenta, using inappropriate igm serology in the fetus. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
more #placentagate 🧀🧀🧀 this could be one of the biggest scandals in medicine. check this out. what do you see?biorxiv.org/content/10.110…
can you see that there are fewer fetuses in all the treatment groups compared to saline? it's not dramatic, because the authors published that figure instead of the number of fetal losses. look what the pfizer bnt162b2 animal study showed:arkmedic.substack.com/p/the-miscarri…
in that study the fetal loss rate doubled (4.2% to 9.8%) but had little impact on the overall number of fetuses. this is how this information is hidden. that single slide should have been enough to prompt much more investigation, because it showed fewer fetuses in every group
but this is a different paper than the one viki male was (falsely) claiming to show a lack of effect on the fetus. that paper was by swingle at uni pennsylvania, here it is. note one of the authors is drew weissman pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36789893/
the one with the fetal losses slide is a preprint by rachel young at the dept of biomedical engineering (🤔) at glassboro, nj. yet also features drew weissman. no toxicity huh? biorxiv.org/content/10.110…
gotta say this looks like just a little bit of toxicity to me.
now, think about this. if you lose the fetus prior to implantation due to drug toxicity, are you going to see that drug in the fetus? especially if you decide not to analyse the non-viable ones.
so you exclude the lost fetuses due to drug toxicity and then produce a plate in your study that shows that the fetuses that managed to avoid toxicity were the ones with the lowest drug transfer. giving you viki's famous "the fetuses didn't glow" claim
and just for good measure, these two supposedly separate groups working on a separate paper have the same techniques and very similar looking plates. what are the odds?
and remember when they told you "it stays in the arm" and denied it goes to the ovary? you tell me whether they lied. look at the signal in the ovaries on a4 and b5. glowing. hot.
and if you thought that was dramatic, wait till you see the uterus. this is what a mouse uterus looks like. like a lucky horsehoe. look at the signal in a4 and b5. lucky it doesn't get to the fetus eh?
so i'm not saying that the "non-glowing fetuses" are fake, but i'd like to see the original slides. especially now that we just found out that the peer review process in these papers appears to be a little "mates club" of pharma advocates. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1637222142885650435?s=20
and the inclusion of drew weissman (and mohamad alameh) in both those supposedly unrelated papers... just a coincidencebu.edu/articles/2021/…
so i'll finish here. it does seem that #placentagate may be the tip of the iceberg in relation to the $cience around the safety of covid vaccines in pregnancy. there will be more, of that i'm sure. @chrismartenson @marchandsurgery @rwmalonemd @maryannedemasi @sonia_elijah
nb: the lnps referenced in these papers may be different from those in the mrna covid vaccines (we may never know), but they are all related compounds and designed for transfection of mirna and mrna. there is no reason to believe that the covid lnp are biorxiv.org/content/10.110…… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
added: https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1639402818707787776
added: https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1639036773853691904
added for reference:https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1639233314665164801
psa: i am planning to reduce the activity on this account. i'll explain why. thread
two days ago i released a bombshell tweet exposing the shenanigans that the pharma companies and academia play in order to suppress toxicity data related to novel therapies. this is the tweet, with the hashtag #placentagate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1637273646212448257
the #placentagate tweet was then completely suppressed by twitter in a new shadowbanning technique that rendered the tweet invisible even to people who tried to click on it. there was something special about this, so we dubbed it #placentagategate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1637721397240950784
the extent of suppression was intense and after about 24 hours (peak time for a tweet) the tweet "deletion" - affecting most countries - was removed and the tweet then flew, but only after a prompt. [thank you for those mice who responded to the call]https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1637772096091860994
the tweet eventually got 500k views and 1800 retweets, which is 0.4% as with every tweet (thread) of this sort the pro-pharma lobby sends in their minions (including the #muttoncrew trolls) who are easy enough to spot.
but this time, we had people who are not supposed to be affiliated with pharma, supposedly "our side" people trying to undermine the thread. this is in addition to the onslaught from twitter and the pharma trolls. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1638010712378445825
i actually respect being challenged and corrected, it makes us think. but i can spot detractors and this was a distraction (because it had no substance). criticism on the basis of strawman arguments is typical pharma troll behaviour. https://twitter.com/emily_burns_v/status/1637846673073352711
when i see distractions i call them out. this won't go down well with everyone. i am usually polite. but look who joins in. what john is saying here is: "hey, even if you're right about this really important thing, don't say anything because [unknown person] is on our side"
nobody pushes back so where does that leave me? fighting pharma, twitter, govt and "our team". and then if i catch them out, i need to shut up. john got only 14 likes for that post but more than the number of people that came out to voice their support - of 972 who saw it.
so therein lies the rub. how many people are prepared to stand up with us? well if you remember i did a poll thread a week or so ago. here it is https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1629946559860473856
i did this because i was conscious of the huge amount of work that people like myself, @charlesrixey, @fynnderella1, @_heartofgrace_ and many others (i can't possibly name them all) put in to bring out data and information that exposes the hypocrisy and lies about #covid
none of us ask for payment for this but it takes a huge amount of time. 20-40 hours a week. we also put ourselves at considerable risk. we have been doing this for 3 years.
the #pregnancy and #miscarriage tweet thread referred to above had 247,000 views and only 603 retweets. it took 4 hours of direct work (bringing together references, making images etc) on the day and months of preparatory work to put together. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1629675760142405632
yet only 10% of people read to the second tweet. this dwindled to about 3% for the end of the thread. the thread would have taken about 5 minutes to read. 90% of people couldn't be bothered. but it gets worse.
the poll was intended to see why readers didn't retweet, and overwhelmingly this was because they chose not to or rarely retweet. most people answering were followers
so the truth of the matter is that, however much work we (scientists, doctors, data analysts) put in, and however much those following complain about the terrible things that the biomedical fascista have imposed on us.... very few people care enough to do anything.
what i mean is, that despite all this work (hours, days, months) that we put in, over 99% of people don't care enough to retweet (10 seconds) or read more (1 - 5 minutes). no wonder they managed to achieve what they did. apathy.
we have been fighting a 3-year battle against a machine that has unlimited funds and unlimited resources. there are probably less than 50 people who are providing you scientific data to push back with. worldwide.
it is like running a marathon and finding that the crowd decided to go home because it was raining. the few remaining decide to throw eggs. and then, when nobody runs marathons any more the people that went home say "where did all the marathons go?"
and just to add insult to injury, at 20 miles your team mate trips you up on purpose. then john, your other team mate, says "don't sweat it jikster, we're all on the same side - dontyaknow?"
and while you're at home, watching the tv, you can ask yourself "where did that marathon running mouse go?" so i think i'll have a rest. and maybe i'll stay rested, and see how many people miss the marathon runners enough to get a little bit wet.
[knowingly]#placentagate @narfgb @doorlesscarppubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24604078/
@narfgb @doorlesscarp [knowingly] remember why they called it co-mirna-ty?pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25515214/
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 well, they sure fixed that loophole quickly!
before you ask, the papers above show that david male, viki's dad and co-author, knew that the mrna vaccines with their lipid nanoparticles would transfer to all tissues, including the placenta.#placentagate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1540540388905082880
holy shit. eddie holmes' right-hand man dominic dwyer just torched any chance he had at claiming innocence. #batbumeddie #wuhandom@tonynikolic10 @chrismartenson @senronjohnson @senatorrennick @daoyu15pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36646081/
reminder. "i guess if you want a biowarfare agent you're really wanting to kill people between 20-40 years of age [chuckles]... so it's actually a fairly lousy agent"#wuhandom sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos
reminder. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=dwyer%2c…https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1510044506229714944
please understand the significance of this paper. ecohealth (onehealth) have no people left to cover for them. they are stuck with one guy, who is now in it as deep as they are. that's why he had to go it alone. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36646081/
bingo...#batbumeddie#luckyeddie 👇👇👇👇👇👇
breaking 🧀🧀🧀: following the #placentagate revelations nhs scotland shows a sustained 25% rise in terminations since the covid vaccination rollout in pregnant women. htttps://scotland.shinyapps.io/phs-covid-wider-impact/@joshg99 @maryannedemasi
in the 50s when #thalidomide caused a generation of babies without limbs.... ultrasound was not available for assessing fetal anatomy. in 2023, congenital anomalies are screened for - a rise will result in an increase in terminations. this is real. arkmedic.substack.com/p/a-miscarriag…
more on this scottish data here from @scojwscottishunityedinburgh.substack.com/p/termination-…
corrected linkscotland.shinyapps.io/phs-covid-wide…
i'll say this again. they stopped making it for 2 years. influenza has been produced synthetically since 2002, to keep the failed influenza vaccine industry alive. the bigger question is how is it distributed? answer that and you answer "covid".@rwmalonemd@blacktomthepyr8 https://twitter.com/amy31129057/status/1640875582140596224
let's put this another way so we don't misunderstand.... after 20 years of highly engineered "flu vaccines" did the world have fewer deaths from respiratory viruses? or did the opposite happen?
i'm sure someone can explain how h1n1(pdm09) viruses can disappear from the face of the earth in 2021 and then reappear in 2022. and if this can happen "eradicating viruses via vaccination" must be a nonsense proposition.
re the "competition theory".... this does not look like "another virus out-competed flu" when there were just a handful cases of covid in the whole country health.gov.au/sites/default/…
just to prove that #tiffanydover is alive the infamous @brandyzadrozny "proves" it with an interview.... and some ai imaging of the "new" tiffany. meanwhile @chi_memorial wipes her from memory. ok you got me. 😂😂😂😂😂nbcnews.com/tech/misinform…
the good news is that now tiffany is "alive" she can face an investigation. think how many lives she destroyed with this elaborate hoax...arkmedic.substack.com/p/is-tiffany-d…
and remember that there is no interview here. you just have to believe nbc. yeah, ok.
the whole thing smacks of one big hoax that was intended to be used to quash any "anti vaccination" dissent. they continue in the same manner, with a stupid tiktok clip impossible to verify and a whiff of a video interview. cui bono?https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1645471752196354048?t=wkzakzywgvajoqhobedsyw&s=19
now the article has clips of an interview embedded. cool. i'm so happy tiffany is alive. it means that she can be rewarded for her efforts promoting the highly safe and effective mrna covid vaccines along with @chi_memorial who created this whole scenario.
and imagine how much contempt you must have for the half of the population that you knew would decline this therapy, in order to agree to go along with this hoax in order to create a fake bogeyman for propaganda purposes. the most contemptible nurse in history?
100% over the target.
just to recap. the fainting tiffany acted her faint as part of an elaborate hoax to disparage "anti-vaxxers". the disappearance was planned and @chi_memorial were paid hundreds of millions of dollars that year. it was all a hoaxarkmedic.substack.com/p/is-tiffany-d…
i'm so glad this video of @drsusanoliver1 was restored as it solidifies her role as part of the infamous #muttoncrew "disinformation agents" funded by the uk public without consent. and it explains her attack on professor clancy, who has 10x more papers than she does. thread 👇 https://twitter.com/drsusanoliver1/status/1645920011889033217
susan oliver is a nanoparticle scientist who has recently "retired" from the boyer lab at unsw. she has only a handful of papers on nanoparticles and has never participated in a clinical trial. she is the opposite of an expert in vaccine medicine. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=oliver%2…
yet one of her most recent papers was written with the ccp organisation the chinese academy of sciences. she never published with this group before and the two chinese authors have no publication history together. ghosts in the machine.pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32856653/
but a little digging gets to the crux of the matter. cyrille boyer has been publishing with the chinese academy using the same intermediary - li yang, whose affiliation was previously the boyer lab of @unsw but is now the ccp-linked chinese academy. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=yang+li+…
which reminds me exactly of an exactly similar situation with susan's "disinformation" buddy and fellow ccp and unsw affiliate #beijinggideon.https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1528678161818734597?s=20
so, has @drsusanoliver1 bitten off more than she can chew by attacking robert clancy, and inadvertently shone a spotlight on her ccp links? it seems that every "disinformation" agent in australia can be tied to #bigpharma or the #ccp. and @unsw are in the thick of it.
and now she has admitted to being part of the #muttoncrew that has been responsible for suppressing scientists who warned about the dangers of mrna vaccines... which is a foreign military operation. dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1…
so "dr" susan could be in quite a lot of trouble. not only is she potentially guilty of contravening the australian public interest disclosure act but this could spill over into treason. @tonynikolic10 @senatorrennick
and it is also possible that a single complaint, say from the most esteemed professor of immunology in australia, could land susan a significant investigation. imagine being on the receiving end of a criminal complaint from this guy?
and if, say, a dossier on the whole australian arm of the #muttoncrew - gideon m-k, kyle sheldrick and many others, had been collected over the last 2 years... well susan's restored video could implicate them all. wouldn't that be fun?@ckellyuap
more background on the uk "mutton crew" here...arkmedic.substack.com/p/viki-and-the…
can we possibly imagine, following the #placentagate revelations that the governments knew there was at least a doubling of miscarriages associated with covid vaccines, how many fetal losses this interview by @kallred1 caused. i dread to think.
and it looks like @bornecharity actually endorsed viki male running this propaganda campaign that resulted in untold numbers of dead babies.https://twitter.com/bornecharity/status/1368236583808360448?s=20
and @bornecharity should have known that @vikilovesfacs advice that these vaccines were safe at any stage in pregnancy was never valid. we have been here before. doubling of miscarriage risk with 28 days of receipt of influenza vaccine. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28917295/
and that is absolutely consistent with what the available data shows. viki male claims more than 300,000 pregnancies during covid vaccination. that is at least 15,000 miscarriages that never needed to happen.arkmedic.substack.com/p/a-miscarriag…
interesting they should think of this...pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35336074/
an odd story.... first outbreak in 1976. who is the independent order of odd fellows?en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1976_phil…
i'm sure they wouldn't mess with legionella. i mean they don't do that kind of stuff do they?nature.com/articles/natur…
viki male does not have access to this data, doesn't not understand the confounders in it and doesn't have the expertise to interpret it. in fact the data she quotes is from carefully selected biased cohorts, designed to scam you into ignoring the huge miscarriage safety signal https://twitter.com/vikilovesfacs/status/1647503675361832965
i have asked @vikilovesfacs multiple times for the raw (patient level) data behind this magical "360,000" that she quotes and she cannot produce it. it is therefore fake. it does not exist. viki male is making false claims.
here was the foi to the rcog which they declined, because they declared that they are not an official authority. no, i'm not kidding. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1608640835901620225?s=20
the miscarriage signal is clearly there but we are not allowed access to the cdc data or the rcog data. we just have to accept, after their advice resulted in 10,000s of miscarriages and more, that we have to believe their own unverifiable data. arkmedic.substack.com/p/a-miscarriag…
if viki objects to this mini-thread she is welcome to produce the patient-level data. aggregate data is not acceptable because it cannot be verified. it is a medical research standard that if you cannot produce your data at request, it is considered fraudulent.
at this point i am not accusing viki male, the rcog and the cdc of fraud. but these claims cannot continue to be made without this data, especially as we have been here before. the swine flu vaccine also caused a doubling of miscarriages. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1646440681626554368?s=20
*doesn't understand [great edit feature twitter thanks - not]
first tweet should read: "viki male does not have access to this data, doesn't understand the confounders in it and doesn't have the expertise to interpret it. in fact the data she quotes is from carefully selected biased cohorts, designed to scam you into ignoring the huge… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
holy corruption!!! 🧀🧀 this is a bombshell. eric freed of the moderna-affiliated @nih was sent to quash a very important paper showing how the mrna vaccines were carcinogenic. so an foi was put in for his emails. nih have them, but now refuse to release them.@aaronsirisg https://twitter.com/brokentruthtv/status/1647744346220003328
the back story is here. if you have taken any of these therapies and developed a p53 mediated cancer (pancreas, lymphoma, ovary, breast) subsequently you could have a major case against eric freed@barnes_law#nihgate arkmedic.substack.com/p/eric-freed-s…
@aaronsirisg @barnes_law @repthomasmassie @chrismartenson one purpose of these fois is to force the entity to disclose the amount of data they hold 490 pages. now nothing can be deleted because it must match that record.
and just because so few people read beyond the first paragraph here is the original story that this scandal relates to.#nihgate arkmedic.substack.com/p/welcome-to-g…
can any of the mrna pushers please provide me an immunologically sound rationale that explains why you can't have a bivalent "vaccine" until you have had a monovalent "vaccine"? i'll wait for the muttons to roll up with pretzels.... https://twitter.com/jamesokeefeiii/status/1648430904732418050
in case you weren't aware...publichealth.jhu.edu/bivalent-covid…
just to show how the fda manipulates you the original page showing that the bivalent was only authorised after a primary series has now been scrubbed. here's the archive archive.is/2022.11.26-072…
for those that like to miss the point... the fda approved the bivalent as a booster because there was no study in vaccine naive individuals to approve it on. yet they pulled a bait-and-switch and approved it for everyone. where is the randomised trial?
according to the doj autopsy that was published, the video in this series could not have happened. so why did they stage this shooting in this way? thread https://twitter.com/taylerusa/status/1346913549898149888
here is the doj archive specifying that ashley babbitt's death was due to a gunshot wound to the shoulder. there was no esophageal injury or neck injury. so why was blood coming out of her mouth and there was no blood on the wall or floor?archive.is/6s9tj
you can't die instantaneously from a gunshot wound to the shoulder, as depicted (cpr was being performed on the way out of the building). here's why. the lung and major vessels are not close enough. the lung is well away. the left subclavian artery....
which becomes the left brachial artery to the arm is indeed a major artery but this was not mentioned in the autopsy report as severed. in any case if it was two things would happen(1) there would be a lot of blood everywhere...
(2) in the absence of blood being released everywhere the area would quickly tamponade which is where blood collects in an enclosed space. this would have the effect of reducing blood loss. it doesn't cause immediate death as depicted. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35451270/
the original story was that babbitt was shot in the neck. this was to portray the fake scenario that she died instantaneously. it was a lie. so, what actually happened to ashley babbitt, who should have survived a hospital transfer?
people this age should survive such a trauma given the location of paramedics and local hospitals. this seems very much like the seth rich scenario. he similarly was reported to be alive (and well) in the hospital, then without explanation, died. listverse.com/2017/05/24/top…
so whatever happened to ashley babbitt, it wasn't what was portrayed in the video at the top of this thread.
this is how they nudge you into accepting repeated doses of multiple strains of mrna therapy after 20 years of priming you with a flu vaccine kabuki theatre that only ever served one purpose. to make money. the flu vaccine never had efficacy against flu or death from flu. https://twitter.com/us_fda/status/1648315666548641792
it didn't even help healthcare workers or aged care. influenza vaccine was a money laundering operation continued on the basis of "warm base manufacturing"community.cochrane.org/news/why-have-…
which means "we need to keep our vaccine factories running in case there is a pandemic, we can't suddenly produce vaccines otherwise" so the flu vaccines with their "annual strains" were born. smart eh?
and of course... there would be no pandemics without "dual use" research which is where labs make new viruses to test their "vaccines". and the fake "bat viruses in laos". money laundering and rico. the vaccine industry is a bad joke.
and the "fact checks" are ironically a great resource for finding out truths. you just have to ignore their bluster and check back to what they are trying to debunk.forbes.com/sites/brucelee…
why would a bottled water business report be interested in #covid? imagine that 80% of the bottled water industry was owned by 3 corporations. how easy or difficult would it be to contaminate the bottled water supply with, say, a coronavirus vector?researchandmarkets.com/reports/526594…
pls do not spam this thread with snake venom posts, you will find yourself blocked. if you want to discuss that stuff do it on your own timeline. this is about contaminating bottled water with pathogens, which has happened in the past, and corporate control of drinking water.
you all knew this about dasani didn't you? they take the local water (even in california), purify it to remove all minerals - making it essentially distilled water - and then add "minerals". where do the additives come from?
and why were the trumps' water bottles (blue lids) different from all the others around that table, including mike pence? is that what prompted the water bottle shuffle?
bet you haven't even heard of viatris have you? formed from the remnants of upjohn, who pfizer sacrified in 2009 following the record criminal fine for healthcare fraud (upjohn took the hit so pfizer could continue government contracts).@feeredfernfiercepharma.com/pharma/pfizer-…
@feeredfern so of these big 3 water companies producing "purified town water" nestle (purelife) and coca-cola (dasani) has additives. pepsico (aquafina) is basically distilled water. who supplies the additives? digitalphablet.com/news/plastic-p…… #watergate
@feeredfern irrespective of whether bottled water could be a source of a pandemic vector, someone really neds to explain how the health minister of nsw could predict the explosive caseload (post vaccine rollout) 6 weeks after this press conference.
breaking 🧀- this is huge.@brokentruthtv exclusive exposing the #nihgate scandal. remember this is not the only nih scandal - they have been doing this for 30 years. this could be the first time they have been busted in real time. @stkirsch @repthomasmassie @robertkennedyjr… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@brokentruthtv @stkirsch @repthomasmassie @robertkennedyjr back story here.. with the linked article explaining all the science involved.#welcometogileadarkmedic.substack.com/p/eric-freed-s…
this is not even theoretical at this point...https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1633923470118756353?s=20
if you know someone who is affected by pancreatic, hepatobiliary cancer or lymphoma which has suddenly appeared following covid vaccination remember they are just a statistic and it is entirely coincidental. because the doctor who gave it to you said so. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1641646484545503233
no longer theoretical at this point. arkmedic.substack.com/p/philadelphia…
remember that the nih through @fredhutch sent their attack dog @trvrb to silence the pradhan paper in 2020... resulting in the unnecessary loss of 6 million+ lives. fred hutch received $600m nih funding in 2020. trevor bedford got his payoff in 2021. npr.org/sections/goats…
@fredhutch @trvrb the medical establishment quickly closed ranks with bedford and the nih here is the propaganda piece from @ivanoransky and @armarcus who conspired to the cover up of a genocide that could have been prevented with #3tablets@chrismartensonarchive.is/gqkia
@fredhutch @trvrb @ivanoransky @armarcus @chrismartenson and your double-nih-award-winning "hero" virologist trevor bedford is one of the main conspirators in that fauci meeting, along with #batbumeddie holmes who has blocked release of the emails that we know he wrote. bedford used his personal email account to avoid foi… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
.@bryce_nickels i am attacking your group because you (@rutgersu) violated the un declaration of human rights and unesco bioethics agreements to force young adults into an experimental gene therapy with long term consequences including the risk of death. yes. i am. https://twitter.com/bryce_nickels/status/1652516524077244418
@bryce_nickels @rutgersu who funds @biosafetynow @bryce_nickels? why is your group full of scientists who have personally profited from dual use research that is a money laundering operation for the pharmaceutical industry and has killed millions?
@bryce_nickels @rutgersu @biosafetynow a reminder. @biosafetynow is not what they say they are. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1628146456258555914
a reminder. not just macintyre and ebright. fisman.https://twitter.com/goddeketal/status/1627805303239544832?s=20
a reminder. raina macintyre received a $2.4 million government grant at the same time that she started pushing mrna therapies and the very masks that she had previously shown (by rct) do not prevent respiratory disease. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1628156891372343296
🧀thread in 2006 the australian medical association @ama_media adopted the geneva declaration which states "i will not use my medical knowledge to violate human rights and civil liberties, even under threat" yet...archive.is/hydpc twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
in 2021, the ama forced doctors and nurses to undertake experimental genetic therapy as a condition of their employment, without any evidence that it would benefit themselves or the public, in direct contravention of the geneva declaration. ama.com.au/media/ama-call…
at the same time they used the @themja as their mouthpiece to push untested and dangerous covid vaccine mandates on the population, spurred on by @benfordhamlive who gave @prof_nicktalley free reign to push covid propaganda on the population. mja.com.au/journal/2021/2…
so the question is: how much did @themja, @ama_media and @prof_nicktalley' institutions benefit from government and pharma grants since 2020? and will those grants cover their liabilities for the 20,000 excess australian deaths and rising?arkmedic.substack.com/p/the-australi…
holy crap is ed holmes a pathological liar? racoon dogs? new data from the ccp that only he had access to? give me a break. this is narcissistic psychopathy. [knowingly] abc.net.au/news/2023-03-2…
for the definitive guide on the lies holmes is telling here regarding the "updated" gisaid data and his expulsion from gisaid account access...archive.md/0ahwr
and for the definitive guide on why holmes is lying about the "animal origins" of a coronavirus that has never transferred across species (despite what the vaccine sellers tell you) the gp-120 sequences did not exist. anywhere. holmes knows this. arkmedic.substack.com/p/absolute-pro…
and his treasonous activity on behalf of the ccp is presumably why he has blocked release of his emails under foi. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1511522656721698821?s=20
how it started... vs how it's going. drastic was designed to implode. it was deliberate. please do not let their infighting (which has been going on for 2 years) under billy's regime distract you from what matters... ..that the field of virology took away your human rights
drastic has done excellent work highlighting the origins of the sars-cov-2 coronavirus, which was a typical product of "virology research". but much of that work has been done outside drastic. meanwhile drastic continues to endorse mrna vaccine extremists.
there are members of drastic who i will not highlight at this time but who have very strong links to the nih and government and the "anti-aging" science community who have driven the mrna push. they undermine the genuine members. they know who they are.
anybody that has been following "truther" groups has seen that infiltration has happened in every single group. world council for health, aflds, media groups are examples. the onehealth™ world government that forced mrna therapies on you has unlimited resources. unlimited.
please remember what matters is this.... the field of virology produced no useful products this century, and has been producing new viruses for decades in order to launder money from government research streams.
i call for an immediate 1 year moratorium on all virus research. and a moratorium on genetic manipulation of all pathogens. only then might the world be safe from psychopaths masquerading as scientists. @fynnderella1 @chrismartenson @warclandestine
in the meantime ignore fake scientists who use insult in lieu of argument and transparency. insults affect me not one bit. they are a badge of honour. they are a reason our movement exists.
don't be distracted. keep your eye on what matters: that the field of virology took away your human rights on the basis of a creation they made and a delusion that imprisoning you and forcing experimental therapies on you would "solve the problem". britannica.com/event/nurnberg…
i stand by this statement because i have read the nuremberg code, the declaration of helsinki and the unesco bioethics code. mengele and brandt is literally why those codes were written.https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1652680132606464000?s=20
and another piece of related history you should read - especially the vaccine mandate pushers from @rutgersufiliperafaeli.substack.com/p/the-day-i-un…
so let's finish with a poll. do you agree or disagree with the following statement: "it is a contravention of human rights to coerce or force a medical therapy on another human being. anybody that disagrees with that is no better than joseph mengele."
this is an interesting #muttoncrew account. interesting patent too. patents.justia.com/patent/2012012… https://twitter.com/carlsmythecells/status/1653955639125630977
and weirdly the co-owners of this magical claspin inhibitor to prevent breast cancer... have never published on it together. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=smythe%2…
and have never published a single paper on claspin or brca. so how did they get a patent for a cancer drug that they have never published on, unless they purposefully withheld that finding from the public who fund them?@sheffieldunipubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=smythe%2…
an assumption here could be that smythe has been working under public funding, discovered a useful cancer drug, and withheld it from the public so that he could sell it under patent. i'd like to know if that's an incorrect assumption#welcometogilead #nihgate @brokentruthtv
was it the pizza marcel? https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1620344708106166275
where did you go?https://twitter.com/marcelsalathe/status/1620811921938333703?s
hope it's not that $65,000 that obama orderedarchive.is/m7me0
nah, it can't be. there must be something special though if a pizza van is on a "top pizzas of the world" on the github repository of the father of ai. maybe marcel knows something that we don't. just a pizza thing. i don't get it, it's not my thing. facebook.com/photo/?fbid=54….
boom! 🧀🧀🧀 the @acog and acip's @kevinault absolutely busted. they accepted more than $12 million in awards to tell you to take an experimental therapy in pregnancy, with zero safety data. these people need to go to jail h/t @maggie_thorp https://twitter.com/pierrekory/status/1655410639152529408
this is just one of the awards. i have only just started going through this document. none of this was declared to the public, so every abog member who advised a pregnant woman to take this drug is guilty of undeclared conflicts of interest. govtribe.com/award/federal-…
#placentagate just took an even darker turn
a reminder of the miscarriage disaster (and more) unfolding but being suppressed by the @cdcgov and @us_fda we have been trying to expose this for more than a yearhttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1641301788220600320
holy moly it's no wonder .@sander_vdlinden is getting prickly about us looking into his role and funding. nothing to do with "disinformation". everything to do with control. archive.is/92t11
this has been going on since 2010. @bbcmediaaction and google heavily involved. h/t @feeredfern
"prebunking" stinks of "minority report" style fascism. who are @jigsaw? and who funded this report?interventions.withgoogle.com/static/pdf/a_p…
bingo! here's the cheese 🧀🧀... the vaccine confidence project. funded by the big hitters gsk (pfizer), merck and j&j sander van der linden lied when he said did not receive funding from pharma. this is how it works 👇👇👇👇👇en.wikipedia.org/wiki/vaccine_c… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
you literally cannot make this shit up. all the big players under one roof. thank you @sander_vdlinden your fallacious tweets are exactly what led us to this treasure trove of conflicts.
and the coup de grace. nus, fudan university, imperial and johns hopkins. there from the start of covid origins.
and now you can see why sander and his @irisresearch buddies are so embedded in this web. the same ideology. silence dissent. promote the message of the party. remove those not loyal by any means necessary. fascism-communism-collectivism 101
there we have it. "open societies" you've been played. a 10,000 piece jigsaw. it was never about a virus. it was always about control.
zerohedge: the censorship-industrial complexzerohedge.com/political/cens… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
"we're not funded by pharma"
addendum... @irisresearch is the wrong twitter handle. apologies to them. the correct account pushing pharma proganda and censorship is @iris_academic
when interacting with collectivists remember their messiah was a very nasty man. nytimes.com/1983/03/14/opi…
when facts don't meet the narrative - bury them. collectivism is fundamentally racist because it requires an in-group politburo (central committee) for control of the masses. collectivists project their own racism in order to silence dissent. amazon.com/karl-marx-raci…
it's important to understand how propaganda has been refined over 100 years to understand what is happening today. the nsdap was just another collectivist regime that used false flags to sell their brand of socialism to the publicannefrank.org/en/anne-frank/…
when debating this issue, request a definition of "left" or "right". collectivism is "left". individualism is "right". collectivists hate individualists because they threaten their regime. amazon.com/big-lie-exposi…
individualists in general want to be left alone. vaccine mandates are today's dividing line between the "left" and the "right". once you understand what collectivism is, you will understand why. the nazis never went away, they just rebranded. @cr @rmconservative
am i missing something here? no video. no direct link to an audio. a picture of someone that looks nothing like the person involved, but is too low res to tell. are you trolling me .@wtparethenews? please post the direct link to the video interview below. thanks https://twitter.com/wtparethenews/status/1656781697063571460
posted last year. still relevant.arkmedic.substack.com/p/is-tiffany-d…
this is a massively important paper discussed in the @iancopeland5 space with @nestcommander a florbetaben pet-ct should never have shown this hot spot of amyloid at the injection site of the mrna therapy if the protein produced was not amyloidogenic. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
florbetaben pet-ct is specific for amyloid, used to look for amyloid plaques in the brain. it should not be showing up as a hotspot due to a "vaccine". the reason it is doing this is that the cells at the site of injection are producing amyloid. haematologica.org/article/view/8…
and the reason there is amyloid production is that the spike protein itself is amyloidogenic. so why on earth would anyone want to inject it, and why would you want to get your own cells to produce it with no off switch? reckless endangerment.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
oh i forgot to mention the prionergic potential of having glycine zipper sequences thrown into the mix with g-quadruplexes in the gene sequence. than god they didn't do that too. they didn't, did they? nah, they wouldn't do that....@kevin_mckernanpubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31931179/
thankfully the regulators checked that the amyloidogenic & prionergic spike protein was not getting into the same cellular space as the mrna. i mean, they even published pictures. i mean, they looked at the pictures. didn't they?arkmedic.substack.com/p/yes-mrna-vac…
so.. why did @sjs856 post this tweet in july 2021 and tagged @kizzyphd in his tweet? when was he recruited for this role, and what was the role?https://twitter.com/sjs856/status/1415386941973925888
the tweet was posted around the same time that there was a drive to increase covid vaccination in minority communities in the us, because many non-white communities had rejected the government propaganda. the government couldn't have that. azmirror.com/2021/07/16/us-…
so in comes #drewcomments dutifully quashing dissent in "his community"
yet despite "vaccine hesitancy" in the non-white communities infection rates were no different between those registered as "black" or "white" in 2021 kff's text contradicts its own data kff.org/coronavirus-co…
it looks to me like #drewcomments was playing a role to increase covid vaccination uptake in the black community, and i wouldn't be surprised if others were recruited to the aian and hispanic communities by the same people, do do the same thing in "their community"
so... the question... who recruited him? because this video doesn't sound spontaneous. it sounds like a script, with pharma disclaimer. "as with any vaccinations there are minor risks" the towel is... weird.
the question then becomes.. if drew was recruited to propagandise an experimental mrna therapy to the black community, from which people died... who is liable? drew? or the people that recruited him. hope you got indemnity bro.
another high profile #lymphoma story following mrna gene therapy vaccines (gtvs). the problem is that the .@nih knew about the risk and suppressed it. @tuffythepooh another real life victim of eric freed and #nihgate? https://twitter.com/janiesaysyay/status/1658272488852271105
not the only victim. the mechanism was known. #nihgate is the cover up theatlantic.com/science/archiv…
#nihgate https://twitter.com/stkirsch/status/1656712288550936577?s=20
whoa!!!!! stinky cheese 🧀🧀 this paper from .@opensafely is an absolute shocker, claiming normal antibiotic usage during 2020 in the uk. we know it wasn't because we looked at it already. was this paper published to cover up the #3tablets scandal? 🧵 https://twitter.com/billyzhong229/status/1658091898752450567
here is the claim from @billyzhong229 the lead author, who seems to be a student (his twitter is less than a year old). it's propaganda reinforcing the "antimicrobial stewardship" dictat: you will not prescribe antibiotics for covid what were "covid-19 national restrictions"?
well i did this analysis back in feb showing the huge gap between normal cyclical antibiotic prescriptions and the actual prescriptions during covid - when gps were told to stop prescribing antibiotics to the elderly and give them #midazolam instead. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1623147403305193473
so one of us must be wrong. except my chart included a link to the raw data set from openprescribing.net so you can verify it yourself. openprescribing.net/analyse/#org=r…
when .@opensafely publish, you can't verify anything. they did the same when @bengoldacre published a study showing that #hydroxychloroquine didn't help in covid, in the lancet after the lancet had already published fraudulent data on the same subject. thelancet.com/journals/lanrh…
but don't think you're allowed to view that data. oh no, @thelancet damn well learnt their lesson from being exposed publishing fraudulent studies in the #surgisphere scandal and made sure that goldacre's paper was shut down tight.
and don't think @opensafely's data sharing has become any more transparent. the opposite. locked down tighter, but if you're a foreign phd student with no publication history - no problem. and if your data goes through china that's fine too. tpp-asia.com/enterprise
"the data doesn't leave the nhs" is a lie. tpp is a chinese company. nothing wrong with that. good for them. they have a bona fide 18-digit chinese business registration, otherwise known as a "unified social credit indicator" they have access to all the opensafely data.
but that's not all. opensafely is funded by wellcome (#bigpharma's slush fund) and matt hancock's infamous hdruk. hdruk was the group convened to skim your health data under the leadership of nicole junkermann - of jeffrey epstein and panama papers fame. @johnnyvedmore
so, 3 months after we first exposed the #midazolam and #3tablets scandals - where the elderly were denied antibiotics for their post-viral pneumonia and euthanised instead "because muh covid".... an unverifiable paper appears from this bunch telling us there is nothing to see.
no problem. i'm sure ben, victoria palin and billy (xiaomin) zhang will be keen to show their probity in this paper. and release their data for public audit. we can probably verify it in less than a week. try us. journalofinfection.com/article/s0163-…
and kudos to victoria palin btw, the supervising author on this paper. victoria had never published a first author paper before 2019 and is now a supervising author. and thank you for helping get everyone vaccinated vicky! https://twitter.com/bthft/status/1309445711453458432?s=20
fortunately vicky is an expert in antimicrobial stewardship (ams), which is the propaganda that was used in 2019 to lay the groundwork for denying antibiotics to the elderly in 2020. well done vicky, you did your job to the letter. #3tabletspubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=palin%2c…
background to the #3tablets scandal...https://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1604543666135367680?s=20 /end
related threadhttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1658409294390525952?s=20
oops! ben you're not meant to publish papers in the journal you're on the board of buddy. didn't anyone tell you?thelancet.com/lanepe/interna…
the gift that keeps on giving. #opensafely is one big nepotistic pharmafest. ➡lsthm. ➡sander van der linden. ➡david spiegelhalter. ➡university of cambridge winton centre (psyop central command)@feeredfern @profnfenton @jengleruk
@feeredfern @profnfenton @jengleruk more gifts from @opensafely. who the hell are @emishealth? their ceo is andy thorburn, who was digicel's ceo. digicel famously "won" the contract for telecom services after the #haiti earthquake. friends of the clinton foundation. @artisbrutal2021search.brave.com/search?q=digic…
for the record this is the second paper from the same group, essentially trying the same propaganda move - suggesting that antibiotic prescribing increased in 2020, contradicting the public data. sciencedirect.com/science/articl…
according to the repository the last output for this was 6th april. which means the paper had to be written after that, revised, resubmitted and published by 15th may. pretty good going. usually this would take about 8-12 weeks. fast track? free pass?jobs.opensafely.org/university-of-…
just a note that the victoria palin in the vaccination promotion shown above from 2020 could be a different victoria palin from our opensafely supervising author who appears to have seen this thread, and instead of coming to the defence of the data... has blocked me. oh well.
can you see it?#ecmogate #3tabletsclinicalevidence.net.au/wp-content/upl… 🧵
here is the full protocol - with no authorship registered but major pharma conflicts on the "therapeutics advisory board" no antibiotics at all on the protocol, for a community acquired pneumonia. #3tablets would be enough to prevent the majority of deaths.
and if you're marked as "unvaccinated" you'll get the intensive protocol. straight to remdesivir. no antibiotics. remdesivir to treat a bacterial pneumonia? really? oh yes, especially if you're "unvaccinated"?#ecmogate medicalxpress.com/news/2023-05-c…
we know now that most deaths from covid-19 were not from the virus, but from *bacterial* pneumonia that arises as a result of the viral infection disrupting natural lung barriers to bacterial infection - which is bacterial pneumonia. jci.org/articles/view/…
that's why we always treated the elderly after a virus at the first sign of a chesty cough. no need to send sputum samples. just treat. we've being doing it for years - until the ai protocols came out from the #magicapp, with no authors. aafp.org/pubs/afp/issue…
and that's why patients of doctors like @btysonmd and @fynnderella1 and zev zelenko who were treated early with an anti-inflammatory (like hydroxychloroquine or budesonide) to reduce pneumonitis and an antibiotic (doxycycline or azithromycin) did so well
but now you can't have an antibiotic for your secondary bacterial pneumonia, even though covid deaths are almost universally after the viral phase has passed. worsened by using ventilators to treat bacterial pneumonia. msn.com/en-us/news/oth…
and now you know why i take on every intensivist who was pushing ventilators onto people - especially if they were deemed "unvaccinated" and where those intensivists have posted their hatred of the "unvaccinated" online.
nobody needed to die. they just needed basic medical treatment. it was a pandemic of protocols, with no authors and no liability. #3tablets. one dollar. @cr @p_mcculloughmd @rmconservativehttps://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1604543666135367680
related thread from yesterday@cr @senatorrennick @ckellyuaphttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1658691730601033737?s=20
also related https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1658803932725141507
who remembers the days when these two dudes stood up to demand transparency and accountability from #bigpharma?.... before they started pimping for them.
for those at the back... meet @zdoggmd and @bengoldacre
the irony...metro.co.uk/2012/10/02/ben…
more irony... 10 years is all it took
i wonder when i get bought out whether i'll get a "new professorship" or a "new studio"?
er.... @feeredfern @carl_jurassic why does the epstein-linked @nyphospital turn up everywhere we look?ohdsi.org/wp-content/upl…
whoa! and every where we look... under every stone... we find @iqvia_global the "data collaborator" for every covid study you will never see the data for. @martinneil9
@iqvia_global @martinneil9 bingo. holy crap. this study was published in 2020 and was basically the third in the #lancetgate series. completely unverifiable and no possibility of being real data. where did the data come from? iqvia. jennifer lane (an unknown). oxford. ohdsi...
@nyphospital (jeffrey epstein) oxford. astrazeneca. columbia irving. erasmus (marion koopmans) vanderbilt david geffen bayer chinese academy (ccp) no such thing as a "conspiracy theory" when the conspiracy is this big. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32864627/@charlesrixey @daoyu15
you literally cannot make this stuff up. they didn't know this when they chose "88" as their theme? well, maybe symbolism will be their downfall.
hades? give me a break. @1979pop
and who the hell is this guy? absolutely nothing to see here.
i'm going to try and spell this out. @ohdsi are a shell corporation for #bigpharma, recruiting geeks with no clinical experience to push synthetic data sets generated by @iqvia_global to create papers that convince the world to buy their products. that's it. #covidin1tweet
@ohdsi @iqvia_global and you know what? if @ohdsi or @iqvia_global don't like what i've just revealed, they can give me access to jennifer lane's full dataset and i will show you whether it's real. you know why?....@boriquagato @ndorms @jennifercelane
@ohdsi @iqvia_global @boriquagato @ndorms @jennifercelane ...because #hydroxychloroquine is one of the safest drugs on earth and there is zero chance that it is associated with a 65% increased risk of cardiac mortality as claimed by @jennifercelane this paper is literally #surgisphere 3. you know how i know?...
@ohdsi @iqvia_global @boriquagato @ndorms @jennifercelane because i've been in this business longer than jenny from the block and she had never written a first author paper of any significance before iqvia ghost wrote this one for her. now she's able to analyse a 1m patient study, and lead a consortium? nope. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=lane%2c%…
@ohdsi @iqvia_global @boriquagato @ndorms @jennifercelane and this is exactly how we busted #surgisphere. it's the weekend. grab a cup of tea, coffee or glass of wine and sit down to one of the best analyses of the surgisphere scandal via @chrismartenson. enjoy your weekend. jenny might be busy.
and... if you really don't believe me about the new york presbyterian hospital and jeffrey epstein... here you are. enjoy your weekend. arkmedic.substack.com/p/william-farr…
oops apologies to @salliepermar for leaving her out!
unhealthy cheese 🧀🧀#emrgate 🧵 this is how it works. your hospital signs you up to an overseas emr (health record) corporation. they get your health data. you get zip. that data is used to generate artificial study data that promotes a drug, and pharma makes $billions.
here's an example. @addenbrookes hospital - one of the biggest hospitals in the country and a massive #bigpharma advocate... gives your health data to @epic. what, you didn't know? it's written in the t&c. right at the bottom of a 4,400 word disclaimer. can't you see it?
now comes the smart part. usually @nejm or @thelancet are involved. a noob medic comes along with a first author paper from a massive collaboration of people who don't know each other. the noob puts together an analysis of a 900,000+ patient cohort. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32864627/
there are 14 data sources from different countries. >900,000 patients. data amassed over 20 years up to the same year of the publication (therefore limited time for analysis). cleaning, matching, imputing this data would take 2 years+. @chrismartenson
yet we are expected to believe that an orthopaedic registrar with no prior publication record did this in a couple of months. not possible. the appendix for the study alone is 130 pages.pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=lane%2c+…
multiple pharma and database companies were involved which would mean months of back & forth emails and agreements. some of the ethics approvals (where they bothered) would take months. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
this is how we worked out that #surgisphere (#lancetgate) was fake. both @thelancet and @nejm were involved, because they are simp journals for #bigpharma. the study size prohibited any valid analysis in the time they proposed, it was impossible.
which means these studies are either synthetic (created by modelling prior data sets gleaned by skimming your health data) or ghost written (written by pharma employees with ai help). in this case both of these things are likely to be true...
but @jennifercelane went along with it anyway. i have no idea what her contribution was but it looks like she was the "medic" front for a paper ghost written and produced by pharma and @iqvia_global who are the vaccine industry's data curators (or creators).
and here's the clincher. this should have been a red flag to jenny and @prieto_alhambra who was the supervising author. you see, it's a simple fact that azithromycin isn't a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. nor a long term treatment for anything in common use.
so it's just not possible that a third of the cohort taking hydroxychloroquine were also taking azithromycin long term. find a rheumatologist and ask them how many patients on hcq they also treat with azithromycin. zero. it's not a treatment.pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=azithrom…
long-term azithromycin use is rare - bronchiectasis and other unusual indications. if it's used long term (i've never seen someone on it) it would be low dose, not the doses suggested in this paper. we're talking less than 1:10,000 peoplepubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=long-ter…
so the probability that one-third of a cohort of rheumatoid arthritis patients were also on long term azithromycin, when that is less than 1:10,000 people? zero. i'm calling this paper fake until the data is available to public inspection... "patient level data not available".
so this paper must be assumed to be the 3rd in the #surgisphere #lancetgate scandal. the 4th would have to be @bengoldacre's @opensafely paper in the @thelancetrheum that is also not available to inspection.pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33349815/ all attempting to discredit #hcq
and all these papers (including the original #surgisphere papers) appear to have been ghost written, because it's not possible for the lead authors to do what they did in the time available.
and the real people that provided the health data have no idea that their data is being used to push a false pharma narrative that is endangering them, and making billions for the pharma companies who then pump a few quid back into the institutions. bargain basement bribery
👆👆👆this is #emrgate. but this 👇👇👇 is just one thread of the back-story. #surgisphere #surgisphere3 #emrgate@chrismartenson @feeredfernhttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1659531005529817091
@chrismartenson @feeredfern bingo and boom 💥💥💥 here's your ghost writer. patrick ryan of @ohdsi and @janssenglobal the lead author should be the corresponding author. if the corresponding author is not the lead author, it's because they don't want you asking questions of the lead author.
@chrismartenson @feeredfern @ohdsi @janssenglobal https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1659799752731664384?s=20
just a reminder that per is the developer of the #magicapp, an ai based protocol generator that told the world to withdraw antibiotics from the elderly for their post-viral (bacterial) pneumonia if they happened to have a positive "covid" test. then they died.#3tablets. https://twitter.com/pervandvik/status/1652995435680628743

yep, sure your 7 employees wrote the 600+ page #magicapp protocol for covid overnight.
for background.. all the protocols came from @pervandvik's #magicapp group. no named authors. will per take sole responsibility for the outcome? https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1658949093291593728?t=8rsb99ol3tdnlifoedw3gw&s=19
🧵 what is the probability that .@sarahjestock - who is the program director of @wellcomeleap - should be randomly the corresponding author on a paper that she didn't write, relating to datasets that can't be audited, showing "no pregnancy problems with mrna vaccines"? https://twitter.com/wellcomeleap/status/1569660929909866498
and what is the probability that @sarahjestock has written 50 papers in 2 years whilst being a full time obstetrician, university professor at two universities, program director at @wellcomeleap... and in her papers declares no conflicts of interest...pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=stock%2c…
except when she declares conflicts of interest. it's hit and miss, you see. when it's a pregnancy in vaccine paper there are no conflicts of interest. when it's another paper, we'll declare them but they aren't really conflicts because they are just pharma so that's fine
and can you believe it? sarah stock - whose name is on over 100 papers - just happened to team up with colin simpson in 2020! what a coincidence! and these are the two players behind the scottish covid vaccine in pregnancy datapubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=stock%2c…
ah... it's because you're not in scotland any more, but apparently still curating the scotland data sets for sarah. nope, now you're in nz. and congratulations on your $41m research grant funding. oh but wait.. people.wgtn.ac.nz/colin.simpson
the hdruk impact of the year award 2021? really? they kept that quiet. so you went from teacher's pet at nicole junkermann's and matt hancock's hdruk... @feeredfern @artisbrutal2021
which is infamous for its links to jeffrey epstein via nicole junkermann
to be in charge of new zealand's electronic health data. oh good. i'm sure new zealanders can now sleep easy knowing that their health data is getting the "hdruk" treatment and being pawned off to pharma to create synthetic data sets to sell more drugs that don't work? #emrgate
and it's so pleasing to see such collaboration and obviously with all your awards it's understandable that you don't remember to declare your conflicts of interest.
so let me ask you both this important question: did first author clara calvert analyse the 500,000+ patient data sets for those nature papers, verify them and write the papers - or were they ghost written for her?pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=stock%2c…
@retsefl @vikilovesfacs @joshg99 @clarecraigpath @martinneil9 @profnfenton
in lay summary terms... wellcome (pharma) and governments fund universities to publish high impact papers showing that the vaccines were safe in pregnancy.. using manipulated data that can't be verified - because you're not allowed to see it. #placentagate
don't get conned into thinking that kate does remember that kate published a paper that pretending that there was no menopause or fertility risk from covid mrna vaccination, so you would be forced to take it to keep your job. now she is trying to move in on viki male's turf. https://twitter.com/kateclancy/status/1661040951723274252
the main problem with that paper is that women with post-vaccine amenorrhoea were not investigated or followed up and the database is closed. no audit trail possible. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35857495/
some more background on kate's paper. it will be interesting to watch this space now that she is edging into the pregnancy debate - it's not her area of expertise at all. arkmedic.substack.com/p/whats-your-a…
the cleaned data set is available here for those who want to validate it against the paper, but it won't answer the question of what happened to the participants in the medium term as the survey only ran for 12 weeks.zenodo.org/record/6547159
and there we are.
remember... not all mice are genuine. stay alert #mousearmy https://twitter.com/thegeneralkat/status/1615770924325949440
these accounts popped up after december 2022, with themice account having not posted prior, despite being listed as a 2018 start date. be careful who you follow.archive.is/tiyaxhttps://twitter.com/missrobinaustin/status/1661833923960119322
first post dec 25 2022. the day before my account was restored. this is not organic.#fakemice
it's a dual pronged diversion. discredit by association and grift. not organic. not random.archive.is/7fcxr
how do you get to 39k followers when you had no engagements or retweets in the first few months of your tweet history? whatever mechanism promoted trevor bedford to twitter prominence looks to be at play. astroturf.twitter.com/search?q=(from…https://twitter.com/themice_/status/1583687049798103040?s=20
the earlier "first post" relates to the archive record.. first real post is september. couple of random posts at the beginning of july. clearly an alt account. twitter.com/search?q=(from…
she's back... if some says i blocked them but i have shown previously that they blocked me (i always block back) ... did they lie?#poogate #vaggate https://twitter.com/microbiomdigest/status/1662237603146485765
the prior tweethttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1619997742692188160
amazing thread showing that .@nswhealth under the leadership of @nswcho - who lied, and @bradhazzard - whose fascistic "temporary" laws led to thousands of deaths - hid and then deleted data showing that the vaccines were increasing icu rates. @twitter blocked the 1st tweet https://twitter.com/realxinooi/status/1659188247241822209
the lying and corruption at the leadership of nswhealth in respect of covid data is off the scale. read more about it here. arkmedic.substack.com/p/catch-me-if-…
nsw health are so powerful that this tweet - exposing the $65m government grants to kristine macartney (the govt's expert witness in the kassam trial challenging the vaccine mandates) was deleted as a direct response to a threat from the govt lawyers. archive.is/kq4xa
nsw health are so powerful that they were able to "persuade" adriana takara's brother to ditch their lawyer - who was pushing for a full post mortem - in favour of their lawyer, a tv interview pushing vaccines and a one way ticket to spain. arkmedic.substack.com/p/adriana-taka…
nsw health are so powerful they were able to persuade john couani - headmaster of a christian school - to change his story in regards to the death of a 17 year old boy, remove a journalist from the public sphere, and suppress any reporting of the deathhttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1525284980976259072?s=20
nsw health are so powerful that they were able to manipulate the disastrous covid vaccine data (and later delete it) without a single journalist allowed to write about it, despite the story being exposed on substack and twitter a year ago. @franks_chungarkmedic.substack.com/p/how-to-lie-w…
nsw health are so powerful that they were able to lock down a minority ethnic population of 2 million people at the orders of one person, in order to force them to take an experimental gene therapy they had refused. arkmedic.substack.com/p/nsw-health-m…
nsw health are so powerful they can order unvaccinated individuals to be put on specific fast-track death pathways that result in them never being marked as a hospital admission, but straight to death. and nobody can talk about itarkmedic.substack.com/p/the-shipman-…
nsw health are so powerful they can block freedom of information requests for over 6 months. it doesn't matter how illegal that is. people died as a direct result of this cover up. @tonynikolic10 @franks_chung
nsw health are so powerful they control the ncat and judiciary. they have been covering up the vaccine data for more than a year. not one of the foi's has been honoured. @franks_chung is the only reporter covering this massive story of corruption in the nsw government.
the cover-up is essential because the "4 horsepeople of the nsw government" conspired to impose fatal mandates on the population, under external influence. they lied, people died. 🐴brad hazzard 🐴kerry chant 🐴gladys berejiklian 🐴kristine macartney archive.is/qqoc7
nsw health are so powerful that the video underlying clive palmer's bombshell revelation that the nsw government were taking millions in pharma bribes has been scrubbed from the internet thegatewaypundit.com/2021/10/former…
in case you get this far down this thread you might wish to votehttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1662299169665740800?s=20
xin's thread archived https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1662320930834759681?s=20
addendum... nsw health are so powerful that their epidemiologists can commit perjury and nobody will be prosecuted.https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1662531250484285440?t=wm6kahj_bahb4gebv_ntca&s=19
point 51 of the judgement is incorrect and once we get the r scripts we can see whether christine selvey committed perjury. in r, for a data frame to be populated it has to have been read from a static file or database. the data frame is held in ram but the source is not. https://twitter.com/realxinooi/status/1659188247241822209
this is "dr selvey". do you find her credible? if she stated that the source data is no longer available "because it was held in ram" this was a lie. perhaps she was reading from a script... just like thishttps://twitter.com/nswhealth/status/1403517558876082191?s=20
we know that the source data still exists because it was populated from the australian immunisation register. the only way it could no longer exist is if they deleted the air, which would be a criminal act. this could get very interesting. @tonynikolic10@franks_chung
@tonynikolic10 @franks_chung here are some examples, taken from @sarahjestock's phs cops github. the highlighted filenames are static files that were generated by another data analyst using another script (not in the repository). this is one way data is laundered so we can't audit it. #gipagate
the logic of this is so abject it is almost impossible to comprehend. following this logic would mean that mrna vaccine injury would need to be treated by mrna vaccines. 🤦🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️ https://twitter.com/vikilovesfacs/status/1662008732203507712
for context.. this is about shingles, which is reactivation of latent chickenpox virus (as opposed to a preventative vaccine for herpes) aus relied on chickenpox vaccination instead of natural immunity for a generation - and it's a complete failure. archive.is/wip/zjnl2
for historical reference, the chickenpox vaccine adopted in australia 20 years ago is probably one of the most stupid vaccines ever created it resulted in a generation reliant on a vaccine that didn't work and shingles went crazy health.gov.au/sites/default/…
and it's the same players - kristine macartney's @ncirs - touting snake oil. this document claims that hospitalisations for chickenpox have reduced by 97% from vaccination. ncirs.org.au/sites/default/… provably falseabc.net.au/news/2022-02-2…
boom 💥💥💥💥 i'm going to show you that whoever (from nsw health) told the ncat tribunal (under oath) that they do not retain the data for the covid vaccination reports... committed perjury. this is a follow up to yesterday's bombshell https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1662284076043337729?s=20 thread 👇👇
here is a different foi report from nsw health asking a parallel question regarding manipulated data which involved @ncirs - desperate to cover their tracks over a failed vaccination campaign. gipa 23/51 this page states clearly that the databases (the source data) exist
here's the next part leading to another lie. for an epidemiologist to review the "outputs" they must exist in a tangible format, as data frames are only held on the client computer. you can't send them to anyone. the files for review existed, saying they didn't is a lie.
lying by distraction is disingenuous and in the context of an foi is a criminal offence. the files & databases from which the data frame is created exist. so does the output data "sent to the epidemiologist"
in order to establish whether nsw health were lying after refusing to release the data underlying the vaccine surveillance reports, we requested the r script used to generate the reports. they only provided a segment of the r script. but it's enough to show the deception.
you see this script uses the r dplyr module (all the other modules called are missing, so the prior code is missing, which is a contravention of the gipa/foi act). never mind. this is a live database join. they are calling a live connection to two databases ncim and air.
which means that they can run this script again at any time and produce the data from these databases. here is the end section of the code showing the date filter (which can be run any time) and that the output is local to the analyst's screen (no output to file)
the suggestion is that the data analyst just copy/pasted his own screen to send to the ncirs for curating and publication, but this would be amateur and no decent data analyst would do this. in any case it doesn't matter because they can just run the script again...
with the relevant dates to fulfil the foi request. instead, they lied and said they don't have the files. they also refused to provide the emails from the data analyst to the ncirs ("here's this week's screenshot because i can't send you a file") to support their claim.
the whole thing would be laughable by it's amateurishness... if people hadn't died. many of us who have performed large scale data analysis know how to use r. nsw health thought they would be safe to send out a half-baked cover story of a script to shut up the requester.
but now following @franks_chung's expose of nsw health's lies in regard to the gipa/foi request we can see that they are covering up this scandal. we now need an independent audit of those databases, and the data analyst's emails and computer.
or the data analysts from nsw health should come forward, because i can pretty much guarantee that nsw health will throw them under the bus rather than be exposed. hiding information from a gipa foi request in order to cover up fraud is a crime. @tonynikolic10
background from yesterday's tweet thread:https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1662531250484285440?s=20
and the full thread here https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1662284076043337729
full (redacted) release of gipa23/51 files.catbox.moe/b0p2fz.pdf
he's 29 and collapsed on the pitch as an athlete having played football for more than 20 years. he is pictured with a temporary pacemaker. there is nothing ok about this and while parents live in denial there will continue to be more deaths. #myocarditisisnotok https://twitter.com/sl_cardiff/status/1662535112783802368
if this was my son i wouldn't be posting pictures on twitter pretending everything was ok. i would be at the football club asking who had authorised the prescription of a therapy that was known to cause myocarditis and should never have been given. then i'd ring @pjhlaw to get… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
some pads can be used for defibrillation & pacing. it would be unusual to leave defib-only pads on after a event. these particular pads are used for temporary pacing without having to reattach pads. if he's "ok" he doesn't need them. he's not "ok"
if he's "ok" he'll be back playing on saturday and i can take my tweet thread down. if he's not ok he could be back in a few weeks or months. christian eriksen needed a permanent pacemaker to return. bbc.com/news/health-60…
*correction: icd (implantable cardioverter defibrillator) rather than pacemaker.
breaking 🧀: kyle sheldrick @k_sheldrick posts a formal statement accepting that he was wrong about his vexatious fraud claim against @drpaulmarik1. a "schedule a" statement is the agreed statement that the person who committed defamation must place. kylesheldrick.blogspot.com/2023/05/update…
the above statement is reformatted for readability from the original statement archived here. archive.is/t1kej
as of today, @medpagetoday and @kristinamfiore are the only entities continuing the defamatory statements reporting on sheldrick's original claim which he has now fully retracted. i hope they have good lawyershttps://twitter.com/medpagetoday/status/1508117141505122307?s=20
those tweets have been archived. meanwhile kristina fiore is very aware that her claims are false as i reminded her again two days ago, following which she blocked me - confirming that she has read my tweet.
here is the full text of kyle sheldrick's schedule a statement: on 22 march 2022, i posted a blog post called 'this scattrd corn'. this post was a copy of a complaint i filed with the journal chest identifying features of a study led by paul marik titled 'hydrocortisone, vitamin… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
as i have said a number of times, the people who are promoting the pharma and government narrative think they are protected. they aren't. whoever kyle was acting for threw him under the bus when i wrote this thread a year ago. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1510145785312481281?s=20
dr marik has shown what a wonderful man he is by accepting this statement by kyle sheldrick as the end of the matter. he had some good people behind him and was on the side of truth. it's one small victory in the battle to regain honesty in medical science. @fynnderella1
if you really want to go further into the back story of this just click on the #chisquaredkyle hashtag or here:twitter.com/search?q=%23ch…
bear in mind also that it was @microbiomdigest who persecuted didier raoult over his 2020 #hydroxychloroquine paper which was a rapid review for obvious reasons. yet she completely ignored the @nejm's impossibly rapid acceptance of the pfizer vaccine paper 🧵 https://twitter.com/brokentruthtv/status/1663280041529323520
remember that this study was published on the 10th december 2020 - the same day as the fda vrbpac submission, so it was impossible to have been adequately peer reviewed. it was a 44,000 patient study. proper peer review should take weeks.
worse still, the data cut off (the last patient data collection) for the study was 14th november. the coi declarations - which are usually sent in when the paper is *accepted* (rather than submitted for peer review) were dated 1st december. nejm.org/author-center/…
so we have a 44,000 patient study - which the fda needed 55 years to publish - yet fernando polack is essentially claiming that they cleaned, imputed, corrected, verified and analysed that data in less than a week. not possible...
... because assuming the discredited @nejm then took another week to peer review, this would be completely inadequate peer review for this size of study. which is why the nejm didn't care whether there was fraud in the study, just like the #surgisphere paper.
but of course that didn't bother @microbiomdigest. she didn't say a word. here is the archive of the pubpeer record for this paper. until november 2022 there were only 5 anonymous comments....archive.is/wip/yofd7
but you'll never guess who got spooked in november 2022 and posted a comment (far too late of course) confirming what i had previously confirmed two years prior - that the data was not available. #chisquaredkyle sheldrick of all people
so, i am going to give credit to @k_sheldrick here. this is actually an important note in the pubpeer record and should be recognised by @aaronsirisg @iambrookjackson what i think happened is that someone close to kyle, or he himself, has realised that fraud was committed.
and attempted to look into the data himself. and failed. and hopefully he has realised that he has made a very grave error siding with people like bik and @gidmk and bashing those of us who just wanted the truth.
very disappointed that so many people retweeted this. at this stage in the game this kind of tweet should be a red flag to mice. the first tweet is enough to tell you this is junk. why? no link, no archive. nothing. but it's the "european union". so where's the link? 🧵 https://twitter.com/patwebbjr/status/1663994244376190978
the link doesn't exist because the story is false. every claim in a tweet should be referenced in a way that the reader can verify it themselves. this is the way we work. even after 3 further tweets. no links. no references. no verifiable sites.
it is clearly not opinion because each tweet refers to a document or site, yet that document or site is not linked. 100% fake news
in an attempt to gain some credibility pat throws in a journal article from 2016 on a different subject. it's lame.
the tweet thread is characteristic of the type of well poisoning that we see in the "daily expose" where facts are mixed with sensationalism. it massively undermines our movement, which is aspiring to hold the pharma industry and governments to tell the truth about covid
because anybody associated with this author now will be ridiculed by this thread, the first tweet of which "the eu is warning pregnant women not to get the covid-19 vaccine" is provably fake. it's not a mistake. it's deliberate.
and it's very much intended to hide the true story, which is that there is an identifiable signal for miscarriage in the available data, and a worldwide drop in birth rates associated with the covid vaccine rollout. arkmedic.substack.com/p/a-miscarriag…
which begs the question - if this kind of false information ends up being used to suppress real safety concerns.... whose side is @patwebbjr on? not ours.
i'll make an offer to pat webb. take your tweet thread down or add the tweet that shows that the european union (specifically the ema) have told pregnant women not to get the covid-19 vaccine. i'll then reconsider this thread. otherwise it stays up.
fresh from the fraud of portraying the now disgraced #chisquaredkyle sheldrick as a "statistician" in a provably false and defamatory article, @medpagetoday are now found to have outed themselves as a purveyor... of mutton. "aspiring medical student" = not even a med student
ed nirenberg article archivedarchive.is/oyuog
bwahahaha. 100% mutton.
as of today, the demonstrably defamatory article from @kristinamfiore and @medpagetoday is still up. @drpaulmarik1 i think you have enough evidence to pursue a multi-million dollar case. happy to help (again). fresh archive archive.is/wip/z6yue
"buy my books" whilst i call all the people who are risking their careers to highlight the corruption of pharma "grifters" obviously my books are not grift. because. me. i'm a pro-pharma doctor so i'm protected and promoted. @drjengunter https://twitter.com/drjengunter/status/1664462771399041025
here you are. jen gunter decided to be a celebrity doctor after a 5 year obgyn training program. she's a generalist who spends her time at the home of vaccines - kaiser permanente one of the products of psy-op central, mcmaster. @andy_park
but the truth is that she is a drug pusher. anybody that still pushes the covid vaccine now that it was proven to have failed is. here is her article in the nyt. pushing hormone replacement therapy archive.is/j0c4r
hormone replacement therapy (hrt) aka menopausal hormone therapy (mht) is synthetic hormone (from bigpharma). it was a massive industry until the huge women's health initiative study showed that it increased the risk of breast cancer and heart disease.jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/…
this was a blow to the pharma pushers who had been selling hrt on the basis of a *reduction* in heart disease and dementia, and *no* increase in breast cancer risk. for years. it was typical pharma lies using retrospective data - just like the @ukhsa dopubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/17383835/
around the world doctors stopped prescribing hrt almost overnight, which sent the pharma companies into a panic and they marched the authors of the study back to write a grovelling "please keep prescribing" letter to ... guess which journal?pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26962899/
this was not the first hrt scandal. in the 1970s there was a generation of excess uterine cancers arising out of the use of estrogen-only hrt. doctors were giving it away like candy, with no idea what the effects were. sound familiar?pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/171569/
but of course @drjengunter doesn't care about any of this. she needs women to believe they *need* hrt, because that allows her to keep publishing her books. it's one of the commonest grifts that obgyns run - calling themselves "menopause specialists".
"menopause specialists" invariably prescribe hrt. just imagine how much the pharma companies, who make the hrt, love "menopause specialists". so if you meet one, ask them how many perks they have received from pharma companies. see if they block you too. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1664520590869557254?s=20
this thread deserves its own hashtag, so i'll oblige...#guntergate
i'm not sure how andy park was tagged there! should have been @feeredfern !
toxic cheese 🧀🧀... if you are a health professional who administered or prescribed (i.e. ordered for administration) a fourther or higher dose of #comirnaty to a person you did this off label. you included that in your consent didn't you?ebs.tga.gov.au/ebs/picmi/picm… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
this document was revised in february 2023, by which time fourth, fifth and sixth doses had been given to patients without their consent or knowledge that they were being given off-label. the valid on-label indications are heretga.gov.au/resources/artg…@tonynikolic10
and, despite the protestations of @thesassymicrobe - who not only wrote extensively of having suffered this distressing problem - but vehemently denied it was an adverse effect of covid "vaccination"... the tga have it listed as an adverse event.
this denial of a well-established link between covid vaccination and lipschütz ulceration (see pubmed links below) may well have resulted in other women suffering the same fate. it was extremely irresponsiblepubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=%28lipsc…
in fact there are no case reports or papers specifically linking influenza with lipschütz (lipschutz) ulcers. here is the search, excluding papers which reference the "flu-like" symptoms associated with the inflammatory episode (i.e. not flu)pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=%28lipsc…
the only reference that comes up in this search relates to a case report of murine typhus and states, circumstantially, that influenza is down (low) on the list of infections precipitating lipschütz ulceration
but when you trace the paper referenced in that paper, influenza doesn't even get a mention in the abstract - it's that rare (almost certainly incidental). other infections are more prominent as precipitants. i.e. influenza is not a causelink.springer.com/article/10.100…
irrespective of whether the cause of this particular case was the 1-in-100million possibility (never) of being related to influenza or the 1-in-100,000 (rare) possibility of being related to covid mrna therapy, it is irresponsible to publicly deny an established adverse event.
but that is typical of the #muttoncrew that we have been pushing back against since they were recruited in december 2020 to push the covid "vaccine" relentlessly, irrespective of the harms caused by it. bigbrotherwatch.org.uk/2023/02/defenc…
the high flyers of the #muttoncrew such as @thesassymicrobe @thiomargaritana and @swaledalemutton and @takethatct in fact are mostly lab techs at most, with the odd medical doctor from @teamhalo thrown in to try and add credence. search.brave.com/search?q=viki+…
most of them have me blocked so i won't see their responses. that's fine. they can shout into the void. the facts are the facts. they just hate it when we expose them. meanwhile the tga licence document is archived here:web.archive.org/web/2023060303…
.@dr_ekirkpatrick is making claims in this video that are not substantiated and are likely to have led to adverse pregnancy outcomes. she states that the covid "vaccine" is safe "at any stage in pregnancy". this is not true as the preclinical and post marketing data clearly show… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@dr_ekirkpatrick and here is the claim on twitter. there are no large studies - that are accessible to verify - that show the miscarriage rate after covid vaccination is not increased. in fact, the opposite. she quotes the viki male editorial, which was commissioned. https://twitter.com/dr_ekirkpatrick/status/1506056158964219904?s=20
why did @rajah_mich delete her twitter account in may 2022? so many links to the pharma-funded @themja which was driving covid hysteria and coerced mrna vaccination in australia. https://twitter.com/virgotweet/status/1528873706415476737
she is not only a big hitter in the world of ai (yes the entities that wrote those covid protocols that killed so many people) but having restricted your access to antibiotics for pneumonia, it looks like she is going to restrict your access to anti-fungals.
this is literally what tony fauci did when his policies resulted in the unnecessary deaths of thousands of gay men in the 1980s these people are narcissistic psychopaths. #3tablets is all about the fact that they did this again, for covid pneumonia. @fynnderella1
@fynnderella1 to understand these people you have to understand what makes them tick. this might help
dear .@gjmccaughan when you wrote this statement were you aware of the #lymphoma risk from mrna spike-inducing gene therapies, and why were the $100m of dollars of government funding to @stvhealthaust linked to mandatory vaccination not declared? pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34047035/
here is the full statement failing to declare any potential risks of mrna spike therapy in haematological patients, and including raina macintyre and michelle anand-rajah. it has been archived. archive.is/npjca
apart from the oncogenic risk of the mrna, the astrazeneca vaccine was known to have killed patients due to vitt yet was still being recommended by the haematologists in that statement, with no warning of the risk in the statement published may 2021. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1536970252827136006?s=20
at the time of this statement it was known that the az vaccine was associated with vitt and csvt, life-threatening or fatal complications. for the mrna therapy the 95% "prevention of infection" was a lie.
michel goldman knew about the lymphoma problem because he was a haematologist who suffered from a new lymphoma after the primary mrna series which then became rampant after the booster. he spoke out by publishingpubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34901098/
ang jiang and mei published in october 2021 yet the haematologists in that list made no effort to investigate the concerns. instead, the @nih sent their bully boys to get the papre retracted and #nihgate was born. @brokentruthtvpubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34696485/
the consensus statement is still up. no pharmacovigilance studies are available despite promises from the @tgagovau but deaths from #lymphoma have increased by 10% in australia after the vaccine rollout. commentary is needed. #lymphomagate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1641646484545503233
@tgagovau @threadreaderapp unroll
important 🧀🧵 please remember that what @trishgreenhalgh is coordinating here is a mass attack on doctors who are raising safety concerns in the public interest. it is illegal. if you would like to raise concerns about her conduct, you can raise these with the @gmcuk.... https://twitter.com/trishgreenhalgh/status/1664714630239748098
patricia also has undeclared conflicts of interest related to pharma and to oxford university. undeclared conflicts of interest (e.g. on her twitter feed whilst claiming to be an authority) are potential grounds for deregistration from the @gmcuk ...
...on the basis of the andrew wakefield case, with which patricia greenhalgh @trishgreenhalgh was circuitously involved. bmj.com/rapid-response…
remember that the two people who were the main witnesses against andrew wakefield were brian deer, who is pharma's fake-journalist lapdog and who refuses to declares his funding...
and richard horton, editor of @thelancet who published fake data in #lancetgate that resulted in potentially millions of deaths from covid and facilitated the rollout of covid vaccines - the worst vaccine in medical history - that may have killed 100,000s or more
by contributing to @deerbrian's propaganda, patricia greenhalgh colluded to bias the wakefield case. and wakefield was deregistered primarily for "failing to disclose conflicts of interest" even though those "conflicts" were acting for lawyers, which is what many doctors do.
so, on the same basis, patricia greenhalgh is contravening @gmcuk rules in the following ways(1) failing to disclose conflicts of interest(2) soliciting vexatious reports to the gmc (3) public intimidation and threat to gmc registered doctors acting in the public interest
(4) bringing medicine into disrepute (5) airing private grievances on political grounds against medical peers in public(6) failing to declare conflicts of interest in her role with @oxprimarycare linked to the lethal az vaccine
if you would like to raise a complaint about patricia greenhalgh on the basis of the above information with the @gmcuk please go to the link below. any member of the public can do this. gmc-uk.org/concerns/suppo…
in the alternative you may choose to raise a concern with the university as @uniofoxford are clearly endorsing prof greenhalgh acting in contravention of uk public interest disclosure law, with vested interests. you can do that at this link. phc.ox.ac.uk/about/contact-…@pjhlaw
i will add that i will be happy to take down this tweet thread if i receive notification that @trishgreenhalgh has cancelled her vexatious campaign and apologised to @draseemmalhotra and any other doctor acting in the public interest in regard to public safety concerns.
the bullying of doctors acting in the public interest needs to stop. it is driven by pharma and zealots and it's not the first time. it needs to be the last. doctors contributing to this kind of heinous campaign need to be looking at jail sentences.article.wn.com/view/2009/03/3…
@threadreaderapp do your thing
💥💥💥boom 💥💥💥 🧀🧵 the stakes just went up massively in #gmcgate. the #muttoncrew's @dr_barrett, a self-proclaimed "paediatric haematologist" just accused @draseemmalhotra of making a false claim over the jorja halliday case. big mistake https://twitter.com/dr_barrett/status/1665976433666129920
neil barrett, who claims to be at @chiatconnollym is a member of the #muttoncrew, the uk's famous "disinformation warriors" on twitter. he has a researchgate profile but that's where his trace ends. he's a real doctor but no web presence. whether he is practising is unknown.
but now we have an interesting conundrum because neil is claiming that jorja halliday's death was not vaccine related, even though she was certified as dying of "myocarditis" - "on the day she was due to receive her vaccine".news.sky.com/story/sister-o…
except the story doesn't fit because she supposedly died 4 days after testing positive for covid. viral myocarditis doesn't work like that, it appears later. the largest covid series shows a chronic or subacute disease. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33463366/
at worst this may produce cardiac failure down the track and in a young girl in a hospital without cardiac failure, there would be a myriad of options for support if she got it. the story stinks. @draseemmalhotra is a cardiologist and knows how post-viral myocarditis works
so, where was tracey halliday? well sky news portrayed tracey as a single mother of 5 living in a council flat in the uk. the only time we see someone who could be her is in their photo.
in fact it's almost as if the media were trying to portray tracey halliday as the new shannon matthews bbc.com/news/uk-388814…
and any search for tracey halliday or jorja halliday prior to september 2021 is more or less a dead end. apart from spurious findings of make-up artists working with the media. obviously @traceyjspencer is nothing to do with this. far too posh.
talking of posh. if tracey halliday is a council house mother of 5 as portrayed by sky, how has her sister managed to get such a refined accent? almost like an actress in this itv interview, but without the emotion. how could you have no emotion here?itv.com/news/meridian/…
it's worth watching this clip. these days a lot of medical school and medical college exams use actresses, and it looks like this. no emotion. read from a script. why would this interview be so emotionless? and the call for vaccination seems out of place. scripted.
so there is something very fishy about the story of jorja's death. i suspect it has to do with her care at @icu_portsmouth. i asked this question of the lead clinician there. let's see what happens. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1666035461146685442?s=20
in the meantime i would welcome any updates from @laurabundock who was given the scoop, despite being a royal correspondent. it now becomes imperative that the truth about jorja halliday's death is told. because on the face of it it looks like someone is hiding something.
and the story really reminds me of the death of adriana takara, that we know to be a cover up of a terrible mistake resulting from the imposition of fear to coerce an experimental rna therapy. i really hope this isn't jorja's story too. arkmedic.substack.com/p/adriana-taka…
itv interview archivedarchive.is/kg2tj
tweet earlier should read @chiatconnolly i have no idea where the extra "m" came from. 🤦https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1666054010430951424
david mayhew has told his cancer patients to take a drug that he doesn't know anything about, because he didn't bother looking into it despite a molecular biology phd. it might be because of his hatred of people that don't take snake oil#plasmidgate @kevin_mckernan https://twitter.com/davidlmayhew/status/1666246357915512834
@kevin_mckernan this is going to age really badly @davidlmayhewanandamide.substack.com/p/sequencing-o…#plasmidgate @fynnderella1 @narfgb
this is not a victory, because there are still patients being lied to by @danafarber and told to take the failed mrna therapy despite having no record to the proven oncogenic risk of it. all the oncology institutes pushing this snake oil are culpable. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1666259719701549056?s=20
🚨🚨🚨urgent🚨🚨🚨 every #mousearmy follower please block this account immediately. the link is here. twitter.com/realivermectin don't quote the account handle in the replies. don't reply, but please share the post. thank you. a further post to follow.
here's the rest of it. threats and phishing for an identity. stupidly gave away that they were working for natsec. if this is the best natsec have got to offer, we are in real trouble. @tonynikolic10 @pjhlaw i suspect some laws have been broken here. let's do something.
this happened at the same time that @mikecarlton01 dropped into my dm's with the "cooker f*ck off" post. @benfordham enabled these jerks with his advocacy for @cookerwatch they are trolls, but when security agencies are helping them that's a problemhttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1667420123022647296?s=20
here is the podcast were @benfordham gives an audience to cooker watch, an extremist left-wing organisation. gaana.com/song/cooker-wa…
hey @franks_chung did you know that you can request the numbers of patients in the cardiology clinics for the last 5 years from @stvhealthaust and if they show a rise in numbers you could publish this and show that @kovacic_jason was lying to the australian public. https://twitter.com/kovacic_jason/status/1667050735270518784
now that he has popped up we'll need to ask @kovacic_jason how he can be in charge of the @victorchanginst and be a professor of medicine at @icahnmountsinai at the same time. and working as a cardiologist at st vincents?
but it seems that there are some lies coming either from @kovacic_jason or @stvhealthaust . the tga covered up the clots and the myocarditis. they weren't transparent at all. jason is welcome to dispute my claims. i have proof.
@kovacic_jason @stvhealthaust thanks jason for highlighting the role st vincent's have played in the government's covid propaganda, and being rewarded handsomely for it. did you forget to mention that?https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1665192993102413825
more on @stvhealthaust.... thanks @kovacic_jason for bringing our attention to these scandals. surely st vincent's could have found someone who didn't have so many vested interests to try to rebut @draseemmalhotra?https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1532238066139938816
please answer @nphtheriddler's questions. his tweets were linked from the newly reactivated @liedsuddenly account. and it's definitely not "the jok3r" or any of their incarnations. nope. definitely not. https://twitter.com/nphtheriddler/status/1668809872740352002
@nphtheriddler @liedsuddenly the riddle looks like it's chatgpt generated. the only thing he had to add was the hashtag. omg this could go down as the biggest fail since his 77th account.
oh nosies... "the riddler" deleted the tweet. now we'll have to answer another one. i like this game. https://twitter.com/nphtheriddler/status/1668676844110098432?s=20
i should clarify. the man that @skepticjonguy stabbed didn't die and the 30 year conviction was for attempted murder. the thing that shocked me about the interview was the lack of emotion to this event. the clips are in the next tweet twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

here's the appeal record with summary. law.justia.com/cases/wyoming/…
for the record, 30 years (commuted to 17) seems to me an excessive penalty for what could be construed as an aggravated altercation where the victim did not die. it can not benefit society to disproportionately allocate criminal penalties, because it inhibits restitution
the point made was that, in the video, guy shows no remorse and no negative emotion at all. it's as if the action was justified and he was the victim. that's relevant because he is now acting as a pharma vaccine expert in collaboration with @thereal_truther and @iancopeland5
and yes, i did watch it. you should too.
the absolute state of this report from @angusthomson_ and the pseudonymous "laura banks [ai]" there has never been a 20% drop in births in one year. but sure, it's "climate anxiety".smh.com.au/national/nsw/w…
@benfordham also pushed this fake narrative on the 15th june podcast. 2gb.com/ben-fordham-sy…
and if you think this is "normal" the nsw government have a novel mrna-lnp gene therapy to sell you.
correction: laura banks appears to be real but her twitter wasn't found on the smh site. now found. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1669451284754366464?s=20
holy crumbly old cheese 🧀🧀🧀 the @abcaustralia just threw the chair of the board under the bus with this foi refusal. ita buttrose has been running adverts for pfizer, not the for abc. she is therefore a de facto employee of pfizer. this is a huge conflict of interest.
this now doesn't just apply to ita buttrose but to the two other "independent doctors" advertising pfizer's covid products which have never been shown to be effective or safe, despite the relentless propaganda. dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1…
the other two in the advert are @profrobbooy and @danielnour1 both of whom have been pushing covid mrna vaccines on the population without declaring their conflicts of interest as pfizer employees. dailymail.co.uk/embed/video/28…
remember that these people could not have joined in this advert without an agreement from pfizer. pharma companies will not let you have any association without signing an agreement, even if you're doing the job pro bono. the abc's admission just exposed the whole scam.
#adgate ☝☝☝☝☝
whoa! it turns out that @djnicholl is a known political activist and is leading the @goodlawproject action against @draseemmalhotra.... who presided over a 50% covid death rate. ten patients died at @swbhnhs that should not have died. #3tabletsncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
it's important to understand that political activism like this is now a cancer invading medicine. we exposed it in #ecmogate. doctors who have extremist beliefs in a doctrine such that they would rather the patient die than they reject the doctrine.
there is no excuse for 50% of your covid patients dying. @btysonmd's death rate was 0.1%, and nicholl's was over 40%. i suspect some of those patients were given #midazolam as we also exposed, because that was the time that #ng163 was in force. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1623147403305193473?s=20
so here is dr nicholls in his element, speaking to a libdem (woke left) conference and criticising @elonmusk for his "thin skin"
which is pretty rich. when i exposed him a week ago for being behind the astroturf @goodlawproject "action" against @draseemmalhotra... i got the "thin skin" treatment. pathetic. twitter.com/search?q=%40dj…
in fact @djnicholl is one of the most hypocritical people i have ever seen in action. look at this. "i won't say anything defamatory but i'm going to call @draseemmalhotra [who doesn't sell or push drugs] a snake-oil salesman" i think nicholl could be in trouble here.
if i was @draseemmalhotra i would be contact a good lawyer and file a defamation case. it's a slam dunk. nicholl has no insight. most of his talk is on censorship, whilst demanding the silencing every other doctor that disagrees with him, yet quoting solzhenitsyn
if you really want to watch it you can see it here, but i warn you it might make you angry. the hypocrisy is off the scale and uses all the far-left tropes you can think of.
meanwhile, if you have a relative that died of covid at @swbhnhs in march to may 2020, i think you have a legitimate case to file a criminal complaint against the hospital executive or @djnicholl. feel free to reach out and we will help you.#midazolam #ng163
the hypocrisy of @djnicholl is relentless he wants the right to speak freely but us also running a hate campaign to remove any doctor speaking out about pharma safety. wow. news.sky.com/story/jacob-re…
ok i'll spell this out so everyone can understand it. the mrna vaccines are made in massive vats of e.coli bacteria, which is the primary constituent of poo. the vaccines are made in poo and geoff has been trying to warn you about it for two years. #plasmidgate #poogate https://twitter.com/fluoridepoison/status/1666418417690353664
here you go if you're really interested
ok let's get #poojabs trending...@fluoridepoison 👇👇👇👇👇https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1670258821443502080?s=20
don't want to influence the poll or anything, but the thread is about #poojabs 😂😂😂https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1670355201092640768?s=20
hot(ez) cheese 🧀🧀🧀! the $1m+ grant awarded to @peterhotez was co-awarded to maria bottazzi and shibo jiang shibo jiang's affiliation was with the new york blood centre and fudan university shanghai. his publications were on peptide inhibitors for viruses. #hotezgate 🧵 twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
here is the record of the grant award for ai098775reporter.nih.gov/search/jpi7q6y…
and here is shibo jiang developing peptide inhibitors for gp-120.... one of the homologous regions of the covid spike protein that was inserted by "unknown" entities... but wait. peptide inhibitors? @charlesrixeypubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31374953/
oh look who he pops up with. his buddy zengli shi, the "batwoman" whose lab were the source of the wuhan covid outbreak. "development of viral fusion inhibitors" you say?
well zengli shi had already developed those fusion inhibitors years before. so why weren't they available to the public, if this coronavirus was so deadly?ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pmc/artic…
of course shibo jiang knew this because he wrote that paper with zengli shi. assuming he actually wrote it, given that he was literally writing hundreds of papers.
not only were the nih funding hotez, but also funding zhi and jiang who developed "an effective inhibitor for coronaviruses"... which was kept from the world. just like the #3tablets antibiotics that would have prevented covid pneumonia deathshttps://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1604543666135367680
so now we have a nih grant awarded to hotez (who was supposedly working on coronavirus vaccines for years) and at the same time to the people intimately involved in making a "pandemic" coronavirus for which they had an inhibitor. and maria bottazzi... archive.is/ss10t
and this "dream team" was supposed to be "curing forgotten tropical diseases". including ones that coincidentally caused cardiomyopathy (sequelae of myocarditis), for which they were trying to patent a new treatment. how coincidental.
here's the full list of papers between bottazzi and hotez - 176 in total and 100 in the last 5 years. it's amazing how they could write all those in the time, without help from #bigpharma ghost writers - given how busy they were trying to save the worldpubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=bottazzi…
so in summary here we have the smoking gun evidence that the nih were funding the very people who were not only responsible for developing new pandemic coronaviruses that would shut down the world.... but despite years of funding never released a single beneficial product.
and stand to make millions by channelling more government money to their coffers, and millions more from their patents for the very cardiomyopathies their products have caused. let's play jeopardy. the answer is "money laundering". what's the question?
remember that this is just the tip of the iceberg of the links between people who have vested interests in controlling the population with pandemic fear and at the same time creating and enforcing vaccines (however bad they are) on us. #modernagate #ctcctcggcgggcacgtag
addendum: how it works... collude to create a "pandemic" that kills 6m+ people, whilst keeping your inhibitor to yourself. get promotion to the journal that quashed a perfectly good paper showing the cancer risk of the covid mrna. welcome to gilead. arkmedic.substack.com/p/welcome-to-g…… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
hmmm... soft cheese 🧀🧀🧀 i'm getting a spooky vibe from another virology researcher who seems to have his fingers in every pie. sitash pillai good looking guy. https://t.co/nqv7lxoqcwresearch.vitalant.org/investigators/…
his pubmed bibliography is massive. he must be working 36 hours a day to produce all these papers.pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=satish+p…
he seems to have his hand in every virus and public health area in existence. hiv. coronaviruses. sars, mers, sars2. masks. vaccines. peptides. @charlesrixey https://t.co/duptyuogcwncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
ostensibly working out of ucsf but also "vitalant research". an apobec viral mutation expert? remember the monkeypox outbreak? https://t.co/7i6pd1yvperesearch.vitalant.org/investigators/…
in case you forgot, the monkeypox strain that was released on the world last year was an apobec-mutated strain. but i'm sure it's just coincidence. because no way that sitash would be working with the us military is there?https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1531577669049286658?s=20
nah, that wouldn't happen. he's far too busy working out how to save the world from multiple viruses. or making them. not sure which it is any more. https://t.co/achpgjmxkjncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
but don't worry, they have an inhibitor! and it's as good as remdesivir! yay! and thank god that it's not a dangerous virus and only needs a bsl-3 lab to play with it. and thank god that they have an inhibitor after everyone has already been infected! https://t.co/d7c5srmt6xncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
but satish's repertoire is so wide he is also an expert in microrna manipulation of hiv viruses. @narfgb @doorlesscarp https://t.co/lppeme1kizpubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25275557/
which is useful i guess if you need someone who needs to work out what mirnas might have multiple modes of adverse action on the population, say if you wanted to force an mrna therapy on them. and then call it co-mirna-ty. https://t.co/vnsg7gsmx5doorlesscarp953.substack.com/p/microrna-mir…
oh and by the way, if you did happen to get a pfizer shot and you don't sleep properly any more, remember to thank the micrornas that destroyed your circadian rhythm. and obviously, thank pfizer for keeping you safe, obviously.
so we're so thankful to have people like satish around who is able to provide expertise on all these areas of virology and rna genomics. keeping us safe from the viruses they create. thank you @usdod
and if you're wondering how satish came up on my radar after all this time.... thank this podcast from 2020 hosted by a woke pair of intersectionalist activists. should be interesting. https://t.co/u7qckdm57opodcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/affec…
but who's asha ravikumar? a nephrologist "now seeing patients with covid-19", acting as the clinical expert on this podcast. ok so what's her expertise? nephrology? should have a few papers then. oh.
and this has happened a lot during covid. inept or inexperienced doctors with no research papers being rolled out to produce covid propaganda on various media. jonathan laxton @dr_jon_l another prime example, and ian copeland too. all #cardboardmds and #cardboardphds
so let's get back to the original question. who is satish pillai? i hope he's a good guy. let me know in the comments.
great move @trueblood777111 to delete a viral tweet when you discovered it was not right. this is what we do. it's not what pharma or governments do. well done. explanation for the "massive rise in breast cancers" in next tweet. https://twitter.com/trueblood777111/status/1671478067024330753
in order 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 from (h/t @trueblood777111) it looks like 2022 and 2023 breast cancer rates suddenly jump. can you spot it? @clarecraigpath https://t.co/7eorakkxlacancer.org
so what actually happened was that changed the age ranges that they reported. instead of reporting "under age 45" they changed it to "under age 50" essentially doubling the number of young cancers. but why?cancer.org
they will argue that they wanted to make it a nice round number of age. but it's enough of a change to make it impossible to see if there is an increase. we know there are increases in some cancers, but getting that information is purposefully difficult. arkmedic.substack.com/p/philadelphia…
so instead they drop the data as is and allow "crazy anti-vaxxers" to make tiktok videos about it. that undermines the real story (the real increases in some cancers which may be up to 10% - that's a lot!). don't fall for it. always ask for the source.
fresh cheese 🧀🧀🧀 a new search of the gp prescribing database confirms a massive safety signal for fertility risk following the covid vaccine rollout. the one that @vikilovesfacs told you had no impact on fertility. well check the next tweets and then decide. #oophgate 🧵
here it is. the drug which skyrocketed in prescriptions after early 2021 was estradiol. hrt. why would this drug suddenly be prescribed in rapidly increasing quantities, having been at a steady level for years following its fall from grace? https://t.co/6aw8d68lknopenprescribing.net/chemical/06040…
of course the answer must be #climatechange. one of the primary symptoms of menopause is hot flushes, and these are worse when it's warm. so that must be it. global warming (even though it's getting colder) it cannot possibly be anything else that happened in early 2021.
what it definitely can't be is anything to do with the global injection of an irritant lipid nanoparticle that was known to accumulate in the ovaries, containing rna encoding for a foreign protein. no. absolutely not. https://t.co/dpf5xtnpxwhttps://twitter.com/arkmedic/status/1409008824720105474?s=20
because if the world was injected with such an irritant or toxic product that went to the ovaries and potentially caused premature ovarian failure as a result, the regulators such as the @mhragovuk @tgagovau and @us_fda would have told us. wouldn't they? https://t.co/l1exdjwcw1tga.gov.au/sites/default/…
and they would have noticed that an early safety signal for such an event (premature ovarian failure) would have been a sudden increase in the prescribing of hrt. hormone replacement therapy. estradiol. and the pharmacovigilance people would have halted the rollout, no?
of course we have been here before. in the 1970s the pharma companies thought they had "cured" the menopause by dishing out estradiol to as many women as possible. and then the uterine cancer epidemic happened. if this happened today, nobody would be allowed to speak out.
the point is that estradiol is not prescribed routinely. it is not contraceptive estrogen. the days of routinely prescribing hrt for "menopause" have gone since the women's health initiative study showed a higher rate of heart disease and breast cancer. https://t.co/kil0dbt2upwomenshealth.gov/30-achievement…
that was 20 years ago and apart from the pharma shills like @drjengunter pushing it excessively, prescriptions for hrt - especially in the uk - are low level and very stable. that's because the risks usually exceed the benefits over age 50. archive.is/wip/swz8k
so a tripling of the prescription of hrt would be unprecedented. and no, it's not climate change. it can only represent one thing - that women *under 50* are suddenly being prescribed hrt in record amounts.
and this could only happen if a cohort of otherwise healthy women in their 40s (because the over 50s would be expected to enter menopause) suddenly found themselves in an early menopause. the gps wouldn't hesitate to prescribe hrt in that situation. which means....
this massive and unprecedented spike in hrt prescribing, most notable in the south east region, is due to something that happened to females aged 40-50 from march 2021 onwards that caused premature ovarian failure in unprecedented numbers. #oophgate https://t.co/quxl2za6kzopenprescribing.net/analyse/#org=r…
and you can tell that the story needs to be buried because the pharma-controlled media and their "celebrities" are pushing a new drive for hormone replacement therapy. so that they can blame the massive rise in prescriptions on "increased awareness"https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1671716264941694977?s=20
but it's another distraction and those individual women going to their gp having a sudden menopause a few years early will just be fobbed off that "it's normal". well, it isn't... and almost certainly the bigger issue is in the next tweet.
which is, that if a whole cohort of 40's women are suddenly entering premature menopause... what is happening to women under 40 who wanted to get pregnant? well, we know the answer don't we?https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1669304480754700288?s=20
and remember that @kateclancy, who pretended to be looking at this very issue, went on a rant when it was suggested two years ago that women could check their amh levels before engaging on the covid therapies. who was she protecting? https://t.co/a96be75qxrarkmedic.substack.com/p/whats-your-a…
the one saving grace here is that the disaster that has afflicted this newly menopausal cohort of women, if treated with any seriousness at all, could help save the fertility of those not yet affected. by warning young women not to take these drugs without more data.
and if you are a young woman who might one day in the future want to get pregnant, speak to your doctor about an amh test. it could possibly save your fertility. #oophgate #amhgate https://t.co/zlwe44ytndarkmedic.substack.com/p/whats-your-a…
update: in typical fashion viki male posts a paper almost in unison with this thread to suggest that the amh values are unaffected by the jabs (when tested early on without boosters). but the paper is a sham. the data is not available to inspection and the estradiol data above… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@noconform101 @vikilovesfacs miniscule numbers
@threadreaderapp unroll
@melchizedek1972 lol i'm blocked and so is "it"
@chancha52615650 no. nothing to do with it.
@raginkrajun no. nothing to do with it
@imdyingslowly no, not at all.
@miss_ruby11 this is nothing to do with this. the trans patients are a miniscule number in relative terms. if you don't want to read the thread, perhaps better not to comment.
@raginkrajun i'm sorry you don't understand that hrt is not used for people trying to have children. and your rant just gets you a block.
@jacsuniverse @vikilovesfacs climate change
@gooree this isn't about pregnancy so go take your propaganda elsewhere. i only deal in data.
@ajays_choice @vikilovesfacs thank viki
@mariellanovotny @vikilovesfacs that's a tiny fraction
@laurelmmmmm it was a bad study? do you have a better one?
@speygo @vikilovesfacs this is classic pharma shillery. if your useless vaccine worked there wouldn't be covid. go shill somewhere else
@laurelmmmmm then unfortunately your statement is not helpful. it looks like it's intended to undermine the thread. i value fact based contributions, with papers or links. your statement is also potentially dangerous, as progestins are required for women with a uterus. please revise.
@ryandidcot @vikilovesfacs @bbcnews why don't you just click on the link and click it yourself?openprescribing.net
for the record these searches were archived (after the #midazolam fiasco) https://t.co/chcn85hkpoarchive.is/gsagearchive.is/hcx9d
@laurelmmmmm it wasn't an error. your "advice" arrived with a statement that could put people at risk. i see you have doubled down. i'll set you free. enjoy your gardening.
@iratechris @riseoftheproles @vikilovesfacs that's exactly what's happening. here, have some hrt
@iratechris @riseoftheproles @vikilovesfacs well it should be the same as 4 years ago. but apparently not
@threedogsonekid @vikilovesfacs i have some inside info, but the dispensing system is not as open to interrogation as the uk one
@threedogsonekid @vikilovesfacs how convenient.... 😉
@threedogsonekid @vikilovesfacs it wouldn't account for the massive rise, even if it were real. there is a small and late rise in testosterone prescribing but not in 2021. and not of the order of a 200% increase. as i said, very convenient that davina puts this documentary out in may 2021.
@gordondomini pharma emboldened by the covid con. everybody will be on hrt again soon. soma.
update: viki male confirms that the rise is not due to any "davina effect" at all but due to a rapid rise in diagnoses of premature menopause, so dramatic that it spilled into hospital outpatient episodes. this is a slam dunkhttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1672503258223644672
another point of note. viki is trying to conflate all estrogen (hrt) prescriptions, the majority of which are driven by topical (vaginal) estrogen. those are not relevant to this discussion. the discussion here is about systemic hrt. so when viki says that 90% of prescriptions… https://t.co/hzuytthie7twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@lastcardiology it doesn't. it shows that there is a sudden uptick in demand. and there is only one possible reason for that.
@lastcardiology because the only women that would have driven that demand are the 40-55 age group. so something happened to that age group that hadn't happened prior to 2020. what do you think it is?
@lastcardiology ok i think you're a troll but let's see. can you show me the tweet that says that this is proof of an increase in menopause in women in their 40s? if your next tweet doesn't have the answer or a retraction i'll block you.
breaking: "fraudbuster" harvard's francesca gino accused of research fraud. follow the money. i wonder who will be the next "fraudbuster" who will be in the spotlight?archive.is/nojvi
i have no idea whether francesca gina is a victim of whistleblower persecution or is the subject of a genuine fraud investigation. but i do know that this is covid propaganda. hbs.edu/news/articles/…
this story has taken a bizarre turn in that a twitter account linked to @microbiomdigest and the #muttoncrew is claiming to have been involved in the takedown of gino and is now getting sued... and they raised $275,000. really?gofundme.com/f/uhbka-suppor…
@microbiomdigest and assuming anybody linked to elisabeth bik is also funded by pharma, it seems very fishy that they have admitted to using @pubpeer to enforce a politically motivated retraction of a literal opinion piece of @sabinehazanmd from @frontiersin not even a scientist? #poogate
@microbiomdigest @pubpeer @sabinehazanmd @frontiersin and given this glowing self appraisal i would hope that leif, joe and uri support my campaign for absolute transparency in drug approval processes and drug trials. and will disavow the constant threats to accounts like mine who ask probing questions of pharma advocates
more on this herehttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1694244888412635298?s=20
darpa connection https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1694234392074563848?s=20
apologies for the disjointed tweets. this continues to be a thread in emergence. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1694244888412635298?s=20
shots heard, public good projects and darpa https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1694232933400510700?s=20
why did the countess of chester hospital have to replace its entire women's and babies unit that was only built in 1971, if there was no problem with it? there is something that doesn't add up in the lucy letby trial.archive.is/q3wn6
a really interesting and confronting dig into the #lucyletby trial in @lawhealthtech's substack below. asking the question.. is lucy letby a scapegoat for corporate manslaughter of neonates at the hospital? https://t.co/dnsarvniuulawhealthandtech.substack.com/p/scepticism-i…
and now that we know that the nhs execs will silence whistleblowers at any opportunity to protect themselves, it is not beyond the realms of possibility. why is the countess of chester hospital still under special measures 5 years after lucy's arrest?bbc.com/news/uk-englan…
and how did this fly under the radar @lawhealthtech? the countess of chester was identified as having an excess rate of stillbirths at the time. lucy letby was a neonatal nurse. she could not have had anything to do with that. https://t.co/p0yh2x11xjarchive.is/xmggb
i hope the legal teams on both sides know what they are doing and accept the possibility that there was a cover up at coc on the scale of the stafford scandal. bbc.com/news/uk-englan…
and please tell me someone on the defence side subpoena'd all the emails from the hospital executive relating to the plumbing at the countess of chester in 2014-2016. they did, didn't they? https://t.co/0i28c5mrprlawhealthandtech.substack.com/p/ll-part-4-ou…
when is an apology not an apology? when it's a demand. here is the ridiculous and self-incriminating tweet from @sharkzfanz who posted this and then blocked me. it incriminates himself, @ixeno, @liedsuddenly and others. let's take a look... https://t.co/n3evx2atzwhttps://twitter.com/sharkzfanz/status/1673172840768737280
the first bit sounds ok. he says he is apologising and confirms that he (posing as the now deleted but homophobic @elonisagaytwink account) and @liedsuddenly attempted to locate me via a trojan planted through my dms. my dms are open for people to reach out when they need help..
and i try and respond to every one who needs help. these people abused that channel to send multiple "ip logger" links in order to try and track me, which was done in a live twitter space so that we would know this was happening. it was intended to intimidate...
ip logging for websites is not illegal. abusing the information derived from ip logging and using it to intimidate (e.g. creating a twitter space to let everyone know "we're coming for you") is. which is what they did. then bleated to their friends when they got caught
now the "apology" starts to show itself for what it really is. an attempt to deflect from their activity. in no time, he has a pop at @stkirsch and someone called alex rosen. these are not my children. i don't know who "peter holtz" is
the next part is a lie. i heard through an intermediary that he claimed this so i asked for the posts. he went quiet. they don't exist. for the record, i do not condone the initiation of any threats. you will be blocked.
and then we get to the meat of why @sharkzfanz has posted this. he *wants* an apology. he's not getting one. but what is interesting is that in doing this he confirms the network involved in this heinous online attempt to threaten and intimidate. so, let's go through them.
first @ixeno xeno rasmusson. this is a professor at @calstateeastbay who should have denounced this act immediately we informed him of it. instead he tried to excuse it. xeno runs the us version of @sander_vdlinden's "disinformation brigade" whilst being paid by cal state.
and yes, those two are responsible for the trojan horse malware website. in their own words.
next up, @debunk_the_funk, aka dan wilson (not hidden). a genuine phd. i don't have that much of a problem with him. i have him blocked because of his association with the #muttoncrew (who spent 2 years trying to remove our accounts) but afaik he is nothing to do with this.
next is @thereal_truther who i do have a problem with. a non-scientist, jobless "media guy". he runs twitter spaces with his buddies @chris_komatsu (ex-nasa) and @iancopeland5 (#cardboardphd) they are bully fests that bring disgrace to science.
i blocked komatsu who acts well beyond his small area of expertise and is easy to catch out. if you do, he will accuse you of every possible "ism" that he can. they use these techniques to "invite" people to their space and then bully and harass them. it's pathetic.
next, @skepticjonguy i don't know what he is doing in this list but it appears that @sharkzfanz is throwing him under the bus. i had enough to say about him previously but agreed to leave him alone provided he leaves us alone. he should declare whether he was involved.
@mr_magoo5 is a long time #muttoncrew attack dog. a failure in real life there is plenty written about "jok3r" outside of twitter so i won't expand on it. he likes to intimidate and doxx with his buddy (not in this list). he wasn't invited to this event, and wasn't happy.
finally @drlizamd. bayer-monsanto and pfizer's paid media operative, she goes around twitter "debunking" people who dare to question the probity of companies who have paid billions in fines for fraud and injury. is @sharkfanz saying that she was involved in this?
now we have gone through his list, i should address this ridiculous claim. i am no more responsible for my followers than he is. the difference is that i will call bad behaviour out, and have done many times.
@liedsuddenly so if @ixeno @thereal_truther and his crowd of failures want me to stop shining the spotlight on them i suggest the following:(1) don't do fake apologies, they are lame(2) stop doxxing people and stop your two #muttoncrew stooges doxxing people. it's illegal and it's against… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
i forgot something. stop the mass reporting. it's lame. if you don't like what someone says and they won't listen to your (civilised) argument, if you have one, block them. if you can't form a rational argument at least have some humility to accept that you might be wrong. twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@threadreaderapp unroll
boom 💥💥💥 @mftnhs and @ztkelly could be in massive trouble pregnant women at st mary's hospital in manchester were coerced into receiving mrna covid vaccines, as part of a undeclared research study. @mennewsdesk - this foi was initially refused. if there was no active… https://t.co/sc1rfwm8m0twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@mftnhs @ztkelly @mennewsdesk well this is interesting. @breesanna follows every #muttoncrew account on twitter (uk 77th brigade aka propaganda units). she also follows @mftnhs but no other similar sized north england trusts. does @mftnhs also have undeclared links to government nudge units? https://t.co/ceqpxzhht3twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
whoa... this gets worse. see further detail from @the_coopertron here. now, watch to see if @ztkelly's followers swarm matt's account to try to get it taken down. @texaslindsay_ 👇👇👇👇👇https://twitter.com/the_coopertron/status/1673685429365755904
just to clarify my comment about @breesanna. she follows back nearly every account that follows her. many of the #muttoncrew followed her in the past to attack her, in the days when they could get people suspended. her following shows interest only in the fact that @mftnhs… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
🧀🧀 pharma and government activist die-hards who were desperate to claim the covid vaccines reduced infection rates - when they ended up increasing infection rates - often flail and refer to the footnotes added to the @ukhsa by @sarahcaul_ons's team. this thread debunks them https://t.co/q24lxs38fo https://t.co/nt3mfqc0vntwitter.com/i/web/status/1…https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1673863279058509828
this is the actual footnote in the a4 landscape page 45 of the report. remember that this was the last ukhsa report to provide infection rates by vaccine status per 100,000 (per capita) @sarahcaul_ons got orders to stop reporting these rates because they were embarrassing.
for readability i have copy/pasted this to portrait and increased the font size, but it's still a lot of words. 351 to be precise. let's go through it to see how ridiculous it is.
the second paragraph explains that these are case rates *per 100,000* people in each group. exactly the data required to calculate effectiveness of a vaccine. perfect.
for reference, this is the official calculation of vaccine effectiveness (which has been used in the coloured table at the start of this thread). please do the calculations yourself if you don't agree. https://t.co/9hwcdp3swrcdc.gov/csels/dsepd/ss…
now we get to the excuses. this is a doozy. they are literally telling you to ignore decades of epidemiology, because it doesn't give them the answer they were programmed for. @vnafilyan who is the main player at the ukhsa should be permanently embarrassed by this statement
what they want you to accept is that you should ignore the actual data and accept an estimate which is not even based on their own data. no, this is actually what they say.
they did it to excuse the use of other data sets (biased retrospective studies which used temporal miscategorisation to mimic efficacy) instead of using the actual data they had. then published the laundered data at the start of the document (p5), and changed the comparator
note the rates that were provided were the "unadjusted" rates per 100,000. so that is not accounting for any differences in the type of people that were vaccinated vs unvaccinated. it doesn't matter. the biggest confounder was age, which was separated out...
so what other confounders could they be thinking of? they shot themselves in the foot even here, because they were basically admitting that people who avoided the vaccine were either smarter or healthier than those who didn't.
and so they had to flail a bit more, and this gets more entertaining. vaccinated were testing more? really? on which planet was that? people tested less when they were vaccinated because they thought they were safe.
age? you already broke it down by age so you can discount that. occupation? that basically means healthcare workers - so you're saying that vaccinated healthcare workers had a higher risk of infection than unvaccinated non-hcws. great work nhs.
i mean, did they come up with this at a tory party get together? "the vaccinated get more covid because they go out more"? better avoid those people then. the flailing is off the scale.
and this one is a corker. literally admitting that natural immunity provides protection from *infection*. whoever decided to add this one should have been given a bonus.
finally the biggest embarrassment of all "we use nims so we don't really know what the real rates are, but take the vaccine anyway" @clarecraigpath and @profnfenton have done loads of work on the failure of these datasets.
yes those are the excuses that the #vaccinati came up with to tell you not to do your own calculations using their data. it's literally a rerun of this classic from 2017... (clipped from ) https://t.co/o4shcugnlc
if anyone tells you (like the $65m vaccinologist, kristine macartney, in kassam vs hazzard - transcript below) that you can't use the official ukhsa data to show that the vaccine *increases* infection rates. send them this thread. then mock them relentlessly. @tonynikolic10
and don't forget the broken flailing gif when you do! https://t.co/cnctvk3v9khttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1675005467914043397?s=20
proof that the @ons @ukhsa got orders to push this propaganda... from ed goebbels-humpherson "director of regulation" if the data doesn't support your drug, perhaps your drug doesn't actually work. https://t.co/bnjwnrjlqwarchive.is/aqhbbhttps://twitter.com/hopkinsonjason/status/1675015113273667584?s=20
@ons @ukhsa
good point. here is a report from a few weeks earlier. note the rates by vaccine status are in table 2 (instead of buried in table 14) and on page 13 (not 45) the case rate was low for a few weeks after vaccination, then after that time exceeded the unvaccinated in all age… https://t.co/mqta9iwzuptwitter.com/i/web/status/1…
hey @drmattuk we haven't met but you have me blocked. is it because you oversaw the deaths of covid patients that almost certainly shouldn't have died? or are you just making this up? #ecmogate
@drmattuk i'm going to take a guess that @drmattuk and @djnicholl know each other... and presided over a lot of covid deaths in the uk. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1670158057064611843
hmmm... what do you use these membership fees for, @drmattuk? https://t.co/q461ydrsfgdauk.org/membership/
what a cv! "involved in global health research"... yeah. megalols on this one. you have one first author paper and didn't investigate a single patient. it was an administrative report on anti-fungals. wow. https://t.co/fxjtawdbaqpubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=kneale%2…
but you're in charge of covid patients? you're just an intern. you don't have any specialist qualifications. yet you're obsessed by @draseemmalhotra how? what's your clinical experience? https://t.co/vlysnmko7ztwitter.com/search?q=malho…
you know what my guess is? @djnicholl got you to be his fall guy. it's his mo. so... what did he promise? and what did he ask you to do? and, if you did it, whose money did you use? asking for 65m people. @theda_uk
@djnicholl @theda_uk whoa! ok @theda_uk now i really want to know why you are following an account called "platinum pizza" @xeon4f145d96s1 who ranks high up your following list. and is in the same network. it's as if #medtwitter has its own #muttoncrew group coordinated through @thebma 🤔 https://t.co/vfxcbdhvtgtwitter.com/i/web/status/1…
omg i can't decide which is more cringe... ▶the jingle at the start of this podcast ▶the fact that @doritmi and @drpauloffit are behind this group ▶the sycophancy for pharma or ▶the appearance of @thereal_truther, declaring his only link to medicine is his doctor wife but… https://t.co/y14gdlviwc https://t.co/zaeba2vititwitter.com/i/web/status/1…https://twitter.com/voices4vaccines/status/1675880171180531720
now i know why i blocked this guy (not @thereal_truther but another member of the pharma group @voices4vaccines). open disclosure... i thought the profile picture was ai. looks like it was real. https://t.co/auw9racf08voicesforvaccines.org/person/noah-lo…
the hilarious thing about @thereal_truther is the fact that he can't stop talking, even when he has been given a script. he has had so many careers but none of them were in science. so why is he being used as an expert in this podcast? it's comical...
but on a serious note. if @thereal_truther is now acting as a medical expert (as he clearly is, promoting a failed and dangerous therapy as effective)... who is underwriting his indemnity?
so if you have been injured by a covid vaccine you should download this podcast and contact a personal injury lawyer. this should be a slam dunk case. @westcoasttrial might help you but i don't think they seem to be too interested in vaccine injuries. not sure why.
@westcoasttrial and yes @thereal_truther we know that this propaganda piece was scripted for you. it's hilarious that you claimed hib to be "your favourite vaccine", so i hope you get plastered with questions about the hib vaccine. that should be comedy gold.
@westcoasttrial @thereal_truther fyi.. here's cochrane's review on the hib vaccine and conjugated version. "data on the primary outcome (prevention of disease) were lacking" just like @thereal_truther's and @voices4vaccines probity. total fakes. https://t.co/hkzpykkb3rcochranelibrary.com/cdsr/doi/10.10…
breaking: @stvhealthaust are also insisting on the discredited covid mrna "vaccinations" in order to receive a heart or lung transplant in nsw. if you don't agree, you will die. there is no medical justification for this because the mrna vaccines are linked to increased… https://t.co/k5ph5lktwwtwitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@stvhealthaust here is the list of papers also showing corneal graft rejection following covid-19 vaccination. @richardursomd https://t.co/clozuox0h1pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=transpla…
even in the current environment where "vaccine sceptic" papers are almost impossible to publish we can see ▶ minimal expected response ▶ cases of transplant rejection ▶ documented renal impairment in renal transplant recipients ▶ covid infection pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=transpla…
it's not science-based medicine. it's politics-based medicine. it's not licensed. it's not studied. it doesn't work. it risks transplant rejection. yet the lysenkoist "doctors" at @stvhealthaust and @alfredhealth would rather you die than they admit they were wrong
@stvhealthaust @alfredhealth just one question for @fay_burrows who had the unenviable job of putting their name to the document. who was on the svh ams (antimicrobial stewardship) committee please? @ckellyuap @tonynikolic10
one final thing. more than 90% of the population of nsw has had covid and therefore developed natural immunity. not one single study showed a benefit of "vaccine immunity" over natural immunity. these patients do not need more covid vaccines. https://t.co/2ly8j4repcpubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34956206/twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
and my new challenge is open to the vaccine zealots at @stvhealthaust and @alfredhealth post one placebo-controlled study showing covid-19 mrna vaccination reduces all-cause mortality in transplant recipients in the following year. just one. i'll wait. #transplantgate https://t.co/i89ug7lcmdtwitter.com/i/web/status/1…
more transplant rejection after covid-19 vaccination sciencedirect.com/science/articl…
stinky research funding cheese 🧀🧀🧀!.. what do you have to do to to receive a quarter of a million dollars in "research funding" from gsk (the gatekeepers of #bigpharma) and not produce a single research paper? @stkirsch @chrismartenson https://t.co/ldbcvphtvu https://t.co/309txl1keatwitter.com/i/web/status/1…https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1671471298504167430
@stkirsch @chrismartenson let's say you were a pharma funded propaganda organisation like @shotsheard and you wanted to buy off doctors to do some propaganda.... you can't pay them directly for that role. but you can fund a "research project". which never recruits a patient. https://t.co/cjvdy66zfepodcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/affec…
@stkirsch @chrismartenson @shotsheard and your propaganda organisation could recruit people like @kevinault and @ixeno and @sander_vdlinden to use people like @liedsuddenly and @drlizamd to run your propaganda campaign. and those funds would "disappear". i guess it's a kind of money laundering.
and then you could spend millions on advertising in high impact medical journals like @nature so that your people could have a free pass to run their propaganda. nature.com/articles/d4158…
and then, just like barack obama funding his 4 homes, your propaganda captain could get a cosy book deal. rewards. awards. promotions. amazon.com/foolproof-misi…
there are many methods that pharma use to bypass rules and regulations that are supposed to keep doctors honest. asha has exposed them - thanks asha. but... we've had a brimful of pharma. and we're going to keep exposing it. https://t.co/syeg7va9bs
bingo! "the first question i asked [of the covid patient] was were you vaccinated... and then i sent them to hospital" that's how you increase the mortality and that's how you corrupt the "hospitalisations by vaccine status" data #ecmogate #3tablets @profnfenton https://t.co/atyplim2qnhttps://twitter.com/gbnews/status/1677747127504470019
@profnfenton this is absolutely horrific. david lloyd is a gp who claims to have treated covid patients and admitted to discriminating against the unvaccinated. do you think you are going to get impartial treatment from him? this is what is wrong with medicine today, all around the world.… https://t.co/ndqjezccoqtwitter.com/i/web/status/1…
remember that he knows more than you do, and if you don't agree with him it's because you're a "loony conspiracy theorist" even if you have more qualifications than he does. https://t.co/vmnhl9hezxpulsetoday.co.uk/gp_unsung/dr-d…
oh lookie here. it seems that dr lloyd has form in the field of medical fascism. https://twitter.com/talktv/status/1462753890311585798?s=20
whoa! it turns out that our "qanon loonies" doctor david lloyd - who told us how he deliberately hospitalised unvaccinated covid patients - made a fortune out of a discredited telehealth business. and then mocked the public. h/t @feeredfern https://t.co/6vmih9wpad https://t.co/flkfquojnpdailymail.co.uk/news/article-2…twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
deep(ti) fried cheese🧀🧀 while we were twiddling our thumbs wondering who the hell had recruited @dgurdasani1 to australia - home of #batbumeddie holmes.... she rocks up as an assoc prof (a title used for academic medical doctors) without a medical license, for...
"epiwatch" the fake biosecurity program whose sole role is to help governments make sure you kowtow to raina macintyre's regime after she received $millions in government funding. @epiwatch_bsp https://t.co/atzbjhdjrzepiwatch.org/about
and of course the logo symbolism is in your face. absolutely nothing to see here from the ai spinoff from @biosafetynow, who did nothing to criticise the virology industry - run by the pharma/military complex - for decades of death and destruction. @feeredfern @charlesrixey
remember @biosafetynow is so fake it includes @r_h_ebright @dfisman and @bryce_nickels all #vaxxophile extremists who believe you should be forced to take a gene therapy. it's a scam organisation to push mrna vaccines. if they disagree, they can denounce mrna vax. they won't.
but deepti did her job. she was the major uk propagandist for covid vaccines... so was rewarded with an associate professorship, from a university who have now pinned their colours to the create-a-virus mast. but, is @unsw beholden to the ccp?https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1528678161818734597
for the record a previous tweet thread about raina macintyre and the involvement of the australian branch of ecohealth in creating a pandemic that never should have been created. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1628156883487047683?s=20
i've asked before but i'll ask again. what happened to you raina?https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1627851786144071680
more tweets including raina macintyretwitter.com/search?q=raina…
more tweets including unsw and #beijinggideontwitter.com/search?q=unsw%…
please watch and share. assumptions are not science. lies are not science. cover ups are not science. [sound on] @repbradwenstrup @charlesrixey @daoyu15 @chrismartenson #3tablets #modernagate #ctcctcggcgggcacgtag #batbumeddie https://t.co/wcsbt4kkbkhttps://twitter.com/covidselect/status/1678787023518199811
@repbradwenstrup @charlesrixey @daoyu15 @chrismartenson clean version without quote tweet below, for better formatting
@repbradwenstrup @charlesrixey @daoyu15 @chrismartenson please watch and share. assumptions are not science. lies are not science. cover ups are not science. [sound on] @repbradwenstrup @charlesrixey @daoyu15 @chrismartenson #3tablets #modernagate #ctcctcggcgggcacgtag #batbumeddie
and no, it isn't a "formatting" mistake. https://t.co/payrer5y1yarchive.is/9fzve
"proximal origins" archived herearchive.is/hyz33
after 3 years there has no been an apology from the field of virology. there has never been an apology for aids, sars, mers or versions of influenza made to sell vaccines. there has never been a working vaccine created for any of these. so, what should happen to virology: twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
another day, another virologist making another virus. shut it down. now. @brokentruthtv @jim_jordan @repthomasmassie https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1679030936342790144?s=20
nasty cheese 🧀🧀 @roper_lab... looks like you patented a sars virus genome. you can't patent a natural genome. which means you made it. until the "scientists" that made sars and mers are prosecuted, the whole of virology needs to be shut down.patents.justia.com/inventor/rache…
@roper_lab more on the @roper_lab account https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1679108260429963265
@roper_lab why did the @roper_lab go quiet on its publications when there was a moratorium on gain-of-function research, and ramped up again after? #iykyk pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=roper%2c…
oh dear. it looks like @roper_lab was making infectious full-length clones of sars. and that was the patent. these people are out of control. shut. it. down. @charlesrixey @kevin_mckernan @daoyu15 ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nuccore/ay2741…
@roper_lab @charlesrixey @kevin_mckernan @daoyu15 @threadreaderapp unroll
bombshell! 🧀🧀🧀 recently released foi 4274 shows that @qantas and @a4anz colluded to demand the australian government enforce a nationwide vaccine mandate so they could avoid legal liability. both groups used the same wording which means that these letters were written for… https://t.co/ogcuka72iptwitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@qantas @a4anz there is only one conclusion here: that all the airlines included in this foi (@virginaustralia's document is not included) not only colluded but were told what to request from the federal government - presumably by pharma. it opens up an entirely different legal avenue. twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@qantas @a4anz @virginaustralia original foi document link here:health.gov.au/resources/foi-…
@qantas @a4anz @virginaustralia full @qantas version.
@qantas @a4anz @virginaustralia full @a4anz version
@qantas @a4anz @virginaustralia this bombshell opens up new avenues for civil and criminal action in australia for those who were force vaccinated or who lost their jobs. any single case would expose the origin of those letter templates through discovery @tonynikolic10
@qantas @a4anz @virginaustralia @tonynikolic10 this appears to be an organised human rights abuse crime cartel on a massive scale. i can't imagine how many laws have been broken here, and if pharma wrote those letters criminal prosecutions must happen. accc.gov.au/business/compe…
let me repeat for those at the back (and any lawyers)... anybody that files a claim over a work mandate involving the airlines in australia will be able to demand the origin of those letters in discovery. the corporations with deep pockets will not let that happen.
correction: thanks to an intrepid observer... here's the correct crops of the letters posted above.
✅ please see tweet correction at the end of the thread for the correct crops
i have asked @alison_roberts1 for commentary. she was previously the director of policy for the @psa_national. seems kind of an important conflict of interest. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1679571500100354054
@alison_roberts1 @psa_national https://t.co/xhovwjndussalessystem.com.au/portfolio/dr-a…
@alison_roberts1 @psa_national https://archive.is/2023.07.13-193504/https://twitter.com/alison_roberts1/status/891545797543604224
well i guess this just answered a question. both these accounts were just deleted. #qantasgate
next question... why was @alison_roberts1 thrown under the bus by being the only respondent named in this foi? and how was a pharma executive recruited to be the ceo of an airlines organisation just in time for covid? #qantasgate https://t.co/eq4gkqlmsuarchive.is/3kkww
great run down of the #qantasgate account deletion scandal here from @tdbsubstack thedailybeagle.substack.com/p/exposed-airl…
this account post tweets and a website glorifying and misrepresenting the deaths of people who the account owner hates. it is run anonymously and almost certainly funded by pharma. this is how low they will stoop to push #vaxophile propaganda over a failed vaccine. https://twitter.com/sorryantivaxxer/status/1660568770707079170
the account is networked to @thereal_truther - who claims to be married to a doctor - and to @gorskon who is corporately married to #bigpharma and @doritmi. all these people spend their lives attacking anyone who dares to push back against the pharma #vaxophile agenda.
@thereal_truther @gorskon @doritmi so is @thereal_truther or @gorskon running the hate website ? no doctor should be associated with this kind of hate website and should distance themselves quickly. @stkirsch https://t.co/ohcfv9bdwcsorryantivaxxer.com
@thereal_truther @gorskon @doritmi @stkirsch account archivearchive.is/9loha
@thereal_truther @gorskon @doritmi @stkirsch follows archive archive.is/ckkuv
website archive archive.is/2hojm
blog posts archive. important not: the content of these blog posts may be upsetting to some. some or all of the deaths listed may be real people. please do not search open this archive if this may upset you. archive.is/dk1vg
the hate site was reported and dns blocked by most dns providers. for the record i don't approve of censorship via dns blocking. hate needs to be out in the open so it can be fought. censorship does not fight hate, it simply hides it. https://t.co/7fgnyp6woyarchive.is/dmenf
and this is the kind of rabid hate spawned by the @gorskon style pharma hit brigades who twist the stories of deaths to fit their agenda. this one is from an ex-policeman @malkymcewan who wants you to buy his books. don't. he hates you. archive.is/uf3sw
@gorskon @malkymcewan one last thing. it seems @drsusanoliver1 is following the hate account @sorryantivaxxer. susan, do you endorse this account that disparages the dead?
bad cheese 🧀🧀 this article was published in the @australian in 2021 by "katrina grace kelly". it is endorsing the hate site run by the disgusting hate account @sorryantivaxxer that mocks the deceased. but there is something odd about it.. https://t.co/iwh15leafmarchive.is/1u0ed
the author is katrina kelly who has a muckrack account (which records verified articles from journalists) under her previous name. yet many of the articles no longer exist. archive.is/e0wac
meanwhile katrina kelly is featured as the central subject of this article from the @smh (who also hate people they call "antivaxxers") discussing "adoption reversal". kelly (journalist) said that collier (journalist) was a fraud. bizarre. https://t.co/9wmk7csjk4archive.is/8rsiv
and this is what kelly wrote about "anti-vaxxers" (which of course she doesn't define). it's egregious hate intended to dehumanise and divide. it worked, too. each country turned on its own people over covid "vaccines" which totally and utterly failed their claimed purpose.
but it's not just katrina kelly's articles that have gone missing. another infamous vaccine hate monger, @vanonselenp deleted this tweet about katrina's article. why? https://t.co/zzlggv4rumhttps://twitter.com/vanonselenp/status/1119364944116375552
but don't worry. katrina's hate campaign against "antivaxxers (undefined)" continued with the help of the @australian. https://t.co/pcvdyweqqxarchive.is/yn5nb
remember the australian is the newspaper that was supposed to stand up for the middle class. yet if you refused to take an experimental gene therapy just to keep your job, you were considered subhuman by them and deserved to be hated. people died because of this.
yet where is this #vaxophile standard bearer? articles gone. twitter account gone. i'd like to talk to you about your hate, katrina kelly. people died. others lost jobs, careers and homes. and for what? so you could dehumanise people you knew nothing about?
oh and just one thing "katrina"... if canberra is such a beacon of vaccine zeal and the vaccines are going to save the world... why has the act's all-cause mortality jumped 20% in two years? @suellenw https://t.co/ezvuoddclnabs.gov.au/statistics/hea…
boom! 💥💥💥💥 more #qantasgate revelations this time involving the government grant buddies raina macintyre ($2.4m) and kristine macartney ($65m) apparently pressuring the chief medical officer to procure mrna vaccines. why the redactions? and if allen cheng knew that it… https://t.co/b6bxdzltkptwitter.com/i/web/status/1…
more on raina macintyre's government grants and links to @biosafetynow which i reported to be a shell organisation pushing covid vaccine mandates under cover of "viral research safety"https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1628156891372343296?s=20
@biosafetynow and, as always, the link to the foi document. #qantasgate health.gov.au/resources/foi-…
icymi the original #qantasgate thread herehttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1679449329441079296
very bad cheese 🧀🧀 the hospital at the centre of the iatrogenic murder scandal of @evlaica's husband is @rchtwecare the twitter handle is inappropriate. if you are a nurse at #treliske hospital who wants to get your story out anonymously, my dms are open. 🧵
as presented, this story from @jacquideevoy1 represents an iatrogenic (doctor-caused) death no different from those resulting from harold shipman's serial murder campaign. all stuart needed was #3tablets antibiotics for a chest infection. instead... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/harold_sh…
...according to his wife's testimony he was physically restrained, catheterised and forcibly injected with high dose opiates and #midazolam without consent. this would constitute an illegal act of assault leading to an unlawful death.
deaths arising from medical malpractice may be categorised as manslaughter in the uk. it is a criminal act. however.... cps.gov.uk/legal-guidance…
@evlaica's testimony is that the consultant concerned disagreed with stuart's medical choices and as a consequence deliberately mismanaged him. that is no longer manslaughter under uk law, sorry @rchtwecare, it's murder.
and unfortunately for @rchtwecare you are under mandatory reporting rules. which means that if you were aware of this act and failed to report the consultant concerned, you inherit liability.
nobody reading the story in jacqui's report can take away anything other than a deliberate intention to deny antibiotics at first presentation and then to administer respiratory depressants, which will kill you if you have pneumonia. that is the #midazolam scandal that killed… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
and - for those who shout "antibiotics don't treat viruses" - the following drugs do not treat bacterial pneumonia. ▶️midazolam ▶️remdesivir ▶️monoclonal antibodies ▶️morphine ▶️paxlovid #3tablets.
bat boom eddie 💥💥💥💥 in the @covidselect document released last week there were embedded images containing previously unreleased emails. one of them blows this whole thing open, and it's from #batbumeddie holmes. "pressure from on high". who the hell is that?
@covidselect it's not possible that eddie holmes (affiliated with ecohealth, fudan university and the ccp) could have anybody "on high" outside of this group. they were literally the high priests of virology. fauci, rambaut, andersen, bedford, farrar. there were no higher authorities. twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@covidselect the only "on high" that there could have been were: donald trump xi jinping boris johnson scott morrison or peter daszak, who was - according to @aghuff - the virological ambassador of the cia. or somebody who really matters. so who the hell was it? twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@covidselect @aghuff it doesn't matter of course. this single email tells you why @edwardcholmes refused multiple foi requests to the university of sydney and why he was instructed to retain his emails. he is the person running the show, on behalf of the "on high" priest. or priestess.
@covidselect @aghuff @edwardcholmes and when #batbumeddie's cover story failed, his buddy #wuhandom was brought in to continue the lie. theconversation.com/i-was-the-aust…
@covidselect @aghuff @edwardcholmes whoever on the @covidselect it was that made the pdf forgot that acrobat only performs a virtual crop of embedded images. so the full images remained in the document. in the following tweets i will be posting all the uncovered images.
@covidselect @aghuff @edwardcholmes p6-9
@covidselect @aghuff @edwardcholmes p11-18
@covidselect @aghuff @edwardcholmes p25-28
@covidselect @aghuff @edwardcholmes p32-38
@covidselect @aghuff @edwardcholmes p41-43
@covidselect @aghuff @edwardcholmes p44-51
@covidselect @aghuff @edwardcholmes @daoyu15 @tonynikolic10 @carl_jurassic @chrismartenson @fynnderella1 and of course the inevitable hashtag... #batbumgate
and if you need the original document it is hosted here. t.me/jikkyleaks/883
not on the authors list of a paper they clearly co-authored or (unduly) influenced: ▶ron fouchier ▶trevor bedford ▶anthony fauci ▶jeremy farrar ▶marion koopmans ▶patrick vallance ▶francis collins ▶mike ferguson why? @charlesrixey @covidselect #proximalorigins https://t.co/sbv6gnubydtwitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@charlesrixey @covidselect not only did holmes and lipkin know that gof research was going on, but they knew #proximalorigins was a lie to cover it up. "we should add [ian] as an author. safety in numbers... he is involved in the gof" lipkin was funded by the nih. @covidselect https://t.co/lnqugj0wmdtwitter.com/i/web/status/1…
did the dominion of canada really vote for this guy? https://twitter.com/jimfergusonuk/status/1682688174416429056
"elecion disinformation is dangerous and threatens democracy" @feeredfern https://t.co/qbpgukoskjdominionvoting.com
@feeredfern totalitarian leaders tend to be short. there are exceptions. these two seem similar. one interred lgbt people and the other interred dissenters. same chips, different flavours. https://t.co/olmzmxd6hithepinknews.com/2016/11/28/thi…
@gmcooper_texas @9876lily @insidehook in fact @alexlauer might want to explain who provided this article to publish under his name, or is he claiming it as an original piece? https://t.co/qvd6em0vk6archive.is/6lzbt
@gmcooper_texas @9876lily @insidehook @alexlauer thanks to sally french we can identify the location of the "victory speech". where were all the people? not a single organic person turned up. strange eh? https://t.co/r2uuizx9duhttps://twitter.com/thedronegirl/status/1325257390342590464?s=20
@gmcooper_texas @9876lily @insidehook @alexlauer and thanks to 1080p video from nbc you can see that there are about 100 people there who have been placed into those cars. in other words, this was carefully staged. there are no aerial shots. amazing restraint from 80m people. https://t.co/j8kt8sn9zk
people keep asking me what the sv40 cancer gene enhancer in the pfizer covid "vaccine" actually does. hope this helps. #plasmidgate #sv40 @chrismartenson @drjbhattacharya @stkirsch @kevin_mckernan @clucky92864053 @parsifaler @jesslovesmjk @profnfenton https://t.co/vsugnlgvx3pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/10585295/
for context https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1683154646377041920?s=20
more context #plasmidgate https://twitter.com/clucky92864053/status/1683503417652658178?s=20
remember that the presence of the sv40 enhancer was in addition to the presence of the ln, which is a transfectant. a transfectant is something that enables rna/dna from outside a cell to get into the cell (and nucleus under the right circumstances)https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1683620063994318848?s=20
new stinky cheese 🧀🧀🧀 it looks like the @actuariesinst - who covered up the australian excess deaths scandal - are now implicated in a huge conflict of interest involving @karencutter4 and @aaroncutter2 $7bn in 6 months? where did that money come from? #cuttergate https://t.co/wgjhdnmgwgtwitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@actuariesinst @karencutter4 @aaroncutter2 the bias of @karencutter4 is off the scale. she worships @vikilovesfacs - ignoring the miscarriage and births disasters - and derides @senatorrennick this is activism. it is not the professional standard expected of an actuary. #cuttergate
@actuariesinst @karencutter4 @aaroncutter2 @vikilovesfacs @senatorrennick the cuttters knew about the excess deaths last year. the cutter report was published this year, whitewashing any concerns about the covid mrna vaccines that are known to have caused deaths. https://t.co/xl5cii1pp8twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@actuariesinst @karencutter4 @aaroncutter2 @vikilovesfacs @senatorrennick and karen cutter was recruited to propagandise for the @rmit who were caught last year themselves whitewashing the nsw births collapse scandal.rmit.edu.au/news/factlab-m…
this is the thread showing that the rmit "fact checkers" were not even scientists and refused to produce their emails under foi. because they knew they were covering up a public interest disclosure. so many laws broken. https://t.co/vapi5jzqcghttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1609074290468716544?s=20twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
and yes, karen cutter will claim victim status with her buddy @dalupton but when the real story eventually comes out - which it will - lupton will also be implicated in this huge and coordinated propaganda campaign to [knowingly] hide severe and fatal safety data from the public https://t.co/vlkn6b2xgntwitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@dalupton for the record here is the thread that earned me a block from @karencutter4 - before the conflicts with finity were discovered. #absgate #cuttergate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1635118298508693507?s=20
and here is the thread on @dalupton no wonder they blocked me and hoped i would go away. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1609074241928040448?s=20
@dalupton but i won't go away. billions of dollars have been laundered into a manufactured "pandemic" and an elite body of scientists (or their spouses or their institutes) have cleaned up. i won't go away until every penny is restored to the public, and every death accounted for.
update: this was disgraceful. @senatorrennick is one of a tiny number of australian senators to speak out for the public. now we find that @karencutter4 may have benefited personally from her derision of sen rennick this article is really problematicaap.com.au/factcheck/expe…
whoa! finity appears to have been busy deleting any record of karen cutter at the $7bn firm. we were ahead of you aaron. why would you delete these pages? https://t.co/6celcbxltbweb.archive.org/web/2022032301…
finally (for now)... see how a real independent analysis of the australian deaths scandal from 6 months ago compares to the cutter report https://t.co/soemscz0pzarkmedic.substack.com/p/the-australi…
breaking🧀🧀 new peer-reviewed study just published shows increased mortality related to neonatal vaccine doses. the more doses, the higher the infant mortality. this information must be spelled out clearly to parents. now. @stkirsch @retsefl @joshg99 https://t.co/gvswjoemq9 https://t.co/dmje65xgwxcureus.com/articles/16442…twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
"when developed nations require two versus zero neonatal vaccine doses, or many versus fewer infant vaccine doses, our study suggests there may be unintended consequences that increase all-cause mortality" this is damning. https://t.co/jpl2smvkrlcureus.com/articles/16442…
this paper is a re-run of an earlier analysis that the same group did 12 years ago. it isn't a mistake or a random finding. there will be confounders which need investigating, but what we have seen is that the pharma companies will now mobilise to bury this data. twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
in fact i'm going to make a prediction that the pharma-invested @gorskon or @microbiomdigest (involved with the massive #poogate ubiome corruption scandal) via @retractionwatch will be mobilised within the next month to try to get this paper taken down. so watch what happens.
@gorskon @microbiomdigest @retractionwatch it is not acceptable to obsessively stab neonates with drugs for which there are no randomised controlled trials showing all-cause mortality benefits. and massive safety signals for mortality and disability that have been suppressed.
@gorskon @microbiomdigest @retractionwatch one month ago i set this challenge to the vaccine zealots (those who are addicted to vaccines and want to mandate vaccines at any cost on others). they failed. it was a simple question. just one trial. there isn't one. @robertkennedyjr @stkirsch https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1672477109380612096
@gorskon @microbiomdigest @retractionwatch @robertkennedyjr @stkirsch diphtheria was basically eradicated 30 years ago with hygiene and antibiotics. yet we are still pushing diphtheria vaccines in neonates, children and adults. with no pharmacovigilance. immunizationdata.who.int/pages/incidenc…
@gorskon @microbiomdigest @retractionwatch @robertkennedyjr @stkirsch and then there is the hepatitis b vaccine. a vaccine that is actually effective at preventing the thing that it is supposed to prevent. with no controlled trial showing an improvement in all-cause mortality, after 40 years of use. https://t.co/kjioepcxmdpubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=hepatiti…twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@gorskon @microbiomdigest @retractionwatch @robertkennedyjr @stkirsch the hepb vaccine is useful for healthcare workers and others at risk of contracting hepb - a blood borne and sexually transmissible virus. so why the hell are we giving it to babies? this is the list of people at risk of hepb: https://t.co/qmykyaqvj0 https://t.co/4dknikrgginhs.uk/conditions/vac…twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@gorskon @microbiomdigest @retractionwatch @robertkennedyjr @stkirsch the uk resisted giving this to babies but capitulated in 2017. outside of mothers with hepb (detectable with screening) and known high risk groups there is no good reason for giving newborn babies this vaccine without longterm acm data. https://t.co/gh2nufwmugnhs.uk/conditions/vac…
@gorskon @microbiomdigest @retractionwatch @robertkennedyjr @stkirsch in fact, the insidious assumption must be that the hepatitis b vaccine needs to be given to neonates to protect it from paedophiles and iv drug users. here is @drpauloffit defending "uncle bob" https://t.co/u0chcyjasy
@gorskon @microbiomdigest @retractionwatch @robertkennedyjr @stkirsch @drpauloffit so here's a suggestion if you're being pressured to give your newborn baby or infant a hepatitis b vaccine and you are not a paedophile, or iv drug user and your hepatitis b antenatal screening was negative. ask them how your baby will possibly contract hepatitis b.
@gorskon @microbiomdigest @retractionwatch @robertkennedyjr @stkirsch @drpauloffit and keep your baby far away from @drpauloffit's "uncle bob"
i call for an immediate and mandatory provision of the following statement for all neonatal vaccination advice: "there are no long term randomised controlled trials showing that this vaccine will result in a better life expectancy or lower chance of disability for your child.… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
update: it's worth noting where @drpauloffit gets his scary "before the vaccines there were 18,000 kids getting hepb" statistic. a modelling paper from 2001. in fact, most of the reduction in hepb came from targeted vaccination, perinatal treatment and awareness. the pharma… https://t.co/fn9gwoaxultwitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@drpauloffit by comparison, neonatal hiv infection rate dropped from 428/m in 1991 to 13/m in 2015. that is a 97% drop with no vaccine at the same time that hepb infection rates dropped. offit might as well claim that the hepb vaccine prevented hiv. it's a lie. https://t.co/zvb5rtfqnencbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/nbk56587…twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
imagine if somebody really, really wanted to exaggerate a pandemic... they would need remote control of pcr machines. then imagine the company that could provide that service scrubbed its website after the event. wouldn't that be weird? https://t.co/uoi9fz2r3lweb.archive.org/web/2020092210…
not related at all, obviously https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1610511169755967492?s=20
not related at all, obviouslyhttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1543411697095884801?s=20
perhaps @startup88 have an idea as to why the website was scrubbed after such a brilliant idea with all those investors, and the aussie patent king himself! https://twitter.com/startup88/status/658490764327034880?s=20
boom 💥💥💥 thank you @drcmpatterson that is what i needed. now, @stvhealthaust this is on you. that transplant must go ahead now. no more vaccine demands. @cafelockedout @tonynikolic10 @dragonfishyhttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1686671181704015872
@drcmpatterson @stvhealthaust @cafelockedout @tonynikolic10 @dragonfishy this is a very important tweet. if you can see it please be civil and thank caroline for confirming that no vaccine mandate exists for transplant recipients. it's a landmark tweet. it may just safe a life. https://twitter.com/drcmpatterson/status/1686846909342765056
@drcmpatterson @stvhealthaust @cafelockedout @tonynikolic10 @dragonfishy archive.is/31iic
to clarify what is going on here, @ishlt - the world's main heart lung transplant organisation - have confirmed that they have not required a covid vaccine mandate. so @stvhealthaust are acting unilaterally. they will not have a leg to stand on if anyone dies as a result of this policy.
more background to #transplantgate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1676484421703340033
more background and a reminder how the twitter poll on this went now that the @ishlt have denied any requirement for a vaccine mandate the @stvhealthaust ceo could be in big trouble. watch the blame game start. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1676417136582066176
@stvhealthaust @cafelockedout @tonynikolic10 @dragonfishy *save
more background on why this is so urgenthttps://twitter.com/cafelockedout/status/1685882414240071680
related. the other side of #transplantgate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1686861425187356680
in 2008 @barackobama got 69m votes. this was the crowd at his "victory" speech. there was an estimated 240,000 people present. look at the crowd. this is what an organic crowd of a popular election winner looks like. now check the following tweets. @artisbrutal2021 https://t.co/2zcydkrju9twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
on january 6, 2021, the day that joe biden was officially awarded the presidential election victory, this was the crowd that gathered for the "loser" @realdonaldtrump the "loser" trump got 74m votes, more than obama this is an organic crowd. @timcast https://t.co/k0v3f0rrjgbonafidepress.com/crowds-collect…
on the same day jan 6 2021 the covid cases peaked in multiple countries around the world. in other words they dropped as soon as joe biden was officially given the election. everything is connected. this is not organic.
now let's turn to the election "victory" speech a few weeks prior when the media had declared victory for biden, but it had not been officially ratified (until jan 7th). it's a weird picture in this abc news article https://t.co/lrwplb96neabcnews.go.com/politics/read-…
well the speech was held in the car park of the chase center on the riverfront in delaware. the brand new jeeps were there for a month waiting. they never moved. nobody drove in with them. https://t.co/bcs1jvurf0insidehook.com/daily_brief/ve…
this is the location confirmed https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1685149114814869504?s=20
and if you watch 1080p videos of the speech, you can see less than 100 people. the videos never pan out further than this picture. https://t.co/4uo1m6pxxyhttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1685154720850317312?s=20
other than @thedronegirl's drone pictures of the event there are almost no static pictures. amazing for such a popular event.
the drone pictures show about 100 people, all actors who you can see occupying cars that are clearly not theirs and have been parked for a month in the same spot (you can track the colours of the cars). https://t.co/79hpvbi8rxduckduckgo.com/?q=biden+presi…
so why did they need to stage a crowd that voted in their droves - 80m votes, far in excess of obama or trump (apparently)? well, of course it was because "covid" meant the real 80m people stayed away. just one problem with that. biden voters didn't...
yet those pictures of "biden votes celebrating victory" were in new york and dc, with pre-made signs (that you often see with getup protests) and there were no other organic crowds in the us. around the same time were the blm protests. no problem staying away.
in fact it seems that the only time that 80m biden voters stayed away was on the night of the election victory speech, held in a car park in delaware, with a handful of brand new jeeps that nobody had driven in. but, hey, at least it stopped the pandemic.
just for corroboration here is the original video from nbc of the speech with just the crops of the "crowd". see if you can count them. if you believe this was an organic crowd, i've got a vaccine to sell you. but it does raise the question - where were all the voters?
faked cheese 🧀🧀: did you know that pfizer (the "sponsor") manipulated images of spike protein in the nucleus when they submitted their shiny brochure to the @tgagovau, and the tga didn't care? check this out, thread to follow. here's the original plate
in the original plate (the one submitted to the tga), you should be able to see that the s1 image shows a bright signal to the top left of the "two fried eggs" the "fried eggs" are the nuclei, stained blue in the left column
original plate again. ignore the merge column. in the left column the nuclei have a dark circle (like an egg yolk), which is the nucleolus. in the s1 image the nuclei look bigger, which reduces the impact of the signal in the nucleus. there should be no green in the nucleus
but there is green in the nucleus. you can see it, but i've labelled it just in case @jesslovesmjk (src: ) https://t.co/uojladqouztga.gov.au/sites/default/…
there will be people claiming that this effect is from spike protein surrounding the nucleus, called perinuclear staining. but this is what that looks like (first two columns). totally different. https://t.co/usbajypx6zresearchgate.net/figure/perinuc…
now the twist. even scientists i know with lab experience didn't notice the nuclear staining in the pfizer document until it was pointed out. why? because the sponsor (pfizer) pulled a trick. they manipulated the brightness of the image. here's the original again
now let's change the shadows and highlights of the whole plate in the same way and see if any of the subplates look different. bingo. the s1 vaccinated plate background (and the merge) have been altered in comparison to the hoechst plates.
so let's try and reverse this correction and see what we get well that looks pretty convincing. the nucleus is flooded with green. because the spike protein is flooding the nucleus.
and if you're not convinced here is the corrected view against the original view. subtle, but enough for scientists at the tga to say "nothing to see here, let's approve this and get our posh nosh" @double_christ @tonynikolic10
and you might ask.. "why does it matter if the spike protein gets in the nucleus?" well, because it destroys the body's cancer defence mechanisms via suppression of p53, which is the body's main defence against cancer. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1681491132134617088?s=20
when scientists published this, the nih sent their goons in to get the paper (which was perfectly fine) retracted. they didn't care whether you got cancer as a result. we call it #nihgate. most people don't know it happened. @brokentruthtv https://t.co/3wvbtf7nndarkmedic.substack.com/p/welcome-to-g…
a thread you hopefully will be interested in @adhesionsorg @senatorrennick @clucky92864053 @narfgb https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1689238517459898368?s=20
boom! 💥💥💥💥 not only have @projecthalo suddenly disappeared but the obstetrician whose institution received £250,000 to coerce pregnant women to receive novel gene therapies masquerading as vaccines has dumped her association with them. go figure https://t.co/9ogzvz4toitheepochtimes.com/us/un-initiati…
archive version of the epoch times article about project haloarchive.is/of0fc
teresa you were so proud of project halo, what happened? maybe @dr_jon_l too? https://t.co/nc4awsqttqarchive.is/csnim
there are people today asking me why i'm engaging a 9-follower troll masquerading as a doctor on twitter. it's because the troll leads me to the principle study and the fact that the person driving the harassment networks - and has been doing for 20 years - @trishgreenhalgh -… https://t.co/5mp99qlkv2twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@trishgreenhalgh i haven't done a deep dive into #tampontrish because it has been done elsewhere. but there is no way this person can be allowed anywhere near an "independent" study on covid treatments and because she clearly is, the principle study is vitiated. citizenjournos.com/2023/01/15/tri…
@trishgreenhalgh for background on the #tampontrish comment. she deleted her original tweet but the comment was repeated and preserved in the daily mail article https://t.co/3xmoxbek5karchive.is/dd0hh
@trishgreenhalgh and remember that @trishgreenhalgh is affiliated with the "junior doctors" who are trying to force the gmc to take action against @draseemmalhotra for daring to speak out on public safety. she appears to be using @drmattuk as a front for her action. https://t.co/rv6owjv5efhttps://twitter.com/trishgreenhalgh/status/1664699463192006661
are we being played? or are these just two really common names? how many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible? https://t.co/xjfttwaxghimdb.com/title/tt121649…
the film kill the messenger depicts the original gary webb, who exposed one the cia's atrocities against (predominantly black) america - the mass import of cocaine to the streets of the poorest towns and cities. and how the @washingtonpost and @latimes covered it up.
gary webb suffered #arkancide in 2004 as a result of his exposure of the cia. john cullen works for the cia. so it's of some interest that the same names keep cropping up in the "covid investigation" circles. gary webb. john cullen. nothing to see here. just a coincidence
earlier trailer credit
the cia couldn't bear to have their story told. so they destroyed the reporter who told it. this is how they work. once government has power the only thing they fear... is public awareness of their corruption. theintercept.com/2014/09/25/man…
the @washingtonpost's character assassination of webb on his death. by failing to investigate his exposé and instead supporting the cia's cover up they - directly or indirectly - contributed to his death. "he apparently killed himself"...archive.is/fjkyu
two gunshot wounds to the head and the mandatory typed suicide note. @tinadaunt wrote this for the @latimes. if you read it quickly you'll miss the reference to the pulitzer price webb won, buried deep in the article. tina no longer works there. archive.is/56cyb
do you see how it works yet? @uniofoxford make a mint pushing a failed and dangerous vaccine for a disease that they fraudulently promoted as lethal... whilst pretending to run studies that - if they could interfere with the gravy train - were never published. (see next tweet)
here is the clinical trials record for the wellcome-sponsored copcov trial, which was the most likely to report a benefit of protection from #hydroxychloroquine. it was completed over a year ago. result never reported. classic.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/resul…
the statistical analysis plan was signed off in december 2022, with the last patient completed to recruitment in march 2022 - 17 months ago. this is a slow walk. it's deliberate. the pi is a trainee. highly unusual for a major trial. https://t.co/geyrhi1bndclassic.clinicaltrials.gov/provideddocs/0…
here's another one. covid-shield. from @wehi_research who love sending trolls to try to remove us from twitter. never reported. you know why?....wehi.edu.au/news/covid19-p…
because the trial data was scrubbed. here is the anzctr record. the trial website has gone, but previously existed. https://t.co/cbh1xqw6ik https://t.co/izrx49qvyvcovidshieldtrial.com.auanzctr.org.au/trialsearch.as…
did you catch it? the smartest mice get the tastiest cheese. who has control of this trial? who registered the website? why our old friends @iqvia_global of course. the very people who procured the data for the "highly safe and effective"....
astrazeneca covid vaccine, for which they were the data collaborator (aka data maker) and who were working in conjunction with @uniofoxford, home of our extremist #vaxophile @trishgreenhalgh, to develop a vaccine... that killed untold numbers of people...
for a disease that was non-lethal in 99% of people and almost certainly treatable in the remainder, if the hydroxychloroquine (+ azithromycin) studies were allowed to have been published. but @astrazeneca, @iqvia and @uniofoxford made sure they weren't. didn't they?
@astrazeneca @iqvia @uniofoxford and remember that this is the same iqvia which has its tentacles in every emr in every country, yet also ran the only lab in the world... where the pcr positive rate for covid was 99.99% i'm sure it was just a coincidence. @martinneil9 @profnfenton
@astrazeneca @iqvia @uniofoxford @martinneil9 @profnfenton once you realise the collusion between @uniofoxford, their pharma stooge @trishgreenhalgh, the corrupted principle trial and the lethal recovery trial which were all run from the same place... you will understand how it works. this is #oxfordgate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1690560857904676864?s=20
and remember the ironically-named recovery trial which was also run out of oxford using @bengoldacre's @hdr_uk pet project, supervised by jeffrey epstein's favourite nicole junkermann. 25% of their covid patients died. #oxfordgate @johnnyvedmore @artisbrutal2021 https://t.co/xwbldnadcmtwitter.com/i/web/status/1…
and finally the principle trial of which the outcome was already decided before it started. of course nobody can access their data hosted on @openclinica - supposedly iqvia's competitor. they look pretty friendly here 🤔
just to reiterate - because some things are not clear in tweet threads. iqvia took over the data for this study and failed to report the outcome. a reportable breach of clinical trial ethics. @brokentruthtv https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1690566510882828288?s=20
updated 🧀🧀... because so many pharma advocates are trying to wriggle out of this really obvious fail of the covid vaccines in preventing #longcovid i'll put it in a graph format, with references in the tweets to follow. @stkirsch @_johnbye @johnincarlisle https://t.co/nuft3toqzbhttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1690245757864198144
the green column is the incidence of #longcovid (i.e. related symptoms lasting more than 90 days after a covid infection) in a big study published in 2021. the incidence was only 2.3%. this was before any vaccines and in the worst waves (alpha & delta)ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
the middle column is the incidence of #longcovid in patients who got covid before they were vaccinated, but reported long covid after vaccination. it's deliberately confusing: the 17% figure is the difference against those who didn't get covid!bmj.com/content/381/bm…
the last red column is the reported incidence of #longcovid in a cohort of patients who were nearly all vaccinated (at least 94%) in western australia. the rate of long covid (after covid) was 18.2% there was no figure for unvaccinated in this study. medrxiv.org/content/10.110…
i posted this in the original thread but it got broken up by twitter so reposted in full below. it is the rebuttal to the claim that the "authors say that more doses is associated with less long covid". it's a false claim from the data they provided... there are four reasons why it's obvious that there is no "benefit" from more vaccine doses in the wa study: 1⃣ there was no significant difference between the two dose group and the >2 dose group (140/703 vs 1989/10994, p=0.22) in risk. the claim that the 4+ group had a lower risk required artificially separating out this group in order to get a "significant result". that's called p-hacking. 2⃣the two-dose group was combined with the unvaccinated group. this is comical data manipulation for this claim 3⃣in table 3 of the paper there was no difference in health service utilisation between the 4+ dose and other groups, yet 93% of the sufferers of had received at least 3 doses of vaccine. the 3+ dose rate (16+) for wa as at 1/1/23 was 79.3%. this gives a negative efficacy of -247% for preventing "long covid". this is the only conclusion that can be reliably drawn from the data provided. 4⃣the slightly lower incidence in the 4+ group is expected given that the 4/5 doses did not occur until later and to qualify for "long covid" needed 90 days of symptoms. source and data for the wa 3+ dose calculation. table 2 = 94% 3+ dose (overall) table 3 = 93.5% 3+ dose (accessed services) table 4 = 93.9% 3+ dose (return to work cohort)
and here is the original thread that kicked off the controversy. for the record the claim was that the vaccines induced (i.e. made worse or more prevalent) long covid, not that it only existed after vaccination. you decide... @clarecraigpath https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1690245757864198144?s=20
i can't believe i have to do this again... this is a false interpretation from authors who failed to understand what they were writing, or were told to include this phrase. the data does not match this statement. the statement is false. https://t.co/s1ifjlqbzbmedrxiv.org/content/10.110…
holy nova 🧀🧀🧀 i have discovered something. and you're not going to like it. saponin is a transfectant and novavax didn't tell you. add one more piece of information there is something damning that nobody realised. see next tweet. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30822815/
this is the second piece of information that blows open a global #novavax scandal. that any plasmid dna cannot be removed by traditional dnaase processes if a transfectant nanoparticle is present. @kevin_mckernan @fluoridepoisonhttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1692406541465649581?s=20
and if a transfectant (a chemical that helps dna get into cells) is present... and the plasmid that made the novavax spike protein has not been removed... novavax recipients have been given a gene therapy without consent. assault on a massive scale. @fynnderella1 @jjcouey
in other words... that anybody that received a novavax product containing saponins may have received a gene therapy product by fraud. this was no accident @jesslovesmjk @stkirsch @double_christ @tonynikolic10iopscience.iop.org/article/10.108…
@jesslovesmjk @stkirsch @double_christ @tonynikolic10 there needs to be an urgent and independent assessment of novavax product for both endotoxin and plasmid dna. if plasmid dna is present in anywhere near the same quantities as the pfizer jab... i predict that novavax will see the biggest class action in history. #plasmidgate
@jesslovesmjk @stkirsch @double_christ @tonynikolic10 #novagate
@jesslovesmjk @stkirsch @double_christ @tonynikolic10 poll: if you received novavax voluntarily or under duress and found out that there was dna with transfectant in the product (meaning that it was an undeclared gene therapy), would you join a class action lawsuit against novavax?
thread continued https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1692460181861683236?t=mfqe-qy92d3b_j9sl94hca&s=19
poll here (thanks twitter for breaking the thread)https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1692462907488100566?t=mfqe-qy92d3b_j9sl94hca&s=19
you don't even need a plasmid in the production phase. baculoviruses (the gmo that novavax claimed to use for their protein production) can be made to transfect mammalian cells. i can't see any excuse for putting saponin transfectant in this stuff.pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29842913/
"baculoviruses are safe because they don't infect human cells"... until they do @jesslovesmjk @kevin_mckernancell.com/molecular-ther…
@jesslovesmjk @kevin_mckernan huge update herehttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1693143355105202540?s=20
breaking... #taggate may become a reality in time, but for now @kevin_mckernan has cleverly produced an assay that allows pathologists to identify *which* vaccine mrna is present in tumour tissues. this could support some huge lawsuits anandamide.substack.com/p/can-qpcr-dif…
some history for #taggate https://twitter.com/jikkykjj/status/1472110381803847684?t=ds5ad1y1esg5rw71bfxtqa&s=19
more history of #taggate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1618470281718423552?t=ds5ad1y1esg5rw71bfxtqa&s=19
there are two aspects to #taggate. one is that people who took these therapies may have transient or permanent gene signatures detectable by pcr. the other is that pfizer and moderna knew which samples were from each group in their "trials"https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1633937934712999936?t=ds5ad1y1esg5rw71bfxtqa&s=19
whoa! 🧀🧀🧀 novavax's patent sequence coding for their "non-genetic vaccine" is different from every other sars-cov-2 spike protein sequence (wuhan, pfizer, moderna). #novagate just joined #taggate there is only one explanation. thread.🧵
sequence 35 in the novavax patent (mx473662.1) is the dna sequence coding for the wuhan spike (with the pp mutation common to all the mrna vaccines). it only matches 73%. it should be 99%+. there is no reason to codon optimise for a protein vaccine. freepatentsonline.com/y2021/0228709.…
what that means: when coding for a viral protein, they should use the same rna sequence as the virus. they changed the rna sequence but produce the exact same protein. pfizer did too, so did moderna. it was partially covered in #coptigate but there is more to it. @eh_den
there is no need to change the gene sequence for a protein based vaccine. and if they were going to do it, they could have copied pfizer's or moderna's. they didn't - they created their own. overnight. here are the matches - 85% to both. enough for pcr to differentiate.
i'll repeat. there is no reason to do this from a scientific viewpoint. they said they were making a protein vaccine. but the protein sequence was identical. moderna, pfizer, novavax - 100% match on amino acid sequence, only 85% match on rna sequence.
note there was one tiny change for novavax. they changed the furin cleavage site from rrar (active) to qqaq (inactive). but that was it. so the final product has 3 amino acids different from pfizer and moderna. and **572** nucleotides different. for a protein vaccine?
i said at the start of this thread that there was only one explanation. and it is very insidious. because there is no need to codon optimise your spike protein if you are just producing a protein. #coptigate
the purpose of codon optimisation (changing the rna code without changing the amino acid sequence) was supposed to be to get the most protein produced in the human body's cells, to induce the most antibody. it was a lie, by the way.
both pfizer and moderna said they created their rna code overnight. they could have done this with the viral rna code. but to codon optimise it (change it) would have required weeks or months of testing. they must have known months before. businessinsider.com/pfizer-biontec…
the only explanation for pfizer and moderna to have a markedly different rna code for their vaccines... is so they can claim patent rights, because pcr can tell you which one you had. this is #taggate they are already fighting.blog.petrieflom.law.harvard.edu/2023/01/12/cov…
but novavax should have had nothing to do with this, because they produced a protein based vaccine. or so they said. the only way it would matter would be if their patented (and identifiable) gene sequence were to end up in the recipient of the vaccine.
which until yesterday was thought not to be possible. now, it is. the #novagate thread describes how the presence of saponin was unnecessary and is a transfectant medium - a chemical used for gene therapy. not required for a protein vaccine. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1692456846072942775
and now we have a transfectant present in the novavax vaccine, and a patented, identifiable gene sequence that - if it wasn't properly removed (as we now know pfizer didn't remove theirs) - could turn novavax into a genetic vaccine. @kevin_mckernan @fluoridepoison
but i'm sure it was all just accidental. #taggate #novagate #soapgate arkmedic.substack.com/p/who-owns-who
additional src: novavax's full patent document archived here with some more perfect westerns for the record. t.me/jikkyleaks/941
more information on the contents of novavax at @fluoridepoison's substack here geoffpain.substack.com/p/novavax-pref…
the difference between our side and the pharma sponsored propaganda units is that we will support people who disagree with us. this is an excellent piece on how #datacolada have emulated #chisquaredkyle by claiming fraud using the wrong methods.joebakcoleman.com/blog/2023/harv…
and here is the original paper (retracted). it's a psychology study, so the statistics are not at a high level. this should have been picked up at peer review, but it probably passed because of the standards in that field.pnas.org/doi/epdf/10.10…
and here is #datacolada's review of the insurance data. the points they make are valid. the data does indeed look like junk the way it's presented here. but francesca gina is not the person who wrote the paper. she was the third author. datacolada.org/98
and here is the economist's report. archive.is/kszmx
and an interesting paragraph at the end suggests that somebody fabricated the data (this was admitted so it's not contentious), but the least likely person to have done that (or been able to do that)... was francesca gino. again, i'm not taking a side here...
but in practical terms a middle author is usually either a statistician (gino isn't) or someone who has made a minor contribution to the paper. the supervising author goes at the end, but would not necessarily review the line level data.
which means that the main candidates are those who curated the data and wrote the draft - lisa shu, nina mazar, dan ariely and max bazerman. or they were given totally bogus data. so.. the question becomes.. why was francesca gino the one targeted?
and it also makes no sense that the same group of authors 8 years later would publish a new paper admitting that the findings from the original paper were likely wrong. people who commit fraud generally don't offer their data up for audit. gino did. pnas.org/doi/10.1073/pn…
this story just gets murkier. the excel file which has the fake data (and a very amateur fake at that) and is uploaded on osf was produced by dan ariely. his record is appalling but this is the first time i've heard his name. it's always been about gino.
so there should be an original data file from the insurance company that should be auditable. then we can see where the differences are and audit the trail. at this point, if the hartford statement is correct then the onus falls on ariely. not gino. npr.org/2023/07/27/119…
for more clarity, the statistical quality of the original paper was poor - but that is standard fare for psychology papers. for instance the claim in the chart below didn't actually reach statistical significance on a two-tail test so they used a one-tail test. it's not fraud, but it's p-hacking (cheery picking). but if you retract papers for this you shoudl retract the famous dagan paper that showed the pfizer vaccine to be 92% effective against infection with delta covid, which we all know not to be true. they simply published confounders. not fraud, just poor science. it only becomes fraud if confounders are [knowingly] misrepresented as a real effect.
and... here we end up at darpa. yes, darpa. this was never organic. i have no idea whether @francescagino knew that the data in her paper was junk. but it seems that as the middle author, she is being targeted for a purpose not related to her papers https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1694219825466442020?s=20
what if... @francescagino refused to stay silent on #hydroxychloroquine because she had been to italy and knew that they had discovered that it reduced deaths by half? would that have been enough reason for her to be targeted for discrediting?pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32859477/
that large study in italy in the early phase of the covid outbreak not only showed a robust improvement in survival in hospitalised patients with covid, but the death rate was halved in the most severe patients.
so what was gino's role in italy? this. i tweeted a few weeks ago that this was covid propaganda. it is. it was. it copied what everybody else was saying - that there was some novel lethal disease. we know better now of course. #3tablets hbs.edu/news/articles/…
but the video in this article has been wiped. why? #ginogate
we have the video (h/t @quriousin). but twitter won't let the original upload, so this version is re-encoded. let's see if it stays up. #ginogate
@quriousin so if gino knew that the italians were using #hydroxychloroquine in 2020 (up to april when all the protocols were changed internationally causing more deaths)... what would she have said? #ginogate
original #ginogate thread https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1672424587450290178?s=20
for the record, ben goldacre had campaigned for years for full data transparency. in 2017 he backtracked. the paper is here. this happened under stuart buck's grant. the call for full data transparency died in 2017. pfizer would benefit in 2020. bmj.com/content/357/bm…https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1695593364392124691
also for the record there were two papers on the "failure" of #hydroxychloroquine published in the same journal, using huge datasets not available for audit, within 2 months late 2020. the second was ben goldacre's opensafely group. thelancet.com/journals/lanrh…
the earlier paper was funded by pharma and supposedly found over 300,000 patients who were taking hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin for rheumatoid arthritis. that is not a combination used for ra. this paper needs to be fully audited. thelancet.com/journals/lanrh…
so what is the probability that two huge papers (over 100,000 patients) appeared at around the same time, in the same journal, after the #surgisphere scandal had died down, using exactly the same kind of model as surgisphere, and not available for inspection? @chrismartenson
@chrismartenson i should also point out that we have looked at this many times before, so this is an archival (legal) record. opensafely have produced papers previously that are not consistent with the same data from open sources. #lancetgate #lancetgate2 https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1658691730601033737?s=20
it's also worth noting that in the lancet rheumatology goldacre paper, the covid mortality rate for hcq users was 0.2% - in the uk in april 2020. the corresponding published mortality for the uk was over 0.5%. for over 70's: hcq mortality 0.3% uk mortality 1.2% over 80's hcq mortality 1% uk mortality 5% the whole cohort had similar mortality rates with or without hcq, but the non-hcq users were using other inflammatory modulators (dmards). goldacre's paper probably found one of the most striking cohorts (and thus treatment options) with reduced covid mortality, but this was never investigated. @profnfenton @joshg99 @clarecraigpath @p_mcculloughmd @stkirsch @alexandrosm
and just imagine that the massive reduction (60%+) in death rate in the #hydroxychloroquine (or dmard) cohort was known by rentsch and goldacre in jan 2021 but they failed to declare it, and refused to release the data... there were 78,000 covid deaths in the uk in 2021.
there is an implication to this mhra foi that is beyond what is written in the thread. the mhra were reading our posts and therefore knew the safety concerns that we had raised in the public interest. yet they did nothing. many people died. @mattletiss7 @pjhlaw
@mattletiss7 @pjhlaw example 25/6/23 @mhragovuk knew there was no additional efficacy to a second dose - even on the unsubstantiated and unverified data presented to them - yet approved it without long term safety data. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1672776034142556160?s=20
@mattletiss7 @pjhlaw @mhragovuk example 20/5/23 @mhragovuk knew that they had not conducted pharmacovigilance in pregnancy despite allowing the genetic vaccines to be rolled out to pregnant women. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1659741152277585920?s=20
@mattletiss7 @pjhlaw @mhragovuk example 19/5/22 @mhragovuk knew that people had died and chose not to investigate those deaths, or worse, chose to keep the investigation suppressed. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1527239602398195712?s=20
hot cheese🧀🧀 a massive breaking story relating to @lonnibesancon who was removed from his post at monash university for publicly denigrating didier raoult with offensive sexualised comments. not only a member of the #muttoncrew but an affiliate of @microbiomdigest. https://twitter.com/pimpisgood/status/1697305697656951222
here is the translated article from 2021. in essence, multiple french #muttoncrew members acted as political activists in order to undermine raoult who merely published data on #3tablets protocols that could have saved thousands of liveswww-francesoir-fr.translate.goog/societe-faits-…
their aim was to undermine and discredit raoult and stop people giving #hydroxychloroquine and #azithromycin to prevent covid pneumonia. besancon and bik's actions likely resulted in millions of unnecessary deaths due to the #3tablets scandal of non-treatment (see alt text)
and this is a group that has been acting in unison for 2 years, as part of the pharma "disinformation" units who would have every medical and scientific whistleblower removed from their institutions if they could. the raoult affair proves it. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35239642/
this scandal earns its own special hashtag. #blowgate enjoy your weekend.
whoa! can you see it? can you see what the @ukhsa did? @clarecraigpath @ichudov @profnfenton @draseemmalhotra @johnincarlisle gov.uk/government/pub…
@ukhsa @clarecraigpath @ichudov @profnfenton @draseemmalhotra @johnincarlisle and just before you think that there is a time lag to the data, here are the week 9 figures. they remained constant (within 1%) all through 2022 and early 2023, irrespective of how far back the data was reported from. until june 2023, when 2022 data all increased by 14%
@ukhsa @clarecraigpath @ichudov @profnfenton @draseemmalhotra @johnincarlisle again, for the smarmy trolls. please pay more attention. there are two data sets for births - ukhsa and hes. the ukhsa pulled a bait and switch in june 2023, which is why the numbers suddenly changed, but it's purely to hide the drop. https://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1591291327391887362?s=20
@ukhsa @clarecraigpath @ichudov @profnfenton @draseemmalhotra @johnincarlisle in other words, the @ukhsa used the "correct" data for 2 years - until it suddenly showed a 10% drop in births. then they switched to the estimated hes data. bait and switch. https://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1591292105162657792?s=20
poisoned cheese 🧀🧀🧀 this interview is complete junk. it is intended to go viral on dissident forums so that those forums can be discredited. but there is always an underlying story that the people behind this are trying to bury using this discrediting tactic mini thread... https://twitter.com/matttttt187/status/1697977354969067881
1p36 deletion is a congenital chromosomal abnormality so it can't be induced by these drugs or external high frequency radiation. but we know that the mrna vaccines were falsely sold as "not genetic therapy" which was untrue and is being challenged in court in australia..
not only are the mrna therapies by definition genetic therapies but they also are proven independently to contain undeclared plasmid (lab dna) contamination at therapeutic levels. this is the #plasmidgate scandal.https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1694633097730642222?s=20
and remember that the rna vaccines were given approval under the bla (biologics) pathway? blog.petrieflom.law.harvard.edu/2021/06/15/wha…
well the biologics pathway is for "living" drugs. different from standard drugs like aspirin or amphetamine that can be dried and stored in a cupboard. these are things like adenovirus vaccines. they include gmos and other quasi-living organisms...
which brings a host of new problems of contamination. for instance, if cow bone marrow were found to treat cancer it would go through a bla approval. but there would be a massive risk of cjd (prion disease) which you would have to accept because...
... as a biological you don't know what the active ingredient is. it's somewhere in the "thing". if you knew, you would isolate it and sell it as a standard drug that you could purify and sterilise... but (and here's where @fluoridepoison and @kevin_mckernan come in)...
you can't sterilise a biological using standard methods. gamma radiation or heat will destroy dna/rna. detergents destroy lipids. so you have to accept the product as is, however dirty it is. hence geoff pain's #poojabs phrase.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/denaturat…
not only are the #poojabs contaminated with leftover bacterial wall components from e coli (endotoxins) but we now know that they are contaminated with plasmid dna hence #plasmidgate. the regulators know, which is why they tested for them - but using the wrong tests
so when @kevin_mckernan discovered the true nature of contamination of these products (which are dangerous enough when not contaminated) it exposed a massive scandal of cover up and corruption.home.solari.com/plasmidgate-mr…
and it also showed that, without sequencing of every batch of these mrna or dna medicinals (and even some recombinant protein products as in #novagate)... any biological or genetically active contaminant could in theory be added to the product. that's the real story.
for reference to #poojabs https://twitter.com/fluoridepoison/status/1676762592885501953?t=gxo30trl9jorifmdvww4vg&s=19
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court documents referenced above https://twitter.com/double_christ/status/1689823010726006784?t=v79gkprhfm4t2p4vlzf-_a&s=19
mercky cheese 🧀🧀 a reminder that stalking and harassment threats are not a new tactic from pharma. up until they admitted in 2007 that their drug caused deaths (estimated at 38,000 people) merck were stalking doctors and reporting any that spoke out. #vioxxgate #doxxgate https://twitter.com/wildcolonialgal/status/1700357284738859173
the full timeline of the vioxx scandal at npr. 38,000 people died. npr.org/2007/11/10/547…
this was the prototype for @shotsheard, the pharma harassment network that is just about to be exposed. 38,000 people died as a result of these tactics. cbsnews.com/news/merck-cre…
these tactics are still ongoing. the story of the harassment of @myletrinh123 should be a wake up call to every citizen of every country that has a medical board responsive to the influence of pharma corporations.https://twitter.com/myletrinh123/status/1690819483676659712?s=20
remember that pharma has unlimited funds. they will come after every doctor who dares to make them look bad. the result is that doctors know they are threatened if they speak out. so they maintain silence and the public gets to take the #vioxx. https://twitter.com/dragonfishy/status/1671375385865637888?s=20
so when australia has the highest excess death rate in the western world, after adopting every single who-pharma strategy to fight "covid"... don't expect any doctor or scientist to say anything. if they do they will be removed.
and because the regulators don't answer to anyone the public just have to continue to take the #vioxx. this is literally where we are in the uk, canada, australia, ireland, nz and most of the us.
and don't think they are going to stop at "vaccine disinformation". why should it be any different for oxycontin? midazolam? thalidomide? every one of these scandals has faced the same problem. spectator.co.uk/article/the-sc…
until doctors and scientists are protected from targeted networks of harassment and threat this will continue. depending on what happens in the high court legal case with @myletrinh123 perhaps we will find out through discovery...
whether the reports that around 60 anonymous complaints were filed against doctors in australia in 2021 questioning the covid strategy. by the same person using anonymous constructs of the name "louise graham".
there were over 100 doctors in australia threatened by the regulator at that time yet "louise graham" is also the name of pfizer anz's chief procurement officer. so was somebody writing these complaints in her name? @mrobertsqld @senatorrennick malcolmrobertsqld.com.au/ahpra-denies-b…
the excess death rate in australia is currently running at over 20,000 people per year (despite the abs altering the baseline), for a population of 26m. and nobody is allowed to investigate. and nobody is allowed to say anything. just take your vioxx.abs.gov.au/statistics/hea…
finally a little historical twist in the #vioxx story. the supervising author on the jama paper that officially raised the alarm in 2001... was @erictopol. how ironic. #vioxxgate @brokentruthtv jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/…
i'm hearing that a file containing 1157 members of the @shotsheard social media group has been leaked online. "shots heard" is the pharma-backed troll organisation that coordinates attacks on people that raise concerns about vaccines. let's see how this story develops.
related #vioxxgate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1700377461199106537?t=makalsdhzb5t0s-d0xdqga&s=19
related. one of the lesser known co-founders of the #shotsheard group, beth hoffman from the "behavioural sciences" dept at pittsburgh. not mentioned in the declarations. by the time of this publication the group had been established for a while. theconversation.com/misinformation…
these groups were threatening parents to have their children taken away if they didn't take their drugs. no, i'm not kidding. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1700657103004954772?s=20
@brokentruthtv has the story brokentruth.com/pharma-lobbyis…
bio cheese 🧀🧀 it's time to get familiar with the pharma "lobbying" organisation who were funding #shotsheard, the mafia-like group that coordinates attacks against doctors and nurses who step out of line on drug propaganda. this is "bio" 🧵statnews.com/2021/08/31/cha…
here is the archive. bio is run by michelle mcmurry-heath, who is described as an md phd...archive.is/ozpf4
but dr mcmurry-heath does not have a single first-author paper in her name. so that would put her in the #cardboardphd category . @brokentruthtv @fynnderella1pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=mcmurry-…
her first listed paper is an editorial, announcing the creation of yet another biotech lobby group. i guess this was the start of the pathway.science.org/doi/10.1126/sc…
and from the @statnews article, and from what we now know about the pharma industry and their lobbying groups... this is really insidious. "worried that the gang of six would use... progressive policies they couldn't stomach" what were they? creating a disinformation mafia?
"bio" (biotech innovation organization) is not the only pharma lobby group. here's the other one.. "phrma" (pharmaceutical research and manufacturers of america) involved in "dark money groups"politico.com/newsletters/po…
even astrazeneca, who created a vaccine that they knew was dangerous, was not successfully tested on animals prior to release, and that even the regulators couldn't hide the deaths of... couldn't stomach the phrma. az, abbvie and teva all left. reuters.com/business/healt…
but bio seem to be the more infamous of the dirty due of pharma lobby groups. the approval of aduhelm (for alzheimer's) was called out for corruption within the fda by multiple players. it didn't matter. the fda did bio's bidding. archive.is/oecgi
so, was this drug - that the biotech innovation organisation which runs #shotsheard - another "safe and effective" drug for alzheimer's? you decide. just have a look at what happened to alzheimer's deaths in the last 2 years.
in every country affected by "covid-19 countermeasures" dementia deaths have skyrocketed. approximately an extra 2000 people a year in the abs reports, for a population of 26m people.
why, it's almost as if there is another pandemic being prepared for another accelerated drug approval. but perhaps i'm just becoming cynical.alzheimers.org.uk/news/2021-09-2…
and just a reminder that the big story on bio and their funding of the #shotsheard organisation, that we now know contained at least 3 members of #acip (the cdc's vaccine committee), was broken yesterday by @brokentruthtv please support them. brokentruth.com/pharma-lobbyis…
remember that merieux is the same corporate group as biomerieux, who built the wuhan institute of technology. they run the field of "vaccinology" and coincidentally 22 labs around the world, all in developing countries. the gabriel network. onehealth aka ecohealth. https://twitter.com/joshwalkos/status/1623017221780914177
it's a big club.... but only the biggest players get the awards. nfid.org/award/dr-charl…
the merieux institute is essentially the vaccination branch and runs "vaccinology" courses and certification. now part of sanofi. the merieux foundation helped build the wuhan lab. same people. same vested interests. who benefits from the creation of pathogens?
oops i just can't keep up with the name changes. foundation. institute. potato, potato. and if you want your vaccinology certificate so that you can be paraded on tv mandating the next experimental vaccine... you'll need to attend the course at #advac.x.com/anandaonline/s…
just a two week course! fondation-merieux.org/en/advanced-co…
and totally independent of course!archive.is/lykkx
when they said they will not stop, they didn't just mean me. they continue to harass women and children who reject their narrative. this account - linked to david gorski - devoted itself to harassing a mother by posting her home on its profile. here's a question...
if your #bestvaccineever actually worked, why would you need to: ▶️threaten ▶️harass ▶️intimidate ▶️bully because it doesn't. most of the people you label "antivaxxers" have had plenty of vaccines.
but you got greedy. you took millions of dollars from the pharma companies and agreed to hound down anybody that disagreed with you even when people were dying because your drug trials were false. so you decided to make bullying networks to hound people down.
you did this to ▶️doctors ▶️nurses ▶️politicians ▶️mothers ▶️fathers ▶️vaccine injury victims threatening everybody that disagreed with you. and the result?
you created the biggest generation of "antivaxxers" in history. the whole world now hates #bigpharma and the vaccine industry because of the dirty tricks you were using.brokentruth.com/dr-richard-pan…
and even your own people are now deserting you. 10% of the #shotsheard group ditched you when we shone the light on them this week. why? wasn't it an honourable endeavour?...
or was it just a money laundering scheme based on its founders getting millions of dollars from undisclosed donors (presumably pharma corporations through bio and other lobby groups). brokentruth.com/pharma-lobbyis…
but you failed to realise that every time you do this, the public are going to turn against you. and every million dollar donation will mean that people will look at you and ask "why did the public good project suddenly get millions of dollars 2 years before the pandemic?"
oh, don't just take my word for it. here is joe smyser, ceo of shots heard, project vctr and the inappropriately named "public good project". in his own words. "antivaxxers are not nice people". really joe? did you ever meet one?
so, here's a question for joe smyser. did you approve of or coordinate the targeted harassment (incl doxxing) of families, nurses and doctors in order to coerce the population into taking an experimental gene therapy vaccine? actually, don't bother. we know the answer.
meanwhile, here are the people underpinning #shotsheard and the propaganda empire above it. listen to what they think of you. todd wolynn - co-founder of shots heard: "my job is to get you to be compliant... eat a healthy diet or get vaccinated"x.com/feeredfern/sta…
direct link to the video featuring beth hoffman (co-founder of the #shotsheard facebook group), todd wolynn (co-founder of shots heard) and jaime sidani, beth hoffman's co-author on multiple papers on reprogramming the population to accept vaccines. pitt.hosted.panopto.com/panopto/pages/…
oops and just one thing... todd forgot to mention that he received over $200,000 in fees from 4 of our favourite pharma companies. can't imagine why. #shotsgate @brokentruthtv
hey @latimes why did you scrub all the pictures of the "patients treated on the usns mercy" in your march 2020 report? sort of seems like something you would want to keep, don't you think?latimes.com/california/sto…
@latimes archive looks kinda different somehow...archive.is/mreej
@latimes and the mail kept some of those pictures, and the staged video toodailymail.co.uk/news/article-8…
@latimes also archivedarchive.is/gd4t6
i'm going to have to block him again. can't say i didn't try. the goalpost shifting on this thread even made me dizzy and the insults he had to resort to were disappointing to see from a scientist. @topaz20211 you have more patience than me https://twitter.com/debunk_the_funk/status/1704507457513414725
here is just one tweet from the thread where he was attacking phillip buckhaults who ended up deleting his account, and wafik el deiry. both those people have h-indices that embarrass dan. he can't argue science so recruits #muttoncrew trolls.https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1704334421229465896?s=20
and this is an example of how "science" is done on twitter. this is not even showing the recruitment of trolls which happens every time these people are rolled out. this is not science.
for the definitive guide to "can this synthetic dna reach the nucleus?" here is the paper. the pfizer injectable has all the necessary ingredients to achieve this, coincidentally. @kevin_mckernan @jesslovesmjkncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
@kevin_mckernan @jesslovesmjk remember the vaccine spike protein itself, coincidentally, contains a nuclear localisation signal (nls) so even without the sv40 enhancer (another nls) dna can be transported to the nucleus coincidentally the nls is also the furin cleavage site. 🤔ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
ps.... the definitive guide to the integration rate of linearized dna: @kevin_mckernan h/t @sciencethorsten nature.com/articles/s4159…
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wait what? what's a "avid anti-vaxxer"? where did i ever claim to be an "avid anti-vaxxer"? it's just another lazy slur. and why is it necessary to mischaracterise someone instead of debating scientific papers that have been presented? @weldeiry i'm sorry you've been targeted
@weldeiry a reminder as to our previous attempts to "debate" "debunk_the_funk". it's always the same mo: ▶ makes false claims ▶ gets shown data ▶ resorts to insults and calls in the #muttoncrew https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1684875008081092608
@weldeiry so this is what has happened with @weldeiry @kevin_mckernan and @p_j_buckhaults philip buckhaults deleted his account due to targeted #muttoncrew attacks. it's how they work. their job is to remove any scientist who dares to bring safety concerns to the public.
here is the tweet from @weldeiry that drew the ire of the #muttoncrew trolls, it's worth following the replies to see how they work. the tweet was a valid opinion that should have prompted a mature debate. not possible with these people. x.com/weldeiry/statu…
@weldeiry rather than vitriol and insult we prefer to resort to humour when people who should know better make ridiculous claims and double down. there is no getting through to them https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1704334421229465896
@weldeiry and for a bit of entertainment don't forget to check up on the #itsoverdan hashtag!twitter.com/search?q=%23it…https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1685926762348527617?s=20
twitter/x isn't expanding links that have in them, ironically, so here's wafik's tweet expanded (hopefully)x.comhttps://twitter.com/weldeiry/status/1703345204906832126
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#nlsgate #novagate #plasmidgate
#nlsgate #novagate #plasmidgate
#nlsgate #novagate #plasmidgate
#nlsgate #novagate #plasmidgate
👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆 a thread of memes to explain something that is hard to explain....https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1705797669959164157?s=20
absolutely nothing to see here. because there is nothing to see here, there is no need to check the next tweet. thank you. have a great day. #nls #plasmidgate
of course that can't code, because it's the 3' utr (untranslated region). which obviously doesn't get translated. unless the uridines are pseudouridine. maybe it's just another accident. yep. hanlon's razor. @p_j_buckhaults @kevin_mckernan ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
and of course because we're talking about stop codons i get the chance to post my favourite meme again.
more on the fda submission from kevin and the speech from phillip in relation to #plasmidgate by the excellent @phillyharper philharper.substack.com/p/open-letter-…
it's a long way to send a swab, don't you think? when you understand that the patients in the pfizer vaccine trials did not have their "covid" diagnosed on the basis of the swab that they sent in, it should become clear how the result was obtained. files.catbox.moe/pikoi0.pdfhttps://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1535470923314528256
to reiterate. if you were in the trial and had covid symptoms, you took your own swab and sent it into to pfizer at pearl river, who then sent it to wuhan. the covid case was not recorded in the trial on the basis of your local test (e.g. with your gp)https://twitter.com/iambrookjackson/status/1704494209888092234?s=20
the trial cases were recorded on the basis of what pfizer (via wuhan) recorded. that's why the results did not match the n-antibody results. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1529076970486923264?s=20
..also why the results did not match the symptoms outcomes (which were worse for the vaccinated group when you include the 1000 extra cases of fever prompted by the vaccine) just watch the @fullfact pretzel logic here, quoting @sonia_elijah great articlefullfact.org/health/pfizer-…
note that the quote/document in the first tweet is from the pregnancy trial, but it replicated what was in the main trial. and if your symptoms were within 7 days, don't record it as covid.
so. i have a request for the public. if you were in the pfizer vaccine main trial and you got covid at any point, and sent in a swab to pfizer as well as having a covid test locally... please dm me. we'll look to see if you appeared on their log. thank you. @rouxaugusto
for pointing out that darpa were behind the organisation that did the fundraiser for #datacolada i was harassed with "conspiracy" labelling. now it is confirmed - what? we're just moving on to the next propaganda drive? no. people died because of these psyops. #ginogate https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1709163208609767464
the prior threads. worth reading the replies before they get shredded https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1694219825466442020?s=20
the other funder of these organisations and the people behind #datacolada is the arnold foundation. a "hedge fund" created out of the enron collapse. how? maybe like epstein's - a "hedge fund" with no computers. nor fund. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1697824799895289883?s=20
for now i'm going to keep this thread open. let's see how many #datacolada supporters come knocking to threaten, harass, or just insult. instead of what they should be doing. asking the same questions. not one mention of darpa by @noamscheiber archive.is/ibtps
@noamscheiber more on #ginogate x.com/jikkyleaks/sta…
@noamscheiber and more #ginogate the #datacolada fundraiser was claimed to be organic, but was not because scientists don't push that kind of money into gofundme's. so how did simone vazire of darpa manage to get such huge sums in 3 days?https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1694529429933117563?s=20
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where are they now? archive.is/1lew4
as an aside, maxwell house was literally the worst coffee ever made. no contest.
and another maxwell crops up. how does the nsw government manage its massive grant money shuffle? $25,000 to a "coming soon" (2 years ago) company may just be the tip of the iceberg. remember merunova and the $1m research grants for no-patients-recruited studies?
and just like the university of melbourne hosting a darpa grant to make sure that people didn't dissent from the government narrative. fives eyes or the all-seeing eye? was it something i said alex? @feeredfern #maxwellhouse
@feeredfern $93m for 100 fellows. $1m grants for everyone.... phd student yesterday. professor today. great job. #thanksdarpaarchive.is/rvcob
@feeredfern not coffee. artificial intelligence. who needs doctors when you have the #magicapp?
and the #maxwellhouse would have absolutely nothing to do with any company able to remotely control pcr machines. nope. that's crazy. just more coincidences. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1686193416798081024
whoa! 🧀🧀🧀 this could be the worst paper that @thelancet have published since the #surgisphere fraud. kristine macartney, who received $65m in government grants to push covid vaccines, tells us it prevents non-covid deaths. not a chance. 🧵thelancet.com/journals/lanwp…
here is just one of the most ridiculous graphs i have ever seen in a paper. the "dose 2 > 180 days" group had the exact same mortality rate. so the "vaccine efficacy" in this group was 34%. with tight confidence intervals. not a chance.
but it gets worse! the "unvaccinated" death rate drops by half in the second half of the year.... whilst the "dose 2 8-90 days" quadruples in the same time frame, yet designated as a "13.9% efficacy" this paper could go down in history.
the figures are all over the place. for "covid-specific mortality" there is no significant difference between "dose 2 > 180 days" and "unvaccinated" as their confidence intervals cross. the "vaccine efficacy" should include negative in the range. but of course it doesn't
and the "dose 3 > 180 days" has a death rate of 4.068 compared to 9.704, a 58% apparent drop. except it is quoted at 71.9. who did these stats?
the "all cause mortality reduction" is ridiculous. in australia covid peaked at 3.2% of deaths during the pandemic. so how can any reduction in 3.2% of deaths create a 70% reduction in all-cause mortality? give me a break. this is just healthy user bias. @profnfenton
this is just a skim of the paper. there is no way this has passed an adequate peer review. there are red flags everywhere. for instance this is just the declared interests. there are more undeclared interests...
...such as the involvement of the supervising author with the ncirs which literally curates this data. ... that apparently they don't actually have access to. so you can't check it. arkmedic.substack.com/p/how-to-lie-w…
but don't worry. @thelancet only publishes the best science, at the best price pharma can buy. the-scientist.com/features/the-s…
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put your hand up if you think that using a biological system derived from the only organism that thrives at 100 degrees celsius (pyrococcus furiosus)... to generate synthetic viral spike proteins... is a good idea. poll in tweet below. nature.com/articles/s4159…
poll: using pyrococcal biological systems to generate synthetic viral spike proteins is...en.wikipedia.org/wiki/pyrococcu…
pretty. grows best at 100 degree celsius. processes ethanol. "recently discovered". don't let it anywhere near you.
please tell me that everybody understands that if pathogenic bacteria were to develop resistance to alcohol we would lose the commonest method of sterilisation established over centuries. there would be no way back.
fake cheese 🧀🧀 schrodinger's science, on orders. while trump is in office "don't rush the vaccines". months later "get them here asap". yet the story in this tweet was never possible as a natural phenomenon. it was a lie. incidentally, darpa funds simine. thread 🧵 https://twitter.com/siminevazire/status/1409378593260507137
this was the story. it was fake because it's not possible. i'll tell you why. the claim: "out of 30 people at the event 24 unvaccinated were infected, and 6 vaccinated were not infected" abc.net.au/news/2021-06-2…
the first reason is that all the infected people apparently were infected at the same time. there was no spread (with 2-3 day incubation) between them. and no further contagion reported from that group...
which means that one person infected 24/24 people with a 100% transmission rate of the most contagious virus in history, that then was not passed on. that is one unique virus. but there is more.
we know now after 2 years of being lied to that the "vaccine" does not stop infection. in fact the ukhsa reports showed higher rates of infection in vaccinated people. so how did 24/24 get infected while 0/6 got infected? it's not possible of course. but there's more.
the transmission rate for delta was around 10% but let's say it was higher, at 20%. so that means the probability of getting infected if you are exposed is one in five (an overestimate for covid). so, what's the probability of 24 out of 24 people being infected?...
is 1.7e-17. to a normal person, that's zero. there is zero probability that story could be true. here, check for yourselfgigacalculator.com/calculators/bi…
and what happened after this event when everybody in nsw (that is, over 90% receiving the primary series and most receiving boosters) was vaccinated? the case rate went through the roof.
in a bizarre twist that only has one explanation... the "health minister" (now resigned) knew in advance exactly how many cases there would be a month later. no crystal ball needed for those in the know 😉skynews.com.au/australia-news…
yet the story that was pushed by people like darpa's simine vazire was that 100% of vaccinated people were protected and 100% of unvaccinated people would be infected with the scary virus. zero possibility. but don't question them.
and remember, that simine is the person behind the #datacolada fundraiser. who deny that the fundraiser was organised by darpa or any other astroturfing organisation. gofundme.com/f/uhbka-suppor…
so it's all good. take your vaccine to stop infection and transmission. data colada are the good guys. darpa didn't have anything to do with creating viruses that killed millions of people. i'll see you back in room 101. #ginogate #modernagate #thanksdarpa
the author of the bmj article quoted by viki as if it is gospel is a freelance journalist. he chose not to include that qualifier in this bmj piece. this tweet from viki is propaganda because it suggests something that is not true, adding the @bmj_latest label for authenticity https://twitter.com/vikilovesfacs/status/1713961668407853188
@bmj_latest here is the request for the data underlying the mbrrace report. data from the @npeu_ukoss has previously been requested under foi and denied. this is not their data, it belongs to the british public who fund them. https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1714388417117851806?s=20
@bmj_latest @npeu_ukoss the bmj article itself is just an opinion piece from a freelance journalist, basically repeating the party line - that only unvaccinated pregnant women died of covid. this is a misrepresentation of the truth.https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1714490126938800523?s=20
the truth is that there was a sharp rise in direct deaths in the 2019-2021 triennium, unrelated to "covid", that oxford conveniently are not talking about. look over here (covid and vaccines)... not here (basic maternity care)
the truth: direct causes of death, those considered to be pregnancy related, spiked massively in the last two years of the report. eye off the ball. too busy making tiktok videos. a massive 52% rise in direct maternal deaths.
@bmj_latest @npeu_ukoss and here it is. this is #ecmogate and #3tablets scandals in one. "an unvaccinated woman". no antibiotics for pneumonia. perform an abdominal operation during an acute respiratory illness. death 3 weeks later, by definition cannot be "covid pneumonitis". virus long gone.
@bmj_latest @npeu_ukoss no lessons learnt. antivirals don't work for bacterial pneumonia. no mention of hydroxychloroquine or immune modulators for early pneumonitis prevention. no mention of antibiotics for early treatment of pneumonia. wait till you can't breathe. #3tablets
@bmj_latest @npeu_ukoss no early treatment for these unfortunate souls. just wait until you can't breathe. if you declined the vaccine that doesn't prevent death or infection, we won't treat you. we will use you to convince the population that the vaccine would have worked.
@bmj_latest @npeu_ukoss this is appalling propaganda covering for potential mismanagement. "we won't release the data behind this report, or allow an independent audit of why 45 young women (who should not have died) died of covid - but we are going to tell you that vaccine hesitancy killed them"
@bmj_latest @npeu_ukoss this is a dark day in the history of the ukoss maternal mortality reports. the first time ever that politics has reared its ugly head and the consequences are a 52% rise in direct maternal deaths, and an unknown number of unnecessary covid deaths.
@bmj_latest @npeu_ukoss here is the link to the formal report. at some point there will need to be a full and independent audit of the management of those 45 young women who died of "covid" npeu.ox.ac.uk/assets/downloa…
finally, the table on page 29 gives us 33 deaths from covid in 2019-2021 and 9 cases in 2018-2020, i.e. 24 cases in 2021. the vaccine was only available for pregnant women from april 2021. it's not possible that there were 27 who died who were eligible for vaccination.
there won't be an independent audit of the @npeu_ukoss triennial report assessment data, because there is too much at stake. 27 women should not have died of covid. 35 additional women should not have died of direct causes that were not related to covid.https://twitter.com/jikkyleaks/status/1714388417117851806
were the claims made in this press conference by a high profile cnn doctor true? watch the conference clip and follow the thread below. https://twitter.com/vicenews/status/1714623948409733328
it is impossible to know what is happening in another part of the world unless you are there. but the statements made by gassan abu-sittah cannot be true as made. if not true they could even qualify as an incitement to further violence.
the claims made by dr abu-sittah are not accidental or misinterpreted. he specifically claimed that 500 people were killed - days after the press conference when it was known that was not true. https://x.com/alarabiya_eng/status/1715008660424831099?s=20
in fact, without knowing who the perpetrators of the explosion were, it is now clear that the explosion was restricted to the hospital car park. examine the reuters phot carefully. (arab reporter post to follow).dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1…
here is the view posted by arab reporter mohammed al-nasri... corrugated roof nearby intact. the hospital building is unscathed. the blast is confined to the car park. https://x.com/amitlev/status/1714573932798341182?s=20
yet reuters want you to believe that the park (top left of the second image in the previous tweet) near the hospital is a demolished hospital (from the mail article above) it's not. their own "ariel view" shows the hospital intact.
the claim in the press conference by dr abu-sittah was that he was operating in the hospital and - at night - the explosion happened. so he went out of the or - still inside the hospital- and "found bodies of children piled up". not possible.
dr abu-sattih claimed that his family were targeted by the met police, yet pertinent questions need to be asked as to why and how a cosmetic surgeon from london managed to get to gaza in a war zone.theguardian.com/uk-news/2023/o…
in fact the hospital attacks do seem to follow him around. just one of many reports over the last 15 years. from 2015...independent.co.uk/voices/comment…
and 2009... ccun.org/opinion%20edit…
yet the story also changes in this interview. no more childrens' bodies piled up outside the or. instead... "474 killed" "bodies dismembered" yet nothing at the site of the explosion. abc.net.au/listen/program…
but this is no random surgeon. ghassan abu-sittah is also a high profile anti-israel activist. perhaps with reason, but he cannot be considered independent. it is certainly worth reading his own view of israel in his own words. palestine-studies.org/en/node/1650542
the irony... "all of this takes place daily in a vacuum, a space of exception and of silence about these and other daily infringements on human dignity that are rendered banal by the insidious propaganda generated by israel and its enablers in the western media"
we have had enough of being lied to by the likes of cnn and the bbc. the trust in these institutions is gone forever. making claims that turn out to be false within days undermines credibility. in a war, it's propaganda. and propaganda kills. on that, we agree.
@threadreaderapp unroll s'il vous plaît
well, it used to be rare. this is the same rare lymphoma that michel goldman wrote about developing after a covid mrna "vaccine". (see next tweet). news.com.au/entertainment/…
michel goldman's story in the atlanticarchive.is/s3xxz
original paper - which was michel goldman's own story, published in frontiers. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
this article explains why this was a known risk arkmedic.info/philadelphia_2…
and #nihgate explains how the @nih knew about the risk but instead of raising the alarm, they sent their thugs in to suppress the paper that showed the risk of #lymphoma after covid mrna vaccination. literally a medical mafia. brokentruth.com/nihgate/
@nih the frustration is that there are drugs that potentially reverse the pd-l1 and p53 changes that have almost certainly caused these lymphomas. but because we can't talk about how they have arisen, people like @twopaddocks will be denied the therapies.
the only media organisation working to expose the corruption at the nih that hid this information is @brokentruthtv. please support them.brokentruth.com/nihgate-cover-…
hi @peterdaszak now that i have your attention why did alice latinne hide those viral sequences from your 2019 nature paper, and where did the gp-120 sequences come from? asking for 6.9m people who can't, because they died. . @chrismartenson https://x.com/peterdaszak/status/1716957806312440050?s=20
reminder https://x.com/jikkyleaks/status/1611535148910276610?s=20
thread from april 2022https://x.com/jikkyleaks/status/1515184801468526596?s=20
the times summary of peter daszak's involvement with ecohealth. "millions of dollars of government grants"archive.is/jogfq
here's another one for you... if your paper with andrew wakefield showed that measles was responsible for crohn's... how come one of the highest vaccinated countries in the world for mmr has one of the highest rates of crohn's? didn't the vaccine work?thelancet.com/journals/lance…
unrelated... or not. sources tell me that there has been a little spate of "property damage" around doctors and scientists who spoke up about covid corruption. 17 "intelligence" agencies. none there to protect you. you're just the money supply. https://x.com/kacdnp91/status/1717011288432537823?s=20
and... right on cue the censors come out to suppress @kacdnp91's tweet. here is what you see if you click "post not available"
boom 💥💥 it's a gene therapy. it was a gene therapy yesterday. it will still be a gene therapy tomorrow. with a plasmid, it's two gene therapies. the ogtr confirms: "under the gene technology act an [ogtr] approval would have been required" @senatorrennick @double_christ
@senatorrennick @double_christ this was a lie from dr raj bhula. it's transfection. it's in the pfizer documents that the tga have. everybody knows it's transfection. if dr bhula doesn't know, she should resign immediately. the ogtr failed.
from the document that @senatorrennick is referring to. they never knew what they were doing. they just needed to make you take it. who told them to do that? and why was it necessary for you to have 3 transfections in order to earn a living?tga.gov.au/sites/default/…

probably also worth posting the archived asgt page referenced by @senatorrennick archive.is/kd8fa
this was gross misinformation. why is a @ukhsa staffer who is not a doctor giving medical advice that she doesn't understand the clinical implications of? is there rampant bias at the ukhsa?@profnfenton @martinneil9 https://twitter.com/kallmemeg/status/1493370780838727682
this is serious. if the @ukhsa staff have inherent bias and are then found to be misrepresenting the uk's vaccine surveillance data to oversell an ineffective and unsafe vaccine, people could have died as result. https://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1591008084717359104
this was a hugely biased study published by @vnafilyan of the @ons using data that they then refused to allow free and open inspection of. in the absence of transparency of government data one can only assume bias at best, corruption at worst.
data secrecy has been endemic in medicine for years. the hypocrisy of @bengoldacre - who made money selling books about data transparency in 2009 was caught refusing to share data in 2021 that was suspected to have been synthetic - was rank. that study killed off hcq.
goldacre's contribution to the removal of hcq from international protocols for covid came after he joined the hdruk board, with the infamous nicole junkermann - good friend of jeffrey epstein. coincidence, i'm sure. @johnnyvedmore @artisbrutal2021 digitalhealth.net/2018/11/hancoc…
this was the pre-hdruk goldacre. spot the difference?@chrismartensonfrontiersin.org/articles/10.33…
more on this. the hes "experimental" data supplied by @vikilovesfacs - which she has gone through - suggests that there has been no change in births in 2022. but the data has anomalies & is discordant from the ukhsa data. is it synthetic based on 2021?https://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1591236840568557568
more on the discordance. essentially the ukhsa data is down by 15% for 2021 but the "reporting lag" excuse doesn't hold. the hes data is so perfect it seems synthetic. https://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1591231664461877248
wow! this whistleblower testimony raises serious probity concerns on another of @boulware_dr's trials "designed to fail".... this time the activ-6 ivm trial. it is not possible that this trial could have shown a benefit. this is big. @alexandrosmdoyourownresearch.substack.com/p/the-story-of…
and a reminder that @boulware_dr was involved in another trial that "killed off" #hydroxychloroquine in 2020 for similar reasons. in that study he "forgot" to declare his relationship with gilead and then went overboard on the next paper. methinks thou dost protest too much?
in that same trial boulware claimed that they used folic acid as a placebo "because it was similar in appearance to hydroxychloroquine" that was not true. see for yourself. the problem is that folic acid is an active treatment candidate.
so, what are the odds that the boulware study happened to choose a "placebo" that was subsequently (and preemptively) known to be a furin inhibitor when a study was being conducted into a treatment for the only sars-like virus with a furin site?pubs.rsc.org/en/content/art…
and of course, in the final coincidence the boulware study was published in the same journal - the infamous @nejm that published the diabolical #surgisphere #lancetgate fraud. we caught them that time... @chrismartenson @franklin_reeder
holy crap. it was not just enough to risk prion disease by multiple mechanisms, no, you had to hit the ras-raf-mapk pathway too didn't you? lord, do not forgive them. for they knew what they were doing.
src: authorea.com/users/455597/a… massive h/t to @3annoyed
you do not want this stuff in the nucleus. oops, too late. https://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1593421395681103873
we have been tracking the mirna story ever since the pfizer mrna-lnp brand name was released but @3annoyed has expended the most effort getting to the bottom of it. he never gave up. https://twitter.com/3annoyed/status/1592990622679699456
of course, if you know you know. so you can make money. get your patent in early for the most bucks! patents.google.com/patent/us11440…
oops.... if you are a doctor in australia who administered #covid vaccines and thought you were covered by an indemnity scheme.... you weren't. you might want to call a lawyer tomorrow. ps. don't trust governments. they lie. @dragonfishy @double_christ @tonynikolic10
letter in first tweet h/t elizabeth hart
when this crack pot scheme was rolled out, australia's largest indemnity insurer was reassuring doctors that they would not be held liable for adverse outcomes, whilst promoting the vaccines. that means that they are now the ones with unlimited liabilities. oh well.
a hilarious twitter moment. lightweight mutton attacks. gets btfo. mutton has secret fetish for @mikestockmusic (who btw is a great guy). mutton has to retreat and gets the sads when stocky sides with mouse. some advice, mutton - never give up!
context.. mike stock is a literal hero of the dance music scene. nearly every single feel good track from the 80s+ came from stock, aitken and waterman and spawned a whole genre. please delve deep into this playlist. i guarantee it will make you happyyoutube.com/playlist?list=…
muttons - never gonna give you up! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
and for those really confused by the terms "mice" v "mutton" here's the definitive reference guide! arkmedic.substack.com/p/whats-going-…
@arambaut in urgent damage limitation mode scrubbing his twitter. he runs virological.org. he was completely aware what happened on that call and that @trvrb was obfuscating. he kept quiet. millions died. #pradhanwasright@chrismartenson @charlesrixey @senronjohnson
to be clear, rambaut is not the worst offender here. that falls to ed holmes, tony fauci, ron fourchier and trevor bedford. they lied when they said that these sequences could have arisen by "chance" (i.e. recombination or mutation). the proof is in the gp120 genome sequence.
they all knew and the call for "absolute secrecy" should not have been necessary if they wanted the engagement of the scientific community. they wanted the opposite. if we knew, they knew. @chrismartenson @charlesrixeyarkmedic.substack.com/p/absolute-pro…
if they (using @trvrb) had not forced pradhan's paper off the internet, the management of #covid would have been totally different and millions of people could have avoided death. why?(1) they knew #hydroxychloroquine was an option virologyj.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.11…
(2) they knew that they had already developed a specific peptide inhibitor #ek1c4. for us to know this would have needed admission that the virus was manufactured. instead, they let people die. #pradhanwasright is not just a hashtag. @senronjohnson @chrismartenson
fauci email foi source: https://twitter.com/jamesctobias/status/1595096888373649414
worth noting these players and their contributions - all the stories are whitewashed via theconversation.com. dominic dwyer. ed holmes' best buddytheconversation.com/i-was-the-aust…
holmes declaring an "innocent" verdict on himself. who do these people think they are?theconversation.com/the-covid-lab-…
ok can anyone tell me why there is a gene sequence in a moderna patent that has been scrubbed from genbank, but still exists in blast? and why is this gene sequence of interest?@daoyu15 @pathogenetics @humblesciarchive.ph/ne8bj
it's an interesting sequence because it's in one of the famous moderna pseudo-patents (where they lump hundreds of sequences together and claim them as theirs, but they aren't). and it's a human gene cdkn1b which codes for the p27 protein, a cell cycle regulator....
but there is a big chunk of it missing, suggesting it's a mutated version of cdkn1b (p27). p27 is a tumour suppressor, so you generally don't want mutated versions of those. the missing parts are nt 269-550 and 1788-2411
so it's really strange that this gene sequence seems to have been scrubbed from genbank. it's an unusual gene because it's not that well known about. it interacts with the ras-raf-mapk pathway that @3annoyed has been telling us about.
and there is one really creepy thing about this gene - apart from the fact that moderna seem to have tried to patent a mutant version of it (like they did with msh3). it is mentioned in a foreboding post on 4chan predicted some time before the vaccines were approved...
and certainly before anybody knew about the fact that the sars-cov-2 spike genome can be reverse transcribed. here is a copy of the post. make of it what you will. note the date: 9th dec 2020.
the first mention of line-1 based reverse transcription was 13th december 2020, in a pre-print by rudolf jaenisch - the only scientist to have investigated this phenomenon at that time.pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33330870/
so, either the 4chan post is from a really smart larper who knows something that <0.01% of the scientific community knew, a time traveler, or rudolf jaenisch himself.... or the poster is real. archive.ph/xwc0q
obviously a random 4chan poster can't be real, because that would be "anti-vaxx conspiracy theory", right? well, there is another bit of circumstantial evidence that raises some questions.
here's the link to tga foi 3471. the "batch analysis" of the pfizer (not moderna) covid vaccine. tga.gov.au/sites/default/…
here's the agilent 5200 analysis of the genetic fragments in the soup. the big spike is correct, but should fade off quickly to the left, in a smooth manner.
here's a close up with what it should look like (light green). you can see there are little humps above the line that suggest low-dose contaminants. the pattern is repeated in every batch. @sabinehazanmd
of course, this could be nothing. it could be that the humps are because the rna degrades in a certain manner giving more fragments of a certain size. the point is, the regulator didn't perform sequencing on the batches. so nobody knows whether there are contaminants there.
but, it's just a little bit fishy that a moderna sequence that exists for a mutated or deficient cdkn1b has just disappeared from genbank. i'm sure it's just coincidence though. @chrismartenson @drno_reformed
ps you might get an idea whether this suggestion has any mileage by the shill responses to the thread (expect incoming vitriol without substance)....#justsayin
oh wow the @absstats are so embarrassed by the massive increase in deaths associated with the covid vaccine rollout they have fixed the mortality graphs to make them look better by subtracting "covid deaths" this is a scam because..abs.gov.au/statistics/hea…
..the new line is drawn in comparison to all-cause mortality from previous years, instead of subtracting respiratory deaths. it's comparing apples to oranges. the @absstats know this and they are being disingenuous.
the bottom line is that overall deaths are 17% higher in the year following a mass vaccination campaign that didn't save *any* lives from a disease that had a *higher* mortality in australia after the vaccination campaign. and now you're covering it up. @_real_babag
@_real_babag oh look - 2020 the year of covid was so bad that the abs excluded it from it's baseline calc. the mortality in 202 was lower. in other words, they have exaggerated the baseline. [yes, 2020 is the bottom of the chart in the second picture]
a must-read from the brilliant @rebeccaweisser who has bravely resisted threats to her own career to publish the truth about corruption in medicine. this is not about the sensationalised #diedsuddenly movie but about a real life death. spectator.com.au/2022/11/died-s…
the deceased - roberto garin - died at the age of 52 following a forced #pfizer vaccination. the death was proven by the coroner to be from vaccine-induced myocarditis. the diagnosis was unambiguous. rebecca has the autopsy report.
the tga has stated specifically that no deaths occurred in relation to pfizer vaccination and blamed all deaths on asztrazeneca. this was from the january 2022 adverse event report roberto's death was 6 months prior. the tga lied.
so, who is responsible for the tga's adverse event reporting? enter the "director of vaccine surveillance" michael nissen, recruited from gsk to start the week that the pfizer vaccine was "approved" in australia. https://twitter.com/plebonthecob/status/1580110371528257536
except, bizarrely, michael nissen is a ghost. you won't find him referenced at the tga at all. the foi says otherwise
interestingly, foi 2986 doesn't appear on the tga's foi log. so michael nissen is a true ghost at the tga. tga.gov.au/resources/publ…
not only is that foi hidden from public view but the contents include pages like this:
remember as well that gsk-pfizer-pharma people were connected to the #covid policies around the world. patrick vallance in the uk. scott gottlieb in the us. gsk.com/en-gb/media/pr…
oh but gsk are not pfizer you say?pfizer.com/news/press-rel…
so, if you think the people who are running the pharmacovigilance systems are going to shout from the rooftops when an overwhelming number of adverse events are happening, think again. it's the old fox-guarding-the-henhouse game. and you're paying for it. @chrismartenson
a final note of respect for roberto garin. he should not have died. his death was the result of coercion to receive an experimental therapy that was never going to work, and that he had to have to keep a roof over his head. #rip #diedsuddenlygofundme.com/f/roberto-gari…
well firstly you should spell it right😂. secondly, you should know that mirnas are involved in t-cell exhaustion. thirdly, look to see if any new therapy might induce those mirnas. lastly, pls be nicer to people - stop these #muttoncrew swarmshttps://twitter.com/swaledalemutton/status/1598627007415427079
when you spend 26 years just looking at flow cytometry you end up not being able to see the bigger picture. the cascades of chaos induced by tinkering with modified rna are catastrophic. t-cell exhaustion is a disasterncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
here is another damning indication that the mrna vaccines are inducing t-cell exhaustion, as referenced in the previous tweet. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36245120/
icymi... "quantum microrna assessment of covid-19 rna vaccine: hidden potency of bnt162b2 sars-cov-2 spike rna as microrna vaccine"crimsonpublishers.com/aics/fulltext/…
this might not be obvious to some people but not knowing this basic medical reality has allowed the world to be hijacked by propaganda. respiratory viruses are not ebola. they don't in general kill you. something else does. read this - it's importantarchive.ph/hxwky
here's a pictorial summary for those who can't be bothered to read it. can you see the problem yet? a coronavirus can't kill a person with a functioning immune system without a secondary event. they never treated the secondary event.@fynn_fan
which makes this tweet really important. covid-19 was never ebola. if all those people died because the medical establishment, funded and influenced by #bigpharma, withdrew standard treatments.. that's iatrocide. https://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1599203477502459904
a note for the nit-pickers... the above is the usual pathway of death from secondary pneumonia. of course there are less common events like thrombo-embolism, meningitis and myocarditis. the first is preventable and other two are not common features of covid.
does this tweet show that "dr" fauci committed perjury? is there a valid explanation for fauci denying his association with daszak?https://twitter.com/ecohealthnyc/status/715337264516173824
archived archive.ph/5yemw
you see the "lab leak" was never the problem. it was the fact that fauci knew that a virus *that had been created by ecohealth and the nih* had leaked. and then the *cover up* - which was what resulted in the biggest #iatrocide in history, was necessary.nypost.com/2021/09/08/cov…
any reasonable person would consider this to be a lie given what we know. you don't meet peter daszak and not remember, particularly if your institution has given him millions of dollars to make viruses illegally https://twitter.com/morgensenmarcus/status/1599874268287758338
this plate shows actual cardiac tissue in the process of being destroyed by the body's own t-cell infiltrate following an mrna gene therapy (so-called "vaccine"). the recipient was one of a number who died. show this to every twitter "doctor" who denies #pfizercarditis kills
this is the paper. the explanation of the deaths is that the t-cell destruction disrupts the delicate electrical impulse fibres needed to keep the heart in normal rhythm. the heart stops. aka "died suddenly"link.springer.com/article/10.100…
the regulators said this didn't happen, they just said there were no deaths. @afpfactcheck said that there were no deaths from myocarditis following mrna vaccines. this whole article was a lie. archive.ph/jcnyb
in fact, it was such a lie that the @tgagovau refused a freedom of information request in 2021 asking for just the first 15 reports of death under age 65. the refusal was a 9 page document - here are pages 1 and 9. 44 clauses. foi 2471 does not appear on the disclosure log
note that the refusal came from the "pharmacovigilance and special access branch" which was the very same branch that recruited michael nissen from gsk the week before the pfizer vaccine was approved. https://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1598845211991773184
we also know that there are coronial reports that *prove* that myocarditis was the cause of death after mrna vaccines in australia - in july 2021. the refusal to release "review" documents for vaccine deaths was not an accident. spectator.com.au/2022/11/died-s…
after this foi was denied there was another pivotal death from myocarditis in australia. the questions were never answered. did withholding public interest safety data lead to this death?arkmedic.substack.com/p/adriana-taka…
what is the best description of organisational cover up where the organisation benefits financially and there are human victims? here is the ato's definition. the regulators receive millions from pharma.
but don't worry. the governmental organisations around the world are there to help you make the right deicisions for your own health and wellbeing, even if they need to suppress information from you to do so. and then they gaslight you. @tonynikolic10aph.gov.au/e-petitions/pe…
these decisions lead to death and injury and the cover-ups are always worse than the crimes. roberto garin and adriana takara are gone. if the information on deaths had not been deliberately suppressed, they may be alive today. #rip
it's hard to watch john campbell look at these papers. i think he's a good guy who just trusted the mhra and fda and tga, like many people did.
this 👇👇👇 fauci knew that death from respiratory viruses essentially does not happen in the absence of bacterial pneumonia. [knowingly] withdrawing #azithromycin and other drugs from #covid protocols caused the deaths. #fauciknew https://twitter.com/vonboo5/status/1601392621372448773
#fauciknew knew about the secondary pneumonias and he knew that the difference in the later outbreaks was the antibiotics. it was his paper.
this is what we are talking about. jj couey is asking you to stop being distracted by a virus. yes it's important but... it was an #iatrocide. it didn't need to happen. https://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1599203477502459904
and this is not fauci's first rodeo is it @fynn_fan? is this the behaviour of a caring smart doctor at the top of the establishment, or a literal psychopath?#fauciknewhuffpost.com/entry/whitewas…
have your say. poll: fauci presided over more than one pandemic of pneumonia deaths after blocking the use of drugs to treat it. was this the legacy of a cautious responsible doctor or a psychopath?
how can you be so wrong about something so fundamental yet be elevated to the joint chair of the atagi covid vaccine committees, one of the most influential official vaccine bodies in the world?
in this paper, @katielouflan complains about india's lack of vaccination and implied that fully pfizer-vaccinated israel was the model of vaccination for the world ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/p…
yet mexico and india, the subjects of prof flanagan's derision, make over-vaccinated israel and australia look like leper colonies
yet you said that with 66% vaccinated using pfizer's magical figures of 90%+ reduction in infection would produce herd immunity. it was completely false and based on a lie. you did not know that pfizer's vaccine claims were false because you were not interested.
this is what you were interested in. $30 million dollars in research grants. but, don't ever say that a parenteral vaccine can never work for a respiratory mucosal disease. katieflanagan.net/research-grants
what you need to do is sell a false narrative of "protection" of children against "long covid" which was "feeling lousy for 4 weeks". don't worry about living with cardiomyopathy after #myocarditis. abc.net.au/news/2021-08-3…
oh where did the $30m go? not "conflicts of interest"? really? haven't we seen this somewhere before?
remember atagi was the "source of truth" relied upon in the kassam vs hazzard trial the result of which was that workers in australia were then forced to take an experimental gene therapy vaccine to keep their jobs. based on a lie over transmission.nswcourts.com.au/articles/kassa…
and the result was that every working person in australia was force vaccinated, following which the largest and most lethal wave of #covid19 happened - and is still happening. how can you get it so wrong yet be rewarded so well?
related https://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1600036765087457280
by attributing those who are exposing corporate fraud and #iatrocide as "far-right" and "antivaxers" without defining the terms, @annamerlan defines herself as a far-left extremist allowed to publish hate. vice.com/en/article/g5v…
the article is a grossly bigoted hit piece on - amongst others - the excellent and highly ethical @joshg99 who dared to stand up against the obvious well poisoning film #diedsuddenly. it's the opposite of "conspiracy theory" jackanapes.substack.com/p/died-suddenl…
anna shares the "anti-conspiracy" dogma with @brentleesdcic who was exposed recently as a nudge unit coordinator. anna proudly displays the symbolism, out-and-proud yet will be sure to hide behind "it was sarcasm" just like the 77th brigade nudge units
and her long form pieces are something to behold... this one is a hit piece on tim ballard the guy who has devoted his life to stopping human trafficking of children. vice.com/en/article/k7a…
symbolism is everywhere - you have to be a particular kind of "anti-conspiracy debunker" to go out of your way to buy "all seeing eye" earrings but each to their own....
and if this doesn't persuade you to buy her book i'm not sure what will... of course, it's always amusing to see those on the radical left selling books... you know cos' capitalism and that.
the use of this kind of imagery and symbolism gives me that marina abramovic feeling. but i'm sure that's just another conspiracy theory. like nxivm. and jeffrey epstein. and oprah winfrey's buddy "john of god". all convicted sex traffickers.
i'll give anna the last word. well i have to, because there isn't much about her in the media world before 2017. just another one of these experts who appeared from nowhere. funny how that works. c-span.org/video/?c482763…
oh wow. listen to tony fauci drone on about his minions who he has bribed to keep quiet on the basis that they will receive some shitty award from him. that includes moderna's top twitter propagandist of course! @fynn_fan @senronjohnsondirectorsawards.hr.nih.gov/awards/2022/ic…
hang on, "dr" broussard says she works for moderna. so why is the niaid giving her awards? and why is there not a single paper on pubmed.gov in her name?
this is creepynews.vanderbilt.edu/2021/03/17/sho…
so is this. and it has to be a lie. you can't get a phd and be a bioengineer and create new mrna technology without a single paper to your name. wtf is going on? inverse.com/input/features…
i have to share this just for the metrics... the most ludicrous study ever published - and it's not even a xmas bmj special. the full data set needs to be released so that we can show the authors how ridiculous this is. amjmed.com/article/s0002-…
this crap needs to stop. no publications should be allowed to withhold their full data set. if canada can publish scary data on "covid-19" that can be accessed by everyone, there is no excuse for this.
i guess this probably tells us all we need to know https://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1603135008511664129
in keeping with what @profnfenton and @clarecraigpath have said, this is all about the denominator. by 31st july 71% of adults were fully vaccinated 81% one dose less than 75% in under 40s - the highest risk group for car crashes. this paper was junkopen.canada.ca/data/en/datase…
holy crap. why did doctors readily accept not treating 80 year olds for post-viral pneumonia in 2020-2022, when it had been standard of care prior? because they were told to in 2019. by an institution called... [you're gonna love this....]@eduengineer @joshg99
ncas - the national centre for antimicrobial stewardship. interesting colour scheme don't you think? very "sustainable goals"... and who are they?....
of course, the peter doherty institute - the very same institute from which computer nerds wrote some mathematical models that told you that you were all going to die unless you took the magic potion. the home of #ukrainepete @profpcdoherty - but that's not the money shot
these people. onehealth. sounds fuzzy. planet saving. eco friendly even. guess who underpins "onehealth"?... (oh yes we archived this one a year ago because this is the link... ecohealthalliance.org/programs)
and it's archived here.... on the website of ecohealth. peter daszak's organisation. yep the same one that has been making and distributing viruses for over 10 years.
here's the archive. archive.vn/ywvdp
and just a reminder of who these people are... they proudly boast the predict program in which they "collected" (i.e. made) thousands of viruses, pseudoviruses and rdrps. they are on genbank. look for yourself. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nuccore/?term=…
all linked to the australian arm of ecohealth, via gary crameri, linfa wang and hume field - best buddies of batwoman zengli shi
a reminder of the australian ecohealth network.... [remember #fasteddie holmes deleted his twitter account this week along with kristian andersen]
why does this matter? because the ncas ams report was a nudge to doctors not to prescribe antibiotics for a "viral pneumonia" that they knew was coming in 2020 - even when it became bacterial. this tweet may be the most important i have ever put out. 👇https://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1599203477502459904
i can't stress this enough. people don't die of respiratory viruses. they die of the untreated complications of respiratory viruses. especially 80 year olds. @leelasik
in order for the covid pandemic to have any impact, they needed the gps and geriatricians to believe that they must not treat covid-19 with antibiotics. at any stage. so thousands of old people died. @chrismartenson @fynn_fanhttps://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1603317767176081408
[h/t @feeredfern for the "nudge"]
oh look. wellcome. jeremy farrar's organisation. they need you to do what they tell you. they have $30bn (from unknown sources) at their disposal every year to nudge you to do what they want. this was released in 2020 to stop antibiotic prescribing. archive.vn/bb4s0
if you were not aware that the egomaniacal fbi and atf massacred 86 us citizens including 20 children - and nobody went to jail - it's probably time to do some catching uptexasmonthly.com/true-crime/fbi… https://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1603874481268994049
byron sage the only good guy at the fbi was forever traumatised by what they did.texasmonthly.com/true-crime/fbi…
sage's and thibodeau's books formed the eye witness basis for the hbo mini series which is worth watching if you don't have time to read them. it was a massacre, not a suicide as sold by the media. children burnt alive. #fbilied86diedimdb.com/title/tt604067…
now given that the fbi were just exposed as involved with spying on their own citizens via twitter... what do you think is the probability they will ever arrest those who committed the real covid fraud? fbi.gov/news/testimony…
stop what you're doing and read this. it's the weekend. those that don't understand history are doomed to repeat it. filiperafaeli.substack.com/p/dont-watch-d…
for those that don't have time the wonderful @filipe_rafaeli does a great breakdown of how the dallas buyers' club portrayed in the film (a true story) is analogous to the #covid19 saga with hcq and ivm (+ antibiotics) being withheld from the public resulting in mass #iatrocide
@filipe_rafaeli by 1988 the only drug available for hiv was fauci's azt in huge and toxic doses. the key to treating hiv turned out to be smaller doses of multiple drugs hitting different pathwaysen.wikipedia.org/wiki/peptide_t
fauci not only insisted on keeping huge doses of azt as the treatment but infamously was responsible for thousands of deaths because he refused to allow bactrim, a cheap antibiotic, to be allowed for gay men with pneumonia (pcp)huffpost.com/entry/whitewas…
not only did his policies and narcissism result in thousands of unnecessary deaths then, but history repeats itself. in covid it wasn't the virus that killed the majority of those that died it was the cover up of endemic scientific corruption thefederalist.com/2021/06/03/fau…
we literally had a dallas buyers' club all over again - unironically, founded and centred in texasaflds.org/about-us
doctors and scientists had to hide under anonymous(e) social media accounts and pass messages in encrypted channels. we had burner phones. i'm not kidding. the fda, tga, and government entities all around the world came after doctors doing their job.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queen…
the most published cardiologist in history was stripped of his medical licence just for doing his job. and nobody protested at the fda. stevekirsch.substack.com/p/dr-peter-mcc…
so, now you know why joseph mengele and karl brandt were allowed to do what they did. because not enough people said anything and they let the "benevolent" government tell them what to do. until it was too late and their voices were removed. historyandheadlines.com/december-9-194…
which brings us full circle to filipe's other must read article. ostensibly about the warsaw ghetto from nazi germany....filiperafaeli.substack.com/p/the-day-i-un…
...but translated into the modern day "sydney ghetto" created by the megalomaniac health minister brad hazzard after disparaging the migrant community and forcing them to stay in their ghetto until they got their jabs. jabs that were experimental. pedestrian.tv/news/brad-hazz…
and just as the nazi regime kept everything clandestine including their control of the judiciary...abc.net.au/news/2021-08-1…
when it came to the judiciary in nsw "justice" beech-jones made sure he complied with the regime when it was challenged on exactly these principles of coercion and conscription. he ruled that coercion was consent. better get back in our ghetto then...constitutionwatch.com.au/wp-content/upl…
for every 20 severe adverse events to a drug there is likely to be 1 death. some of those arose out of a vaccine mandate that was judicially endorsed by robert beech-jones. shouldn't robert beech-jones be responsible for deaths arising from mandates? https://twitter.com/gemcarey/status/1605113767515213824
beech-jones judgement condemned 8m people to be force vaccinated with a dangerous and experimental mrna therapy just to participate in society. how is that different from joseph mengele?news.com.au/national/nsw-a…
the judgement was delivered on october 15th 2021 and condemned all working age people to receive the provisionally licensed (experimental) therapy irrespective of their own concerns over safety. people like roberto garin died. who will be liable?nswcourts.com.au/articles/kassa…
should robert beech-jones hold criminal liability for any deaths that occurred after 15th october in people who succumbed to a vaccine mandate for employment?
this document is a bombshell. it confirms that a crime was committed at the @tgagovau a 7 year old died of a cardiac arrest after an mrna covid vaccine and it was reported to the @tgagovau.... who did not tell australian parents
the tga also did not tell australian parents when another child aged 9 died of a cardiac arrrest after a covid vaccination
following which other children will almost certainly have died, but these reports are the only ones we were able to get under foi - from april 2022 - six months ago. yet the tga do not mention these deaths at all. this is from december 2022.tga.gov.au/news/covid-19-…
which takes you to the ncirs website - kristine macartney's organisation. kristine won an award last year for her role in promoting covid vaccines premiersawards.nsw.gov.au/finalists/2021…
kristine's award followed the documented fact (in her own testimony) that she received $65 million in government grants for the years 2019-2021. this is unprecedented in clinical medicine. it's an obscene amount of grant money.
this is what the ncirs currently says about covid-19 vaccines for children. it is a lie to say that it protects against covid-19 because it does not. the deaths are not mentioned but the ncirs knew or should have known that children had died. ncirs.org.au/covid-19/covid…
let's get back to the tga. two children died after a covid vaccine - what we call a "never-event" in children post vaccination. that is, an event that should never happen. children were never at risk from the disease and the vaccine didn't prevent death in trials.
so who investigated these deaths? it's redacted but we know the type of people involved. pvb = pharmacovigilance branch mo = medical officer aps5 = level 5 investigational officer (apsc.gov.au/working-aps/ap…)
the head of the pharmacovigilance branch is elspeth kay, the very same person who denied a foi request for the investigative reports into the first 15 vaccine deaths under age 65. the tga think you do not have a right to know whether they did their job.
we know that the level 5 medical officer for the pharmacovigilance branch was michael nissen, who was recruited from gsk-pfizer the week the pfizer vaccine was approved. recruited to oversee the vaccine safety signal program. https://twitter.com/thejikky/status/1600293459499581440
so it is highly likely that nissen and kay were present at those meetings and knew (or should have known) that two children had died of a cardiac arrest after a vaccine that they didn't need and for which no evidence existed that it prevented death. they said nothing.
are those present at this meeting therefore liable for any death of a child that subsequently occurred following a covid vaccine? and instead of coming forward, what happened? *somebody* decided they had to push a fake story abc.net.au/news/2022-01-2…
it is impossible to know if "steve leary" is real but what we do know is that stories (setup be be seen as fake) are seeded in the press in order to cover up a related but true story. steve leary might be fake, but the tga lied. they did receive a death report for a 7 year old
and how did the tga investigate these deaths, that were absolutely likely to be related? autopsy? nope. spike protein analysis? nope referral for independent investigation? nope nah, just stamp the form and move on.
well, at least the "level 5 medical officer" still gets to keep his $238,000 salary. and a pension, no doubt.
original foi tga 3727 response:files.catbox.moe/fgzsd6.pdf
psa: this account has been retired and handed back to @jikkyleaks. but here is a thread of threads in case you missed any!